This Gadget Claims To Make You A Better Gamer...

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mccronk - Vor 19 Tage
You could always do this really unbelievably cool thing that lets you change your crosshair by doing this one simple trick... changing your crosshair settings.

Unless you're a Fortnite player lol
Duke Creations
Duke Creations - Vor 15 Tage
I’d use this in CSGO sniping. Fuck Fortnite.
nmartin_2016 - Vor 22 Tage
If you're not too worried about your monitor, a piece of scotch tape and a marker will get the job done for far less
Nines - Vor 22 Tage
a fucking piece of tape would do.
Milan Kurd
Milan Kurd - Vor Monat
Bas xoshk
Mohiuddin Farhan
Mohiuddin Farhan - Vor Monat
Nope this is not useless we can use it in cs:go for awp no scope
like if u agree
Joeink100 - Vor Monat
This is kinda shit i would just use tape with a marker or blue tack for it's
Nick Ortiz
Nick Ortiz - Vor Monat
So this won’t work for Nintendo
jacusss1910 - Vor Monat
And another shill, pls refrain from putting this douche in my suggested...
Michael - Vor Monat
Just use kbm on console if you want to be cheeky.
Dylan Buckner
Dylan Buckner - Vor 2 Monate
just get a better monitor
Mr. Anonymous
Mr. Anonymous - Vor 2 Monate
Man that thing you holding making you look silly dude... that shit won't save you, you ever heard of quick scope? 👻
UhhIzaq - Vor 2 Monate
I mean it can be usful for csgo like, using it for snipers.
Reino X
Reino X - Vor 2 Monate
This channel soon will be destroyed by articul 13 :(
Kásnabak Thomás
Kásnabak Thomás - Vor 2 Monate
en argentina estan cobrando esta mierda 3500$
katycatjulius - Vor 2 Monate
In battlefield 1 you are supposed to die a few times to continue the story
Aron Townsend
Aron Townsend - Vor 2 Monate
People have been doing this for years with blue tack 🤦🏻‍♂️
TechnoTiger - Vor 2 Monate
At first I thought it was going to be some sort of projector that you place at the base of your tv and it shines a laser lol. This is horrible XD
Ethan Verstraete
Ethan Verstraete - Vor 2 Monate
my monitor has this built in
audisubie - Vor 2 Monate
Man I thought those goes to your head temples and boost your gaming skills..
audisubie - Vor 2 Monate
@Shinobi Slayer Great idea, but back in the old counter-strike days we use a penny with clear tape serves the same purpose, works great for no scope sniping.
Shinobi Slayer
Shinobi Slayer - Vor 2 Monate
Dude I just stick a wet piece rolling paper in the middle of my screen works great
Jay Archaicesque
Jay Archaicesque - Vor 2 Monate
XD_ aldhaheri
XD_ aldhaheri - Vor 3 Monate
Could we use it for ps4
Fims Presents Rc
Fims Presents Rc - Vor 3 Monate
Lol.... Yeah yeah
Rohit playgame
Rohit playgame - Vor 3 Monate
I use to do it with a marker.
Meo - Vor 3 Monate
No only a gaming chair can help you with gaming
ziyan ali
ziyan ali - Vor 3 Monate
this would be useful for CSGO snipers
Lucian Smith Ulloa
Lucian Smith Ulloa - Vor 3 Monate
dislike bro, years ago fps shooting games algorithms take in consideration when you fire a gun aiming or not, like shooting from the waist will gain recoil making your shots dirtier, I mean years and years ago XD
CSGO MAC HACKS - Vor 3 Monate
or just put your bogies on your cross hair green dot sight
CSGO MAC HACKS - Vor 3 Monate
this is ssooooo stupid
mark moisa
mark moisa - Vor 3 Monate
Most of gaming monitors have crosshair in the settings menu
Rec* - Vor 3 Monate
hey, hello black marker
Geo GamerYT
Geo GamerYT - Vor 3 Monate
my parents will only be proud of me when i get straight A+s but I fucking dont want that I just wanna play games
Yiğit Kaan Hepşen
Yiğit Kaan Hepşen - Vor 3 Monate
Or you can use gum
Alpha MECH
Alpha MECH - Vor 3 Monate
You didn't try pvp lol.
N1GHM4RE - Vor 3 Monate
Or just stick electric tape on the tv
Regularjake55 - Vor 3 Monate
A lot of monitors actually have a capability to put a crosshair on the screen at all times, and you can get software to do that as well. No wires. But still not really useful since most FPS games have crosshairs for hipfire now anyway
Ahmed AL-Marzouqi
Ahmed AL-Marzouqi - Vor 3 Monate
Or just stick any thing on tv
kelsey knowles
kelsey knowles - Vor 3 Monate
you could in theory get a dot and some tape and place it on your t.v. BOOOOOOOOOOM
PkGam - Vor 3 Monate
If a shooter "doesn't" have a good crosshair, it's probably not all that well thought out of a game. "But" it's also possible that the game starts you out with a very basic scope/crosshair, but then you upgrade it later as you collect stuff as you go. In which case this device would ruin that intended experience. Well, assuming it's "actually" all that helpful. While it gives you a more visible dot, it also puts a wire (at the very least) on the low side of the screen, which could mess with you if you are shooting from high up looking for people lower and at a distance or something. The kicker to this though is the better you get, the less you actually need a sight because you move so fast that you get the hang of where your shots go by reflex. But assuming one "really" needs a sight like this, why not just put poster tack on the screen? Easier to set up and remove. I wonder if this would even work for every screen though. A matte surface for instance could have more difficulties with suction compared to a smooth surface due to air gaps. Finally, what if players play more than one genre of game, which most do? You'd have to take it off for other games unless you for some reason wouldn't mind it on there.
Bobby Killingson
Bobby Killingson - Vor 3 Monate
Or just a small piece of a chewing gum...
Bart D
Bart D - Vor 3 Monate
that cord dropping from the indicator would drive me crazy
Snowzy - Vor 3 Monate
Gaurav k
Gaurav k - Vor 3 Monate
All this is marketing gimmick....its of no use whatsoever....Only stupids would buy and support such a foolish equipment
Marcello Stark
Marcello Stark - Vor 3 Monate
download kovaak's fps aim trainer on steam its 7 £ play it 30 mins a day for a week aim guaranteed to improve it won't do miracles but it will improve it won't make you smarter though and you are still gonna die in games :P
Gino - Vor 3 Monate
I just used a dry erase marker. It made me a monster at quick sniping. Its damn near cheating🤣🤣🤣🤣I don't use that method anymore, but I'm still an absolute beast.
Shannon Underwood
Shannon Underwood - Vor 3 Monate
Moody ring type "Boo thang" towards V.R headset??
Otto Hertteli
Otto Hertteli - Vor 3 Monate
This would be good with battlefield v's the heavy machine guns
mark catalli
mark catalli - Vor 3 Monate
It's great for games with weak or dim sights like GTA5 or RDR2. However would not recommend it for COD as it does obstruct making head shots and other focused shots.
stephan paul-blanc
stephan paul-blanc - Vor 3 Monate
hip shot dot left 2 circular dead pixels area on my tv
Davion Bradford
Davion Bradford - Vor 3 Monate
Did it really? What type of tv do you have??
Mahnoor Baig
Mahnoor Baig - Vor 3 Monate
hey why do you need this if you wanna make mone huh
dallitt88 - Vor 3 Monate
Wouldn't it have been a better product if they used a fibre optic cable?
Ridin__ Low
Ridin__ Low - Vor 3 Monate
royhance hines
royhance hines - Vor 3 Monate
Im thinking a laser pointer
royhance hines
royhance hines - Vor 3 Monate
Mw2 days I used tape haha
Starfals - Vor 3 Monate
Monitors have the option for a dot lol, plus you could always tape the mid too ;p
Sam the Stuntman
Sam the Stuntman - Vor 3 Monate
What a fucking idiot idea
sascha mock
sascha mock - Vor 3 Monate
I did the same thing on modern warfare 2 with a tape and a red marker to improve quickscoping and i think that was a 1000 times better than this bullshit wtf 😂😂
Alan Huang
Alan Huang - Vor 3 Monate
It doesn’t work because of such games as rainbow six siege you have to aim down your sights otherwise your bullets will never hit your target
John doe
John doe - Vor 4 Monate
even some gaming monitors support that aim dot
Joshua Snel
Joshua Snel - Vor 4 Monate
I did the same thing by using a tiny cut out dot of red sticky note.
No suction cups. No wires. Served the same purpose and zero wasted dollars.
One could also use a piece of tape with a red sharpie dot on it. That works as well.
daOrangeDoom - Vor 4 Monate
Has a shit ton of money, plays on a Plebstation.
hitler hairdo
hitler hairdo - Vor 4 Monate
forst parson shouytuh gayms
Wilinator X
Wilinator X - Vor 4 Monate
these have always been the dumbest shit ever made...dumb af
Zuwth - Vor 4 Monate
Get a piece of clear scotch tape and a sharpie and boom, you saved $15
JK1 - Vor 4 Monate
I used to get a red texter and clear tape and it work just fine
Brian Honsinger
Brian Honsinger - Vor 4 Monate
This is one of the dumbest things I've seen.
Kaitou Shun
Kaitou Shun - Vor 4 Monate
My monitor has built in dot...this looks ugly af...
Lone Wolf Gaming
Lone Wolf Gaming - Vor 4 Monate
Lol good thing my monitor comes with a option to do this lmao
Asanda Ndimande
Asanda Ndimande - Vor 4 Monate
Buy a lasser pen and find a place to stick it and aim at the TV now you have a Red dot.
69jarinek - Vor 4 Monate
Done. Video make money :)
OverDose665 22
OverDose665 22 - Vor 4 Monate
Yah it just blocks part of ur screen. If you really want to get good at aiming getting a aiming sim and practice.
PNGSquadNL - Vor 4 Monate
I can vogue. It help me get a 3.32 kd in bo3 days
Scott Duff
Scott Duff - Vor 4 Monate
People do put a dot on their screens, monitors even come with this feature, you can turn on and adjust.
halama masala
halama masala - Vor 4 Monate
jkb - Vor 4 Monate
Can’t wait to read the comment section for this one, gamers are a notorioysly toxic type of nerd
Steven Fields
Steven Fields - Vor 4 Monate
people have been doing this with stickers for years no scoping
jblaze114 - Vor 4 Monate
cuz a dry erase marker dot wouldnt work... once i put a lazer pointer on the center of the screen, worked pretty good
Nick Kiedaisch
Nick Kiedaisch - Vor 4 Monate
Pretty sure this isn't meant for console gaming. Kinda useless when the reason you can't aim is because of joystick mush, not just accuracy issues
Renārs Kalējs
Renārs Kalējs - Vor 4 Monate
lol live ban available:D
Devin May
Devin May - Vor 4 Monate
just use a red dry erase marker to make a dot if you really feel this will make you better. honestly, I doubt it makes a real difference though.
NoT SO1ID - Vor 4 Monate
Oh yeah yeah
Greogory Hismarney
Greogory Hismarney - Vor 4 Monate
KAEYOSS WHAT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KaeYoss - Vor 4 Monate
Yeah, this is not super-distracting or anything.
ุ ุ ุ
ุ ุ ุ - Vor 2 Monate
KaeYoss - Vor 4 Monate
My monitor has a built-in option for that. Used it exactly once just to try it out.
Antonio Cardec
Antonio Cardec - Vor 4 Monate
Erase marker easy to do
Daniel HG
Daniel HG - Vor 4 Monate
only thing that this thing increases is your death rate lol
Edward Wood
Edward Wood - Vor 4 Monate
That’s not going to help. The spread will still be the same when hip firing.
Haru Johnny
Haru Johnny - Vor 4 Monate
Maybe an psychological experiment on how complex would comments on this crap be? ...And they are. I am dissapointed.
Haru Johnny
Haru Johnny - Vor 4 Monate
I am really confused. This video was not made in 1.4. what?
AlcibiadesPFT - Vor 4 Monate
Ive been doing this since 2011 for hardcore modes.. I just use a black sharpie.. It can be wiped from the Tv Very easily.. I had an idea for this red light back then too for my brother, he is going blind and sometimes it's difficult for him to see the Crosshair when doing hip fire.. We just use decided to use orange reflective tape that was extremely bright we cut ittle pieces off at a time and place thrm on the cross hair when he wants to play..
James Taylor
James Taylor - Vor 4 Monate
We were doing this with a sharpie years ago... Now they're changing fools for it.
ArtIШоk - Vor 4 Monate
Ben Woodard
Ben Woodard - Vor 4 Monate
I just etched crosshairs on my monitor with a razor blade. It is totally worth it!
Chinh Phan
Chinh Phan - Vor 4 Monate
I'll just use an eraseable marker, thanks.
MyFatezero - Vor 4 Monate
OR just an idea, take a tiny piece of tape and put it on ur screen. But honestly who worries about hipfire?
Friend Chicken
Friend Chicken - Vor 4 Monate
Way back CS 1.3 . I use a sharpie to mark the center of the crosshair. No scope shots 👍🏻
Corbin Hodge
Corbin Hodge - Vor 4 Monate
Lame asf
Dougie Fresco
Dougie Fresco - Vor 4 Monate
This mainly helps with hip-firing I looked at them but too much mess on the screen for me
ZyradosPlays - Vor 4 Monate
I do this with tape and a red pen. It's kinda help
zion hilado
zion hilado - Vor 4 Monate
lol. useless piece of crap. i mean shooting games exist so that it would enhance your hand-eye coordination. and later on everything will be a muscle memory. if you're gonna ask me, no way i'm gonna buy this crap!
Woodlab 745
Woodlab 745 - Vor 4 Monate
I been drawing red dots on screen since Battlefield modern combat cost me nothing its only handy if u wanna hipfire at distance I done many games just hipfireing not done on my new curved Samsung sleek screen though
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