Science Experiments

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Herr Drumpf
Herr Drumpf - Vor 29 Tage
Wendy has cankles
Cara - Vor Monat
Dr. Kate reminds me of The Magic School Bus teacher.
justmejess24 - Vor Monat
4:10- I'm not judging. Judges silently.😐🤔🤨😏😀
Ginger Dog
Ginger Dog - Vor Monat
I love the fact that Kate is actually excited about this
AbdulAzizSab - Vor Monat
This girl is the whitest creature known to man.
stay triumphant
stay triumphant - Vor Monat
Who’s cleaning up this mess? 😂
Joanie Seepersad
Joanie Seepersad - Vor Monat
I just watched this video and it is just super cool . I love science so much .
Samly Tryson
Samly Tryson - Vor Monat
Why include something like this on the show? We're not kids!
Marco Lopez
Marco Lopez - Vor Monat
I feel smarter already
Karen Young
Karen Young - Vor Monat
Wendy super messy with that Saturday comment lol LOVE ITTTT!!!
Roslyn Marrero
Roslyn Marrero - Vor Monat
She is like a little girl super excited lmao
Matt Knowles
Matt Knowles - Vor Monat
It doesn’t make any difference if they were tricks or science, they were utterly crap. Just rubbish. Perhaps that is why there are no women in science. While we’re on the subject of “we need more women in science” that’s down to the women themselves. Try working hard and choosing a science instead of gender studies or cosmetology or Elizabethan poetry. Millennials aren’t so big on hard work though.
Marie A.
Marie A. - Vor Monat
How funny 😂😂😂 its not saturday
Rags 2 Richez
Rags 2 Richez - Vor Monat
We love Dr Kate😄😄😄 learning is awesome
Wendy: pours oil into bowl
Kate: wow you’re good at this, you’re lovely
Wendy: poors soap into water
Kate: oooo you are a scientist
That chemists anxiety gave me anxiety while watching
English Garden
English Garden - Vor Monat
No more short clips!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nawal - Vor Monat
Why does she remind me of jojo siwa?
Charly Mex
Charly Mex - Vor Monat
i loooove this segment!
Jeffrey Twoey
Jeffrey Twoey - Vor Monat
Wendy about to freebase that one experiment!! 😂😂
cherrydarling909 - Vor Monat
Shes waaay too hyper lol
Tee Brad
Tee Brad - Vor Monat
Wendy : "lights travel through.. what you say?" omg. So funny Wendy !!!
California Pearl
California Pearl - Vor Monat
Wendys ankles look swollen
Jordan JJ
Jordan JJ - Vor Monat
Best Parts are
Tha Stan
Tha Stan - Vor Monat
Kate is the Queen of Science!
Shan baby
Shan baby - Vor Monat
Please bring her back com wendy! At least once a month? I love her. 😁
Ndashe Katunga
Ndashe Katunga - Vor Monat
She can do a breaking bad sequel led by a woman
thrillpro200 rct3
thrillpro200 rct3 - Vor Monat
She talks sooo fast!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mikey Oto
Mikey Oto - Vor Monat
Sabrina T.
Sabrina T. - Vor Monat
Ahah its not saturday
Talon Thomas
Talon Thomas - Vor Monat
This is so cute!
earth angel
earth angel - Vor Monat
Lol her passion. Is awesome!!!!! She means business and no turning back.lots of respect Kate!!!!!!
Shazam Of Themyscira
Shazam Of Themyscira - Vor Monat
Wendy : im not gonna eat it !!!!!
that gave me Patti LaBelle on the Tyra Banks show with the rude chef flashbacks
lucifer morning star
lucifer morning star - Vor Monat
yes something new
Crazy4Nicki143 - Vor Monat
Ayee we love Kate the chemist 👩‍🔬
S Cobar
S Cobar - Vor Monat
I love her
Jennifer K
Jennifer K - Vor Monat
She should have her own show like bill nye the science guy
Xavier Vegiard
Xavier Vegiard - Vor Monat
There is always that woman yelling in the audience 😂😂😂😂
Alanna Hodgson
Alanna Hodgson - Vor Monat
Auntie Wendy’s backing up from the foam thinking “not getting my Gucci sneakers 👟 filled with foam” lol
koilk - Vor Monat
She speaks faster than Twista
enrique mas
enrique mas - Vor Monat
Not going to go for the obvious joke.
Ebony Says
Ebony Says - Vor Monat
It makes me cringe everytime Kate calls Wendy "girl" like a dog. It sounds rude and disrespectful.
Ayden Young
Ayden Young - Vor Monat
My favorite segment!
Tamara - Vor Monat
omg i love wendy
Foxy brown
Foxy brown - Vor Monat
I love Dr. Kate! Her energy and love for science is infectious! 👏🏽❤
Daria S
Daria S - Vor Monat
Yay hook'em horns!
MeaLenea Homer
MeaLenea Homer - Vor Monat
They should've taught Wendy about lab safety first 😂
3dark3soul3 - Vor Monat
Daisy from Bones is that you?!!!!! 😮🤔
Nichole Brooks
Nichole Brooks - Vor Monat
Yassssssss Wendy
T B - Vor Monat
I Love Her, so excited!!! 😊
Melissa Lawrence
Melissa Lawrence - Vor Monat
WENDYYY you should have kate on the show more shes wonderful!
bryan sim
bryan sim - Vor Monat
stupid lol
Danielle M
Danielle M - Vor Monat
She reminds me of Daisy from Bones lol
Cruise Views
Cruise Views - Vor Monat
Love when Kate comes on!!
Andrey Leader
Andrey Leader - Vor Monat
Her excitement is contagious
justgettingbyinlife andbedecent
What is the point kinda pointless and a waste of resources
Stella Mary
Stella Mary - Vor Monat
This was fun!
Stella Mary
Stella Mary - Vor Monat
"get mad at him!" Yes aunt Wendy!!!!
cici love
cici love - Vor Monat
I love watching Kate!!
dionnckruzz - Vor Monat
I like her, she’s so bubbly and in love with her job
Shahida Robertson
Shahida Robertson - Vor Monat
If this child calls Wendy "Girl" one more
Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins - Vor Monat
I really love her excitement!
whocares99 whocares99
whocares99 whocares99 - Vor Monat
Dr. Kate was fun !
Patrice Hrabowskie
Patrice Hrabowskie - Vor Monat
If someone doesn’t give this lady a magic school bus!!
kristinarayart - Vor Monat
I talk this fast after one red bull xD Cool magic! ;)
chrissiejpayne - Vor Monat
This should be your walk of fame costume Wendy! 🤣🤣🤣
Heron Cabo
Heron Cabo - Vor Monat
Wendy ficou top 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Michael - Vor Monat
I better see the full video not in clips tonight
Jo OddArt
Jo OddArt - Vor Monat
Get mad at him!
Robert Henry Scott
Robert Henry Scott - Vor Monat
Cooool. This so awesome
Innocent Spectator
Innocent Spectator - Vor Monat
Loving what u do is called...Bieberdorf😊
TWICE - 'Fancy' 2019.04.22 6PM KST
Live that she thought Wendy was gonna eat the stalagmite 😂
Monique Cobb
Monique Cobb - Vor Monat
Wendy loves getting gifts from her Wendy Watchers! Just FYI I'm sending her some bling from my online boutique where it's Quality Glam & everything is $25 or less! 💕💋
Penelope Gardnerella
Penelope Gardnerella - Vor Monat
i hated that first things
leviny - Vor Monat
Love the science segments ❤️🌡
Kenny 808Kine
Kenny 808Kine - Vor Monat
"Get mad at him!" lol
Victoria Neal
Victoria Neal - Vor Monat
she is a gem just a lovely person!
Nassan Sousa
Nassan Sousa - Vor Monat
This was fun, she s fun 2!!
Crystals Kiss
Crystals Kiss - Vor Monat
Wendy: we need more women scientists!
Also wendy: are you pregnant? so do you have any kids yet? Dont worry you still have time.
Woman scientist(Kat): No kids, maybe some day... Alright everyone now BACK to the science!!!
milagro lazo
milagro lazo - Vor Monat
Wendy do too much don't push any woman about kids and they gonna be uncomfortable 😣😮😞
Lily !
Lily ! - Vor Monat
Lol she’s the old fashioned auntie
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