Missing Halloween

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Tнэа aиd friэиdş
Tнэа aиd friэиdş - Vor 6 Minuten
Does anyone else know that the mother is speaking tagalog?? If ur pilipino/pilipina, give this a like?
- FireRedz -
- FireRedz - - Vor 28 Minuten
Damn thats dark and weird
old nilo games
old nilo games - Vor 3 Stunden
Chuta que sad que tu unica amiga es falsa like si tuviate un amigo imaginario
Blue -Kun
Blue -Kun - Vor 4 Stunden
I am The cheese god
I am The cheese god - Vor 8 Stunden
"genre: cute"
Dazaray Flores
Dazaray Flores - Vor 9 Stunden
8:14 wait thats the girl at the party
dat dere communist kirby
dat dere communist kirby - Vor 9 Stunden
Gets this 3 years later

Oh yes im proud
New London Team Games
New London Team Games - Vor 12 Stunden
The Little One - cool name for this video (yea, i play and love TWoM!)
Детектив Шерлок Холмс
Есть кто русский
Tarek Oudeh
Tarek Oudeh - Vor 12 Stunden
عربب هجووووووووم على الفييديوو
Emobunny girl
Emobunny girl - Vor 12 Stunden
So I had seen this when it first came out and I was (no joke) traumatised. So I came back (now that I grew some balls) to see it again
Maks White
Maks White - Vor 13 Stunden
Anahicct1 - Vor 16 Stunden
Did anyone else notice that other missing girl is from the other animation , draw with me....😱
kawaiilove _chan
kawaiilove _chan - Vor 16 Stunden
2 pls
Lu 👁👄👁
Lu 👁👄👁 - Vor 17 Stunden
Oh, that poor girl
Sa lsa____________
Sa lsa____________ - Vor 17 Stunden
This is very sad 😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
My heart 💔💔
Zebra kwaga Kwaga
Zebra kwaga Kwaga - Vor 19 Stunden
This is creepy
Arun Ganesh
Arun Ganesh - Vor 19 Stunden
I love very much pleas make some more horror stories like this
lina chan
lina chan - Vor 19 Stunden
Cute >
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed - Vor 20 Stunden
Neil Way
Neil Way - Vor 21 Stunde
Anak is that a filipino short film?
hương phạm thúy
tại sao
Zackneb - Vor Tag
Idk what this made me feel, but it's depressing and Happy.
Krysta Chan
Krysta Chan - Vor Tag
The music when the little boy was running through the forest is what got me...

For about 3 days, to be exact... Just being unable to stop repeating it over and over in my head... I know it's probably just PMS but this happens all the time. I'll hear some sad music and for the next few days I'm a wreck and acting like I just lost my parents or something... Is that normal?
77 Legacy
77 Legacy - Vor Tag
2019 btw and still crying. Thus is more sad then endgame
Belgium Fries
Belgium Fries - Vor Tag
This animation is amazing by the way, but the boy went sicko mode on those bear traps; also why would there be a random forest with a butt load of bear traps in it.
javier jimenez perez
Raphael Orpilla
Raphael Orpilla - Vor Tag
Nice and pretty sad story
Alfie White
Alfie White - Vor Tag
I was brought here because of Brandon, enjoy the extra view, I guess?
Cristina Serra
Cristina Serra - Vor Tag
I's Sad 😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢☹☹☹☹
Ice boy games Morais
Ohhhhhhh love 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭
chashfi1 - Vor Tag
Beginning =awwwwww Middle =watha. End waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa why does this have to end like this
chashfi1 - Vor Tag
I hate Halloween 🎃 now
chashfi1 - Vor Tag
Waaaa that is just the saddest video I’ve ever seen in my life if I were that boy I would hug her and kill myself with her waaaaaaa I can’t s s stop😭😭😭😭
Aesthetic Noob
Aesthetic Noob - Vor Tag
8:15 is the girl from draw with me I'm so shook ;0;
Hello ;-;
Hello ;-; - Vor Tag
Anyone cry? :( 💘
Tuan Anh Le Hung
Tuan Anh Le Hung - Vor Tag
Can you create more animation, i want to see more
Itz David
Itz David - Vor Tag
Part 2
Joaquin Rodriguez
Joaquin Rodriguez - Vor Tag
LIke yes 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😓😭😭❤
starry juns
starry juns - Vor Tag
i'm watching this again, and i still get the same feelings as what i felt from my first watch
i love Donuts So Much
Mike Inel's NSFW name is manyakis.
gacharunaminer -indonesia
I think that little boy doesn't have imaginary friend, that little boy is indigo... am i correct?
Audrey Joy Hipolito
the boy was following on her friend but they are imaginary friend
Shyasyoucanbe xx
Shyasyoucanbe xx - Vor Tag
This So cute! But the end... Poor girl! I new she wasn't imaginary!
18 20
18 20 - Vor Tag
喵喵 黑
喵喵 黑 - Vor Tag
; ^ ;
king mimikyu
king mimikyu - Vor 2 Tage
Darn its sad has hell.

But i gotta ask how did she died is it an animal attack or somting else please response to this i am so curious.
Tr_ippy Potato
Tr_ippy Potato - Vor 2 Tage
This guy draws porn.
Shadow88886 - Vor 2 Tage
i think its a ghost friend not imaginary friend
Stray Dog
Stray Dog - Vor 2 Tage
I thought the boy will meet the same fate as her
itikrever - Vor 2 Tage
Good story and animation
Beq_Eqxba - Vor 2 Tage
Cade os arrombado br que veio pelo assistindo?
Ink Animations
Ink Animations - Vor 2 Tage
Oof gave me the chills.......l :)
papá Dad
papá Dad - Vor 2 Tage
Si me ves quiero volverte a ver...
That Dude
That Dude - Vor 2 Tage
My reaction at the end : WHY just why I’m crying right now
Krystel Marie
Krystel Marie - Vor 2 Tage
Don’t forget he draw hentais in his free time
昨夜逸乃 - Vor 2 Tage

isabelle gachafofa_cutie
N intendi
amber rojas
amber rojas - Vor 2 Tage
Paulo Resplandes
Paulo Resplandes - Vor 2 Tage
Nossa que estranho e triste 🙄😥😥
- FidKateLOL -
- FidKateLOL - - Vor 2 Tage
Грустное видео...Жалко ту девченку(((
jxy valledor
jxy valledor - Vor 2 Tage
She died by a bear trap and she is holding the same wrapper

Im i right
Jack Da Rooper
Jack Da Rooper - Vor 2 Tage
The beginning was like “this is adorable”
But then it got to my “heart it hurts”
Some of the scenes are funny though
Anh Luu
Anh Luu - Vor 2 Tage
I’m creep by reading sidas gvozdiovas comment
alexander garcia
alexander garcia - Vor 2 Tage
Parte 222222222222222222
Pandinha_ Nerd
Pandinha_ Nerd - Vor 2 Tage
Arctic - Vor 2 Tage
Holy $}{1✝️
strchld - Vor 2 Tage
im crying :((
Kittah Cure-chan
Kittah Cure-chan - Vor 2 Tage
Laro Banderson
Laro Banderson - Vor 2 Tage
IDK why but I'm crying
Geira Escoto
Geira Escoto - Vor 2 Tage
:( omg im crying
The Second Mexican Empire
Who else remembers when the English caption was funny af
Valentino de Roblox
Valentino de Roblox - Vor 2 Tage
Really i dont understant why is this the saddest history on youtube
ТОША ПУСЁК - Vor 2 Tage
Смотрю комментарии и понимаю, что все англичане....
Tortie’s a Floof
Tortie’s a Floof - Vor 2 Tage
Damien Shepherd
Damien Shepherd - Vor 3 Stunden
I am
Livia Oliveira
Livia Oliveira - Vor 2 Tage
Kkkkk 1:25
Pewdiepie_fan ET PEWDIEPIE WIN
E.M.E Animates
E.M.E Animates - Vor 2 Tage
You could add a part 2 where you reaveal what really happened jk pls no it almost make cry
Alizay khan
Alizay khan - Vor 2 Tage
I loved halloween😍 but i am muslim 🙂
Mr Hand
Mr Hand - Vor 17 Stunden
Are you Turkish
Luana Lopes Nogueira Lopes
Mr . Xiose
Mr . Xiose - Vor 2 Tage
Its so sad im so sad😭
Mr . Xiose
Mr . Xiose - Vor 2 Tage
Song pls 😭
Mc Boi and Cool Stuff
Mc Boi and Cool Stuff - Vor 2 Tage
Is it really this famous for artists to make stories about memtal people
Pt 2 please
DRUNK loli
DRUNK loli - Vor 3 Tage
Even this guy make
This even make very sad story....
I appreciated this guy for everything make us entertain.
Silent Sky
Silent Sky - Vor 3 Tage
I literally watch this every Halloween and i never regret doing it
🦆빵부뎍🦆 - Vor 3 Tage
What's the story?
さん山田 - Vor 3 Tage
Jack 10000
Jack 10000 - Vor 3 Tage
I don't know why this reminds me of Eren and Mikasa from Attack on Titan
Squishy Monchi
Squishy Monchi - Vor 3 Tage
This is the first vid I’ve seen of you and as soon as the vid ended I subscribed hit the bell and commented XD
Cesar Rosas
Cesar Rosas - Vor 3 Tage
La mejor animación de la historia que sad la amo
Nayla Lazarte
Nayla Lazarte - Vor 3 Tage
Oh wow estuvo super
Chad Ricco
Chad Ricco - Vor 3 Tage
The creator is probably a Filipino. Cause at 7:35 you could hear the mother called her son "Anak" which means child or my child
Ella Boudi
Ella Boudi - Vor 3 Tage
I love this! If there was a part 2! Wondeful!
Fire Cute
Fire Cute - Vor 3 Tage
Wow that girl was died! Because she is GHOST! I through she died in forest!!! 😯
Pixie puff Slimes
Pixie puff Slimes - Vor 3 Tage
Omg this is scary a-and sad*crys*😞
xXxmidnighshadowxXx - Vor 3 Tage
aww i heard this from messyourself so cute cant believe the girl is a ghost!!
Jack Chen
Jack Chen - Vor 3 Tage
Natalia 374
Natalia 374 - Vor 3 Tage
Loveheart utanium
Loveheart utanium - Vor 3 Tage
Am i the one who cried while watching this animation?
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