New video of Hurricane Florence’s massive eyewall

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Una Coburn
Una Coburn - Vor 25 Tage
Shut down CNN
Full of fake news....who cares about fake news.
nighthunter Gaming
nighthunter Gaming - Vor 29 Tage
Ew ew ew
SageMontana - Vor Monat
I live in the North Carolina this storm did absolutely nothing except maybe a couple trees
tamiru lawgaw
tamiru lawgaw - Vor Monat
I sooooooooo sorry for the people that lost their life and the loved ones😞☹️😢😱😨😰😥😓😔😞🙁😕☹️be safe
Who's in da House!
Who's in da House! - Vor Monat
Watch "Hurricane Florence Wilmington NC Trip" on YouTube
Mario Handyman
Mario Handyman - Vor Monat
Don't worry Langley us 2 we gonna have the chance to b on extreme weater n I am sure Avery body gonna have the tome up.u no wat I MEEN Langley .
Joyce Williams
Joyce Williams - Vor Monat
that's my grandmother name
NightSpellMSP - Vor Monat
House destroyed = lamps destroyed. Moth Nibba is scared
CanadaDig - Vor Monat
CGI space view. Hahaha
kordelia joseph
kordelia joseph - Vor Monat
that storm is strong I fraid we for my own self
kordelia joseph
kordelia joseph - Vor Monat
I fed up with these storm we
kordelia joseph
kordelia joseph - Vor Monat
that storm is bad it could killed us do it fraud way I day we
bromar3000 - Vor Monat
Fake cgi satellite images
john norris
john norris - Vor Monat
wow can't believe you talkin about the hurricane and not Trump oh that's the 5% when you're not slamming Trump
SethicaPlayz 5
SethicaPlayz 5 - Vor Monat
I hope there is no more hurricane florence :(
❤ I pray for you!! God!!
Juanito - Vor Monat
They really did exaggerate this!
K - Vor Monat
Hey CNN, why are your reporters standing in Hurricane winds without helmets on? Are you waiting for coconut to fly off a tree at 100mph on live tv and then the kids can watch their eyes pop out of their heads... This is just my opinion, I don't need to see one of your people standing out in the wind and the rain and risking the lives of some very brave rescue workers who you know would come to help if they saw someone get hurt just to prove to me that the storm is bad. I get it, I see the high water, I see the trees bending, I see the waves crashing. Be adults, pull your people inside and skip all the "brave reporters in the path of the storm" stuff. They have people that love them also and putting them at risk to get a few more people to watch CNN is not a good idea. The clock is ticking, sooner or later one of them will die on camera and then how will you justify sending them out.
Ayden Wright
Ayden Wright - Vor Monat
oh no
Mary Mercer
Mary Mercer - Vor Monat
D - Vor Monat
CNN sucks
Red Apollo
Red Apollo - Vor Monat
Disclaimer: You are watching CNN, your prospective is being programmed to fit CNN views.
Bolt-Action Ball
Bolt-Action Ball - Vor Monat
Quick zoom in on the hurricane... use a wide angle lens to make it seem bigger than it is.
Jaclyn Glenn is a IDIOT
Anderson Pooper SCOOPER. No excrement is disgusting to him. No matter how clean he might seem. He ain't have no OCD.
anglianchannel - Vor Monat
if only the picture of the hurricane had excrement around it Anderson Cooper and his lover David hogg could be looking at gay porn
anglianchannel - Vor Monat
this is a picture of hurricane Andrew from 26 yrs ago in Florida not Florence, CNN fake news strikes again , what an ignorant audience they have
Michael Crovatt
Michael Crovatt - Vor Monat
was this before or after Copper stood in a drainage ditch to make it seem that the flooding was worse than it was. Seriously, CNN is a joke now.
Gabriel Jimenez
Gabriel Jimenez - Vor Monat
Fake newsman.
Nooblarious - Vor Monat
*GloomyHouse is a weird youtuber and A disgusting Asshole*
Lyndell O
Lyndell O - Vor Monat
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Kevfactor - Vor Monat
How come in the Iss feeds it doesn’t spin. This may actually be some real footage. Surprise for cnn lok
Juan Ayala
Juan Ayala - Vor Monat
นายกิจจา โพธิ์หอม
สุดยอด เลยนะจ๊ะ
Hakkı Murat Aslan
Hakkı Murat Aslan - Vor Monat
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live football
live football - Vor Monat
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Booger - Vor Monat
This storm apparently made a landfall only on grass. Be very careful grass walkers, best to walk on concrete.
Cofe seven
Cofe seven - Vor Monat
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Eddie Alv
Eddie Alv - Vor Monat
Is rush Limbaugh sayin this hurricane if fake news agian lol what a liyin bitch
DiantKediri 02
DiantKediri 02 - Vor Monat
Waspada terus dsini :'(
Loser play3
Loser play3 - Vor Monat
a tornado could fit in the hole
张凯 - Vor Monat
HOTBOX360 - Vor Monat
(凸 ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)凸 hurricanes
Fishing Bandit
Fishing Bandit - Vor Monat
Great fishing!
Gator Mckluskey
Gator Mckluskey - Vor Monat
Now this is CNN or it may be fake!
Michael Cox
Michael Cox - Vor Monat
Too late CNN. The weather channel has already covered this storm in a dishonest manner to intentionally mislead the people with the purpose of supporting a hidden agenda...
Kyle SomeGuy
Kyle SomeGuy - Vor Monat
CN "Trump did this" N
Flipzo Mo
Flipzo Mo - Vor Monat
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I left this comment to get subs,
Unfortunately my nan is very ill,
I liked this comment coz no one else will
the NECK
the NECK - Vor Monat
It was a storm period why did ANDERSON and CNN go political over a storm lmao .. the channel should be truly ashamed of themselves.. it was so week it should have been categorized as s tropical storm and the death toll was bogus the channel didn’t count storm deaths just deaths at the time of the storm lol it’s been proven there is a way of counting deaths related to storms and CNN trying to make the storm worse fudged the numbers but the best of CNN was that moron weather man making it look like the winds were horrific and then two skinny guys walking in shorts walked by going to look at the tide haha CNN your done
امير الظلام
امير الظلام - Vor Monat
توبو الى لله
WishmasterTheDark - Vor Monat
Fake, exaggerated news.
X' TH - Vor Monat
Due to the excessive amount of CO2 emitted to the atmosphere, Middle East countries burned oil wells that blackened the sky with CO2 to cover US surveillance aircraft, Vehicles also emit CO2 ... This makes the atmosphere unbalanced climate -> This causes the phenomena of El Nino and La Nina in parallel -> they created gust (strong wind ) that we call storm. all is due to exhaust of CO2
Rosa Aguirre
Rosa Aguirre - Vor Monat
Stay safe 😯😭👨
alfa bita
alfa bita - Vor Monat
Johnathan Greene
Johnathan Greene - Vor Monat
They do this for every God damn hurricane. Over hype it. "This is the big one. Get out of its path now." Blah blah blah. One day the big one will come and no one will believe them and thousands of lives will be lost. Stop with the bullshit news to draw ratings. Reality be told. This storm hit NC as a category 1 Hurricane. Not a fucking 3 or 4. These people are pathetic. Anything to get numbers and cause widespread panic just to increase grocery store purchases!!! Yes, hurricanes are serious business. The winds are hardly the issue. Flooding is the real danger with hurricanes.
Ammad Kiyani
Ammad Kiyani - Vor Monat click & earn 50$
Ole Timer
Ole Timer - Vor Monat
What's up Crooked News Network 😁
Jesse Vaughn
Jesse Vaughn - Vor Monat
I thank God this Storm lost strength before it made landfall. Living 40 miles from Myrtle Beach we had to evacuate this monster.
Perfect Cell
Perfect Cell - Vor Monat
What happens when your in space and you fall into the eye?
*Minno Ninno poptart!*
T-this is s-scary...
Gabe C79
Gabe C79 - Vor Monat
This is fake news, bottom right says it’s most likely fake.
Cherry !
Cherry ! - Vor Monat
If you have a pet or if you see a homless animal take it with you not dog cat bird ect should have too suffer
Christian1Alber - Vor Monat
These storms are probably sent by God and the criminal Americans don't even realize it. If the fake USA Corp. Presidential administration would fall, then such storms would never occur again anymore..
Tuosan - Vor Monat
You think God gives enough of a fuck?
Conor McBeast
Conor McBeast - Vor Monat
We need Florence here in Cali
Bizzaarre - Vor Monat
I have a theory. 0:35. That's near Bermuda. Just like hurricane Harvey and another hurricane I forgot. There all connected with Bermuda triangle (Puerto Rico, Miami, and Bermuda) Is the devil's triangle trying to kill all civilization? We'll soon find out...say your prayers. And get ready
Johnny Hendrix
Johnny Hendrix - Vor Monat
I'm in the middle of this right now I'm I found a safe place to hide me and my mom and my dad or eating right now
z - Vor Monat
CNN it’s a nice change to see you like this.
Thoughts and prays for those affected 😔
Matt Renfro
Matt Renfro - Vor Monat
More fear mongering
Lil VEVO - Vor Monat
I never seen one hurricane effect almost half of the country
Lil VEVO - Vor Monat
This is controlled by the government..they caused this hurricane.
Hangrycheff311 1
Hangrycheff311 1 - Vor Monat
Geberin lan Şerefizler
Thulasi L
Thulasi L - Vor Monat
God please have control over this storm
Tanikella Svsphanikumar
Tanikella Svsphanikumar - Vor 2 Monate
I am preying everyone are all safely life slotting to them
Sivia A Grande Grande
Sivia A Grande Grande - Vor 2 Monate
Amén 🙏
TaMe iGrand
TaMe iGrand - Vor 2 Monate
woah thats huge but i live in south ontario
thats sad to see a lot if damange like that there
YoinkyDoodles - Roblox
YoinkyDoodles - Roblox - Vor 2 Monate
If i was a astronaut i would take a poop in that hurricane!
Vanessa Rivera
Vanessa Rivera - Vor 2 Monate
The so
Storm is happening because there water is too warm
Dileena Vikas
Dileena Vikas - Vor 2 Monate
my prayers always with every people's who suffering dis big problems
Dileena Vikas
Dileena Vikas - Vor 2 Monate
every thing's is ending slowly even every parts of the world is effecting same condition.
R jay
R jay - Vor 2 Monate
I have family an friends working there to help the victims wish I could. Pray 4 them all the world should listen God is talking. Love 2 my cuz
Cousins Dan Dan Owen an family and Josh Owen an family God have mercy on them all
Second Sister
Second Sister - Vor 2 Monate
Sept 15, 2018: Downgraded to a tropical storm last night. Monster? Biblical? Catastrophic? No. Katrina yes, Florence no. Of course, Katrina was more of a disaster due to faulty unrepaired levees.
hmu Philly
hmu Philly - Vor 2 Monate
He meant eye right?
maher mahmuod
maher mahmuod - Vor 2 Monate
الله يحفظ الشعب الامريكي
Jeser Alejo
Jeser Alejo - Vor 2 Monate
Anderson cooper is a joke
Zoe Nesterov
Zoe Nesterov - Vor 2 Monate
King Slay
King Slay - Vor 2 Monate
Will the sea disappear like when the last storm that hit America ".......
Some Random Bad Channel
Some Random Bad Channel - Vor 2 Monate
I wonder what would happen if it in an alternative world it hits and it is still *category 4*
MyDiary 210778
MyDiary 210778 - Vor 2 Monate
Pray lets pray
Shelley Greenfield
Shelley Greenfield - Vor 2 Monate
Prayers I have a ton of family in Florida I feel so bad if I had 900 quautilion bucks I’d donate all of the money i wanna make a go fund me cage or a make a wish
ranganathan pillai
ranganathan pillai - Vor 2 Monate
Oh God please save these people 🙏🏻
katherine higham
katherine higham - Vor 2 Monate
poor animals :(
Simon Mbugua
Simon Mbugua - Vor 2 Monate
Harry Harry has no blessings but to escape danger you are already blessed.
Maxygames YT
Maxygames YT - Vor 2 Monate
Rip me I am gonna be in the middle of it
Funnel web Spider
Funnel web Spider - Vor 2 Monate
I know hurricanes don’t speak or hear but FLORENCE SUCKS!!! Florence US AUSTRALIANS WILL 🇦🇺 MIGHT SURVIVE
Mark S
Mark S - Vor 2 Monate
CNN- the worldwide leader in fake news!
Levora Sándor
Levora Sándor - Vor 2 Monate
ezzel a hurrikánnal csak egy a gond: még senki nem jelentette ki, hogy ezt Orbán Viktor rendelte az Egyesült Államok partjaihoz. Várom a hozászólásokat, akik bejelentik, hogy ezért is a magyar miniszterelnök bűnös!
conquerer chaos
conquerer chaos - Vor 2 Monate
Were not effected by this storm but all the best for all those that are,all these dumb ass comments from peeps who don't give a shit,have never had anything to fight for,atleast show abit of respect for those that have no choice but to do all they can to survive
kaylicious - Vor 2 Monate
my family literally won’t evacuate and it’s coming right for us if I drown I’m gon be pissed 😡
Nancyali Sadi
Nancyali Sadi - Vor 2 Monate
The end is coming😂
David The only Endಠ_ಠ
David The only Endಠ_ಠ - Vor 2 Monate
Prayers aren't gonna stop this hurricane, you just have wait it out
Josh Chandler
Josh Chandler - Vor 2 Monate
Simon Spencer midgett...I hope you get caught in the storm surge and drown.
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