Allowing Ants to Free-Roam and Live in my Room

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AntsCanada - Vor 27 Tage
AC Family, I know this looks crazy, but I have a great feeling about this, but I'll leave it up to you guys to judge. Hope you guys remember to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, & SUBSCRIBE (hit the bell icon) if you enjoyed this video, to help me keep making more for you! OK so what should we call these free range ants? Taking name suggestions! Ant love forever!
Dakota Sullivan
Dakota Sullivan - Vor 26 Tage
The answer to this weeks question is that the ants at light sensitive and might move out of the area you put there nest in
MrTD - Vor 26 Tage
We should call the ants the roamers
matty4z - Vor 26 Tage
RIP termite babies lol
Thomas Read
Thomas Read - Vor 26 Tage
Call them the "Crimson Raiders"
matty4z - Vor 26 Tage
or - the convicts
Ender 505 fan
Ender 505 fan - Vor Stunde
Call them antscanada tribe cause they rome freely
Noah Rickard
Noah Rickard - Vor 4 Stunden
Crimson ants
Jamie Regular
Jamie Regular - Vor 4 Stunden
call them the outsiders
NM Invader
NM Invader - Vor 4 Stunden
The OutSiders
Toxic_gaming - Vor 9 Stunden
IF i was a queen ant and saw you coming ad instantly make a plan of def litterly
ants are small So small that when they see you as a huge gaint they freak out and have a plan to def the young and the queen they thing dat you will harm them
glamourandgloom - Vor 11 Stunden
Would like to add as it reminded me of these and how incredible resourceful ants can be .
Drew Pedersen
Drew Pedersen - Vor 18 Stunden
Name the place where they live the crimson cavers.
Roblox 4 Life woot woot
Roblox 4 Life woot woot - Vor 18 Stunden
The Crimsons
Lol the simpsons 😹
Brianna Hunt
Brianna Hunt - Vor 20 Stunden
The Borrowers. Like if you agree.
Cooper Renfroe
Cooper Renfroe - Vor 21 Stunde
The Scavengers 🐜
JJ plush Productions
JJ plush Productions - Vor 22 Stunden
call dem crimzim lightning
Wiesje - Vor Tag
I like roommates too! I think it fits perfectly, and it sounds so cute.
Seriasis004 - Vor Tag
The Renegades!
Yazzy Lreudan
Yazzy Lreudan - Vor Tag
I vote for the name "the littered sitters" since there was only a few at first "littered" then they proceeded to life with ya without paying rent.
Yazzy Lreudan
Yazzy Lreudan - Vor Tag
Well I've recently taken up your channel and I find it extremely interesting. I'm fairly sure the free rising ants you have are Paratopula ants
smashgamer 762
smashgamer 762 - Vor Tag
The Roaming roses
Alicia Holder
Alicia Holder - Vor Tag
I think you should call them The Pioneers.
TheBlueWolfSquad - Vor Tag
The Crimson Outsiders
ykquek75 - Vor Tag
Surviving red warrior
suggestion for their name; the Squatters.
it's just too accurate! Living in an uninhabited place regardless of the governing body's rule, extremely adaptable, and self-sustaining.
Dewald Jacobs
Dewald Jacobs - Vor Tag
The free rangers
Person Love Anime
Person Love Anime - Vor Tag
They beautiful edit: my friend saying they Prism Ants
hyperghost11 - Vor Tag
scarlet raiders!
Andrew Knows How To Cook
The Crimson Freelancers
Jiggin With Lukas
Jiggin With Lukas - Vor Tag
The Stealers
Ahnakwet Hill
Ahnakwet Hill - Vor Tag
Call them "the dwelling"
Michael Filiatrault
ThatTastylookingdishsoap Mmmm
Name them La Resistance
Julyon Deaven Ibo
Julyon Deaven Ibo - Vor 2 Tage
The Free Roamers
shakir zulfairy gaming
shakir zulfairy gaming - Vor 2 Tage
Gold freedom like if u agree
Jonathan Sng
Jonathan Sng - Vor 2 Tage
You want more ANTswers
The Boss Bros
The Boss Bros - Vor 2 Tage
The trojans
The Boss Bros
The Boss Bros - Vor 2 Tage
Are they theif ants?
Benjamin Levine
Benjamin Levine - Vor 2 Tage
How do you stop these ants from going into your kitchen or your neighbors residences?
Drew Carr
Drew Carr - Vor 2 Tage
the crimson crawlers
Luke thegamingkiwi
Luke thegamingkiwi - Vor 3 Tage
Free booters
Neostar Matter
Neostar Matter - Vor 3 Tage
a name for the new guys-'' the Troians '' Cause the troian horse... and also sorry for the bad english a ma bg
Marshmallowmonster 77
Marshmallowmonster 77 - Vor 3 Tage
Pixel Gamer 3D
Pixel Gamer 3D - Vor 3 Tage
Connors world Smith
Connors world Smith - Vor 3 Tage
I thing they are pheidole ant speisis
Leo Walz
Leo Walz - Vor 3 Tage
Jalen kabemba
Jalen kabemba - Vor 3 Tage
Name them the Renegades
Surf Elvis
Surf Elvis - Vor 3 Tage
I saw this tv show on a local anthill art creator who has studied the industrious ant and its creations, and I thought of you. You will really like this short presentation: Thanks for all you do.
MikaOokami20 - Vor 3 Tage
Aren't they wood ants
Loldog57 - Vor 3 Tage
Call them “the survivors”
raiderbass - Vor 3 Tage
Thee Outsiders is a great name!
Ryn Mace
Ryn Mace - Vor 3 Tage
The Freeloaders!
Emmanuel Campos
Emmanuel Campos - Vor 3 Tage
Name suggestion: The Tiny Thieves
Cool Andrew
Cool Andrew - Vor 4 Tage
The wanderers
PringleGameZ - Vor 4 Tage
The Crimson Cruisers
Craboo - Vor 4 Tage
The ants should be called the crusaders
Bobbyjoe342gaming - Vor 4 Tage
Crimson raiders
Janine Kehagias
Janine Kehagias - Vor 4 Tage
I think we should call them the crimson warriors
Mina Tran
Mina Tran - Vor 4 Tage
0:47 what song is this?
danekjovax - Vor 4 Tage
The Crimson Campers, as you suggested, sounds appropriate.
Melchard Caranto
Melchard Caranto - Vor 4 Tage
I've seen these ants everywhere.
I'm pretty sure those were Harvester Ants
Edd VCR - Vor 4 Tage
I love this family of little ruby ants!
They are so cheeky and adorable💚
XxInferno WolfxX
XxInferno WolfxX - Vor 4 Tage
The names for the free roam ant colony should probably called the crimson roamers
realtahu033 !
realtahu033 ! - Vor 4 Tage
Mateo Connelly
Mateo Connelly - Vor 4 Tage
How about the Wildlings
WhoAteThe Cookies
WhoAteThe Cookies - Vor 4 Tage
The freeloads
The twisted doctor
The twisted doctor - Vor 4 Tage
They should be called the cute Travelers😂
Ryan Kurz
Ryan Kurz - Vor 4 Tage
This is late and you might already know and i might be wrong but those look like Tapinoma sessile or odorous ants that i find all over america but again i coupd be wrong
Jonas Suvorov
Jonas Suvorov - Vor 4 Tage
they look like common black ants to me
Dragonater Jones
Dragonater Jones - Vor 4 Tage
These ants are pretty thicc mmmmmmm
Robert Paiva
Robert Paiva - Vor 4 Tage
The Crimson Crashers
Addie Harrington
Addie Harrington - Vor 4 Tage
Call the free moving ants.......wait for we go......THE NOMADS
Last Ship to Jupiter
Last Ship to Jupiter - Vor 5 Tage
Let’s call them The Void Dwellers
Piano Shavings
Piano Shavings - Vor 5 Tage
Free loaders
James Bones
James Bones - Vor 5 Tage
The Sneaky Snakes
Vollrohrzucker - Vor 5 Tage
The Dúnedain
Mr Woof and Fuzzy
Mr Woof and Fuzzy - Vor 5 Tage
How about we call them the "Little Freeloaders
Mr Woof and Fuzzy
Mr Woof and Fuzzy - Vor 5 Tage
Thicc ants
Jonathan Helms
Jonathan Helms - Vor 5 Tage
They appear to be the invasive South American fire ants that are also known as piss ants in the southern United States. They tend to be extremely small and very agressive and invasive
Valentin Rivera
Valentin Rivera - Vor 5 Tage
lets call them the survivers
King Godzilla754
King Godzilla754 - Vor 5 Tage
I got two ideas, The Bloodhounds Or The Crimson Scavengers. Also nice vid
Mada Playz
Mada Playz - Vor 5 Tage
the far outsider from star wars yuuzhan vong series
This Dood Tho
This Dood Tho - Vor 5 Tage
Plot twist : You are an ant
liam Mcmahon
liam Mcmahon - Vor 5 Tage
the others
Battle Beasts King
Battle Beasts King - Vor 5 Tage
It'd be a shame if..if.. anyone were to move unexpectedly.
Alexander Gerszewski
Alexander Gerszewski - Vor 5 Tage
We should name them the Comanches
AbzyCat - Vor 5 Tage
these little guys should be called The Crimson Takbo (takbo means runaway in Tagalog) it just semes so suitable and cute too! xD
Owen Brooks
Owen Brooks - Vor 5 Tage
Jacob Miller
Jacob Miller - Vor 5 Tage
Crimson Crusaders!
Manny Rios
Manny Rios - Vor 5 Tage
The cotton dwellers
Antonius Widjaya
Antonius Widjaya - Vor 5 Tage
Mabye call it the tropical kings
antlovers ants
antlovers ants - Vor 5 Tage
Ants canada you changed my life i hated ants and now i dont
emerald playz
emerald playz - Vor 5 Tage
Call the new ants Unknown's
415ing - Vor 5 Tage
What if thee colony gets to big?
Lai Brothers
Lai Brothers - Vor 5 Tage
Call it the cusions
Tyrel Davis
Tyrel Davis - Vor 5 Tage
lets call them the freeloaders
CJ Marquart
CJ Marquart - Vor 5 Tage
I can already tell this experiment is going to backfire haha
CJ Marquart
CJ Marquart - Vor 5 Tage
Anybody else hear the @secureteam10 music in the background at 9:30? Haha epic
Dimitar Bachvarov
Dimitar Bachvarov - Vor 6 Tage
They should be called Minions 🤣
Tom Pritchard
Tom Pritchard - Vor 6 Tage
the crimson warriors
Trampoline madness TIME
The sparks because they look like mini fire ants.
Tadashi Drenutini
Tadashi Drenutini - Vor 6 Tage
The crimson scout
guillermo bellorin
guillermo bellorin - Vor 6 Tage
The Renegade Raiders
Seaside Metal
Seaside Metal - Vor 6 Tage
spider ant
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