Hurricane Florence strengthens to Category 4, targets Carolinas

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merke serhoy
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"There is something about you grabbing my hair at the back of my head that makes me just melt."
Danielle Bibi
Danielle Bibi - Vor 8 Tage
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Fernantes - Vor 12 Tage
ya entendi aunque no se ingles jejeje salu2 :v
Dusk Mane Necrozma
Dusk Mane Necrozma - Vor 12 Tage
Tfw the panhandle of Florida is going to be smashed by Hurricane Michael.
Florida panhandle: "Damn it Irma, you sent your grandson after us!"
merke serhoy
merke serhoy - Vor 17 Tage
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beautiful video
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Aleksa Domanovic
Aleksa Domanovic - Vor 27 Tage
Poor america...All the fkn time in storms an hurricanes lmao
dEfAuLtZ g0D
dEfAuLtZ g0D - Vor Monat
Wish all the schools get destroyed
Sofia Jauregui
Sofia Jauregui - Vor Monat
W23 9uu
Derek Lewis
Derek Lewis - Vor Monat
Not a drop of rain from Florence in Virginia
Lyndell O
Lyndell O - Vor Monat
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Future espoir
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Guy Chapman
Guy Chapman - Vor Monat
Thanks #DARPA
Bippity Boppity
Bippity Boppity - Vor Monat
What?? They didn't fake the wind indoors?
Arken - Vor Monat
I bet North Korea is happy
JP Yutaka
JP Yutaka - Vor Monat
Why am I called dumb for not evacuating? I live almost 200 miles inland , and on an elevated hill, also no rivers and lakes nearby , also the people who just ran and leave all their stuff aren't going to get any reimbursement for the damage, there's going to be a lot of poor homeless refugees, meanwhile a rainstorm and some 40 mph wind happened to my neighborhood. Also my neighborhood didn't lose electricity at all. Nor did my street have any significant flooding, the driveway is pretty steep. Protect yourself and family ,and pets too, and don't leave your house for looters to pillage
Fail City Videos
Fail City Videos - Vor Monat
Crazy guy kite surfing in hurricane Florence 2018 - two angles:
Ahmed Gkuy
Ahmed Gkuy - Vor Monat
Usa under shoes
John Jones
John Jones - Vor Monat
VirtualChris - ROBLOX
VirtualChris - ROBLOX - Vor Monat
Me: I wish we hade a Rainy da-
Hurracane : Want rain Or ME MUAHA
Joyce Njabi Price
Joyce Njabi Price - Vor Monat
Still trana understand the reason people dislike NEWS 🤔
Carmen Gonzales
Carmen Gonzales - Vor Monat
Last thing I heard about this hurricane is that it landed as a category 1 & 5 people died. Condolences to family and friends of those who died.
INCOOM13 - Vor Monat
Dear Florence
I’m super stoked for you to visit Morgan State. It’s been hot and I don’t want to go to class. Give my condolences to Isaac and Florene too.
Hungry, Stupid, And Poor College Student
Enrique Ortiz
Enrique Ortiz - Vor Monat
"Targets"? Why do they use that word? It's not "targeting" anything.. Nature it's just doing her thing.. not it's fault that a ton of tiny, puny humans are on its path. Or maybe, IT IS targeting us, the same way we target and wipe out ants when they overrun a kitchen.. Think about it.
robert forsythe
robert forsythe - Vor Monat
Trump is a 👽 alien he comes from 🌎 planet Bigliar and is here to screw us for 💰 cash.
robert forsythe
robert forsythe - Vor Monat
Just take a gander of all the storms across the globe. We can change the name of our planet to hurricane central.
Ka - Vor Monat
Cat 4 , 3 , 2 , 1 .....🤨
prestwoods1 - Vor Monat
Triangulum - Vor Monat
prestwoods1 what the hell
Habesha Cinema 1
Habesha Cinema 1 - Vor Monat
Who names all these hurricanes? JUST CURIOUS
Swann Creid
Swann Creid - Vor Monat
Natalie Ortega
Natalie Ortega - Vor Monat
Will it hit in va beach
simplelife4213 - Vor Monat
that lady has a nice figure.
chris rich
chris rich - Vor Monat
I wanna fuk her
david bean
david bean - Vor Monat
Mj Goat23
Mj Goat23 - Vor Monat
Let's go it missed VA but praying for NC SC n Georgia
The Canine Nutritionist
They try to make everything into as much drama as possible
Tado Potato
Tado Potato - Vor Monat
Florence is gonna hit tomorrow
USA:I know who did this RUSSIANS
RUSSIA:Hell nah
- - Vor Monat
*HALLELUJAH!* God please cleanse the South of the trump vermin. Amen 🙏
Aesthetic Dreams
Aesthetic Dreams - Vor Monat
Assuming a hurricanes gender, how could be a girl smh 🙄
Aesthetic Dreams
Aesthetic Dreams - Vor Monat
The Psychic Cell Phones
(note: I know this is a joke, don't get ur knickers in a twist) Or it could just be a conglomeration of water, excited electrons, and air molecules being violently pushed in a circular motion, and people feel it necessary to name this natural system something because they're so frequent. If ppl don't wanna be offended let's name it hurricane chair or typhoon tax benefits. Let's not personify forces of nature.
Ashley’s Simly Life
Ashley’s Simly Life - Vor Monat
My prayers are going out to those in the path of Hurricane Florence ❤️ Irma was a huge reality for my family this time last year and I know that after the storm it can take awhile for a new normal to set in. Praying everyone keeps safe, dry, and always remember things can be replaced, but your life can’t ❤️ Stay safe everyone!!
Bloodlust - Vor Monat
“Slaps the roof of the hurricane”

I think imma just stop here
Marcus Wilson
Marcus Wilson - Vor Monat
wow that's a large storm
Lil Baby XxxTentacion
Lil Baby XxxTentacion - Vor Monat
I pray this 3 monster wind shit don't hit us...To all the people out there I pray that hurricane don't go no where near you guys including me😥😖😭🤧🙏🏽
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse - Vor Monat
I want me some Collard Greens ! 😱😱😱
Rubin Rodriguez
Rubin Rodriguez - Vor Monat
I've been in multiple hurricanes in Houston and the Caribbean. They are no joke. Better to be safe than sorry. Wishing the east coast the best.
JC #1
JC #1 - Vor Monat
The next big storm will be the Red Tsunami sweeping the nation
Trump 2020 maga 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Janeth Beh
Janeth Beh - Vor Monat
Dang that 10 million $ form fema could of helped with the rebuilding after its over. To bad trump already spent it.
Faded Films
Faded Films - Vor Monat
Does anyone else see what seems like a hurricane in Cuba
Faded Films
Faded Films - Vor Monat
Darryl Hex
Darryl Hex - Vor Monat
Muthafuckas bout to be playing real-life Fortnite
Guys I can’t speak English good so can you say is that???😰
zachary burdette
zachary burdette - Vor Monat
this is the wrong forecast. the direction changed.
Ssss Aaaa
Ssss Aaaa - Vor Monat
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Gabriel Adams
Gabriel Adams - Vor Monat
Welp. According to this I’m going to get hit dead on
Bailey Henderson
Bailey Henderson - Vor Monat
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Bailey Henderson
Bailey Henderson - Vor Monat
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Chris Perkins
Chris Perkins - Vor Monat
Cjuoehx Gjkgopzb Gjcuorq
Aqua ヌアフヨ
Aqua ヌアフヨ - Vor Monat
me: I can't wait to go skydiving!
mother nature: yes you can
Jenny Kiras
Jenny Kiras - Vor Monat
join the Hurricane Florence group for updates
Terry 2K
Terry 2K - Vor Monat
Its not even gonna hit
Tati Nixon
Tati Nixon - Vor Monat
I live in Raleigh North Carolina I am just terrified of this
whyso angry
whyso angry - Vor Monat
This is a week old and still trending?
These people got weather control where the hell you think Hurricane Harvey from, Weather aint got no name where the hell you think Hurricane Harvey from.. - KODAK BLACK
Queen perez
Queen perez - Vor Monat
This idiot said does anyone has a launch pad in the comments i don't get it, it is not funny this hurricane is serious and i bet that person just wanted likes
mlzanercik - Vor Monat
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Dizzle Da Lucci
Dizzle Da Lucci - Vor Monat
Lucien HughMungus
Lucien HughMungus - Vor Monat
Hurricane going straight to Epic Games headquarters. Gods way of saying fortnite sucks
RoosterIllusion - Vor Monat
The hurricane is now a cat 2 take this videos down it’s no longer news
gameus boyius
gameus boyius - Vor Monat
This is late to the trending game. If you watch the news you would already know it’s cat 4 and that’s it’s changed routes farther south
Silent Season
Silent Season - Vor Monat
You should time stamp your news before ppl call this fake
Carmen Gonzales
Carmen Gonzales - Vor Monat
Lord I pray for those who couldn't leave because of financial reasons. Lord protect them. If u live in Carolina & don't know Jesus as savior ask him to forgive u & receive as savior so in case u die you'll go to a better place in heaven.
J C Productions
J C Productions - Vor Monat
Crap im from north carolina
Rakhat Dosanov
Rakhat Dosanov - Vor Monat
Who makes names for hurricanes?
Kojima Kid
Kojima Kid - Vor Monat
Hopefully this gets me out of Jury Duty
SteelWolfVlogz - Vor Monat
It is heading towards Epic Games HQ. This is God's way of dealing with Fortnite.

It just a joke thats also true. Dont get triggerd its the internet
TomTom - Vor Monat
Is it going to hit florida?
Phillip - Vor Monat
Wise man once sa: man who walks sideways through turnstile is going to bangkok.
attila the fun jr.
attila the fun jr. - Vor Monat
I live in south carolina 😂 and i saw on another news thing that it will shift more towards sc and right through columbia and lexington (where i live 😂)
Vamcat 31
Vamcat 31 - Vor Monat
Well Ashley batey imma masturbattey
Simple Rat
Simple Rat - Vor Monat
Imagine dealing with this one hundred years ago. No warning before the monster of a storm is making landfall and threatening your life.
kay harvey
kay harvey - Vor Monat
It's gonna hit florida
Yoongi x Jimin
Yoongi x Jimin - Vor Monat
Just remember this if anything everybody...

*You nice, keep going.*
file interrupted !
file interrupted ! - Vor Monat
dammmmm hurricane u scary
Nicknamed GHOST
Nicknamed GHOST - Vor Monat
Pray for us.
Frank Black
Frank Black - Vor Monat
Manti Te’o’s Girlfriend
Imagine dying to a nigga named Florence 💀
doug rabbit
doug rabbit - Vor Monat
Now Cat 2 only. There goes the MSM over hyping again!
The Watcher
The Watcher - Vor Monat
I am from Virginia and that thing is coming for us.
q - Vor Monat
Flo! Beat the shit of the humans.
Ernesto Mendez
Ernesto Mendez - Vor Monat
Yo I live in South Carolina Spartanburg am I good ?
ʏᴇᴇ ʜᴀᴡ
ʏᴇᴇ ʜᴀᴡ - Vor Monat
Hurricane *F L O R E N C E*
Maryam Abbani
Maryam Abbani - Vor Monat
Anyone else in VA?
InsaneToxicRaven -#BBSFan
Me no like,
acgillespie - Vor Monat
The Demonic Nigga demons will be out in force so ya better protect your tennis shoes with all your might
flicker the flame
flicker the flame - Vor Monat
This is old news. Why is this still trending. It's a high cat 3 at the moment.
Daniel Dor
Daniel Dor - Vor Monat
Pray for nyc 🙏 the hurricane’s rain will batter everyone in the city good luck may god be with you
Shavar Melendez
Shavar Melendez - Vor Monat
that's TUFF
Vincent Oconnor
Vincent Oconnor - Vor Monat
Wasn't their already a hurricane Florence in 2006?
octoaiden - Vor Monat
Well, good luck living! :D
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