Post Match Press Conference New Zealand vs England | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

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Yousaf PlaysPool
Yousaf PlaysPool - Vor 16 Tage
How can he smile😰😰😰
twinkle tact
twinkle tact - Vor Monat
Fake champions😛😛😛😛
Kashyap Bhat
Kashyap Bhat - Vor Monat
I feel sorry for kane.
H33M - Vor 2 Monate
Archer = Barbados
Morgan =Ireland
Roy = South Africa
Stokes = New Zealand
Cup = England
Chin Clement
Chin Clement - Vor 2 Monate
The press clapped THE Captain off stage. You will be noted in history with endearment.
Yousaf PlaysPool
Yousaf PlaysPool - Vor 2 Monate
At 49:32 Eoin Morgan "We had Allah with us"

May Allah guide him to the straight path.
Keerthana Nair
Keerthana Nair - Vor 2 Monate
Eoin morgan deserves to continue as the captain no question about it.
SK Tech
SK Tech - Vor 2 Monate
harit taneja
harit taneja - Vor 2 Monate
Indian media is worst always criticism,
Vikrant Kolambkar
Vikrant Kolambkar - Vor 2 Monate
Well done kane we all support you and team NZ,England won trophy but u and your team won our heart
Subrina Bristy
Subrina Bristy - Vor 2 Monate
Morgan said , Allah is with us
A Boss
A Boss - Vor 2 Monate
England 241 all out
New Zealand 241/8
New Zealand is the winner with still 2 wickets in hand.
Disgusting Umpiring! New Zealand are the winners for sure and England just looted the trophy as usual. ICC pull your socks and think rationally.
richard howard
richard howard - Vor Monat
If wickets in hand were in the rules,new zealand would have won.
A Boss
A Boss - Vor 2 Monate
My God...forgive us for this sin. Christ is not good enough for winning in England anymore.
Robeul Sheikh
Robeul Sheikh - Vor 2 Monate
Maybe you're looking for 40.13
Arindam Mazumdar
Arindam Mazumdar - Vor 2 Monate
Gentle men game created and ruled by gentle men like KANE and NZ
Arindam Mazumdar
Arindam Mazumdar - Vor 2 Monate
Love u KANE and the whole NZ team
Karthik Reddy
Karthik Reddy - Vor 2 Monate
I guess from next time , no team needs to play cricket , based on previous matches, and scores, ICC Wil decide the winner.
Fahad Hussain
Fahad Hussain - Vor 2 Monate
Kane Williamson deserved the World Cup
Joe Stanley
Joe Stanley - Vor 2 Monate
There's a correct way to lose even if you feel hard done by. Kane showed this
DevilBoy Faliq
DevilBoy Faliq - Vor 2 Monate
49:27 "We had Allah with us" 💓💓💓💓
haji safdar
haji safdar - Vor 2 Monate
I'm very disappointed for kane
Rubini Kumar
Rubini Kumar - Vor 2 Monate
England won world cup but NZ won millions of hearts. Kane ❤
shalu ali
shalu ali - Vor 2 Monate
Kane Williamson good sportsman
prags v
prags v - Vor 2 Monate
Total injustice with New-Zealand!!Cup has been given to only 1 team whereas both the teams were winners. ICC need to change these absurd game rules. WC trophy was supposed to be shared.
Kryptonite_smassao - Vor 2 Monate
Both team should had shared the cup. "most boundaries" is a stupid rule; "least wickets lost" is a far better criteria, but the best outcome is sharing the damn cup!
Nimmy Anand
Nimmy Anand - Vor 2 Monate
Morgan lift the world cup
Akshay 007
Akshay 007 - Vor 2 Monate
England never tell that how many runs or how many wickets they win🤣
6.43 Kane willamson
Rony Swarnakar
Rony Swarnakar - Vor 2 Monate
kane we love you.. you are the best .. from INDIA
Talal Khan
Talal Khan - Vor 2 Monate
Start #justicefornewzealand chain
Press like if you want icc to give world cup to new zealand
Sunil Reddy
Sunil Reddy - Vor 2 Monate
why people are taking now .. when Southafrica lost to England 13 ball 22 due to rain ; 1 ball 22 runs in 1992 and 1999 when southafrica tied with Australia league winner .... ICC will never change .... D/L & Boundaries, rain rules ....... ICC wins guys...... See tennis Novak bt federer 7-6,1-6,7-6,4-6,13-12 Wimbledlon Final..... same day to matches .... winning ways matter... Rules changed to better ways in Tennis .... Great Never
Joseph Lawrance
Joseph Lawrance - Vor 2 Monate
Trophy should have shared utmost respect for u " The man" kanewilliamson
Ankit Kumar
Ankit Kumar - Vor 2 Monate
ICC you have to change your decision and declare both are champion of 2019 world cup
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar - Vor 2 Monate
21:46 👏👏👏
Tech Time
Tech Time - Vor 2 Monate
Ashish Hiremath
Ashish Hiremath - Vor 2 Monate
In a odi match icc picks the winner based on who played it like a t20 match
Tasweeristan تصــويرستـــان
World cup 2019 Is Scripted
Najjad ali
Najjad ali - Vor 2 Monate
Real social and nice
R G - Vor 2 Monate
Mohit Raj Sarawata
Mohit Raj Sarawata - Vor 2 Monate
What a man..
Still smiling 😍😍😍..
Love from India
Ihsan Ismail
Ihsan Ismail - Vor 2 Monate
Kane is ruling the comments section
Fathima Fathima
Fathima Fathima - Vor 2 Monate
Both the teams should have been declared victory .... The last rule imposed does not make any sense.... The main aim was to finish the target and that depends on the opposite party however the complete...
Well it's heart breaking rule.... With so much of efforts though they won it was in vain
Anyway trophy is not important the way New Zealand played and won the hearts of the world is the real victory💓👍
HASSI 001 - Vor 2 Monate
Really i had goose bumps after listen that from non muslim that Allah is with us that's we win(49.33) morgan huge respect may Allah bless you....
aijaz ali
aijaz ali - Vor 2 Monate
Newzealand is original champion
aijaz ali
aijaz ali - Vor 2 Monate
Sham on icc
Maximus Meridius
Maximus Meridius - Vor 2 Monate
Yep you had Allah with you that's why on the day no one wins rather cricket wins
Pwnpie - Vor 2 Monate
As he said it himself, Allah was with them in this day and no power on earth can get in the way of what God has already planned for you. Both teams played well and both were deserving so, so yes, welcome to the club England.
ravindra gobin
ravindra gobin - Vor 2 Monate
ICC, you would have introduced reviews into the game and yet we decided a world cup final like that. ICC should be ashamed of this year's world cup final. This final certainly killed the spirit of the game we all know as cricket. Umpire error and yet no one intervene, no official, match referees no one. We the fans are being to question the system ICC has with the umpire reviews. This year finals would not be remembered at all by many. We have technology but yet wrong decision are being made. Thank you ICC for killing the Game we once enjoyed!
Nick Martin
Nick Martin - Vor 2 Monate
England were worthy winners of the tournament and that's the point. It wasn't just the final that won them the Championship, but every game they played. Respect to NZ who also would have been worthy winners though.
All this talk of not being fair on NZ is a shame, as it could easily have been the other way around. Neither side determined the rules.
Naheim Maherson
Naheim Maherson - Vor 2 Monate
Much Respect to the kiwis and Kane!
soikat sadhu
soikat sadhu - Vor 2 Monate
Kane: " not any anger.. just disappointment" that's called maturity . Such a great human being 😊😊
Pew di Kamai
Pew di Kamai - Vor 2 Monate
Kana Darling Your are Good
Antriksh Chib
Antriksh Chib - Vor 2 Monate
I love both Williamson and Morgan 😭😭😭
IT Cell
IT Cell - Vor 2 Monate
Kumar dharmasena got richer yesterday 🤑
Amir Subhani
Amir Subhani - Vor 2 Monate
I am crying for u kane
Farhan Javed Gujjar
Farhan Javed Gujjar - Vor 2 Monate
49:15 ❤
Antriksh Chib
Antriksh Chib - Vor 2 Monate
For me New Zealand are the ICC 2019 Cricket World Cup winners and champions
Hamza Edhi
Hamza Edhi - Vor 2 Monate
sparsh turkane
sparsh turkane - Vor 2 Monate
Respect for kane Williamson.
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