Top 5 Laptops (2018)

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Kyonixs - Vor 12 Tage
Lmao u forgot about Acer Predator 21X
Antoine Noujaim
Antoine Noujaim - Vor 12 Tage
Hi, I’m looking for a laptop within the price range of $1000 to $1200 with these specs basically:
Windows 10
15 inches (not so important)
Intel core i5
64 bit
1920x1080 (full HD) - or smthg.
Plus it Must have a Numlock keyboard (the numbers pad on the right). Thanks
CarlitosWayz12 - Vor 11 Tage
Why i5?
nicat tagizade
nicat tagizade - Vor 17 Tage
Who says that apple 🍎 is better than Samsung
Like my comment
nicat tagizade
nicat tagizade - Vor 17 Tage
it was great
Jayblue873 - Vor 24 Tage
Surface book 2 is the best 13 inch laptop in terms of performance.
Like a GTX 1050 !!!!
SubRooYT [GD]
SubRooYT [GD] - Vor 24 Tage
dell alienware area 51m
【Cotton】 Michicorn モ為フ
So expensive ‘
Craig Sarich
Craig Sarich - Vor Monat
When you talk about the first laptop, the Asus, you compare the resolution to Apple’s 13 inch retina displays while you show a 12 inch retina MacBook. If you don’t know the difference between those two machines, and the differences are pretty drastic, I can’t trust anything else you say regarding laptops.
Tony - Vor Monat
Who paid you to list this collection of complete shit?
vmsiz - Vor Monat
i need to run multiple DBs like MS Sql server, Install VM and run cassandra DB on a linux platform. For this kind of requirement does Dell XPS 13 suite. Does it give good performance?
oti desmond
oti desmond - Vor 2 Monate
but what of macbook pro
oti desmond
oti desmond - Vor 2 Monate
i Love your post
I_Main_IQ_ 69
I_Main_IQ_ 69 - Vor 2 Monate
I heard from many videos that HP is bad... but I really wanna get the HP envy x360
Sonali Kumari
Sonali Kumari - Vor 2 Monate
Please don't.. I'm regretting.. Will not use HP in future ever..
Alex Peruca
Alex Peruca - Vor 2 Monate
You speak so badly that's hard to understand.
Mohamed Eldeeb
Mohamed Eldeeb - Vor 2 Monate
Lenovo Yoga Book C 930 is The perfect Laptop 2 in 1 , I get it like assistant device but Now it become the main device
Велск и
Велск и - Vor 2 Monate
hey were is MacBook pro 2018 i have 2019
Ab Xarbi
Ab Xarbi - Vor 2 Monate
In my side of the world if you buy anything good, gangs will come kill you and take everything from you.
Travel Droner
Travel Droner - Vor 3 Monate
one question how are you able to use the companys product video segments of it in yours without getting a copyright notice for that material ?? i thought that was copyrighted
Melodi Sweet
Melodi Sweet - Vor 3 Monate
I want the lg gram but I can’t find it in Germany ....
Jerome Buncad
Jerome Buncad - Vor 3 Monate
Jerome Buncad
Jerome Buncad - Vor 3 Monate
Home: MiLA
Shiko Artin Tim
Shiko Artin Tim - Vor 3 Monate
Assus is great LG I don't know but HP not so good and Lenovo is shitty technology
I had a Lenovo and it's very very bad
Hp less for some time and then starts to go down
Lg I never had but HP and Lenovo I don't suggest to anyone
VfrVctryz - Vor 19 Tage
I have a Lenovo yoga 920 and it worked great until something went wrong with its hdd. I called them and had the hdd replaced and it now works very well.
Angelo Luciano M.
Angelo Luciano M. - Vor 3 Monate
haha u r a dumb dumb person im sorry your 150 dollar hp chromebook didn't satisfy your needs lol
Gwrightproductions1 - Vor 3 Monate
Asus does have others...
Luiz Jimenez
Luiz Jimenez - Vor 4 Monate
But do they run fornite 😂😂?
Daniel  Sosa
Daniel Sosa - Vor 4 Monate
2-Hp (my personal use)
Muslim for ever
Muslim for ever - Vor Monat it good for work and editing ?
Ngô Hiếu
Ngô Hiếu - Vor 4 Monate
rất có thể mảng laptop sẽ die, nghĩa là tàu cộng , nga xô, hàn, nhật , ấn sẽ làm laptop. Lúc đó thì sẽ lại có chợ ứng dụng kiểu apple làm trước đây và mẽo chắc phải nắm về e-commerce, entertaimance industry, ... tất cả mọi thứ trên đời go online kiểu iot, nhả mảng sx máy tính thì phải tích hợp mọi thứ lại, chắc chỉ làm prototype để dẫn dắt ngành sx máy tính thôi, kiểu chip arm hay 5G... ví dụ tất cả những phương tiện di chuyển trên mặt đất, trên trời đều giao tiếp với nhau và con người trên đó thì có đầy đủ những gì họ cần như in-car - theatre, news.... nói nôm na như là hệ sinh thái thì bỏ mảng sx phần cứng cũng không sao cả hay là chỉ sx những máy móc để sx phần cứng như texas instrument ngày xưa thì phải.
Jack Hartzman
Jack Hartzman - Vor 4 Monate
Where does the Surface Book 2 15 fall in your mind?
Nikhil Kumar.
Nikhil Kumar. - Vor 4 Monate
Where is lenovo ThinkPad carbon x1 ultrabook
TheTruth - Vor 4 Monate
2.17 ''HP's hinge mechanism is really's really easy too open with one hand...'' 3 seconds later.....
Keshav Borana
Keshav Borana - Vor 4 Monate
M. Hamza Abbas
M. Hamza Abbas - Vor 4 Monate
Plz tell me a website where i can see the detail of any laptop?
Fam Schol
Fam Schol - Vor 4 Monate
I want laptop
nimat jan video Hamidi
nimat jan video Hamidi - Vor 5 Monate
I have hp 2017
gymman82 - Vor 5 Monate
number 1 is huawei matebook x pro,my friend
Animallion Kingdom
Animallion Kingdom - Vor 5 Monate
Why not including MacBook Pro? I’m just curious
Dark lord
Dark lord - Vor 5 Monate
I'm the owner of a macbook pro and I'm commenting this from an apple service center. Hope that was enough.
Mahesh Sonavane
Mahesh Sonavane - Vor 5 Monate
What abt Lenovo x1 carbon
Nabeel Ahmed
Nabeel Ahmed - Vor 5 Monate
What was the last honorable mention he can anyone help? Its actually Asus device
Zimran Zimran
Zimran Zimran - Vor 5 Monate
Asus or hp
Help 😂😂
Al van der Laan
Al van der Laan - Vor 5 Monate
You are mixing up two very different HP Spectre laptops. I think you want to recommend the X360 because of the 360 hinge but the X360 does not have the pistol hinges you find on the thinnest HP Spectre 13 with either in stylish Gunmetal/Gold or White (ceramic) design. They will speak to very different audiences. The rear thunderbolt 3 and charger at the back on USB-c are key to a clean desk.
Mohammed Agha
Mohammed Agha - Vor 5 Monate
I am really questioning why Lenovo is number one? They are the worst laptops, frequent troubles even during warranty period, screen picture quality is pathetic, prices are ridiculously high but amazing battery performance.
lionel messi
lionel messi - Vor 5 Monate
I'M GONNA GET WAN 2-21-2019
Jules Bar
Jules Bar - Vor 5 Monate
Nxt time hope u explain the usb port as well. Thanks
Tom Helderweirt
Tom Helderweirt - Vor 5 Monate
Why not look at Samsung Notebook 9 series? Excellent laptop, comparable to others you have mentioned here!
Alex Mattaliano
Alex Mattaliano - Vor 5 Monate
u forgot huawei matebook x pro, absolutely love it! traded my xps 13 for an AR -15 :)
Ella Young
Ella Young - Vor 5 Monate
Yesterday, I bought the Lenovo 530 for school. It definitely has all the great features that the 920 would. It also is a great cheap laptop for its quality. Although I got it on sale the original price is around AUD$900. Although it may be a bit over a cheap budget, it is a great laptop to save up for!
alok mazumdar
alok mazumdar - Vor 28 Tage
Hello Ella ,how is the performance, brightness and battery life of 530s . Planning to buy one .
Seagate Seagate
Seagate Seagate - Vor 5 Monate
I am sorry... ASUS not last long...easy to have problem..and expensive when try to i should buy new and buy asus again?? No way!!!
Marco Ilic
Marco Ilic - Vor 5 Monate
My Nr. 1 is still my Sony Vaio 13 pro from 2013.
Owen Sherman
Owen Sherman - Vor 5 Monate
He is mixing photos of the Spectre x360 and the standard HP Spectre
KUN LIN - Vor 5 Monate
I think 2018 Huawei MateBook X Pro top1
Because the price of 1200 buys the highest configuration and quality, it can't be compared with other computers.
informatious pro
informatious pro - Vor 5 Monate
DO NOT BUY HP AND ASUS. MUST BUY APPLE LAPTOPS. I HAVE 4 apple LAPTOPS. Macbook.MacBook Pro.Macbook air.Macbook air from 5 years running best 👍🏻
Thomas Singer
Thomas Singer - Vor 5 Monate
Would you recommend the lenovo yoga 920/C930 or the Dell XPS 13 for photo editing?
Ally Gator
Ally Gator - Vor 6 Monate
Wow, I've been talkin to Dell since yesterday they told me I should get the XPS 13 but I have to get some other customary programs put on there for video editing cuz I plan to start a YouTube channel Dell says that the XPS 13 would be a great option to start that I don't really like the webcam on the bottom but I was thinking I could just buy a webcam and put it on top.
Rogen Wenceslao
Rogen Wenceslao - Vor 6 Monate
Guys, need your help which one ☝️ is the most convenient and easy to travel 🧳 laptop 💻 for impromptu video editing? Long battery 🔋 life and no problem/issues at all. 🙂
rath khan
rath khan - Vor 6 Monate
Yes Lenovo yoga that's my laptop :)
Jason Kelly
Jason Kelly - Vor 6 Monate
Probably best to swap the 920 for the c930 now eh? That came out in 2018.
Khalid - Vor 6 Monate
1st - Lenovo X1 Carbon Extreme
2nd - Lenovo X1 Carbon
3rd - Lenovo Yoga 920
4th - Lenovo Thinkpad T series :D
5th - Lenovo P Series :D
Thank for watching / Bye
Allen Garcia
Allen Garcia - Vor 6 Monate
Do they all of these have windows 10
Allen Garcia
Allen Garcia - Vor 6 Monate
Ok thanks
Joseph V.G.J
Joseph V.G.J - Vor 6 Monate
surface laptop 2 is the best
Joseph V.G.J
Joseph V.G.J - Vor 6 Monate
naah the surface laptop 2 is better. and it is better than the macbooks
d t n a
d t n a - Vor 6 Monate
What would someone recommend for a student? Price is right, daily usage, homework and emails, and some small projects like editing videos...
Abhishek Nair
Abhishek Nair - Vor 6 Monate
Lenovo Yoga 920 or Ideapad 530s
readyuptogame - Vor 6 Monate
What about surface laptop 2? Released late 2018
Mya Tucker
Mya Tucker - Vor 6 Monate
Who else is watching this for Christmas lmao
Tobias Bauer
Tobias Bauer - Vor 6 Monate
My favorite is the Surface Laptop 2
Be Seeing You
Be Seeing You - Vor 6 Monate
The TouchPad on the Spectre 360 is a fucking joke. I am enjoying my Samsung Notebook 9 Pro.
koulibali rebecca wayalaya
Stay away from Dell laptops just a mess
Abhishek Nair
Abhishek Nair - Vor 6 Monate
Seriously! These guys just make a joke. I am happy with my Lenovo Legion Y720
cyberdazed - Vor 6 Monate
You need to slow down when speaking. Some of us are overwhelmed with the options and don't know what to get. That's why we turn to videos like yous. Just slow down when speaking, please :)
Niidea1986 - Vor 6 Monate
I think the reason why cameras go in the lower bezel is because when you fold a 2 in 1 into tablet mode, it is positioned at the top, and that at that moment you are not really using the keyboard in any way since you are talking and using the touchscreen. I think the bottom is actually the better place for 2 in 1 devices, and that the times that you are making a video call AND using the keyboard at the same time are actually rare occasions...of course forget the Huawei key-camera, that is a cool but terrible idea
Anime Weeb?
Anime Weeb? - Vor 6 Monate
oh i have lenevo yoga 730 lol
Veer Kapashi
Veer Kapashi - Vor 6 Monate
Bro No Macs
Gautham Vadlamudi
Gautham Vadlamudi - Vor 6 Monate
I need a laptop which has dedicated graphics, touch screen, i5 processor for my media consumption, software package usage. I also need 1TB storage with 8GB RAM. SSD is not needed for me specifically as it just adds on to the price.. I'm happy with HDD.
Abhishek Nair
Abhishek Nair - Vor 6 Monate
Lenovo Ideapad series anytime!
mozibor rahman
mozibor rahman - Vor 6 Monate
How r u using these promo videos without copyright issue?
Jump Shock
Jump Shock - Vor 6 Monate
I don have any tech related jokes :O(
Sam Ann
Sam Ann - Vor 6 Monate
where's chromebook pro & plus?
Danny B
Danny B - Vor 6 Monate
I agree i got the yoga 920 and my wife has the macbook air 2018 and the lenovo is better in my opinion. Although i like tbe keyboard of the apple and the apple is a bit brighter other than that i still think the yoga is the beat you can buy
Lee McMullan
Lee McMullan - Vor 6 Monate
Do you get paid by the recommendations as sponsorship fees?
Beverly Crittendon
Beverly Crittendon - Vor 6 Monate
Hp was horrible. Did not last a year. Waisted $800.
sai mahes
sai mahes - Vor 6 Monate
In Hp spectre, does the heating problem matter?... Will it affect the laptop if I am gonna use it for a long time everyday?
Steven Lee
Steven Lee - Vor 7 Monate
All of these are better than Apple. The only reason why you will get an Apple is just to fit in and show face. That is all. That was the only reason why I bought it because I was going to UCLA and everybody there has an Apple.
Thomas Blausza
Thomas Blausza - Vor 7 Monate
you talk too fast sorry. not a native speaker here and its hards to follow you with that speed and loud music in the background
Jǝss Henry
Jǝss Henry - Vor 7 Monate
What kind of specs should look for if I'm going to do some light video editing?
ZenGem Gaming
ZenGem Gaming - Vor 7 Monate
Is the 999.99 dell XP’s 13 on the us site ?
ALI Alkhat
ALI Alkhat - Vor 7 Monate
I really like xps but placing the camera under the screen is terribly designed. What's the point of having a camera if it will display your fingers as a giant spider legs..?!
Pablo Martinez
Pablo Martinez - Vor 7 Monate
What’s the best laptop for video chatting? I’m a buy on Black Friday
James Beardsmore
James Beardsmore - Vor 7 Monate
Gable gable gable.
Andrew Borges
Andrew Borges - Vor 7 Monate
This tool doesn’t know shit about technology.
Dilbag singh natt bagga
Dilbag singh natt bagga - Vor 7 Monate
Microsoft laptop is always bast
Arav Tulsi
Arav Tulsi - Vor 7 Monate
What about the spectre x360 15 with the amd graphics?
khrom - Vor 7 Monate
I've got the Spectre x360 15t 4k, 12gb ram, 360gb ssd 8th gen i7 and MX150 graphics. Absolutely amazing laptop, but seeing as how I use photoshop quite a bit, I thought I'd benefit from going with the larger screen, but after owning it nearly a year, I'm beginning to realize I probably should have downgraded and went with the 13" option seeing as how it has a better battery life and is lighter and more portable. Oh well, though.
Damir Komesarovic
Damir Komesarovic - Vor 7 Monate
Buy a desktop pc...way stronger and beter
James Surber
James Surber - Vor 7 Monate
Two minutes of this and I'm worn out. Can't finish. Dislike.
Naz Baker
Naz Baker - Vor 7 Monate
you forgot about Samsung book 9 pro. which is the best laptop ever #Samsung
kokukyvuquable - Vor 7 Monate
Speak English please
skyline - Vor 7 Monate
Why do you think the web cam issue with dell xps is something that can be easily fixed? If they could fix it they would have but they can't do it without ruining the bezel-less screen, it's not that big of a deal
Jared Erisman
Jared Erisman - Vor 7 Monate
You can’t tell me none of these computers have a GPU
top tech
top tech - Vor 7 Monate
laptop white & black whitch is good
Mebin Zouj
Mebin Zouj - Vor 7 Monate
Brother please help me ..iam mba student ..iam from iam looking for to buy one budget price is 50000..broo please help which is the best laptop for all use for me..
DD awsum
DD awsum - Vor 7 Monate
He sounds so weird n crazy accent
Ethan Johnson
Ethan Johnson - Vor 7 Monate
I Need student one
Which fits le budget
I'll Just get an xbox after my pc gets broke
I hope it Will be for 4-5 years
Old 6 years now
Pk Honey
Pk Honey - Vor 7 Monate
dell xps 13 2018
James Brown
James Brown - Vor 7 Monate
I am so disgusted with Microsoft Edge and MS in general. It is trash. Thinking of going MAC.
Sandi Monteith
Sandi Monteith - Vor 7 Monate
I just don't understand why none of these reviews don't recommend Sony and trust me I've seen ppl with Sony which had last for a million and one I believe they're good
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