Kanye West & Taylor Swift Are At It Again | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

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Andrew Goldsmith
Andrew Goldsmith - Vor 2 Tage
An entertainer talking about human rights? OK then.
mathmagician - Vor 3 Tage
Trump is a Taylor fanboy
Agyereka Ronald
Agyereka Ronald - Vor 9 Tage
Just shake it off
Amara - Vor Monat
I got a Taylor Swift ad before this
Go swifties.... We're all at Taylor's side....
Karen Calvert
Karen Calvert - Vor Monat
Poor Kanye West his medication isnt working
Allegra Logan
Allegra Logan - Vor Monat
Idiotic Kanye could learn a thing or two from her.
Yahana - Vor Monat
TF.. Whyyyyy do people care about celebrity politics?? Seriously someone explain it to me please!!
Yameen Khurshid
Yameen Khurshid - Vor Monat
so funny LOL!
Samantha Bolibruch
Samantha Bolibruch - Vor Monat
Celebs need to stick to their day jobs and leave the politics to the experts
Natasha Mcclusky
Natasha Mcclusky - Vor Monat
Any one like his stand up comedy more than this
derka181 - Vor Monat
This host says "we" "we Democrat" isn't this shoe or him from the UK? Can he vote
Goku Black
Goku Black - Vor Monat
don lemon and his white racial slurs
Terestrial Indiginous
Terestrial Indiginous - Vor Monat
Trevor is the best mman
Candy Virgo
Candy Virgo - Vor Monat
This is hilarious, especially when Trevor Noah impersonated Trump at 4:11 :D
Geoffrey Wendelen
Geoffrey Wendelen - Vor Monat
Mr. Popo
Mr. Popo - Vor Monat
Wake up you zombies!!
Tiffany Davis
Tiffany Davis - Vor Monat
Go Taylor
Mr. Popo
Mr. Popo - Vor Monat
Tiffany Davis you zombie!
BromidicCompound - Vor Monat
This show keeps getting worse. And why have a South-African comment on American politics?
Xoliswa Nyandeni
Xoliswa Nyandeni - Vor Monat
Step aside .... Nobody😂😂😂😂💦
This man nailed it ! 😂
Love from 🇵🇰 Pakistan
Michael - Vor Monat
Dam i miss john stewart , trevor isn’t funny like at all, even with a team of writers behind him
mininovaq - Vor Monat
Kanye's proving yet another time that he's an idiot.
Blaffies - Vor Monat
Cant believe Taylor is so sexist!! Why wont she vote for the female candidate? She prefers voting for a MAN??? Why doesn't she want to break the glass ceiling?
Fredrick Kasanda
Fredrick Kasanda - Vor Monat
OMG!!! Taylor Swift is serious competition for the president. lol
Sitah Lang'o
Sitah Lang'o - Vor Monat
I love the standup comedian Trevor,he’s the best. But this is depressing.
Christian Linares
Christian Linares - Vor Monat
And just like that, Republicans hated the NFL and loved rap music!
mark Luther king
mark Luther king - Vor Monat
Taylors dance moves are on point
John Kolper
John Kolper - Vor Monat
Why is making fun of Taylor dancing?
Lisa H
Lisa H - Vor Monat
I would have agreed with you a few years ago but Taylor looked great dancing during the reputation tour
Shammia David
Shammia David - Vor Monat
Trump's answer killed me 😂😂😂 25% less
DEbby simelane
DEbby simelane - Vor Monat
Taylor has a new hater but she's gonna shake it off🚮
Widur - Vor Monat
A question as a non american. What is voter registration? Please explain.
Omar Farique
Omar Farique - Vor Monat
I feel like Taylor Swift probably received millions from Democrats to say she supports them. It's called marketing
Emma Swan
Emma Swan - Vor Monat
I'm so proud of my baby. Love you Tay
Alfin Moke
Alfin Moke - Vor Monat
..miss the Trevor that was funny
poor youtuber
poor youtuber - Vor Monat
Make humanity great again
Bronx Soja
Bronx Soja - Vor Monat
Kanye West is on medications anything he do l don’t think we should take it srs.As for Taylor l guess she is mindful enough hence her say matters.😁
Eddy Koning
Eddy Koning - Vor Monat
My goodness. What a load of propaganda. And they need a South African to do it. What desperation!
J Mc
J Mc - Vor Monat
Why do people need a popstar to tell them how to vote?
Sharon Jensen
Sharon Jensen - Vor Monat
I don't care how Taylor Swift or any other celebrity votes. Their business. But FYI, I own a CD player. Which I use to play Taylor's CDs.
richardvilseck - Vor Monat
Funny how Fox “News” and conservatives think that celebrities should stay out of politics..... unless one enforces them.
Thilo - Vor Monat
Anyone who follows a celebrity is a sheep
Trudy Southwell
Trudy Southwell - Vor Monat
Trevor Noah is so funny
Oma Rumunna
Oma Rumunna - Vor Monat
*TSwift and Ye* 's beef is hilarious 😂😹.
Jeff Léger
Jeff Léger - Vor Monat
Such hypocrites, the republicans are. I remember they hated Kanye for saying Bush didn't like black people after the Louisiana disaster. Shameless Fox News and Republicans
Jeff Léger
Jeff Léger - Vor Monat
Oma Rumunna yep...that's Republicans to u
Oma Rumunna
Oma Rumunna - Vor Monat
ikr?! hilarious...
Mel Brak
Mel Brak - Vor Monat
So I guess you could say T Swift and Trump have some "Bad Blood" and she wouldn't vote for him is his "Wildest Dreams". 😏
Shena Darling
Shena Darling - Vor Monat
Lol Donald Trump is so funny
Maria del Mar
Maria del Mar - Vor Monat
Im on Taylor's side now tho..
Zayn Zubeyr
Zayn Zubeyr - Vor Monat
Taylor Swift should vie against in the 2020 elections
John Larry
John Larry - Vor Monat
True though, Taylor made me buy 3 CDs of the same album which I did not use because I bought the album of iTunes too.
Daz Woodsy
Daz Woodsy - Vor Monat
Black Lipton tea with Lemon drizzle cake.Good afternoon.
ifaz ahmed
ifaz ahmed - Vor Monat
Go Taylor Swift!!
Sirzechs Quasar
Sirzechs Quasar - Vor Monat
Me (No, not Ashildr, I had the name before Doctor Who, and I'm not changing it!)
I think that judging someone's music by their political beliefs is a pretty ridiculous thing to do... Just because I don't agree with someone doesn't make their music worse. I stil think Kanye has lots of good songs, and I'm still not a fan of Taylor Swift. Kanye has only lost my respect as a human, not as an artist.
Libby May
Libby May - Vor Monat
Nice work Tay!
themarbleking - Vor Monat
Only Americans don’t believe in climate change. I know it’s not all, but all it needs for bad people to succeed is for good people to do nothing. Good for Taylor and bad for Kanye. Who would believe it! I suppose she has to whatever is the opposite of Kanye. Cos Kanye is no Beyonce!
isyoursheepwireless - Vor Monat
"more people should look at politics with an open mind and choosing whichever politician you support the most, instead of being a hardcore Republican/Democrat" would be a valid opinion if Republicans ever took the more moral position on an issue but that will literally never happen.
Amanda Watson
Amanda Watson - Vor Monat
Swift isn’t voting for a party, she’s voting for the person she feels best represents her interests and ideals.
Oliver Washington
Oliver Washington - Vor Monat
Bias towards Taylor,
Alicia silva
Alicia silva - Vor Monat
I like Taylor 200% more !!!!!!
Maria Pennicott
Maria Pennicott - Vor Monat
Celebrities are people and knows more about politics than even dumb donald trump the DOTARD Presidunce. They pay taxes something the orange ORANGUTAN idiot has not done
SHADAB - Vor Monat
the reporter could have tricked trump by telling that taylor swift has endorsed republicans instead and then watch his reaction....haha
Richard Smart
Richard Smart - Vor Monat
Look, everyone, it's KKKanye the KKKoconut...
Kenneth and Joyce
Kenneth and Joyce - Vor Monat
Kanye definitely at it again looking for attention, and FOX news is praising him 😱. At least he still like Taylor Swifts 75 percent😂😂😂
Sapphire16 - Vor Monat
4:09 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith - Vor Monat
Have hated Kanye's music forever, think he part of the problem destroying hip hop. Never heard Taylor Swift's music. Can't believe that people need celebrities to drive home the importance of voting.
Macro Hard
Macro Hard - Vor Monat
Terrance Maulana
Terrance Maulana - Vor Monat
who else feels kinda feels click-baited doesnt seem to me that TS & Kanye are really at it again although they're on opposing sides
Meari P
Meari P - Vor Monat
I got a CD player...gezzz it's better than a toaster
Manish Malla
Manish Malla - Vor Monat
Media’s are like hyenas. Best part is Trump is on the top of pyramid and keeps working.
Chico Esqueleto
Chico Esqueleto - Vor Monat
Fox news is gonna say she's satanic.
maher breezy
maher breezy - Vor Monat
Step aside nobody 😂😂😂
Chico Esqueleto
Chico Esqueleto - Vor Monat
I used to think she was republican. I'm not a fan of her music but she looks kida cool tho :)
david ogbeide
david ogbeide - Vor Monat
Second coming of yeezus
Mulan Hua
Mulan Hua - Vor Monat
Watching y'all spill the tea like
Christopher Furlong
Christopher Furlong - Vor Monat
Sounds to me like she endorsed a Candidate not a Party but everybody hears what they want, as usual.
Herschelle Benting
Herschelle Benting - Vor Monat
Your vote is your secret
Fashion Review
Fashion Review - Vor Monat
Taylor Swift can dance😂😂😂??? Then the Word “D.A.N.C.I.N.G” has lost meaning
Waweru Wallace
Waweru Wallace - Vor Monat
That turn.... 🤔 Wish the question was asked in private, I am sure he would have some "grabbing" questions
Emmanuel Wamala
Emmanuel Wamala - Vor Monat
'' briefings in United States weekly... '' 😂😂😂
Emmanuel Wamala
Emmanuel Wamala - Vor Monat
'' briefings in United States weekly... '' 😂😂😂
JuicyOrange - Vor Monat
Too little, too late.
OutTheMouse !
OutTheMouse ! - Vor Monat
You guys really need more than two parties...
FunkyFabulous1974 - Vor Monat
Every day its like waking up in a new chapter of the novel " Fifty shades of crazy''! What a freak show.
Andrew Simpson
Andrew Simpson - Vor Monat
Just like TV advertising - they need to pass a law confirming how much these celebs are getting paid to be actively involved.
Liibski90 A
Liibski90 A - Vor Monat
I hate Trump 25% more now 🤣🤣🤣
Silungile Mpontshane
Silungile Mpontshane - Vor Monat
When trump said "yeah man" he sounded like catman. ..even his body language lol
Sergiu Sprintar
Sergiu Sprintar - Vor Monat
hot blonde, ofc he would pay attention geee,
its quite easy to get trump's attention
Michael Ritete
Michael Ritete - Vor Monat
Taylor's I love now gana listen to your music now ...k west is a egg
Ronald Rasch
Ronald Rasch - Vor Monat
Viva Freedom
Viva Freedom - Vor Monat
Here is a fundamental question: why there are no pro-republican talk show hosts in the media making fun of the other side? We need a few.
nick cherwinsk
nick cherwinsk - Vor Monat
lol this is america
Milton Mumfrey
Milton Mumfrey - Vor Monat
Is completely redundant to say Trevor Noah is a Democrat shill? Probably. It's not opinion anymore. It's just a fact.
I like de fact dat Trevor is always on a trending list
MrSchmolko - Vor Monat
incredible how fox can that blatantly state the obvious...trump court tv.
not2tees - Vor Monat
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manish khajuria
manish khajuria - Vor 2 Monate
Right is not right left is not right only God is
Ranking Sonko
Ranking Sonko - Vor 2 Monate
Kai Kho
Kai Kho - Vor 2 Monate
Kanye is just being kanye “the irrelevant”...
Ginger Caramel
Ginger Caramel - Vor 2 Monate
Yaaayh Taylor.... We love you
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