PSG vs Real Madrid 3 - 0 Post Match Analysis; A. Di Maria (14', 33') & Rio Ferdinand REACTION

Free Tommy R!!!
Free Tommy R!!! - Vor Monat
its blurred
Terry Tong
Terry Tong - Vor Monat
Hazard is better than Di Maria. No I mean the reverse is true.
Kwame Lewis
Kwame Lewis - Vor Monat
I bet Hazard wishes he should've stayed at Chelsea and helped lampard rebuild 🤷🏾‍♂️
Jude Obi
Jude Obi - Vor Monat
But bale choose to stay. He is a fool. I dont feel sorry for him.
jesse marcellin
jesse marcellin - Vor Monat
Hazard is not and will not be a player that real Madrid can count on to win them championships like Ronald messi or aguero. Hazard will waste away at Madrid then head to china
Terry Tong
Terry Tong - Vor Monat
I mean he should be sent to China and locked in a prison, the moment he is being compared to the greats like Messi & Neymar.
Terry Tong
Terry Tong - Vor Monat
Hazard has always been a Chinese player you moron.
Edward Raymond
Edward Raymond - Vor Monat
Loftus Blake so are you telling by playing 30 odd more minutes his performance would have been better that is idiotic.... Neymar on damn near a a unhealed broken foot was more effective in the World Cup then hazard was today period Tired of the excuses the man in overrated NOT a bad player just overrated
Loftus Blake
Loftus Blake - Vor Monat
Lol idiot hazard is unfit, and couldn't play the 90 minutes
jesse marcellin
jesse marcellin - Vor Monat
@Edward Raymond Exactly! He can be a good component in a good team, but to make him THE player at a club like Madrid, who are going to expect him to deliver week in week out,I don't think he can.
jesse marcellin
jesse marcellin - Vor Monat
Psg Liverpool Mancity Athletico Madrid The champions league Semi finals 4
Godel Greene
Godel Greene - Vor Monat
Blurring the highlights is annoying
RV YAMZ - Vor Monat
Cry again now...
CR7's striker instinct save RM when PSG played better at bernabeu in 2018. This time even neymar is not there but still behind 2 goals😭😭😭
See 3 hazard can save u now...🤣🤣🤣
No trophy for RM average prayers this season again👏👏👏
RM will not b never forgiven for disrespecting CR7...🖕🖕🖕
Samuel Atohoun
Samuel Atohoun - Vor Monat
I know CR7 is the goat
Zepher Gaming
Zepher Gaming - Vor Monat
He’ll get the admiration when he retires
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