Hurricane Florence floods North Carolina beach community

Margaret Barksdale
Margaret Barksdale - Vor 24 Tage
Stay if you want, but please don't put anyone else in danger...
Science lover
Science lover - Vor 28 Tage
They might survive the hurricane because in the United States are houses are much better than the third world country has
dirty southernboy
dirty southernboy - Vor 29 Tage
I heard that old man was last spotted clinging to a piece of his house somewhere in the Atlantic ocean.
Khgkiug Giugy
Khgkiug Giugy - Vor Monat
Im currently in the hurricane, farther inland thankfully, but it is so frustrating that all these people stay and "ride out" the storm then call for help! Like you were warned how many times to leave...?
Browneyes rule
Browneyes rule - Vor Monat
Look up geoengineering enough said
Aaron Sejas
Aaron Sejas - Vor Monat
0:42-0:47 meme material here
Shundra Watson
Shundra Watson - Vor Monat
That weather will take him and his house up stream don't play with mother nature not worth your life
rose bergonia
rose bergonia - Vor Monat
Smg4 Bowser
Smg4 Bowser - Vor Monat
Not North Carolina outer banks I always go on vacation there :(
Dbo Baggins
Dbo Baggins - Vor Monat
Snow flake channel
Ellie Rogers
Ellie Rogers - Vor Monat
Please send prayers to my nan she lives in America north Carolina and she's 67
Sean 8
Sean 8 - Vor Monat
Are these people still alive?
Samantha Speaks
Samantha Speaks - Vor Monat
So stupid that people stayed even though they were told if you stay you may be on your own. Why do people sometimes not think and realize this is the difference between life and death,your material stuff is not worth your life!!!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💔😭
Ben Malloy
Ben Malloy - Vor Monat
They don't care because they're stupid
Ben Malloy
Ben Malloy - Vor Monat
Samantha Speaks because people think God is bad and they're bad themselves
Ari -Lab
Ari -Lab - Vor Monat
Tem gente que subistima a natureza. AE morre e não sabe pq.
ObscureGames - Vor Monat
"No" not going to lie some reason the way he said no made me laugh.
southern04man - Vor Monat
Bc he knows what he is doing. He knows TWC is faking the intensity of the storm.
Milhouse - Vor Monat
Waiting for religious radical nutjobs to blame this on abortion and same sex marriage even if North Carolina is one of the most socially conservative states in the country.
Gregory Campbell
Gregory Campbell - Vor Monat
Please meme this dude
Gregory Campbell
Gregory Campbell - Vor Monat
Nervous?...Nooooo lmao
Anthony Tate
Anthony Tate - Vor Monat
Dont know why its so important for these networks to over exaggerate conditions on the ground. SMH
William Shores
William Shores - Vor Monat
I heard from anonymous source the sky is forming clouds, the sun will burn, the moon will be in space and yes even the earth will spin. So prayer goes out to all the people in the path of this hurricane. Extra Prayer for the hate filled people.
Sara Me
Sara Me - Vor Monat
Some of the footage in this video paints a highly exaggerated picture of the devastation, like the photos from Carolina beach (which were taken before the storm actually hit yesterday) - that water on that road is barely 3" high (which your editors would should know because they saw the rest of the footage). Who could drive a boat on that? This is people's lives - their livelyhood and property - we're talking about. You should be more responsible in your coverage.
southern04man - Vor Monat
+siri H there is a lot of exaggeration. Like the guy for TWC leaning with the wind. Or Anderson cooper standing in a ditch. Fake news sheep
siri H
siri H - Vor Monat
Lol they were taking before the storm hit like you said so just imagine how it's gonna be like when it actually does hit. There is no exaggeration.
MarriageSupper SusanDavisUTube
get mad ppl staying riding it out, yet news casters are there too. hybercrites!
Harley Supinger
Harley Supinger - Vor Monat
I was just in NC on that same beach...this is insane to see...
cock news network
cock news network - Vor Monat
Man dies at 71
belly tripper
belly tripper - Vor Monat
Kalani Whitney
Kalani Whitney - Vor Monat
if ur in north carolina we should meet!
JulPepsi LWGolden
JulPepsi LWGolden - Vor Monat
MrGood5ive - Vor Monat
Don't these stubborn stupid people know that they are putting the rescuers lives at risk. I'm sorry to say but..... I hope the rescuers don't risk their live for these stupid people.
siri H
siri H - Vor Monat
Don't be sorry, I hope no one risks their life for them too. They deserve whatever happens to them.
siri H
siri H - Vor Monat
+trader025 agree.
trader025 - Vor Monat
Unfort. now first responders need to risk their own lives to save the idiots that didnt evacuate. There should be a heavy fine for failing to evac in a mandatory evac zone.
Ihate_ mylife
Ihate_ mylife - Vor Monat
It's their choice.
Sleaz Harvey
Sleaz Harvey - Vor Monat
Fake weather, no collusion
El - Vor Monat
take your guns with you
xX squeaker Xx
xX squeaker Xx - Vor Monat
Rich and stupid
ashley party
ashley party - Vor Monat
Need to go back to that gentleman's house after the storm and see how much damage was caused. Prayers for him and everyone else that decided to not evacuate.
siri H
siri H - Vor Monat
Miracle Prude
Miracle Prude - Vor Monat
Oh no
TheKATON666 - Vor Monat
lmao footage of scary waves, sea wall crumbling, water rushing into streets... when you see the waves get this close, make you nervous? ... no. WHAT? this guy is wild
southern04man - Vor Monat
That is nothing to these people. I been through lots of hurricanes. And this one is not special. That guy is in the best place for this storm.
vefvefvf Jolly
vefvefvf Jolly - Vor Monat
I think it comes with age
Ariana Bedford
Ariana Bedford - Vor Monat
John - Vor Monat
When you just trying to Netflix and chill and she asks you to pull your meat out 0:45
ObscureGames - Vor Monat
Devyn N
Devyn N - Vor Monat
pieordi - Vor Monat
there is a way to avoid it old man, you get in a vehicle - and drive inland
Official Lepraxronik
Official Lepraxronik - Vor Monat
Latest track on my page....
Silver Soto
Silver Soto - Vor Monat
Prayers to everyone out there😔
mariomanningfan - Vor Monat
Its a shame and its very selfish. I guess its fine though so long as you don't ignore the warnings and then ask for help. that's unfair to police, fire, and paramedics who now have to save you. but I guess if you stay by your own choice and live (or die) with the consequences, good luck to you....
Silver Soto
Silver Soto - Vor Monat
+mariomanningfan I agree I can't believe people will stay behind
mariomanningfan - Vor Monat
prayers for the rescuers and any other people that must stay. 0 prayers or thoughts for those that were told to leave and had the means to but didn't. if they call for help, it will be a shame if someone comes for them.
garibay omar neztor mvl ropiendo las reglas 2018
So dont say why me is live god toll u in the biblia
garibay omar neztor mvl ropiendo las reglas 2018
Alll this is in the biblia like god say thos that do mal are going frst and the gay and lisbine too and thos that dont lising will not come with me
Glichty Gamer141
Glichty Gamer141 - Vor 14 Tage
+fiona rose truth
Glichty Gamer141
Glichty Gamer141 - Vor 14 Tage
+✝he Beau✝iful Misfi✝ actually wut?
Glichty Gamer141
Glichty Gamer141 - Vor 14 Tage
+Ben Malloy btw you and your followers are delusional for believing some white dude started everything
Glichty Gamer141
Glichty Gamer141 - Vor 14 Tage
I dont believe in christ sorry
alexxs S
alexxs S - Vor Monat
it is getting tremendously wet, trwmendously amounts of wet rain water that comes from the clouds...
Browneyes rule
Browneyes rule - Vor Monat
Look up geoengineering where weather modification they control our weather
Juan Ortiz
Juan Ortiz - Vor Monat
Nothing is worth your life .....not a house .. Luxury cars nothing people please evacuate!!!!!!!!!
Browneyes rule
Browneyes rule - Vor Monat
Yes and bring your pets because pets do matter
Samantha Speaks
Samantha Speaks - Vor Monat
Juan Ortiz amen! Your material stuff can be replaced,your life cannot !!
alexxs S
alexxs S - Vor Monat
Juan Ortiz mi trocon is first sorry.
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