hi again

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richzeman - Vor Minute
The LIKES seem to know you and are biased.
The DISLIKES seem to have just heard about you. That is your mom's jury pool.
Chris - Vor 4 Minuten
The only thing you are influencing is how much jail time you are getting. This isn’t helping. How about an apology video to the billions of people in this world that actually have to work to survive? Instead of peddling your nonsense, head down to a food pantry and volunteer. And not just for a 1-hour photo opp...go down every day and get to know the people and how hard their life has been, and then understand how easily that could have been you if Aunt Becky wasn’t your mom. So yeah, get some practice in for that community service you’ll be doing.
Wake up with The Rooster
Wake up with The Rooster - Vor 4 Minuten
I can't afford college and struggling to get a house to rent. Hopefully this opens your eye when your parents get locked up and nobody wants you around. I really don't like you, At all. You are the problem.
Colleen Miller
Colleen Miller - Vor 5 Minuten
never come back, you’re done for
Colleen Miller
Colleen Miller - Vor 6 Minuten
fuck u
SanMiguel A
SanMiguel A - Vor 8 Minuten
My son got into USC from a public school by studying everyday and weekend in highschool. I’m so thankful he decided not to go there in the end as the corruption is unbelievable. Of course they knew what they were doing .
Natalie Zhou
Natalie Zhou - Vor 8 Minuten
lmaooo she didn’t even talk about the scandal or admit to anything wrong. Olivia your white privilege is showing 👀
ATWDigital - Vor 8 Minuten
Ya gonna live stream Aunt Becky in the can?
Nightdweller1961 - Vor 12 Minuten
Lmao. Hi ! I missed my fame el o el. I’m not sorry about ANYTHING and I will continue to be a privileged prick.
Unidentified Blobfish
Unidentified Blobfish - Vor 12 Minuten
Coming back for your fame huh?
I BET YOU CANT SUB TO ME - Vor 12 Minuten
She’s a cutie
Danlin Zhou
Danlin Zhou - Vor 20 Minuten
You are so out of touch with reality it's hilarious. Not long ago you stuck your middle finger up after getting caught and now you're just a sweet innocent victim? Girl you make me cringe
Krisssteeel Gallardo
Krisssteeel Gallardo - Vor 22 Minuten
We missed you who’s give a fuck about ur scandal I would do the same shit lol❤️!
tori - Vor 29 Minuten
lmao the comments are on ahhaha wtf she really does need help getting into college
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty - Vor 31 Minute
There absolute no remorse and no self-reflection in this video. I really didn’t want to judge her, but honestly by the way she is talking in this video she seems soooo soooo fak
Sara Rose
Sara Rose - Vor 33 Minuten
Missed you! So many people don't want you back. I do. Can't wait for you to be back soon. I'll be waiting sweetie 💖💕
Lexy Roman
Lexy Roman - Vor 34 Minuten
you know whats annoying is that so many of you guys are just commenting hate leave her alone! let her live her life some of us are very grateful that she’s back. if you have something bad to say just leave.
Greg Drago
Greg Drago - Vor 39 Minuten
Just go away. You and your family of scammers have been caught and humiliated. If there is any justice at all, your folks will get locked up. When this happens, hopefully this will also be the end of your u tube videos. Gone are the days when useless entitled people like you can say and do as you please without consequences. You have been exposed, and we are now all well aware of your low IQ and unfortunately, your tiresome useless videos. Have you noticed there are many more dislikes than likes? Take the hint and go away. I doubt it will ever happen but try and get a real job so we never have to see you or your family of scammers
Greg Drago
Greg Drago - Vor 28 Minuten
@sehhi vooty even more excited when sentences are handed out
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty - Vor 31 Minute
what happened is justified but like we don’t know what actually happened behind the scenes so idk, hope you are doing well Olivia❤️ excited to see you back.
Chatternat Vlogs
Chatternat Vlogs - Vor 42 Minuten
You’re back
Meriel Hahn
Meriel Hahn - Vor 43 Minuten
I'm so happy you're back! I know that you're probably getting a lot of hate but I'm glad that you're doing what makes you happy!
Kayden Reign
Kayden Reign - Vor 45 Minuten
Y’all so salty bout some college places
Cat Anderson
Cat Anderson - Vor 46 Minuten
Do what you want to do. If you like doing something then do it, dont let anyone or anything stunt your life, growth or hobbies. It's okay to make it about you, it's your channel. You're incredibly blessed in life, your life has been easier than other people's and if you knew about what happened, just know that you stole an opportunity from someone else. HOWEVER, if YOU want to change, you can, and it's not your fault for having good fortune; be thankful for your blessings, grow as a human and learn from your mistakes. You are in a position to do a lot of good for others due to your wealth and fortune, and you have a choice in life, and how you want to live it moving forward.
G Samuel
G Samuel - Vor 47 Minuten
Good for coming back and building your life. All the best, but I am curious what are you doing with your time, and what plans do you have for your future?
Allergic to humans not animals
NooO is she the girl that bribed her way into an ivy league college?
jane hunt
jane hunt - Vor 52 Minuten
Ok, I already know I’m gonna get attacked for this, buttttt. We can’t 100% blame this on her, I mean yes, she made a bad decision, but her parents have been giving her the easy life since she was very young
S W - Vor 56 Minuten
There’s no point to this video... It seems like she’s having more of a hissy fit about not posting on YouTube as much as she wants to rather then this whole situation and her parents facing 50 years. Girl, stop being selfish.
Cloudsley Falconbridge
Cloudsley Falconbridge - Vor 57 Minuten
I would watch her mom on 'Full House' when I was younger, and I would think that, "she was very pretty, but she had tiny boobs." And now, 20yrs later, I'm thinking "your daughter is pretty, but she has an enormous cranium."
Cloudsley Falconbridge
Cloudsley Falconbridge - Vor 38 Minuten
@Troy lol I'm on tv. Go watch me on Judge Karen Show, episode 85, Season 5. (phony friend owes for a Phone) I play the witness (my girlfriend) to the defendant. And Season 3(?) of Minute to Win it, don't know, which episode, but it aired right after the "Steve-o and Ryan Dunn (RIP) episode. I'm the guy in front sitting next to the comedian in the front row that you see about 100 times over the two-part episode. A Samsung commercial for their smart watch from 5 Christmases ago, where we dressed up as elves and basically did nothing but cheer. You see me (and about 200 other people) roughly 6 - 8 seconds in... So, sorry, no pictures please. But I still adore my public, unlike Olivia.
Troy - Vor 53 Minuten
Let's see your picture lol.
TheEnemyWithin - Vor Stunde
YouTube is fine without you, go away.
Animeweeb - Vor Stunde
Why are there so many hate comments. She probably didn't know what her mom was doing it's not her fault stop giving her hate.
Troy - Vor 53 Minuten
That's what trollers do is spread there hate.
Sydney Hale
Sydney Hale - Vor Stunde
where's the apology
Dave Rourke
Dave Rourke - Vor Stunde
Your so fake
Rebecca S
Rebecca S - Vor Stunde
Yes she made a mistake, bigger then a lot of others, but she’s human and you guys are cyber bullying by commenting negative things repeatedly and bullies are the biggest mistakes the world has so just stop.
Sydney Taylor
Sydney Taylor - Vor Stunde
Seeing her get so much hate makes me honestly so sad like nobody knows the details or the actual facts Of what happened and isn’t it her parents who did this? I’m not saying what happened is justified but like we don’t know what actually happened behind the scenes so idk, hope you are doing well Olivia❤️ excited to see you back.
j. cruz
j. cruz - Vor Stunde
johnny monge
johnny monge - Vor Stunde
You shouldn’t have more than a million subscribers. Oh wait your fam probably paid people to subscribe.
Jay Rodriguez
Jay Rodriguez - Vor Stunde
I think everyone deserves forgiveness and second chances to make things right so I would never knock anyone for trying. However, as a college student who’s parents could not afford tuition or were not supportive of my attending everything surrounding you really hurts. It’s a harsh reality of what happens to those more privileged than others, I am sure your story, while sensational, is one of many.
I hope you can understand and appreciate why it is such a serious matter.
Welcome back.
August Bixby
August Bixby - Vor Stunde
As much as I hate deserving people losing opportunities to the privileged, this issue is not worth spending your time or energy on. Bribing happens EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME and this family were the unlucky ones that got caught. Please carry the same outrage towards the Justice system that lets go off rapists, pedophiles, etc and gives harsher sentences to issues like these. TALK about bigger issues and pressurize the Justice system. Btw I'm here after I watched a commentary from "Dylan is in trouble" channel. Y'all should check the channel out.
Arsenal Fc
Arsenal Fc - Vor Stunde
This is fuckin awful 😂😂
camerxnking - Vor Stunde
girl i agree, everyone makes mistakes, everyone else in the comments needs to chilllll.
Jennifer Rivera
Jennifer Rivera - Vor Stunde
Olivia Jade if your reading this, I'm a fan of your YouTube content and would live to continue watching your videos, don't let the world bring you down and just move on
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