Mount Fuji Introducing Rugby World Cup 2019 teams

Richard Nixon
Richard Nixon - Vor 29 Tage
Not as bright as when they got nuked
Buxtehude .d
Buxtehude .d - Vor 29 Tage
n the opening ceremony, an Acrovac flying plane appeared in the sky. Rugby is not a major sport for Japanese people. It is not popular because it is not a sport that can be played since it was small, unlike soccer and baseball. However, it can be said that many people have come to like rugby because of this opening ceremony. I played rugby when I was a high school student.
Daniel T
Daniel T - Vor Monat
bonne idée vive, l'ordinateur, de bureau pour y voir mieux. A l'ordinateur portable, les images et texte YouTube, sont trop grands, ils fonts mal aux yeux. Le Rugby . L'enfance, c'était cela: lorsque le village avait une église et un terrain : le costume du dimanche. L'église, la messe de 11h et le Rugby l'après midi comme distraction. good idea bright, computer, desktop to see better. At the laptop, the images and text YouTube, are too big, they hurt the eyes. Rugby . The childhood was that: when the village had a church and a field: the Sunday costume. The church, the 11 o'clock Mass and Rugby in the afternoon as a distraction.
Christopher Meacham
Christopher Meacham - Vor Monat
I hope USA does good but honestly I hope to see some good rugby
Sori - Vor Monat
kids screaming sound retarded
Lucas - Vor Monat
Una falta de respeto que corten la presentación Argentum 💙
Sinah Manaka
Sinah Manaka - Vor Monat
1:05 🇿🇦🇿🇦 GO BOKKE!
Andes Andres
Andes Andres - Vor Monat
Me cago en todo. Hdp. No mostraron a la gente de cerca cuando mencionaron a Uruguay. Más que algun otro que si mostraron.
Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark - Vor Monat
Strange there wasn't any pyrotechnic ? or did i miss them
El Negro Philips
El Negro Philips - Vor Monat
Waaarldo cap!!
India Bharat
India Bharat - Vor Monat
Hi Sweet Japan: Love and Respect from our cake :)
FunkyDoolittle - Vor Monat
someone upload the full ceremony and first match of Japan please thanks
Mala Rogo
Mala Rogo - Vor Monat
Cormac Maher
Cormac Maher - Vor Monat
Those cheers certainly don't reflect world rankings!
Paul Roche
Paul Roche - Vor Monat
It’s a disgrace that RTÉ ( Irish television) did not show this, and are only showing 14 out of the 48 games!
USA Rugby League Fan
USA Rugby League Fan - Vor Monat
Paul Roche It’s $200 here the states to watch all the games.
Simon Andres Menardo
Simon Andres Menardo - Vor Monat
Y Argentina?
Amanda Smit
Amanda Smit - Vor Monat
I love Japan. A nation with respect and discipline. 👏💕🇯🇵🇿🇦💕
Lance Dowdell
Lance Dowdell - Vor Monat
Hear the roar for the all blacks?? LETS GO AB’S!!!!!
Fly Life
Fly Life - Vor Monat
Argentina was at the beginning but cut. sniff sniff
Steve Richards
Steve Richards - Vor Monat
Come on WALES 🏉🏆🏉✊🏻
Conor78771 - Vor Monat
waeel gaming
waeel gaming - Vor Monat
Alexander Alex
Alexander Alex - Vor Monat
georgia go lelos go
jesoby - Vor Monat
Spinal Tap designed this Mt Fuji
Fakeslimshady - Vor Monat
"USA!" ....meh
Caralynn Rice
Caralynn Rice - Vor Monat
Right 😂
ESC NL - Vor Monat
I was waiting for the Netherlands, still waiting....
Liquid Luigi
Liquid Luigi - Vor Monat
@deb mang ? Where you from
deb mang
deb mang - Vor Monat
they are good at things like slavery
Mark Rankin
Mark Rankin - Vor Monat
Come on Ireland!!! And Canada, cause you have to pick an underdog
chris renee
chris renee - Vor Monat
Keep dreamin all blacks all day lol
SethMcFartlane - Vor Monat
@deb mang Because they're absolutely shite at World Cups.
deb mang
deb mang - Vor Monat
why would ireland be underdogs
Instante Net
Instante Net - Vor Monat
a.ramappa - Vor Monat
I wonder how they separated those kids to cheer for each team, especially for Japan and NZ. Must have been a honorable bloodbath.
Master Pigos
Master Pigos - Vor Monat
They did split us randomly. And I was in Namibia...
Nadya-Catherine Ismail
They split them randomly
kavindu prabathiya
kavindu prabathiya - Vor Monat
Go japan go love from 🇱🇰☸❤
Ben Kuki
Ben Kuki - Vor Monat
Leeeeesssgooooo NEW ZEALAND make it 3years in a row
Mario Vautrin
Mario Vautrin - Vor Monat
yeaaa ... ref will help you again .
Hurricanes vai
Hurricanes vai - Vor Monat
Tonga ouaaaa!
xXSlashclawXx Wind Spirits warrior
I was one of the people in the Georgia group!
Jeremiah Dodson
Jeremiah Dodson - Vor Monat
*citation needed*
Divyanshu Tiwari
Divyanshu Tiwari - Vor Monat
east or west cricket is the best game...
fresh mana
fresh mana - Vor Monat
jesus wheres the advertising for the event, literally no commotion where im from
DAGATHire - Vor Monat
and whats the address of your cave again?
dominic k
dominic k - Vor Monat
In Europe nothing maybe only in France or Britain but even there it's not world news. Rugby is the 3th or 4th sport in the world but the advertising for this event is more amateurish than in Hockey. It's unbelievable how amateurish the Rugby world is, such a great sport it's a shame.
conexioncentro - Vor Monat
Insisto...No esta Argentina!!!
conexioncentro - Vor Monat
@Paul hi!!! But the presentation is not complete. The opening of a world cup is exciting
Paul - Vor Monat
Argentina is right at the start. ☺
conexioncentro - Vor Monat
Me parece .. o se olvidaron de argentina!!
Human Tech
Human Tech - Vor Monat
0:00 aparece ya que el primer pais por orden alfabetico
conexioncentro - Vor Monat
@Agusss9 perooooooooooooooo!!! es lindo, diría emocionante ver la presentación!!
Agusss9 - Vor Monat
No se olvidaron , es el primero que nombraron en el video pero el video empezo un poco despues de que digan , aun asi se ve la bandera
Kildonan Castle
Kildonan Castle - Vor Monat
Silence for Scotland, LOL.
sonicstep - Vor Monat
They're under Nicola Sturgeon's thumb, that's why.
Sandy666 - Vor Monat
Where is Argentina?
Green Oscar
Green Oscar - Vor Monat
@Sandy666 They are telling the truth. Argentina were in this video, right at the start.
Nuno Alpalhão
Nuno Alpalhão - Vor Monat
@Sandy666 dude, pause at 0 sec you will see Argentina in the floor, but the video start's advanced an because of that you almost dont see it, im not joking now, i was tlling you, it's there but you've to pause, do that ok and tell me if now you see it ok?
Sandy666 - Vor Monat
@Nuno Alpalhão Of course it is before Australia. Duh! It has an alphabetic order. But, because it does not show, I asked an ironic question because should be have been there.
Nuno Alpalhão
Nuno Alpalhão - Vor Monat
its the first one, but one second later jumps to australia
Nuno Alpalhão
Nuno Alpalhão - Vor Monat
south america
B a s
B a s - Vor Monat
New Zealand got the most cheers lmaaaao.
Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark - Vor Monat
@Liquid Luigi More like haters are alway gonna hate great teams.
sweatpatch123 - Vor Monat
thats because half of the japanese team are from new zealand haha
Liquid Luigi
Liquid Luigi - Vor Monat
@Paul Davis But New Zealand also shows great sport man ship and are really humble
Lewis Lennox
Lewis Lennox - Vor Monat
alexander usyk you know it brother lets goooooooo
alexander usyk
alexander usyk - Vor Monat
i is from ukraine and new zealand is # 1 they is win again
Thug So
Thug So - Vor Monat
Noluthando Gosa
Noluthando Gosa - Vor Monat
South Africa
Bok van Surfer
Bok van Surfer - Vor 28 Tage
Ok then I guess you are Jerome Garces
Amanda Smit
Amanda Smit - Vor Monat
@Elizabeth Stroebel ek stem saam. 🇿🇦🇿🇦💓
Amanda Smit
Amanda Smit - Vor Monat
Hoop die Springbokke wen. 🇿🇦🇿🇦💓💓
Elizabeth Stroebel
Elizabeth Stroebel - Vor Monat
@DAGATHire I have no idea what your reply to my comment is about? I only mentioned Springbokke?
lil spaghetti
lil spaghetti - Vor Monat
this is gonna be good
Master Pigos
Master Pigos - Vor Monat
Lol I was in Namibia
Lainie Lomenzo
Lainie Lomenzo - Vor Monat
Ummm still on left or right ? Looks amazing
xXSlashclawXx Wind Spirits warrior
Oh yeah! I saw you Adam!!!
Meari P
Meari P - Vor Monat
Be an Overcomer
Be an Overcomer - Vor Monat
Christy Krohne
Christy Krohne - Vor Monat
How many of you were waiting for the mention of your country and when it eventually got the mention you were like, "Yeaaaahhhhh,......?)
Alex ss Alex
Alex ss Alex - Vor Monat
Christy Krohne yep
Elizabeth Stroebel
Elizabeth Stroebel - Vor Monat
@azreear Go South-Africa!
azreear - Vor Monat
Go All Blacks 👍
lagomoto - Vor Monat
kavindu prabathiya
kavindu prabathiya - Vor Monat
I'm too 😂
Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty - Vor Monat
This look fun
Robert Neve
Robert Neve - Vor Monat
you cut off the song!
W8K VIDEOS - Vor Monat
1st comment
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