4 Levels of Pizza: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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omZPlayzHD - Vor 19 Minuten
Why tf is the food scientist like 14 years old
omZPlayzHD - Vor 20 Minuten
This whole comment section is just Level 3 memes
Aristotle Bolisay
Aristotle Bolisay - Vor Stunde
Other people:mozzerela
cornz38 - Vor 3 Stunden
Message to Sim. Your pizza has the charatersitics of a wood fired oven because you BURNT it!
cornz38 - Vor 3 Stunden
No one is going to spend 3 days making posh bread and cheese.
# 7
# 7 - Vor 3 Stunden
The amateur chef was unintentionally or intentionally maybe very funny
Dat Vk
Dat Vk - Vor 5 Stunden
Started in 1973
First pizza ready in 2019
groupsphera - Vor 5 Stunden
This pizzas are hot, but not so hot as your food scientist...
Jam Collins
Jam Collins - Vor 7 Stunden
Why don’t nobody eat the food 😩
Tenten Roque
Tenten Roque - Vor 7 Stunden
Stephen's Pizza look like's it's made by a cheff 😂😂😂
Ashley G.
Ashley G. - Vor 8 Stunden
I can barely understand what level 3 chef says
Starry Starr
Starry Starr - Vor 9 Stunden
A three day dough! Wtf im hungry noww😫
Tast RentalClock
Tast RentalClock - Vor 11 Stunden
anyone else think level one was the best
Jason Justian
Jason Justian - Vor 12 Stunden
Level 1: got this dough from Wal-Mart
Level 2: made this dough over night with a simple recipe
Level 3: I'm going to use a 298 year old recipe. First we but a flour mill.
OverAchiever 4
OverAchiever 4 - Vor 13 Stunden
Level 1 Chef: This jarred sauce will do the trick
Level 2 Chef: The sauce is my sister’s, the dough is my uncle’s, the cheese is my dad’s, and I’m dedicating this pizza to my step-bro
Level 3 Chef: I was the one who mined the metal used to make this oven plus I raised and milked the cow for the cheese
Renee S
Renee S - Vor 13 Stunden
My fav was Chef 1. The ingredients, amount of sauce... forget the cheese, use Chef 3's cheese... prefect doneness! Muah!
Smiley Boi
Smiley Boi - Vor 13 Stunden
Don't know why it's not a circle but ok
Name Nachname Geh
Name Nachname Geh - Vor 14 Stunden
But where are them pineapples?!
just takewalk
just takewalk - Vor 14 Stunden
i would prefer level 1
infiltrateassimilate - Vor 15 Stunden
14 year old food scientist again, not watching this.
「 evelyn 」
「 evelyn 」 - Vor 15 Stunden
i turned on subtitles and at 6:30 it said:
i never put oil in my dog, i put oil on the dog
ʏɪɢɢᴇʀ - Vor 16 Stunden
stephens looked the best
German Galvis
German Galvis - Vor 16 Stunden
What type of /brand is the oven used in level 3?
MyEnemy - Vor 16 Stunden
Level 3 sounds like Alan Rickman.
Nba News and event
Nba News and event - Vor 16 Stunden
Wife of the level 3 chef: honey... the show is starting is the pizza ready?
Level 3: ya half way through, so about three years

wife: mmmm this is good what is in it
Level 3: I raised five cows and four chickens to freshly make my own ingredients I also trained monkeys to make the pizza because it will add more flavor then I just waited until It expired and served it
Amber McGihon
Amber McGihon - Vor 16 Stunden
Beth is so precious
OxyGenerations - Vor 16 Stunden
level 1 was the best, level 2 and 3 didn't even know what they were doing
Dubby Nekomesu
Dubby Nekomesu - Vor 17 Stunden
9:25 Remember Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter?
This is her now, feel old yet?
gabriele tedeschi
gabriele tedeschi - Vor 18 Stunden
Teodor Kuttenkeuler
Teodor Kuttenkeuler - Vor 18 Stunden
5:30 calamari olives?? chef like him should know better
Grab - Vor 19 Stunden
honestly beths pizza is probably the best
Daniel Harris
Daniel Harris - Vor 19 Stunden
3 of the worse looking pizza's you'll ever see! Sim who's a pro burnt his...
Mirz23 - Vor 19 Stunden
Beth, where is the hecking cheese!?
Samir Safarov
Samir Safarov - Vor 19 Stunden
Level 5: *_Pizza Hut_*
Jack Box
Jack Box - Vor 19 Stunden
5:16 Chef here. Can confirm. I cringed hard at those knife skills.
Samir Safarov
Samir Safarov - Vor 19 Stunden
We are going to start with the *dawg*
Strike The Furry
Strike The Furry - Vor 20 Stunden
Beth sounds and looks like the type of woman who would stroll into your shop and say "I want to speak to your manager"
antifusion - Vor 20 Stunden
Level 3 Burnt the crusts
reema - Vor 20 Stunden
it would lowkey be more entertaining if people blind tasted it at the end instead
Anika Olalere
Anika Olalere - Vor 20 Stunden
Can someone please replace that level 4 lady. She doesn’t know what she’s saying. She’s reading a script. I like the other lady better, at least I know she’s an ACTUAL food scientist.
Cas - Vor 21 Stunde
would be interesting to see the price differences of these too!
Swissrocketship _
Swissrocketship _ - Vor 23 Stunden
The 3rd chef’s name has some “Class” if you know what I mean.
the stealer
the stealer - Vor 23 Stunden
Why does she say mozzarell where did the a go
Tristan Kruger
Tristan Kruger - Vor 23 Stunden
Hell nah i dont have a week to make 1 pizza mister level 3
flux - Vor Tag
Level 1: hey im Dave, and I am a father to 3
Level 2: Hi I'm Steph and I have been home cooking for 5 years
Level 3: hey Phil I've been cooking since 1874 and have cooked for the king of every country
Mandhir Kaur
Mandhir Kaur - Vor Tag
I am level 1

Can't make a dough and sause lazyyy
Nahuel - Vor Tag
I really dislike the way Level 3's pizza looks and the ingredients he used. Level 1 and 2 did a much better job.
Bisaflorian - Vor 23 Stunden
Yeah... because a storebought dough or a boring pizza with only cheese and tomatoes are better than a pro's pizza. lol
Beast_mode_ Phil
Beast_mode_ Phil - Vor Tag
I think Im not the only guy who think that the amateur pizza looks this time not bad
Level one looks better than level two
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips - Vor Tag
The intro made me thinking icarly intro
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