A Call From Kris!

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Mary Anh
Mary Anh - Vor 24 Tage
I’d rather hear about Wendy and her adventures tbh.
Clarissa Thompson
Clarissa Thompson - Vor Monat
Bring back the 1 hot topics video. This is ridiculous!
Fallon M
Fallon M - Vor Monat
Y’all doing the most with chopping hot topics into separate videos just for views
Left Out Of The Conversation
Thank u wendy i was worried if ud be affected if the kards got to u too theyre the celeb mafia in my mind
FlowersforReal - Vor Monat
Love Norman!
LB Pippins
LB Pippins - Vor Monat
Wendy show: Lets break hot topics up into segments
🙄 Bring back the original form and I’ll just continue to FF past the parts I’m not interested in
Nathan Gould
Nathan Gould - Vor Monat
Awful idea breaking up hot topics
Jordan Jaarola
Jordan Jaarola - Vor Monat
Please put hot topics back in one video (with the how you doin intro included)
Shaun Craig Parkinson
Shaun Craig Parkinson - Vor Monat
Alaina Aladdin
Alaina Aladdin - Vor Monat
I cant with these 2 minute clips
Alaina Aladdin
Alaina Aladdin - Vor Monat
Stop with the 3 min video clips. Please!!!??? It makes me not want to watch.
Soph G
Soph G - Vor Monat
Unsubscribe and dislike every video !!
Shzz 90
Shzz 90 - Vor Monat
We don’t want short clips like the real the girls chitchat I’m not gonna watching these short clips if they gonna keep cutting it they will end up like the real 👀 🤔🙄
Fyne Gold
Fyne Gold - Vor Monat
Wendy Show: let’s split up hot topics 🙄
Ty Chi
Ty Chi - Vor Monat
throw back to-"fame has turned this woman into a MONSTER". I love u wendy❤❤
sherrysynthesis - Vor Monat
She just clickbaited me
Ione Shakur
Ione Shakur - Vor Monat
y'all remember the "that whhhoman days" lol
Missandei King
Missandei King - Vor Monat
Ya need to keep all the hot topics in 1 video.
Princess - Vor Monat
R S - Vor Monat
This Money driven friendship with the KK says it all. This show is going to end soon really. Too much BS. And chopped hot topics is also a sign 😂😂😂 Run away from this Show Wendy to save your legacy, do radio again or teaching!
Savannah High
Savannah High - Vor Monat
It being all cut makes me just wanna quit watching
Ty - Vor Monat
Norman with that Ghost reference! I loooove him!
elsa elsa
elsa elsa - Vor Monat
I love this wendy right here
The Aiden Voyage
The Aiden Voyage - Vor Monat
Can we go back to all the HT in one video? Or you can post them separately and then have the option of watching it all together
Ebony Stewart
Ebony Stewart - Vor Monat
Wendy said Howard Stern went Hollywood... u been doing alot oo Hollywood talk lately 💅💅
Baddie Chick
Baddie Chick - Vor Monat
disliked video because i HATE that hot topics is being broken up
Valjermayne - Vor Monat
Ken - Vor Monat
Seriously Tristan, you really thought we are interested in watching HotTopics in short clips like we watch the view? Literally, NO ONE ASKED FOR THIS
Sibu Jafta
Sibu Jafta - Vor Monat
Arg please stop chopping hot topics 🙄
Ale AR
Ale AR - Vor Monat
I was so irritated by the small clips.
Schamain B
Schamain B - Vor Monat
i cant watch cut up cut up clips.....stop
Miss Jamaica
Miss Jamaica - Vor Monat
Did the people from "The Real" move over to Wendy.....cause what the hell are they doing cutting up hot topics?
Tedra Chanel
Tedra Chanel - Vor Monat
Wendy is too all over the place to break up hot topics like this. 🙄 She can’t finish a thought without getting distracted.
yibelula med
yibelula med - Vor Monat
Wendy I am not allow tu use my phone at work, so I put my headphones, put your show and listen. With this little pieces of hot topics I'll be fired 😅😅🤔🤨😪😭😭
Juliette f.g
Juliette f.g - Vor Monat
Why does Suzan wear these shoes a lot in the middle of the day???
sue biney
sue biney - Vor Monat
We don’t want to do hot topics in pieces!
Nobody has time for that! Pleaaassseeee staap it!
Crystal Waters
Crystal Waters - Vor Monat
If she’s going to start talking about the kardashians everyday I’m out... she’s a mega fan to the most overrated idiots in the world. Why are you brainwashed Wendy
USA4Soldier - Vor Monat
What's up with the full blown Jersey-Italian accent? Wendy def has a Jersey accent but not this kind
Slindile Ngubo
Slindile Ngubo - Vor Monat
Bring back full Hot Topics
Howard Batchelor
Howard Batchelor - Vor Monat
This new format is terrible for YouTube. Fire whatever intern did this
Stephany Gonzalez
Stephany Gonzalez - Vor Monat
Love u Wendy but that family is keeping you around for their own gain. It's the Kardashians tactic to keep good standing connections with influential people , especially when the family is under scrutiny. You are raw and you keep it real, they know you contansty tell it like it is.
Snapp Trapper
Snapp Trapper - Vor Monat
Janetta Wong
Janetta Wong - Vor Monat
TQ Wendy . Yes pls don’t lose yourself .. MS WENDY FROM THE NEW JERSEY ..👍👏👏.. We love you Wendy ..💕❤️👍😀
Tanya Tucker
Tanya Tucker - Vor Monat
Both Wendy and her show are so happy to be in with the Jenner/Kardashian Klan.
Mmala Mokone
Mmala Mokone - Vor Monat
Maybe if we thumbs down these short segments they'll get the message. PROTEST!!!!!
Its ShaLee
Its ShaLee - Vor Monat
I don’t wanna watch anymore.
Eve Msm
Eve Msm - Vor Monat
She is obsessed with the kardashian now !
Natti L
Natti L - Vor Monat
We shall DISLIKE EVERY HOT TOPICS VIDEO THAT’S BROKEN UP INTO PIECES instead of the full 25 minutes hot topics. I thought we were your people Wendy!!! What happened????
JLW 1006
JLW 1006 - Vor Monat
This new Wendy ‘friend to the stars’ I’m not sure I’m down with. I’m loving her living her best life but for years she’s publicly bashed Kris Jenner, seemingly with insider knowledge. Now she’s ‘praising’ the family now she’s been invited into the clique. So really the bashing was basically ‘trolling’. It wasn’t Wendy bringing us ‘insider’ gossip but bet bias opinion based on a ‘media character’. 😏
Sarah Issa
Sarah Issa - Vor Monat
I don’t like the short cuts!!!!!!! Noooooooooooooooooo
Paulette Stewart
Paulette Stewart - Vor Monat
IDK about the Kardashians they are mean and petty..Wendy next topic...
Life of Aaron
Life of Aaron - Vor Monat
I love how she always references the six week sneak peek lol. The fact that Wendy has be on for 10 years is amazing 👏🏾
Angela Scipio
Angela Scipio - Vor Monat
Wendy, K?J only deal with people they can gain from, remember you are a talk show host. You should be smart enough to know why you are being befriended....
Lola N
Lola N - Vor Monat
I ain't about to sit here and like all these split up clips now. Don't "The Real " us. No... Just NO. 🙄
Charnell Carthen
Charnell Carthen - Vor Monat
I love her and Kris as friends.
asatterbox - Vor Monat
I love Norman! I love his laugh, he has good energy.
digitalmoon321 - Vor Monat
"It's Autumn Sunrise" OKK Norman with the Ghost reference I see you
Sylvia Trejo
Sylvia Trejo - Vor Monat
I can’t handle these small clips!!!
Clover Rover
Clover Rover - Vor Monat
Why are these hot topic segments cut into pieces?? Annoying. And keep talking about those devil worshipping Kardashian's and you'll see me unsubscribing to all of wendy
Marvin’s World
Marvin’s World - Vor Monat
Autumn sunrise. Ghost 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
readysetbret - Vor Monat
can they just do the regular 20-min hot topics vid???
Azey Kota
Azey Kota - Vor Monat
Me: checking the comments to make sure I'm not the only one mad at them chopping the clips up..

Like who does this? 🤨🤨🤨
Xione Xione
Xione Xione - Vor Monat
The new Wendy = Desperate and cringey
xMissxJ - Vor Monat
Full video @Wendyshow
Junior Lowe
Junior Lowe - Vor Monat
Everytime Deb turn the camera on the audience, all I can focus on is the hottie in the orange shirt and the khaki hat .... He's so damn cute its distracting. 🥰😂
PTs Showbiztop5
PTs Showbiztop5 - Vor Monat
U Whore lol
Chenell Aubrey
Chenell Aubrey - Vor Monat
Ok Ms. Wendy, or Ms Wendy's team....whoever....y'all tryna get this click bate an get more clicks with multiple videos of hot topics....that is not ok....i feel like im watching everything out of order 😥😥😥 #HateThis #IdidntWait5WeeksForThis
Tuti A
Tuti A - Vor Monat
I prefer this look than yesterday's !
Metallicgld12 - Vor Monat
Norman got thar line from Ghosts, starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg.😁
vinolia sejeng
vinolia sejeng - Vor Monat
please put hot topics together asap
loulou yanis
loulou yanis - Vor Monat
" Am still Wendy from New-Jersey." Yeah right!
Nicole P.
Nicole P. - Vor Monat
Wendy is so much more compassionate now. Her staff look happier, Wendy looks like she is having fun.
Paintitblackxo - Vor Monat
We will all unsubscribe if hot topics breaks up into short segments 😭😭
CrazyCountry SouthernBelle
I agree with the complaints but do y'all seriously not understand why they did this????
Mwai Segula
Mwai Segula - Vor Monat
Everybody is complaining about hot topics being broken up.....I want to say that the Kardashians can't let black women have NUTHIN! as soon as Blac Chyna got close to Wendy, they decided to get close to her too.....
Sheryl - Vor Monat
Wendy, stop acting like a Kardashian/Jenner 'groupie'. Keep it real!
deelot1 - Vor Monat
Kris is a snake. She’s trying to befriend Wendy because of Blac Chyna. Wendy shouldn’t get so easily with flattered by everyone who crawls out of the woodwork since her impending divorce
Beauty For Ashes
Beauty For Ashes - Vor Monat
I love Norman☺️
Eboni Twitty
Eboni Twitty - Vor Monat
Please put the whole hot topics up together. This is awful!
TinHinan - Vor Monat
Yeah let me just go ahead and dislike this and all of the other cut up videos.
No1CurrMadison777 - Vor Monat
I can’t wait till they go back on her show
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