Trump Goes to the Border Amid Shutdown: A Closer Look

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Lazo Vodolazo
Lazo Vodolazo - Vor 25 Tage
Lmao they should pay theb illigal imigrants to build a wall around trump
Oddly Wired
Oddly Wired - Vor Monat
Maybe he could have a wall on wheels and move it where he needs it, lol.
chris p skeatez
chris p skeatez - Vor Monat
surely mexico is building a wall to stop the garbage
Dror Levi
Dror Levi - Vor Monat
The Bitch is Back
The Bitch is Back - Vor Monat
At Left Turn... I lost it. 😂
Rich Pasquin
Rich Pasquin - Vor Monat
Garbage by Meyers paid by deep state.SOROS ABOUT TO PULL THE PLUG ON Schumer and Pelosi in coming election, not getting the results he hoped for. DRAIN THE SWAMP. Dems equal Fraud, corruption, election rigging, uranium exports to Russia, Soros, deep state collusion and is leading the public ... plunder, degrade and cheat at will; we MUST be talking about the Democrat Party! Soros poured 13 billion dollars into deep state organization!
Verde the Star Warrior
Do you want to tell him the wheel was invented after the wall or should I?
Long Duck Dong
Long Duck Dong - Vor Monat
Lol how is this retard still on the air he's not funny he's an idiot and his show sucks
Marquesha Walker
Marquesha Walker - Vor Monat
Welp it's fixed Trump's an alcoholic!!!!!!
kurt keshwar
kurt keshwar - Vor Monat
This guy is unbelievable
Dylan Kaiser
Dylan Kaiser - Vor Monat
Tell Donald Trump that I hired a team of mimes to build his border wall, it will be done by november
Jean-Paul van Meerbeek
The wheels are older than a wall? 😂😂😂
windel12002 - Vor Monat
This is nothing new. He has ALWAYS BEEN THIS STUPID!
jacqueline walker
jacqueline walker - Vor Monat
WHO GOING TO BAIL OUT THE GOVERNMENT. ARE REPAY THEM BACK FOR LOST WAGES. PEOPLE WAKE UP. this is the most (SILLIEST) game I ever heard. ALL THE MONEY TAXES THAT GOES THREW THIS GOVERNMENT TO KEEP this AMERICA country a place to live. This is about everyone. poor or rich. who have are don't have.
Is this the WAR that we are going to start. People (WE) yes WE THE PEOPLE.. Don't be a FOOL. DON'T BE A FOOL. Can the people firer (congress??) People; you guys put these people in those office. And there taking advantage of you people. Especially you other corporations and companies. PEOPLE DON'T LET THEM SAY WERE THE ONE WHO STARTED THE WAR. people; you can sue this congress corporation.
Blayne Miller
Blayne Miller - Vor Monat
If you were elected President, wouldn't you believe it's your duty to learn as much as you can about the way government works? Wouldn't you do all you can to prepare yourself, and when you can't, listen to the people that are experts in their chosen fields?
DJSad Observer
DJSad Observer - Vor Monat
This creature, the one explaining about left turn or that the wheel is older than a wall... yeah, that is what we came up with to lead the free world? Shame!!!
John Edkins
John Edkins - Vor Monat
I have a great idea, while trump can shut the government down, if all TSA t and air traffic controlers
john knowing
john knowing - Vor Monat
Since Jimmy Carter
Democrats shut down government a total of 62 days
Republicans same time period shut down gov 6 days
Democrats shut down Gov 56 MORE days then Republicans
Democrat President Jimmy Carter Shut down Gov twice
Total 20 days
Republican President Ronald Reagan Shut down Gov twice
Total was 3 days
Republican President George H.W. Bush Shut down Gov once
3 days
Democrat President Bill Clinton Shut down Gov twice
Total 26 days
President Barack Obama Shut down Gov once
Total 16 days
Since Jimmy Carter
Democrats shut down government a total of 62 days
Republicans same time period shut down gov 6 days
Democrats shut down Gov 56 MORE days then Republicans
Johnson John
Johnson John - Vor Monat
no this is just making no sense look about 10% of what donald trump is doing or have done I totally agree and one of them is the wall I agree the wall build as I say just about 10%, because 90% I dont agree just the wall and cooling down north korea regenerating our friendship with rusiia believe me I dont agree most of the racist ass in office
Ranneevedita Ramsaran
Ranneevedita Ramsaran - Vor Monat
The look on the face of man behind Trump at 4:52 is priceless
Holly leahy
Holly leahy - Vor Monat
~~ raises hand ~~ I don’t agree with you. My fellow gov’t furloughed peers don’t agree with you. My republican friends don’t agree with you. Stop talking nonsense, please, just stop.
Thuylan Chu
Thuylan Chu - Vor Monat
Paul H. Kircher III
Paul H. Kircher III - Vor Monat
You mean to tell me that BronClear isn't on the agenda.
Klyntar Kenny
Klyntar Kenny - Vor Monat
Since when were Latino Lowriders Better than American swat suvs?
Every car has wheels because there is nothing better ,a wall is as obsolete as a washboard , so much technology now that would work better than a wall or could be used to get around a wall ,trump is retarded.
J. Michael Escobedo
J. Michael Escobedo - Vor Monat
He must be on some medication ?? sometimes he can't think and he goes off the wall??? dumbass
Jorge Angeles
Jorge Angeles - Vor Monat
This is all the Democrats fault for not securing the American people, what a disgrace with all those crazy Democrats at the house now.
NZsarge1 - Vor Monat
Fake news
spiritblue9 - Vor Monat
Seth is the best. And a lot smarter than the president
Gypsie Rose
Gypsie Rose - Vor Monat
How did this nobody get its own late night talk show? That moron hasn’t ever been funny at all in its life.
Donald Trump
Donald Trump - Vor Monat
Dumbass misinformed libetards
Austria 1966
Austria 1966 - Vor Monat
what kind of idiot cant go a few weeks without pay - a dumb ass - these people are being paid to protest by the liberal mob - liberals are nothing but crybabies and clowns
jaime Rodriguez
jaime Rodriguez - Vor Monat
I hope all the people that voted for this fool finally see he's a total dumb ass
John Knighton
John Knighton - Vor Monat
Trump did not even know what he was looking at
furley whoo
furley whoo - Vor Monat
Silly libtards!
almond potato
almond potato - Vor Monat
4:05 They make a left... President Trump, do you not know your directions. You said they make a left, but then you turned your hand to the right.
ant Mo
ant Mo - Vor Monat
And what do you know about what happens down here where i live i live less than 10 minutes from the border its easy to come across without going thru the ports of entry we need the wall you dont know what really happens down here just cuz it doesnt make national news dont mean it didnt happen check ur facts dumbass then make fun of ppl plus ur not even funny
Anthony Cuomo
Anthony Cuomo - Vor Monat
I never saw this late show host before. What time does the show end?
Jesh Veech
Jesh Veech - Vor Monat
I can't believe anyone who has a brain can even watch this no talent ass wagon.
Jimmy Hoffman
Jimmy Hoffman - Vor Monat
Wow, are you people stupid? The Democrats had no problem with allowing illegals to come in and send Americans to prison. Do America a favor and don't breed. If you already have children put them up for adoption. This moron tells you what to think and you do. WOW!
Carolyn Cherry
Carolyn Cherry - Vor Monat
We need a wall. Dumb ass!!!
Finn McNamara
Finn McNamara - Vor Monat
Why dous trump sound like a comedian lol everything that comes out of his mouth makes me laugh.
Ethan Hoffart
Ethan Hoffart - Vor Monat
Ah yes Trump I'm sure you "can" relate to not getting a paycheck. Also Seth no one is friends with Shia. He is both a cannibal and a weirdo.
Sean Patrick
Sean Patrick - Vor Monat
Seth was so good before trump. Now this Uber PC virtue signalling show is just garbage. Unsubscribed a few months ago and am loving it.
Hurco VMX42
Hurco VMX42 - Vor Monat
Its ok that Nancy Pelosi. Takes a secret Vacation. With 7 other Democrats and there families totalling 96 peeps. 86 of those we didnt elect..That we the people pay for.. Thanks to Trump he stopped it..seth your a idiot ..
Cathy Snyder
Cathy Snyder - Vor Monat
So is it true that you made fun of a policeman who was murdered by an illegal alien? Yeh, I saw it—what a pig you are! Hope you aren’t left alone when a gang of illegals surround you! I certainly wouldn’t save your sorry hide.
carlos silva
carlos silva - Vor Monat
trump is simply fucking idiot
Shane Amrein
Shane Amrein - Vor Monat
These late night hose are huge libs but closer look is always pretty good
Marlon Moss
Marlon Moss - Vor Monat
Does this jackass think he's funny anyone who does is sick in the head.  Do the world a favor and shoot this man in the head, PLEASE !
Tim Dore
Tim Dore - Vor Monat
Let me tell you Karma can be a you know what. One day your a big shot smear talk host. The next day you will live your hippocaracies.
millieo - Vor Monat
If this goes on trump will say, "See, we don't need this many people working for the government. I've created all these jobs. They can work there" As with so many things trump. he doesn't feel a need, any compassion for people. He doesn't understand why people care enough for strangers to set up a food bank.
Lincoln Paul
Lincoln Paul - Vor Monat
Tom FRaco they had a special on American lawsuits. MacDonald famous coffee spill was amongst them. You should inform yourself or are you a ambulance chaser lawyer. And your vulgar language tells me a lot about you
Tom Franco
Tom Franco - Vor Monat
He got a lot more than 1million dollars from his dad
Sean Harbour
Sean Harbour - Vor Monat
Really..what is he talking about?
Marty ponish
Marty ponish - Vor Monat
i remember seth from high school he could suck a watermelon through a straw made us all laugh he ain't funny anymore
SociallyTriggered - Vor Monat
Illegal immigrants from Mexico cost the US almost 1/2 trillion dollars per year. Walls work as a deterrent. The Democrats only recently decided they hate walls when they realized they would lose a large voting block if they couldn't import voters. Trump needs to build the wall.
nothapa - Vor Monat
Americans are so dumb we can’t tell when a garbage can is full.
Anthony r
Anthony r - Vor 2 Monate
your an ass seth
Brutus Buckeye
Brutus Buckeye - Vor 2 Monate
they had a panel on Bay News 9 in Tampa last night discussing hurricane Michael and hurricane preparedness. they're showing pictures of Mexico Beach in the Panhandle. Mexico Beach. kind of ironic huh? Mexico Beach is gone. those people need that money. the people in Puerto Rico need that money. and he wants to build a fence. A FENCE! come on man!
TheBizzle1984 - Vor 2 Monate
No one says wheels are medieval. They're prehistoric.
TheBizzle1984 - Vor 2 Monate
Perfectional? Is that a cross between perfectionist and professional?
Luther Kite
Luther Kite - Vor 2 Monate
trump=best comedian ever!!!111!!1
Miranda M
Miranda M - Vor 2 Monate
I've been watching Seth Meyers every night for the last 3 or 4 months! Everything he says is so true and he always keeps me laughing! Love you Seth!!! 😁🖤
Sam Sung
Sam Sung - Vor 2 Monate
meyers: "more gravy for your brain?"
liberal: "yes please!"
Sean Sbragia
Sean Sbragia - Vor 2 Monate
"A wheel is older than a wall." FALSE
J Rodgers
J Rodgers - Vor 2 Monate
His brain is is Medieval
J Rodgers
J Rodgers - Vor 2 Monate
And does anyone really believe that he knows more about technology than anyone LOL the barriers have been there one of the Bush family but for him to lie and say that this was all his idea the drones they all help but again he says no one knows more about technology danita's that's that's the case where are so doomed
J Rodgers
J Rodgers - Vor 2 Monate
They have nothing in Mexico the cars 50 years old it's a joke he's a joke
Gilbert Jones
Gilbert Jones - Vor 2 Monate
This is one dumb dude!!! He sounds like a confused 5th grader trying to explain something before he researched it.
Gilbert Jones
Gilbert Jones - Vor 2 Monate
He lo es to brag about EHST he got. Thete weren't 300 "HAMBERBERS" in the first place. Now he says 1,000??? He even said something about how great the Rep. Party was doing also which was a lie.
AJT - Vor 2 Monate
first timer
last timer
187 gangster
187 gangster - Vor 2 Monate
we are the laughing stock of the world so sad
187 gangster
187 gangster - Vor 2 Monate
trump what a fucken IDIOT😆🖕
pat pat
pat pat - Vor 2 Monate
Trump is roman babylonian leader nero reincarnated. Also read obidiah 1 verse 4 though thou exalt thyself as the eagle and though thou set thy nest amongst the stars , thence will i bring thee down , thus saith the LORD.
Frances Magnus
Frances Magnus - Vor 2 Monate
Look at the STOOGES around turd,THEY ARE SNICKERING, SCOFFING, LAUGHING, AT HIS LIES!! turd makes things up,and always talks in circles, he starts and ends with the??????,,
Brad Forbes
Brad Forbes - Vor 2 Monate
Evil Canadians at work ..
M Brr
M Brr - Vor 2 Monate
"The wheels on these buses go round and round."😂😂😂
D Mack
D Mack - Vor 2 Monate
F#*k me... who voted for this orange clown?... he's obviously not right in the head.
Cynthia Clayworth
Cynthia Clayworth - Vor 2 Monate
I hate to say is but he's completely forgotten about the shutdown.
Brutus Buckeye
Brutus Buckeye - Vor 2 Monate
wow I'm sitting here watching the local news here in Florida right now and they said the estimated cost total damage in the Panhandle for Hurricane Michael is about 5 billion dollars! 5 billion dollars? where do I keep hearing that number at? where do we really need to invest 5 billion dollars? seems like a no-brainer.
Bonnie Kuhn
Bonnie Kuhn - Vor 2 Monate
Trump is painful to listen to; Pence's clenched fist tell it all;.
oderus urungus
oderus urungus - Vor 2 Monate
K4Z4Y - Vor 2 Monate
Why do we pay the president if the government is shut down? Can we not do that, thanks.
Christy Foster
Christy Foster - Vor 2 Monate
Archeologist note: While we do not know when wheels were invented, I can promise you that it is likely a wall came first. Where the heck did he get the opposite idea?? o_O
Dadz Coin
Dadz Coin - Vor 2 Monate
What the F*CK is the Orange Idiot even talking about? If the average American mumbled and shoveled as much SH*T as this moron does, they'd be put away.
Nick M
Nick M - Vor 2 Monate
More likely he watched Mad Max and thought Furiosa was smuggling War Boys into Las Cruces NM.
mike baker
mike baker - Vor 2 Monate
well this guy is a real idiot. One the wall would be Americas Wall and the criminal Democrats do nothing for America. The have done nothing for America for more than a century and really lie and steal to achieve their ends. If this guy had a brain maybe this segment of his show would be devoted to the criminal ends that the last administration put us through and none of them have been prosecuted. So Mr smart guy when will the criminality end for those elitist in power? just how much will America put up with in corruption led by the criminal democratic party??? right their in our faces and they walk no problem if it were us lock us up and throw away the key.......
John De Marchi
John De Marchi - Vor 2 Monate
trump has no empathy. he is use to evicting people from his building!
galkerplunk - Vor 2 Monate
The oldest wheel found was in Slovenia made from wood and dates back to approximately 3200 BC.. meanwhile the oldest remnants of the wall were found in SE of Turkey (mesopotamia) and dates to 11500 years ago.. I'm really afraid of how naive people in usa are.. basicly everything that comes out of president Trumps mouth is a complete nonsense. :(
Moo Man
Moo Man - Vor 2 Monate
I just want to get back to work! and no you don't get my vote we want you gone.
Nelson Vargas
Nelson Vargas - Vor 2 Monate
Liberals , we'll meet again in 2020 .
Nelson Vargas
Nelson Vargas - Vor 2 Monate
Liberals keep calling it Trump's wall , it's my wall as well .
Wik Jean-Baptiste
Wik Jean-Baptiste - Vor 2 Monate
V a r g a s, another George Zimmerman type
Nelson Vargas
Nelson Vargas - Vor 2 Monate
Typical liberals giving one side of the story .
Jim Morgan
Jim Morgan - Vor 2 Monate
"A wheel is older than a wall"
Thomas Panto
Thomas Panto - Vor 2 Monate
ISDIOTTRUMP: Drug dealers and teeroristrs son't cross barren desertsDRUG lords and terrorists come to America FIRST CLASS aboard Amwerican Airlines.
Tony Carter
Tony Carter - Vor 2 Monate
Sounds like a Bugs Bunny cartoon. "make a left turn at the wall!" Now then where's Albuquerque?
Sophia Luxamar
Sophia Luxamar - Vor 2 Monate
Im telling you this guy is ridiculously slow.
Young Benny
Young Benny - Vor 2 Monate
Fudge your wall!!!
John Knighton
John Knighton - Vor 2 Monate
Trump is so damn stupid but everybody in America every American everyone in the world is laughing at his dumbass trumpet just playing out right stupid along with his stupid ass family
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