Meet The Pences | November 15, 2017 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

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Berzerker Juice
Berzerker Juice - Vor 10 Monate
Beady eyed Jesus freak
Scott Jewett
Scott Jewett - Vor 10 Monate
Why does their marriage, which is apparently so strong, need protection? Why is having dinner with another woman a danger to them?
negra lopez
negra lopez - Vor 11 Monate
donald trump is garfield too funny
negra lopez
negra lopez - Vor 11 Monate
700 hundred club after dark
daniel job
daniel job - Vor 11 Monate
Mike Pence: The man who will be VEEP right up until the troll in Trumps mirror tells him that LBJ gave the order to Ted Cruz's dad!
Leo, Januszewski
Leo, Januszewski - Vor 11 Monate
Pence foresaw "#metoo." The Pence Rules should be taught at business schools.
eric blair
eric blair - Vor 11 Monate
I prefer her meet the perverts with Eric Snidermann and his battered brides. She really dug that guy.
Jay Burningham
Jay Burningham - Vor 11 Monate
5:19 They have children?!
lisa houk
lisa houk - Vor 11 Monate
hypocrisy for so called christians!!
paul1x1 - Vor year
They seem happy enough I disagree with him but it’s s free country
Rachel Garber
Rachel Garber - Vor year
Yeah, and another former Democrat, Ronald Reagan, called his wife mother.
Who knows?
Who knows? - Vor year
Mooooooommmmmm, did you have to start a whole towel charm business cause I J’d off into your towel that one time?
William Carter
William Carter - Vor year
I wonder if he calls his mother Wife.
Mo'mina Makin
Mo'mina Makin - Vor year
Mike Pence has a mommy kink
Dave Watson
Dave Watson - Vor year
700 Club After Dark. LOL
Celtic Douglas
Celtic Douglas - Vor year
How childish.. Grow up.
Khary Marshall
Khary Marshall - Vor year
she is dangerously funny and accurate
Adrian Rami
Adrian Rami - Vor year
They deserve cancer! Hope they have it for a long and agonizing time.
Catalina Simmons
Catalina Simmons - Vor year
Does pat robertson have eyes? Or are they hidden by fur?
Catalina Simmons
Catalina Simmons - Vor year
Good call about Indiana
Sambo Rambo
Sambo Rambo - Vor year
Compete retards. I'll never understand conservatives.
So glad it's a dieing breed 👍👍🏻👍🏼👍🏽👍🏿
Harry The Ripper
Harry The Ripper - Vor year
I mean I call my girlfriend mommy.... But I'm a little so it's less weird.
BILL MURRAY - Vor year
I suggest ALL voters take this for what it REALLY IS:
Can anyone else SEE that?
Lori W Bahadur
Lori W Bahadur - Vor year
Thumbs up for Garfield!
ronald sugden
ronald sugden - Vor year
The thing I like about your show is it's very organized. Stephens show is great but lacks serious organization that's why I worked so long on conan if I scrolled through past episodes it would be easy the bad part about Stephens show you can't go back to it with out changing past event your organization skills are great but hope for a great new season keep up the good work
ozwzrd - Vor year
Mike Pence: the credible threat delaying impeachment.
Sandra Roe
Sandra Roe - Vor year
MAGA. Still crying after a year ... so how's your life doing otherwise , oh wait your to busy drowning in tears... sad sad sad ...
Blue101 Blue102
Blue101 Blue102 - Vor year
She has nice legs I couldn't pay attention to a word she said
Jimmy Jenns
Jimmy Jenns - Vor year
Samantha's expressions are killing it in this one
James Mash
James Mash - Vor year
smiley mike & his wife must be the most disgusting excuse couple in America!
Mike Miller
Mike Miller - Vor year
Amazing commentary
John Metzger
John Metzger - Vor year
Move to Liberia if you hate whites, better? No.
yolowell - Vor year
"Moooooom did you start a towel charm business cause I j'd-off into that towel one time?"
Jobin Quiba
Jobin Quiba - Vor year
If I wanted commercials I'd watch TV
Free Speech
Free Speech - Vor year
Can we come up a government funded program designed to cure crazy folks from lying and supporting lairs?
Brown American Nationalist
Yeah, let's mock a couple who's happy, free from the poison of feminism, have produced children, and live their life to the fullest. Feminism is mind cancer. Women today are more unhappy than ever before.
Suzette Figgs
Suzette Figgs - Vor year
Samantha go girl!
Tyler Kochman
Tyler Kochman - Vor year
I love the whole sitcom credits. I know that is Ashley, not 100% certain which male staff member sang it with her.
dephxaz - Vor year
Who the heck call his wife... ""mother""!!!!
Water - Vor year
Samatha please you need to find a new job you’re the least funny person in the world
jeremalaria - Vor year
indiana state motto is accurate
Angel Cosme
Angel Cosme - Vor year
thank you Samantha Bee!
dreams - Vor year
You know pence is a closeted pervert with a mommy fetish
dreams - Vor year
They’re so memeable
Imoddest Oddish
Imoddest Oddish - Vor year
They are SO boring it's kind of suspicious...
A kp
A kp - Vor year
1:58 is just 😂😂 and 6:18 makes sense.
A kp
A kp - Vor year
His parents must be disappointed.
Doug King
Doug King - Vor year
blipco5 - Vor year
That towel charm could put an eye out.
Jezabel - Vor year
Sorry Sam, he is going down with the rest of them...we shall demand a new election...
John Hamilton
John Hamilton - Vor year
You can't have a strong military and less taxes you idiot.
The Timejumper
The Timejumper - Vor year
Can an educated conservative please explain how a "small government" includes spending hundreds of billions of dollars on the military and fighting to restrict basic freedoms from certain groups of US citizens?
In all honesty, I legitimately want to know, because that seems like a paradox to me. A "small government" to me means the government stays out of people's lives and doesn't spend exuberant amounts of money
Scott Murray
Scott Murray - Vor year
Sorry Sam, but your shirt is horrid!
CYBER TROLL - Vor year
Hes almost as bad as joe the child groper biden!
Kyrie English
Kyrie English - Vor year
Sam's pants look ridiculously tight.
jabulani masilela
jabulani masilela - Vor year
How funny would it be if women came out accusing Pence of groping them
disgusted1 - Vor year
The man one KFC induced heart failure away from the presidency. Thank you Jesus.
Ra Amen
Ra Amen - Vor year
CigarMaven_OpusX - Vor year
U are a pathetic animal. Making fun of such a wonderful and upstanding family? Shame on you.
psychotronik13 - Vor year
I got your 700 Club Afterdark right here baby!
Ruben Avalos
Ruben Avalos - Vor year
No doubt about it, this guy would make a near theocracy.
Sailor X Nibiru
Sailor X Nibiru - Vor year
That intro for the Pence piece is very solid. What I feel Oliver, Meyers, and Colbert are missing with their jokes.
Jon Dunmore
Jon Dunmore - Vor year
1:22 -- I was watching this clip and my gaydar did a triple swan off the high tower and died gurgling in the cucumber-shaped swimming pool.
Keagan D
Keagan D - Vor year
"Every marriage is different" - that's also how I explain my cuckold fetish
lillyDJ15 - Vor year
How offensive! Garfield is a cool kitty, please don’t drag his name down to cinnamon hitler’s level... other than that, it was on point.
Peter Piper
Peter Piper - Vor year
Did you know indiana has its own time zone? When you cross the state border you have to set your watch back 100 years.
Peter Piper
Peter Piper - Vor year
Feed the birds! Tu Pence a bag!
Fahim ur Rahman
Fahim ur Rahman - Vor year
Laziest talk show ever. New episode comes out once every 500 years.
HybridFlu - Vor year
Forget about the impeachment. Impeaching Trump Republican will declare war.
David Barrington
David Barrington - Vor year
Love Sam
Old Wisdom
Old Wisdom - Vor year
Pence is 58? Looks like 70.
Joe X
Joe X - Vor year
This could be very funny.
But the canned laughter ruins it.
Robert Williams
Robert Williams - Vor year
Considering the alternative maybe Trump shouldn't be impeached. ...
Adam Dundas
Adam Dundas - Vor year
I love making fun of Pences, there is so much wrong with those two. But, Lt. Michael Pence (their son) is a good guy. Let's leave him out of it.
DE Books
DE Books - Vor year
90% ad hominem. Unwatchable.
yohei72 - Vor year
In what way? I suspect you're misusing the term ad hominem, like most people.
mudshark jones
mudshark jones - Vor year
lol its comedy. 90% of the best comedy is ad hominem.
steve allen
steve allen - Vor year
Hey sammy quick ? Has a man ever told you you were half way fuckable??? Nah, didn't think so. I bet someone has told you that you are a younger version of crazy nancy. Well let's hope my Christmas wish comes true and you catch a deadly disease you pos.....Merry Christmas
Keith Porter
Keith Porter - Vor year
Steve Allen x
Not allowed around other women or alcohol without the wife's supervision? Does anyone else suspect there was an incident(s) that led to these rules being laid down? She should be able to trust him if they truly have a solid relationship.
Kristina Halfmann
Kristina Halfmann - Vor year
“Shellacked. The. Loaf.” Hilarious.
Jasmine Houston-Burns
Though I am pro-choice, I find argument that life doesn't begin until a certain stage somewhat distasteful and unnecessary.
Bob Lowney
Bob Lowney - Vor year
creeps, creeps, creeps
Bob Lowney
Bob Lowney - Vor year
he is three years younger than me? Yikes!
jgjtsngh - Vor year
he looked so handsome in his youth. who knew someone that good looking could be so evil?
Vincent Kline
Vincent Kline - Vor year
S.B. is a well paid schill... on a superfluous note she desperately needs a stylist.
Danny Flores
Danny Flores - Vor year
go back to Canada I mean since you really hate America so much
Alan Norris
Alan Norris - Vor year
I have lived in Indiana my entire life. That should definitely be our state motto.
Jacqueline Grey
Jacqueline Grey - Vor year
Walter S.
Walter S. - Vor year
Mike pence is a modern day westernized form of islam.
Archibald Tuttle
Archibald Tuttle - Vor year
Garfield! So obvious! How could I miss that?
big spoon
big spoon - Vor year
700 club after dark - lol.
And as for the towels...everyone in the family should have his own ROD. If you mistake your husbands Rod for your sons; you have much bigger problems Karen.
I'd just wash the towel and forget about your charms. But next time Karen; be sure you know whose ROD was whose.
Deacon Verter
Deacon Verter - Vor year
Pence is a greedy liar.
empresspip - Vor year
Love the show! But what about that camera framing? Generally not a good idea to cut people off at the joints in photography because it's unnerving to viewers. It looks like Sam's knees got sliced here...
Trevor Ketchum
Trevor Ketchum - Vor year
you had me at innocent body doubles 😂
William Keys
William Keys - Vor year
If you are bangin her and you call her 'mother', that's creepy.
Maths is difficult
Maths is difficult - Vor year
What are you grateful for:
sctvgirl - Vor year
Mike Pence calls his wife "mother" because he practices Paraphilic infantilism.
Kevin Krueger
Kevin Krueger - Vor year
Happy Thanksgiving everybody! And happy birthday, Garfield! God, I need liquor again.
Swissffun Nani
Swissffun Nani - Vor year
Momma Pence and her vile boy should be poisoned, run over, killed or otherwise viciously harmed and incapacitated. they are heretics, they are bigots, they are insidious.
yohei72 - Vor year
brionbact Don't do the rest of us any favors with your sick assassination fantasies. What's wrong with "voted out of office or impeached, and publicly mocked and humiliated."
Fabio Giraldo
Fabio Giraldo - Vor year
Use a belt please!
Brian Francis
Brian Francis - Vor year
"Indiana: We're Not in the South, so Why Are We Like This?"
This is a bit too real for this Hoosier.
Indianapolis and Bloomington are great; avoid everywhere else.
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