Falcon Heavy & Starman

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0:46 the feels...
sathish kumar
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Dreon GG
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Cómo amo este videoooo aaaaa
Darrell Gross
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And note I'm not saying anything bad I'm only just saying please Elon Musk pull this off so the spacecraft doesn't end up in the scrap Heap meaning the SOS system is dying SLS system that NASA has already paid for can you be a miracle worker to this would give you an opportunity to upgrade the Falcon 9 with the Raptor engine so the R&D on it gets even further along so it's on a spacecraft that can actually be viable it might be a little crazy but hey you got most of the technology already I don't like that help your R&D long to and I did get your flying car joke slash possibility they didn't understand that you were planning to fly the car in space but I would add just a booster engine something small push the car along and I have to be somewhat of a spacecraft it's what I'm thinking
Darrell Gross
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I have a serious challenge for SpaceX can you Salvage their Ryan system capsule in manage to put all the equipment that they have already bought from NASA into space my thought was for uihlein muskies why can't you add two more boosters to the Falcon heavy to go for a falcon heavy Falcon 9 heavy into extreme in upgrade the fairing so you can salvage the SOS is spacecraft and give NASA's some form of way towards it watch it on top of upgrade the center core to your current Raptor engine would sound pretty good I'd like to see that fly but that's just the challenge take it with a grain of salt I'm not trying to boss you around because I'm just a grunt in the government employee at a school called Sky Way e Elementary that has a rocket as a logo in electrum note I am a space cadet how long lines I like things that fly long ones rocketry thank you for listening to my rambling Daryl gross sunny out
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No one talking about David Bowie. RIp Legend
Европейский Путь
Дизлайки, наверное, роскосмос ставит)
Lachlan Smith
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Thank 310n, very cool
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1:13 *_The only sad part._*
looking forward to the next five years refuel in space and cutting five mouth of the journey to mars and putting people they too all the best to the future and the next mission
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Tomek4070 - Vor 2 Tage
Tomek4070 - Vor 2 Tage
Justin Guan
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As a human being, I feel proud~ Thanks SpaceX!
Made on earth by human 😂😂 aliens speak English
Zulhardika Rendy Permana
Can't wait to see this in my kids history books
Pelican in shit
Pelican in shit - Vor 4 Tage
David Bowie is 100% in that suit.
F W - Vor 5 Tage
Made on earth by humans
Amy Shaw
Amy Shaw - Vor 5 Tage
We're trying to figure out how to get back to the moon. The first time technology has ever gone backwards. Ever.
Julian Erhard
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This Guy is realising what millions of people are dreaming about. Union and a romantic but brutal focused future vision
Carl Jhon
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Karuken Complex
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Shedding a manly tear once more.
Coolfred - Vor 6 Tage
Thanks to spacex in the future there will be no flat earthers because we will all have gone to other planets!
Sapana B.
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Which is that song
Andreiw Calderón
Andreiw Calderón - Vor 8 Tage
Sorry about my ignorance, but may I have the name of this song?
Frank Sevek
Frank Sevek - Vor 8 Tage
how many starship flights will it take to send all the flatearthers to the moon?
ethan moseley
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1:13 my man out here missing the landing platform
JohnSon Adam
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Made on Earth by Humans
Aliens can't speak English
Ayy Lmao
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Beautiful. Thank you Elon for making the world dream again.
bk kedairy
bk kedairy - Vor 9 Tage
I literally just watched this five times in a row and I’ve probably seen it around a hundred times in total and it never gets old
bigmanracing300 Ktm
bigmanracing300 Ktm - Vor 9 Tage
Proud moment in American history. Ziggy Stardust approved.
Ariz Baratov
Ariz Baratov - Vor 9 Tage
Awaken The Greatness Within
So 🤔 you got to the moon?
RedFiree - Vor 9 Tage
Actually the Roadster is closer to Mars right now
M Jay
M Jay - Vor 10 Tage
They should do one of these for crew dragon
CreeperBot 793
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M Jay they probably will. Probably with Space Oddity
nlight end
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Elon, Hey I am interested in seeing about training to go up on the next Space X mission. I do not want pay. I will sign over my rights and go as the first volunteer civilian. I am very ambitious. Also a Veteran of the Army. Let me know your thoughts.
Kgotso Shilabye
Kgotso Shilabye - Vor 10 Tage
Space x i have a question how do you start your own space agency
Hanchock Elias
Hanchock Elias - Vor 10 Tage
No one will see that car ever again but its out there and the mankind put it there, and thats what important
Joshua Reavis
Joshua Reavis - Vor 11 Tage
Fucking EPIC!!!
Owen Salisbury
Owen Salisbury - Vor 11 Tage
Airbnb Mars anyone?
Don - Vor 11 Tage
2019 everyone?
Shiki Khorinthian
Shiki Khorinthian - Vor 11 Tage
Long time ago, but still one of the most god damn beautiful things I've ever seen
Lei Cayetano
Lei Cayetano - Vor 11 Tage
A orbital booster crash into the ocean? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
*Oh look earth really is round*
*Flat earthers left the group*
Spiritualbeetle 1
Spiritualbeetle 1 - Vor 12 Tage
Yeah, that 3rd booster went slightly kerbal space program
The Student Official
The Student Official - Vor 12 Tage
This should be the new Physics Book cover
Zulhardika Rendy Permana
Ohh yessss
YouTube Account
YouTube Account - Vor 12 Tage
The eart is a goddam sphere
TobalNoge - Vor 12 Tage
So good
thelatiosmaster - Vor 12 Tage
1:13 DAMN IT!
why can't these launches be perfect!?
Falcon heavy must be put in service ASAP
thelatiosmaster - Vor 12 Tage
+Spiritualbeetle 1 Luckly yes Is just the fact that some people Just look at what go wrong
Spiritualbeetle 1
Spiritualbeetle 1 - Vor 12 Tage
So? They lost a booster. The mission was still an absolute success
patrick williams
patrick williams - Vor 13 Tage
Still waiting for space X to resurrect project Orion. The rockets we use today are still the same tech that we used during the late 60’s.
山田太郎 - Vor 13 Tage
what is this lovely song called?
Samuel Oloughlin
Samuel Oloughlin - Vor 13 Tage
Elon, will you ever retire, and do you feel like you've got to the point where you're just reusing the ashes that you have already burned. This is generally just a thought I have been having. I was just wondering if anyone else thought this. And as always looking forward to future space x projects.
Qihui1 Lin
Qihui1 Lin - Vor 13 Tage
made earth by human
Mary Ellen Reagin
Mary Ellen Reagin - Vor 13 Tage
That gave me chills
grinjandemor - Vor 13 Tage
Gracias Elon
psycleen - Vor 13 Tage
Uriel VLOGS - Vor 14 Tage
The Music made it better.
j marston
j marston - Vor 5 Tage
i agree, some think that they should of used David Bowie's "STARMAN" instead of "Life on mars" but i disagree - the way the video has been edited with the music is just perfect
tankrage17 - Vor 14 Tage
i noticed people have overlooked 1 thing . the question of life outside earth has bin answered by elon munsk, " Created by humans " ? why would anyone put a message like that on a car he launched into space ? why not just Elon musk or something else or nothing written on the pcb board of the car ? he basically tells us indirectly there is life outside earth or else no one would even bother to put " made on earth by humans " if life didn't exist outside earth. that said

we can either ignore what we see or we can accept what we see, but this is wat i saw, the government, NASA they all did cover up photo's over the years, afraid people would find out about alien life, hell even the internet is exploded by false alien claims or abductions.

This is as real as it can get folks, lets say i wouldn't even bother typing this if i wouldn't want to share it . Elon musk did the same ! he wroted something no one would ever write down if he didn't believe alien life exists . its all hidden behind "made on earth by humans " he doesn't say specific created by a team of humans or created by mixed colored humans or what the fuck ever, no he means plainly all of us humans, well if i was an alien and i found this car in space and i would read it i would assume as an alien, the humans of the entire planet earth created this car . not just 1 person, that would be the last thing comming up my mind .
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow - Vor 14 Tage
god bless spacex
Pepethethug - Vor 14 Tage
almost forgot to watch it today
How Does it Really Work
How Does it Really Work - Vor 15 Tage
This video was made by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, the creators of _Westworld_ TV series. The song is, of course, "Life on Mars?" by David Bowie:

It's a God-awful small affair
To the girl with the mousy hair
But her mummy is yelling no
And her daddy has told her to go

But her friend is nowhere to be seen
Now she walks through her sunken dream
To the seat with the clearest view
And she's hooked to the silver screen

But the film is a saddening bore
For she's lived it ten times or more
She could spit in the eyes of fools
As they ask her to focus on

Sailors fighting in the dance hall
Oh man, look at those cavemen go
It's the freakiest show
Take a look at the lawman
Beating up the wrong guy
Oh man, wonder if he'll ever know
He's in the best selling show
Is there life on Mars?

Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez - Vor 15 Tage
What is the song?
GrandlessGaming - Vor 14 Tage
Life on Mars? David Bowie
Ganozer Channel
Ganozer Channel - Vor 15 Tage
Rip my world
SabaothChristou - Vor 15 Tage
0:52 That's an Audi behind her. Should've made sure she had a toy Tesla.
TheMotyl - Vor 15 Tage
This is future
kenbo111 - Vor 15 Tage
At what distance from Earth were the starman/earth pictures taken?
How Does it Really Work
How Does it Really Work - Vor 15 Tage
The initial orbit was approximately 200 x 7000 km, during which the live stream was shown. Then the second stage engine fired one more time, and it started away from Earth. The very last picture was taken some time after the burn.
Vasil Kostanian
Vasil Kostanian - Vor 15 Tage
Great mission!!! Congretulations from Armenia!!!
Stanley Pines
Stanley Pines - Vor 15 Tage
Of all we know he is not the Stig, but he is the Stig's Austronaut Cousin
Michael S
Michael S - Vor 15 Tage
One year later - and still watering my eyes!
alfin khoirudinn
alfin khoirudinn - Vor 15 Tage
Believe, dreams come true !
Jamster - Vor 15 Tage
So unreal =)
SgtBaker16 - Vor 15 Tage
So Mr musk when's your trip?
Alexis Rivero
Alexis Rivero - Vor 16 Tage
Martin Jimenez
Martin Jimenez - Vor 16 Tage
This video just brings so much pride and joy for what humans have achieved. Thank you very much SpaceX for all the work you put into what you do.
Stockerguy - Vor 16 Tage
When I was a kid, I thought NASA was gonna be the ones doing all the space work. Until I saw that SpaceX was progressing faster than NASA is.
Bob Smith
Bob Smith - Vor 15 Tage
They are not doing the same things. False comparison.
Soumen Mondal
Soumen Mondal - Vor 16 Tage
Elon with his team built the fastest car in the history of humanity. 😈
Soumen Mondal
Soumen Mondal - Vor 16 Tage
One of the most inspiring moments of being a human.
Gilbert Tran
Gilbert Tran - Vor 16 Tage
God this was the best thing I've seen all day
Vlad Super
Vlad Super - Vor 16 Tage
Вот это класс !
Tobias Konowitz
Tobias Konowitz - Vor 16 Tage
A year old, and it still never gets old 👌
Tim Quit
Tim Quit - Vor 16 Tage
Cliente Promedio
Cliente Promedio - Vor 16 Tage
Ohhh man... I could follow Elon Musk till the end of the world.
Jacob Routier
Jacob Routier - Vor 17 Tage
I get those goosebumps every time 😭
Adil 214
Adil 214 - Vor 17 Tage
This is the best things i have seen in my life
Demons Rexis
Demons Rexis - Vor 17 Tage
Not sure why do I have tears in my eyes.
Amalgamated Potato Packing Pocatello
I'll never forget that day
TDZ Productions
TDZ Productions - Vor 17 Tage
Eddy o
Eddy o - Vor 17 Tage
Literally sobbing at the beauty in this
Wendigo - Vor 17 Tage
The world's greatest car commercial of all time.
SpartanWarrior196 - Vor 17 Tage
every leap requires a small step
Rick - Vor 17 Tage
This shit.... man... watch this live a year ago... still makes me tear up when I see this.
Lichtkleid - Vor 17 Tage
Song Name?
Renato - Vor 17 Tage
Lichtkleid life on Mars by David Bowie
KiD Trinity Trent Ostrowski
Will the lower class stay on earth forever?🌍
While the elite watch the world die.
From so much space junk in orbit,
cars using engines with oil and gas polluting, fires oil in our waters
so many animals extinct including bumblebees..
trees are being cut down for houses and useless paper we don’t even need because we have these useless phones... to distract us from leaving before it’s to late and we can’t.. in-fact.. Us lower class could never leave... we can’t even fart on a plane without being escorted off.. let alone build a fucking rocket if I was to build a car the could fly in to orbit or a plane the FBI would be on my property saying I’m making a nuke or some shit...
Why can’t we leave our planet why do you make us so trapped.. like a box... 📦 But instead you will leave us in a circle ⭕️ 🌍 with space junk flying in our orbit so fast we can’t ever leave..
rebsquared - Vor 18 Tage
Communication is key.... I'm utilizing your brother's verticle garden to grow cannabis. It's working great. When you need one on Mars for cannabis please let me know. Have it down pat. Congrats on the launch and landing. Was awesome to watch.
Jarod Sparacio
Jarod Sparacio - Vor 18 Tage
I’ve watched this video probably 50+ times, and it brings a tear to my eye every single time. Thank you, Elon, for teaching us to dream again.
Juan A
Juan A - Vor 18 Tage
How can someone dislike this
Igor Petrenko
Igor Petrenko - Vor 18 Tage
Refuels my motivation every single time.
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