R. Kelly Arrested Again

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Ali Bongo
Ali Bongo - Vor 2 Monate
this is so undignified and crass.. i am from england and the clapping and laughter and gossip mongering really makes these serious issues seem like playground talk. everyone involved should be ashamed and i feel that this whole production should be shut down and handed over to real journalists..... chuck these big titted twats in the sea.. the real victims deserve better than this pathetic, plastic cunts. real talk. real people. real journalists. not blow up trump dolls.
zaria Cotton
zaria Cotton - Vor 4 Monate
It's all falus lairs how much money they paying you all to tell these lies huhu r kelly innocent
Berry - Vor 4 Monate
Lmfao! Sanchez? This interview is as fake as surviving r kelly
What I don't understand is everybody who did the surviving r Kelly story everybody who gave a interview including staff anybody from r. Kelly's camp including all of the parents were endangering the welfare of a child in conspiracy and is an accessory so why isn't all of them being tried if you can sit here and tell the world how y'all used to be scouting these female for r. Kelly in the malls and things like that then you are just as guilty as him because u were out here in these streets luring people's young children into r. Kelly's bed every single last one of them needs to be tried on trial
J T - Vor 4 Monate
Well its over for Kelly, the Feds got em now.
Naviisneverhere - Vor 4 Monate
Damn why is everyone hating on Camila in the comments like I love all of the girls but y’all really gotta chill out tbh all of them are talented in their own genres and we can’t compare them since they all have different styles also if we really think about it I think she called Camila the Beyonce since she got all of the attention from the beginning and also since she left the group and blew up so fast while the other girls took a little bit of time to catch up but they’re all working their way up to the top charts with their horrible management but soon they’ll all be getting the attention that they deserve.
dbx2 dbx2
dbx2 dbx2 - Vor 4 Monate
They silenced & stopped r Kelly concerts because traveling the world would get his version out
dbx2 dbx2
dbx2 dbx2 - Vor 4 Monate
It's sad how they use our own culture. To break us down. This started over the savage family. When Jocelyn didnt want to come home. Jocelyn father ssid he would ruin r Kelly life
dbx2 dbx2
dbx2 dbx2 - Vor 4 Monate
This should be illegal. To ruin someone life legacy & career over a great story. What happened to innocent until proven guilty
Sergio X
Sergio X - Vor 4 Monate
When the news reported shouted out r Kelly’s dog I screamed lmfaoo
Ness - Vor 3 Monate
kittynyc27 - Vor 4 Monate
Sean Mendes is gay though so all these relationships with these women are definitely beards for him
Frankie boleros Rosado
Frankie boleros Rosado - Vor 4 Monate
He will be singing and giving Lap Dances to Epstein. I would suggest not to do it for El Chapo.
INDLIS - Vor 4 Monate
R Kelly will be better off singing with rocker Gary Glitter
mikenise100 - Vor 4 Monate
Bye Bye R Kelly!!!!!!
R Kelly : See you later alligator
Alligator : After a while pedophile
hugh jass
hugh jass - Vor 4 Monate
I'm sure shawn is gay
The LG
The LG - Vor 4 Monate
Shawn Mendes is Gay We all know Hollywood is fake!
T B - Vor 4 Monate
I think they're calling them underage women because they're women now. It'd be weird to call these people who are now grown women children but you still want to make it known that this happened to them when they were underage/children.
They def need to arrest his crew. Those men and women who arranged everything, had these tapes all along, and protected him to protect their lifestyle. Alot of them on surviving R. Kelly need to be arrested along with him. Just cause you admitted it in the docu don't mean you're a saint...You enabled him and let this happen, and even helped it happen
B Will
B Will - Vor 4 Monate
The other one is always yesing, never saying anything. Who's paying for the apartment if he's broke?
S H - Vor 4 Monate
I believe in YOU Rkelly ALL those comments DOWN below ARE JUST Wendy Williams little enablers THEY ARE TO afraid TO GO against her,,nothing,BUT ignorant BLACK people destroying THEMSELVES, talk ABOUT These white guys that's ARE charged with the same things AS Rkelly, Wendy DID u,HAVE a face lift IT looks a bit swollen OR maybe it comes FROM crying, ABOUT Kevin AND THE New baby,take care
rimbluebooks - Vor 4 Monate
Power for the people ✊✊✊
Stephanie Brown
Stephanie Brown - Vor 4 Monate
Let’s just see what happens
Lulu Carter
Lulu Carter - Vor 4 Monate
According to the FBI, there are no sex tapes that has been confiscated or turned in to them. People want R. Kelly locked up so bad that now they are making up sh!t. Ya'll keep it up with the false accusations and that man will never serve a day in jail. SMH
DeBoSki Gunn
DeBoSki Gunn - Vor 4 Monate
I don't believe R. Kelly did anything just because someone said he did let him have his day in court as of now R. Kelly hasn't been convicted of any crimes
Constanzo Palermo
Constanzo Palermo - Vor 4 Monate
Shawn does not like girls, I can't wait for him to come out! :) He is faking it with Camila
Madden Pro
Madden Pro - Vor 4 Monate
Dude why would you even do that
Y G - Vor 4 Monate
People come on here to give their opinipn when they already knows the code fall in suit. One more thing I still waiting for the girl 12 or under know the terninology before calling people pedi teenagers and child falls under different category. A lot a teenagers can do is impposible for a child to do.
janzibrown - Vor 4 Monate
WAIT. I thought Sean Mendez was out as gay? Why did I think that?
All Abored
All Abored - Vor 4 Monate
Why do y'all keep calling her Jocelyn Sanchez? Her name is Savage.
Halicia Yarbrough
Halicia Yarbrough - Vor 4 Monate
The FEDS don’t blow down unless they know they’ve got you PERIOD! R Kelly is a broken man! His problem runs deeper than what we see on the media. I believe R.Kelly tweaked the ages of females he would get as to evade possible criminal charges and thought he would be safe within those age ranges. I truly believe that he wanted females much younger than the ones that he had; but he knew that the penalty would have been quick and swift.
To call him a pedophile is to in fact research the true meaning of its causes. The causes of pedophilia (and other paraphilias) are not known. There is some evidence that pedophilia may run in families, though it is unclear whether this stems from genetics or learned behavior.
A history of childhood sexual abuse is another potential factor in the development of pedophilias, although this has not been proven. Behavioral learning models suggest that a child who is the victim or observer of inappropriate sexual behaviors may become conditioned to imitate these same behaviors. These individuals, deprived of normal social and sexual contacts, may seek gratification through less socially acceptable means. The man is an admitted functional illiterate, so one could all but imagine how messed up his childhood probably was. Oh well, time for him to pay the real pied piper, THE FEDS! He brought it on himself.
Serena Cain
Serena Cain - Vor 4 Monate
Its Jocelyn savage
quique6676 - Vor 4 Monate
I really don't like the cut video segments. It's much easier to watch the show with a full video. Either than, or make a playlist for us for each day so it plays in order!
Lovely Lori
Lovely Lori - Vor 4 Monate
WOW...Wendy has gained a lot of weight. She must have eaten constantly while on break.
LraneLLe - Vor 4 Monate
1 time for Kansas City!
D best
D best - Vor 4 Monate
They loved you on a Sunday, then some white man's documentary told them to hate you on Monday...If I'm on that jury R.Kelly walks.
Legal Arm of White Supremacy
Proud2be White
Proud2be White - Vor 4 Monate
Have you always been a dumbass, D Dummist?
Fal - Vor 4 Monate
Ps. There’s no such thing as “having sex with women who are minors”. That’s called raping children.
Redbouquet Aida
Redbouquet Aida - Vor 4 Monate
No, Camilla was not the Beyonce of the group.
Belltown Daisy
Belltown Daisy - Vor 4 Monate
Shawn Mendes is gay.
jasan P
jasan P - Vor 4 Monate
LOL dumb hoes
Anonymous Lee
Anonymous Lee - Vor 4 Monate
Wendy, u said u was friend at one time with kelly, now u acting shady i'm looking side-eye at U!!!
Anonymous Lee
Anonymous Lee - Vor 4 Monate
But he's arrested, n the predators walking free, so epstein, got arrest an they went hard on kelly, but weinstein, epstein, trump, n spacey...oh wait spacey, sex case got dimiss r we surpise ab a white man walking...really!!!
Proud2be White
Proud2be White - Vor 4 Monate
Epstein is in custody and will be going to prison where he will die same as Kelly. What little girls did Mr Trump rape? Oh? None? How about Weinstein? None? Spacey? None? Do you enjoy proving what a racist fool you are?
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