Caring Girl rescue the homeless baby dogs in garbage

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Hina Taimur
Hina Taimur - Vor 9 Stunden
God bless you 🌺
Myun Choi
Myun Choi - Vor 10 Stunden
Aren't you cute you are so beautiful girl love u and thank you you are an angel😍
Myun Choi
Myun Choi - Vor 10 Stunden
Beautiful pups girl
Karen Benavente
Karen Benavente - Vor 14 Stunden
I think you did a wonderful thing in saving these babies out of all that trash and you cleaned them and fed them what you could💕💖
Koat Zingo
Koat Zingo - Vor 19 Stunden
Another staged setup...more likely these awful savages will torture and eat those puppies
Gurbet Gül
Gurbet Gül - Vor 21 Stunde
😭😭💔🐶👏👏 Thank you
Frank Ponce
Frank Ponce - Vor 23 Stunden
Little girl i am glad u saved the pupies. U have a place in heaven. Take care and god bless.🐕🐶👍
Noel Karthak
Noel Karthak - Vor Tag
You're feeding in wrong posture it will damage the lungs....
meenakshi negi
meenakshi negi - Vor Tag
God bless you little angel 🙏
mark kevin
mark kevin - Vor Tag
any update to the puppies
Елена - Vor Tag
До чего красивые! Я бы их двоих забрала)! Бедняжки.
일곱색무지개 - Vor 2 Tage
강아지도 좋은 환경..좋은나라에서 태어나야 하는것 같네..요. ㅠ
فریده غطاوی
فریده غطاوی - Vor 3 Tage
So beautiful girl thank you so much for best job god bless you and mummy and youre swwet puppies...
maria del pilar san emeterio perez
Cuanta más pobreza más una os somos👍
Daniel Bellamy
Daniel Bellamy - Vor 3 Tage
Omg what a lovely girl
Tania Aquile
Tania Aquile - Vor 4 Tage
Garotos idiotas , continuam enganando , mais idiotas são os que acreditam em vocês. Vocês são nojentos 👎👎👎
AARM-USRA - Vor 4 Tage
KM Animal is a fraud! Appealing to emotions and should be banned from YouTube for animal abuse!!!
AARM-USRA - Vor 4 Tage
Report KM Animal for Misleading and Fraud!! This is animal abuse!!
Olga Nazaruk
Olga Nazaruk - Vor 5 Tage
Zureena Lot
Zureena Lot - Vor 7 Tage
Patrisia K
Patrisia K - Vor 8 Tage
How did those pupies on the trash? Who did it? Omg
Anna maria Bava
Anna maria Bava - Vor 8 Tage
Grazie salvateli vi prego
Brian Dell
Brian Dell - Vor 9 Tage
One of God’s little angels, showing mercy. Maybe I will be blessed to return as one such angel
Tania Regina
Tania Regina - Vor 9 Tage
Muito obrigada. Deus te Abençoe anjo bom. 👍👏👏👏😍❤💋
Angela Del zompo
Angela Del zompo - Vor 10 Tage
Priyanka Rana
Priyanka Rana - Vor 10 Tage
please don't give them to that little girl just for the views in videos, she doesn't know how to care those little poor puppies, really disappointed
Birgitt Rödel
Birgitt Rödel - Vor 11 Tage
Auch mit einfachen Mitteln kann man leben retten.Danke 😊😘 Süß von der kleinen.👍👍👍👍👍
zigzag 580
zigzag 580 - Vor 11 Tage
afshin keymanesh
afshin keymanesh - Vor 11 Tage
You are an angel ..
Maria Del Carmen Padilla Martinez
1000 Gracias por habernos salvado Dios te bendiga toda tu vida 1000 gracias
Dev kumar
Dev kumar - Vor 12 Tage
KM Animal
KM Animal - Vor 12 Tage
thank you
JOE Amputaror
JOE Amputaror - Vor 12 Tage
Beautiful just beautiful...God bless them all.
pinku maharana
pinku maharana - Vor 12 Tage
Gud baby
PJ 20
PJ 20 - Vor 13 Tage
Fake ! All your staged clips are fake. Trying to make some money from "bleeding western fat hearts"? What a shame....
Where is this?
mi ly
mi ly - Vor 14 Tage
The girl and the ppl who are back of this cheap idea of gaining money deserve a tight slap. why the hell is the girl giving bath to 1month puppies. if u fucking really care abt those puppies take them to vet for treatment and professionals who give bath. provide proper food to puppies. those are living beings not dolls that a girl can play with there lifes by giving a cold bath and feeding milk in a wrong manner
Snow Forest
Snow Forest - Vor 14 Tage
Great helps guys
teguh priyadi
teguh priyadi - Vor 14 Tage
Mantap Jiwa👍👍👍👍👍
Adriana Bergamini
Adriana Bergamini - Vor 15 Tage
Não pode dar leite com o filhote deitado de barriga pra cima ,pois, ele pode sufocar com o leite e morrer!
O melhor é colocar o leite dentro de uma latinha rasa, (baixinha)e ver se ele toma sozinho, e bem melhor, pelo menos não tem perigo dele engasgar com o leite!
Angela Maria
Angela Maria - Vor 15 Tage
Oh meu Deus 😢 que maldade 😢 que crueldade 😢 fazer isso com os bichinhos 🐕🐕 tão pequenino que bom , graças a Deus apareceu um anjo de Deus pra salvar eles 🐕🐕, que Deus continue sempre te abençoando e te iluminando linda menina 🙏🙏👼♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🐕🐕😘
Mario Caamano
Mario Caamano - Vor 15 Tage
She's just Drowning them with milk
Jacqueline Lee
Jacqueline Lee - Vor 16 Tage
Oh my goodness they are laying on the Mother dog... her head is on the right, she looks burned up. So sad, Thank you for rescuing the babies...
Sidra Bano
Sidra Bano - Vor 16 Tage
Good job little girl 😍😘 GOD BLESS YOU always
Chenny Jeudi
Chenny Jeudi - Vor 16 Tage
omg.. they so tiny.. can't even defense them self or how to found a food.. the people who abaddon the.. must be brainless..
Lovely Jones
Lovely Jones - Vor 16 Tage
Thank you later girl for caring the puppy God bless yoy
Infinitum 3
Infinitum 3 - Vor 16 Tage
Gracias por salvarlos pero espero y no sé para quedar bien no es la manera de manipularlos, espero de todo corazón estén bien los cachorros!!!
Veneil - Vor 16 Tage
Amazing little girl. She knew exactly what to do....
servant of allah
servant of allah - Vor 16 Tage
She means well but to small to wash them and please keep them warm well done little girl u put the bad people who hurt animals to shame ❤
Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf - Vor 17 Tage
Aww she’s so sweet
donadel70 - Vor 17 Tage
The feeding is very wrong ! omg that irritating me
Hana For Success
Hana For Success - Vor 17 Tage
the puppies look well-fed. This might have been staged
Luz Maria Ibarra Rodriguez
Estos perros lo q menos seles nota es la desnutricion 😷😷la vdd no m gustan los perros es muncha responsablilidad .
Joanna Macias
Joanna Macias - Vor 17 Tage
Del Valle
Del Valle - Vor 17 Tage
Todo es actuado.
Mireya Yañez
Mireya Yañez - Vor 18 Tage
Estás imágenes me parte el alma dios bendiga a todos los que salvan a estos seres tan hermoso s
Cleusa M. da Silva
Cleusa M. da Silva - Vor 18 Tage
Que linda que você é ainda pequena com um coração tão grande Deus te abençoe 💖💖
Very nice
Silvia Lopes
Silvia Lopes - Vor 19 Tage
Obrigada jovem, Deus te abençoe 🙏👋💋
Lena Teofilo
Lena Teofilo - Vor 20 Tage
Nanci Mart Martinez
Nanci Mart Martinez - Vor 20 Tage
Rita Nobre Nobre
Rita Nobre Nobre - Vor 20 Tage
Samy Palm
Samy Palm - Vor 20 Tage
Meu Deus! dói no fundo de mina alma..😢😭
Liliana Cortese
Liliana Cortese - Vor 20 Tage
a little girl with a big heart
عابدبن جهانگیری
😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭no no no
Vasundara Gowda
Vasundara Gowda - Vor 20 Tage
stupid way to treat the puppy
Adriana Albuquerque
Adriana Albuquerque - Vor 21 Tag
sensei saitama
sensei saitama - Vor 21 Tag
very good young lady to rescue the puppies
Farhan Ahmed
Farhan Ahmed - Vor 21 Tag
little girl made the happy thing 😊😊
aman Brar
aman Brar - Vor 22 Tage
God bless uh good job
Marcia Ishida wagon a r Marcia
Vocês não podem dar banho aos cachorrinhos que encontram e ajudam pois eles estão com a imunidade baixa e podem morrer tem que levar aí veterinário dar comida própria.
J M truthful
J M truthful - Vor 24 Tage
Guys please watch the ads this is how they make money
anil bhaskaran
anil bhaskaran - Vor 25 Tage
good and intelligent girl
Laura Vultaggio
Laura Vultaggio - Vor 25 Tage
Bravo à vous est cette petite fille
Miguel  Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez - Vor 25 Tage
Something is very wrong with this video. Things just don't add up. Firstly, the puppies look healthy, meaning the mom- or someone- was talking care of them. Secondly, the mom would never leave them out in the open; she would hide them. I doubt these babies walked on their own and decided to stay where they were "found." There are other things that make me think this video was staged. Anyone agrees?
Gunman Moh
Gunman Moh - Vor 25 Tage
Good girl God will be verry happy with you
Tami Khoukha
Tami Khoukha - Vor 25 Tage
Oh cute puppy. Thanks for saving this beautiful puppy 😯😢🐾🐶😊👍
Marion Clark
Marion Clark - Vor 25 Tage
There were 3 puppies and anyone would have picked up all three without the staged filming.
Shraddha Dhoni
Shraddha Dhoni - Vor 26 Tage
God bless the angles 💕
Vhert Sanchez
Vhert Sanchez - Vor 26 Tage
Maya l'abeille
Maya l'abeille - Vor 27 Tage
Is not the human baby dont take milk like this please.
mareike gerken
mareike gerken - Vor 27 Tage
Ein tolles Mädchen !!!!! Alles Liebe und Gute für die Hunde !!!!!!
Abhishek Shrivas
Abhishek Shrivas - Vor 27 Tage
TANA PAO - Vor 27 Tage
Dios la bendiga x ser un ángel 👏👏💖💕💖
Jana Araned
Jana Araned - Vor 27 Tage
mejor estirilicen sus mascotas y evitar así esto tan desagradable los botan no eso no esta bien
Ana Martinez
Ana Martinez - Vor 27 Tage
Por q solo los ben agarrenlos no los graben ayudenlos
Manish Sharma
Manish Sharma - Vor 27 Tage
You mothafucker when did you save it
Suzanne Noel
Suzanne Noel - Vor 28 Tage
Humanity, as usual, you show yourself in the worst possible way when you treat living things like so much trash.
Craig Hylton
Craig Hylton - Vor 28 Tage
Omg! What a sweet girl! Someone give her a hug 4 me!
Kusum Tomar
Kusum Tomar - Vor 28 Tage
So cute..
Tania Dhingra
Tania Dhingra - Vor 28 Tage
So sweet
Rozalind Werner
Rozalind Werner - Vor 28 Tage
God Bless these puppy's😇😇😇😇
Elber Galarga
Elber Galarga - Vor 28 Tage
Maria da Paz
Maria da Paz - Vor 28 Tage
Essa menina é a luz em pessoa, alma boa salvou os pobres cachorrinhos que estavam jogados a própria sorte. Deus a abençoe muitoooooo
Big Dog
Big Dog - Vor 28 Tage
Lord, but I just wanted to put my hands in the video, pick them up and take them home !
Vijaya Lakshmi
Vijaya Lakshmi - Vor 29 Tage
Nice girl.Let the pups grow strong and healthy and live a long time .Let the girl take good care of them and later spat or neuter them.Most humans are horrible people why have no regard or live for animals.
Subramanya Rao
Subramanya Rao - Vor 29 Tage
Very kind girl, God bless you always
Maria Irene Sequeira
Maria Irene Sequeira - Vor 29 Tage
Linda menina de bom coração, só que a água é fria para o tamanho deles, mas ainda bem que a menina limpou a água do corpinho, e ela talvez não sabe que os bebés não bebem leite de cabeça para traz, mas ainda bem que que os salvou da sujidade e da fome ,deus a bençoe
نواف العنزي
نواف العنزي - Vor 29 Tage
beverly dunlap
beverly dunlap - Vor 29 Tage
What a great girl study hard and become a vet .You have the passion.
Angelica Sanchez
Angelica Sanchez - Vor 29 Tageña.como.los.bañ
Вероника А
Вероника А - Vor 29 Tage
Кто моет слепых щенков? Дуризм! Показательное видео!
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