How a $100,000 Speaker gets made! - Meridian Facility Tour - LG XBOOM Go

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Confuzius1337 - Vor 2 Tage
Sandals and socks, really Linus? 😅
stormchsr 101
stormchsr 101 - Vor 5 Tage
the word is " aloominum" not alyoominyum. aluminum. no extra I in the word!
Reaper - Vor 10 Tage
WTF is on your feet?
John Hardy
John Hardy - Vor 13 Tage
I had hoped Canadians could pronounce "solder" properly.
Pirwzy - Vor 14 Tage
6:52 The note on the door has a typo or deliberate grammar error and its driving me crazy.
Patrick Hennig
Patrick Hennig - Vor 15 Tage
love the sennheiser headset on the table around 9:00
Andrew Sanderson
Andrew Sanderson - Vor 29 Tage
100k speakers? That's impressive marketing.
mjc0961 - Vor Monat
Crybabies in the comments: this was just how a PCB is made!
Actual video: starts with a finished PCB and begins soldering components to it.
🤦🏼‍♂️ Don't complain if you can't even identify what you're watching.
Remy The Red
Remy The Red - Vor Monat
The job that you running...
mikeissweet - Vor Monat
14:53 -10dB at 250Hz. Are you fucking kidding me??
gary reardon
gary reardon - Vor Monat
That place looks cool
British companies don't work on Saturday or Sundays it is just the way we British are.
GamerFan2050 - Vor Monat
Time to put on the tinfoil cap
TRAOS TUBE - Vor Monat
+1 if u are jbl xtreme 2 user!!...
Spencer Williams
Spencer Williams - Vor Monat
Thumbnail for this video is suspiciously similar to the tech ingredients speaker build thumbnail.
Wim Thys
Wim Thys - Vor Monat
can we marvel at the fact that Linus didn't drop the XBOOM in 3:07 ?
ZabavlenieBezkrai - Vor Monat
$100,000 speaker made of plywood :D now this is profit ^____^ btw I almost believe in golden ears ... solid gold :D
Anthony Achurra
Anthony Achurra - Vor Monat
So when is linus gonna cover some Micheal Bolton for us?
AliSot 2000
AliSot 2000 - Vor Monat
Capacitor at 9:19:
This isn’t surface mounted but trough hole mounted.
Angler Andy
Angler Andy - Vor Monat
Someone watches ave. Schmoo
Sah TARWARS - Vor Monat
Simply waste of money.....
DeKosta - Vor Monat
9:28 That is one of the most expensive scissors in the world!
Arial Robison
Arial Robison - Vor Monat
"Far more workstations than people to use them," so those $100,000 speakers are actually $1,000 with a $99,000 mark-up to pay for those extra, unused pieces of equipment.
Damnit Bobby
Damnit Bobby - Vor Monat
Are you wearing house slippers?
2spooky - Vor Monat
Looks like they're the OG MLP ;P
Valra Bellkeys
Valra Bellkeys - Vor Monat
Audio files are only so good. You think there would be point where it doesn't matter how nice a speaker is if the audio file is meh
Mac cat
Mac cat - Vor Monat
@13:10.. "meridian uses a combination of real lady products?" Using in house designed and built signal generators ( why there a HP badge on there?)
Mac cat
Mac cat - Vor Monat
Pioneer TAD Reference One speakers would shit all over meridian audio gear ... Only $80K a pair too :D
Dem turtlos
Dem turtlos - Vor Monat
3:08 how many takes it took before you finally didn't drop it?
Benson 'Drongo' Hedges
how can enough people afford speakers like that to make it profitable? Sound Junkie drug dealers? wtf bet those speakers cost 1grand to make too
Emile van der Merwe
Emile van der Merwe - Vor Monat
I think all engineering is physical, other than software engineering
FlashFrags - Vor Monat
who else at 5:22 thought that someone was endlessly sneezing in the back ground.
rautibo - Vor Monat
hi, I'm in the industry of speakers, and all that technology about biamplification is 30 y old. used in pro rigs and high quality arrays, wich costs up to 10k the piece. also this isnt worth 100.000k.
Raynor9899 - Vor Monat
Fun btw!UI heard that somewhere..
Stefan Van Westing
Stefan Van Westing - Vor Monat
New season of How It's Made with Linus is pretty lit fam.
Michael Juliano
Michael Juliano - Vor Monat
Poor Linus can't afford proper shoes.
Daniel Cockayne
Daniel Cockayne - Vor Monat
Comes to England and doesn't even do an LTX here 😒
Couldn't you get LG to sponsor a mini LTX in England or one of your other dozens of industry contacts 🤦🏻‍♂️😭
Kevin H
Kevin H - Vor Monat
Can we see your wedding photos? I want to see if you're wearing sandals there too
JishnuRaj. rocks
JishnuRaj. rocks - Vor Monat
Hey Linus, this is a video request.
I had watched this YouTube video some days ago:
It is a DIY video where a guy teaches us how to replace DVD Drive of a laptop with an SSD or HDD using a Hard Drive caddy.
It has great amount of likes but I don't trust him as much as I trust you.
Neither he told us about the data transfer speed through Hard Drive Caddy.
Could you please make your own video on this topic ?
Let's check whether it will work or not. The hard drive caddy costs near 5 USD. I'm waiting for your response for this comment...
SmoakAwps - Vor 2 Monate
That facility is very impressive...
Gucci Pineapple
Gucci Pineapple - Vor 2 Monate
anticalgary - Vor 2 Monate
socks and sandals
FreightDawg - Vor 2 Monate
playing music from spotify LOL!! brick walled, compressed garbage , what a insult to those magnificent Speakers. You Kids dont know what quality music even sounds like
mike - Vor 2 Monate
Meridian Facility
Now if could only sell one of speakers, we could hire more than 1 employee
EpicSkillzFox - Vor 2 Monate
"enthusiast" level
u wot
Αντώνης Μαγκανιάρης
+1 if u are xtreme 2 user like me !!
Phunny Yo
Phunny Yo - Vor 2 Monate
The RGB is ugly as hell lol, but I guess it's ok if you can turn it off. But then again, if you can turn it off, it still cost a dollar or two to add it to the speaker, which means I rather put that dollar on the sound. But I guess all kids wants RGB.
Arturo Tabera
Arturo Tabera - Vor 2 Monate
00:00 Anyone notice that Porsche!? WTF!? It is Britain, we're talking here! ANd BTW I thought, they were making decent money and not driving cheapo Porsche, which is on mass production. Nothing special about it.
TechGuy Teaches
TechGuy Teaches - Vor 2 Monate
Aluminium? Linus, you aren't British.
Andrus Pihel
Andrus Pihel - Vor 2 Monate
The cap is not surface mount component.
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