North Carolina Braces for Hurricane Florence Storm Surge

Abas Abd
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URGENT: Hurricane Rosa is approaching California with a fourth-rate force, just below the nuclear strike and the fifth grade
Which is equivalent to a nuclear strike and landslides will occur because of the fire that caught California in the past days
For heat and cold science, landslides are created
Abas Abd
Abas Abd - Vor 24 Tage Land collapses in the city of North Carolina caused the destruction of dozens of homes
علمته الرمايه وصوباني
This is what your hands have earned, return to Allah and His Messenger, O people
Beatriz Tobon
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Slendrina Salvan
Slendrina Salvan - Vor Monat
Protect North Carolina God
Light Warrior 503 MSP
Light Warrior 503 MSP - Vor Monat
I'm happy i live in norway... But my dad is visiting US when that storm is and im soo nervous
Taco Black
Taco Black - Vor Monat
Pray for Hitler idiots!
Chia pet
Chia pet - Vor Monat
i wish this storm came t arizona
Gobble Blag
Gobble Blag - Vor Monat
I'd go help those areas where it was flooded, but all the dead fish everywhere gonna make the town smell like Hillary's snatch
violetplayss - Vor Monat
lol my state is right next to the hurricane
felicia arellano
felicia arellano - Vor Monat
Someone needs to tell people to stay out of the water especially if they are by power lines.
Victory John
Victory John - Vor Monat
you should look for safety not catching fish idiot
Connie Long
Connie Long - Vor Monat
SO camerman didnt evacutae
Ityogirlchristine \*#]%
It not bad , bad is like up to ur waste this is up to ur foot , and I lived in Fl to
anthony vlogs lipscombs vloh
A live in the east coat im prayin we dont get hit 👏
Petar Jaredic
Petar Jaredic - Vor Monat
Big support to American people who live in this area,from someone who lives 10000km away!
Petar Jaredic
Petar Jaredic - Vor Monat
For everybody living there!!!
mike watters
mike watters - Vor Monat
only the americans? what about the immigrants
Michelle Harrison
Michelle Harrison - Vor Monat
Those gorgeous beachside houses are going to destroyed
JRP Romeo156GTA
JRP Romeo156GTA - Vor Monat
Wooden houses on stilts on the sea front🤔. Fail😑.
Old Timer
Old Timer - Vor Monat
Lol....this is so funny i am laughing with with tears😂😂😂
mike watters
mike watters - Vor Monat
im laughing at ur ugly face
IIRippyII _
IIRippyII _ - Vor Monat
So the people that were driving out of the hurricane were the people who were last to
Alejandro Vega
Alejandro Vega - Vor Monat
Is it me or was it snowing
Athena Collins
Athena Collins - Vor Monat
The snow is coming to the areas where the snow will hit we'll see that soon enough pray now.
Mr. Watermelon
Mr. Watermelon - Vor Monat
At Begining doesnt it look like a Tsunami
meli sol
meli sol - Vor Monat
but why would they put houses right on the waterfront? human stupidity or such affluence that it all would be pennies and dimes to them.
Buckeye Chick
Buckeye Chick - Vor Monat
+mike watters lmao!
mike watters
mike watters - Vor Monat
in order to live on the beach front one must put a house there
brittany lail
brittany lail - Vor Monat
Might find a shark before the weekend gets here
vicky victoria
vicky victoria - Vor Monat
TOW CARS - Vor Monat
Hahahahaha hopefully those homes get destroy
Melanie121110 Delpozo
Melanie121110 Delpozo - Vor Monat
I’m in in North Carolina my family did not have time to evacuate 😭 the water is so high right now
mike watters
mike watters - Vor Monat
yea i know only 10 days warning. retard
Lydia Hoffner
Lydia Hoffner - Vor Monat
I'm so sorry! I will be praying for you, stay safe.
meli sol
meli sol - Vor Monat
Melanie121110 Delpozo it is down to a cat 2. also it is flooding near the beach, not all over the state.
only1pinuchi - Vor Monat
Melanie121110 Delpozo where are they and how high? Did they prepare?
OjadelSol - Vor Monat
Maldito Harp
meli sol
meli sol - Vor Monat
OjadelSol weather is weather nothing to do w harp.
KS Rebel
KS Rebel - Vor Monat
The government is damned if there is over reaction and damned if not enough reaction....which is it that drives the upheaval?
Starr Mayo
Starr Mayo - Vor Monat
Dan K
Dan K - Vor Monat
Don't know how people can live in hurricane areas. Every year... hurricane after hurricane
Jacqueline Hammonss
Jacqueline Hammonss - Vor Monat
Thanks for video stay safe!!
Starr Mayo
Starr Mayo - Vor Monat
Beautiful weather, Let it RIP, 😲
kp ps
kp ps - Vor Monat
Please stay safe my military family 😥!!!!! ♥️💛💙💜 Navy mom....
meli sol
meli sol - Vor Monat
kp ps Navy are made for water. they will be fine.
only1pinuchi - Vor Monat
Cat2...w flooding they will be fine. As long as they are prepared to be hunkere down for a week+
Lionel Kong
Lionel Kong - Vor Monat
Omg save the fishes
get money ya ya
get money ya ya - Vor Monat
That fish looked like a cartoon lol
Andrew Villanueva
Andrew Villanueva - Vor Monat
They should build concrete home 16 feet high held up by concrete pillars.
M. F. Richardson
M. F. Richardson - Vor Monat
I saw the police car. Why are there other stupid driving.
mark price
mark price - Vor Monat
Hope things work out there,but wished we could get our local weather and news instead of this non-stop coverage. Trump tweets and this is all the news?
only1pinuchi - Vor Monat
I don't mind the Trump tweets as much as the tennis tantrum.
H o l y R a m e n
H o l y R a m e n - Vor Monat
time for fishing
onlythewise1 - Vor Monat
wow they act like there never been a storm before fix your county up and stop sending billions to other countries
Hiday Friday
Hiday Friday - Vor Monat
SUB to Gidmonkey 50
Otter Green
Otter Green - Vor Monat
This is from last year
Otter Green
Otter Green - Vor Monat
Okay, whenever the last storm was because I remember seeing it. Plus, at the time this was posted there wasn’t any flooding going on. I was watching live streams of news channels all around the Carolinas and it was still sunny out and a slight breeze. Not sure what you being a “navy mom” has to do with anything.
kp ps
kp ps - Vor Monat
How do you know SC and NC didn't get a hurricane last year duh...Navy mother
Jake Tube
Jake Tube - Vor Monat
Save the fish or else I hate you
DarkReaper Vang
DarkReaper Vang - Vor Monat
May god be with all North Carolina people!
I have 2 married brothers in North Carolina and may god be with them as well
meli sol
meli sol - Vor Monat
DarkReaper Vang it is down to a cat 2
mnjsbdjkshdw tomlinson
Starr Mayo
Starr Mayo - Vor Monat
Beautiful weather to Fly a kite and surfing, Let it RIP. 😲
Jasen Jahn
Jasen Jahn - Vor Monat
"This is the biggest storm to hit the Carolina's in 30 years!!!!" It's now a category 1. hahahah
kevog80 - Vor Monat
+Jasen Jahn lol Dude u should go to BPearthwatch channel he was also hyping it up as the one and now that it's a tropical storm hes saying "they" zapped the storm w micro burst waves to take out the storm and the trump administration hacked into the elites computers in order to zap it. Man u cant make this shit up and ppl actually believe the bull they come up with..
Abdulai Bah
Abdulai Bah - Vor Monat
Agree. All this hype is ridiculous.
Manda Panda
Manda Panda - Vor Monat
Bottoy Sex you would be scared too
Manda Panda
Manda Panda - Vor Monat
Jasen Jahn even if it’s a category 1 it’s still bad a lot of people are going to die since a lot of people are still at their homes
Manda Panda
Manda Panda - Vor Monat
onlythewise1 I don’t have a problem
EvenStevenSays - Vor Monat
I’m praying for the East Coast 🙏🏼
austin w
austin w - Vor Monat
Wjolie fuck thats crazy
Dustin Platt
Dustin Platt - Vor Monat
Welp. Sucks for those houses. I'm gonna go back to enjoying my electricity and internet and dry house. Sorry North Carolina.
Buckeye Chick
Buckeye Chick - Vor Monat
That's the Outer Banks. Those houses are used to that. They're fine.
Dustin Platt
Dustin Platt - Vor Monat
+kp ps Well I'll thank them for their service when the power is back up in a week or 2.
kp ps
kp ps - Vor Monat
And I hope your power and internet goes out soon...jerk..Navy mother..I have family there...thank you very much
Dustin Platt
Dustin Platt - Vor Monat
+Shadow Especially not North Carolina since they probably don't have internet.
Shadow - Vor Monat
Nobody cares
Alexandria Gray
Alexandria Gray - Vor Monat
kuty patooty
kuty patooty - Vor Monat
They are overreacting
kp ps
kp ps - Vor Monat
You ever been in a hurricane before you always prepare for the worst and hope for the best..duh...Navy mother..
Andrea Kae
Andrea Kae - Vor Monat
Manda Panda there’s no tornado you nuts!
Manda Panda
Manda Panda - Vor Monat
Let go Let god no they aren’t if there was a tornado coming your way you would be freaking out
Manda Panda
Manda Panda - Vor Monat
Van Last the tornado is going there
Andrea Kae
Andrea Kae - Vor Monat
Rata 4U are you under the influence? What are you talking about
Anne-Lise H
Anne-Lise H - Vor Monat
Huge houses where only fishing shacks or parks should be.
What The Heck TV
What The Heck TV - Vor Monat
Thank you so many will come and curse YWHA and YAHSHUA ive been in prayer to halt this hurricane ive been attack by evil over this but the outcome was worth it. all glory goes to YWHA
Mark Zoobkoff
Mark Zoobkoff - Vor Monat
I know once they're wiped out they will build them right back in the same spot again.
Muhammed Clemons
Muhammed Clemons - Vor Monat
I don't think Anne is saying that people shouldn't be allowed to build their houses there. Rather, she is implying that those houses probably shouldn't be there because of the possibility of an event like this.
J T - Vor Monat
Lps Bjome
Lps Bjome - Vor Monat
Oof ;) got real wet
Jacqueline Hammonss
Jacqueline Hammonss - Vor Monat
Thanks for video.stay safe!. I'm here in michigan only see bits on news.
tomitstube - Vor Monat
cool footage, stay safe.
Raymond Rosario
Raymond Rosario - Vor Monat
That is old video.
Pam Shearer
Pam Shearer - Vor Monat
Raymond Rosario / The Video just Come Out 5 Days ago!
kp ps
kp ps - Vor Monat
How do you know that
Manda Panda
Manda Panda - Vor Monat
Raymond Rosario nope
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