Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

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Julie Hopkinson
Julie Hopkinson - Vor 15 Minuten
Tranquil as a forest, but on fire within. Once you find your center, you are sure to win.
Julie Hopkinson
Julie Hopkinson - Vor 21 Minute
Like legendary knights, those who will stand on the front lines are modern day warriors. And like those honorable, ancient heroes, these lancers will meet their enemies and defeat them!
Julie Hopkinson
Julie Hopkinson - Vor 25 Minuten
Avenge those who have fallen and destroy the enemy!
Roozhina Namazi
Roozhina Namazi - Vor 45 Minuten
Discored 1
Discored 1 - Vor 47 Minuten
Lost Child
Lost Child - Vor 52 Minuten
i want to watch this everyday
zeke pribbernow
zeke pribbernow - Vor 57 Minuten
THEORY:They force Thanos to take another 1/2 the population but... by accident he's part of that 1/2 that die so he kills himself.
Joseph Michael
Joseph Michael - Vor Stunde
Note all the red. The reality stone. Maybe that is going to be a big part of wndgame
AppleTechy - Vor Stunde
Did anyone notice that Thor had his old hammer in the very last scene. Marvel you made an error
IKingkillerII 0p
IKingkillerII 0p - Vor Stunde
Am I the only one who would wait another year for endgame if they added Deadpool.
Sub to PewDiePie Fuck you T-series
Cap: Avengers

Wqadau Tromp
Wqadau Tromp - Vor Stunde
Wouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be the greatest movie of the 21st Century. Love Marvel. Love all the movies. Of course love (and miss) Stan Lee. I'm watching the whole thing, beginning to last end credit scene. Its going to be and has been one hell of a ride...
Matthew Moua
Matthew Moua - Vor Stunde
1:52 Why isn't Captain Marvel walking with the avengers at the end? She prob went to fight Thanos alone and got rekt lol
احمد المصري احمد المصري
واحياه رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم اعملى لايك واشتراك في القناه بتاعتي مش هتخسر حاجة
Austin Boykin
Austin Boykin - Vor Stunde
NinjaAvocado - Vor Stunde
Wheres Deadpool??
The Lego Iron Knight
The Lego Iron Knight - Vor 2 Stunden
What Ever it takes.
Lovely Gacha
Lovely Gacha - Vor 2 Stunden
Can’t wait to. Watch it
TheKingofCorn !
TheKingofCorn ! - Vor 2 Stunden
You could not handle your Mexican food. Where did that lead you? BACK TO THE TOILET.
DullDark. - Vor 2 Stunden
Avengers: whatever it takes
Me: whatever it takes
Aryan Khan
Aryan Khan - Vor 2 Stunden
Captain marvel : I'm the strongest avenger
Thor : "hold my beer "
Shadowheart Playz
Shadowheart Playz - Vor 2 Stunden
ROCKET YASSSSSSSS he better live!
Ya hear that marvel?! HE BETTA LIVE
Ultimate.Lucas - Vor 2 Stunden
Captain America dies in endgame. They go to new York. He has a fight scene with his past self. He wields Mjölnir, and his shield breaks in half. In the final battle everyone is back, that includes the black order as well. After the time jump, thor has long hair again, and hulk wields the stark gauntlet at the avengers hq. Don’t believe me? You will😈
r2flanet - Vor 2 Stunden
Gah, It seems like a thousand years ago...
Since Infinity War came out
We became obsessed with Endgame
Realized the movie was 1 year till it came out
I know I said we would wait
I was really hoping it would come out sooner...
Shadowheart Playz
Shadowheart Playz - Vor 2 Stunden
Dam dis movie is so long O_O but Im so excited I love Avengers!!!!!!
clout memes
clout memes - Vor 2 Stunden
7 days
xReaverx23x - Vor 2 Stunden
Whatever it takes.......cause i love the adrenaline in my face
Cody Anderson
Cody Anderson - Vor 2 Stunden
Robert Downey Jr. says the final 8 minutes of this movie are the best in the entire MCU series
Guy Random
Guy Random - Vor 2 Stunden
These people keep spoiling the End Game on youtube
That make me so scared enough not to take a break while scrolling down the videos list right on their thumbnails
MERAN NOUMAN - Vor 2 Stunden
Thanos: I want to destroy this universe
Audience: whatever it takes
Game On
Game On - Vor 3 Stunden
I just want to say that..
Ok, this has been on my mind for a long long time. If the Marvels possibly fail on there fight for freedom, please!!! Make a movie with the justice league and the marvels together to win the battle for freedom. I don't know how they will come together but make it possible because I have been watching both marvels and justice league since I was 3 and I thought they were both on the same side but. I was wrong. Please make this movie happen!
Thằng chuyên like dạo
Thằng chuyên like dạo - Vor 3 Stunden
*Well this outro still make me scare XD*
TheGamingBrothersDK - Vor 3 Stunden
Going to watch it this Wednesday so excited
Stogie2112 - Vor 3 Stunden
The last 8 minutes of Endgame are "the best in Marvel history". (RDJ)
OK, so if you really, REALLY have to pee, and there are 8 minutes left in the film ....
John Marston
John Marston - Vor 3 Stunden
foxy gaming
foxy gaming - Vor 3 Stunden
leave a like if captin will die and iron man :(
SammyLifeIsAMeme - Vor 3 Stunden
My birthday is on the 28th so cool
[S]hadowGaming - Vor 3 Stunden
Me: I pre ordered seats for endgame.
Mom: What did it cost?
Me: Your Credit Card...
Fabian Barreto
Fabian Barreto - Vor 3 Stunden
Lets get this to 100 million views
n67iz - Vor 3 Stunden
Wait ,
so how is ant man is St alive??
Yasser AJ
Yasser AJ - Vor 4 Stunden
I hope Thanos wins
He is very correct about everything
Henry Ohm
Henry Ohm - Vor 4 Stunden
I'm Taking a empty 2 liter so i can pee in it without missing a beat, and some steak to eat.

John Marston
John Marston - Vor 3 Stunden
Whatever it takes my comment said that
Thomas Vann
Thomas Vann - Vor 4 Stunden
What if the scene of tony in space is actually from the ending of the movie
mike prank lol
mike prank lol - Vor 4 Stunden
Super 👋👋
Jisters - Vor 4 Stunden
I... I'm gonna loose my mind...
shirleen Wallace
shirleen Wallace - Vor 4 Stunden
shirleen Wallace
shirleen Wallace - Vor 4 Stunden
This movie is going to be insane I cant wait
Oh Yeah yeah
Oh Yeah yeah - Vor 4 Stunden
I’ve seen leaked footage of endgame any questions ask below 👇🏻
John Marston
John Marston - Vor 3 Stunden
+Oh Yeah yeah oh ok but does any of the avengers die because some of the clips show someting about it but im not sure
Oh Yeah yeah
Oh Yeah yeah - Vor 3 Stunden
John Marston my guess if hulk uses it to reverse the snap they all come back have a big fight as you could see then you see Peter holding the gauntlet and carol says u have something for me so they destroy it I think thanos won’t die though
John Marston
John Marston - Vor 3 Stunden
+Oh Yeah yeah one more thing what happens at the end
John Marston
John Marston - Vor 3 Stunden
+Oh Yeah yeah ok thanks
Oh Yeah yeah
Oh Yeah yeah - Vor 3 Stunden
John Marston some time has past must of just grown
Camille D. Jamerson, CEO
Camille D. Jamerson, CEO - Vor 4 Stunden
The new "To the end" trailer is major for all the feels, goosebumps and major nostalgia... but this one built anticipation on a ridiculous level...the MUSIC was EVERYTHING. I truly hope its included in the soundtrack. It was GOLD.
A Precious Basket Case
A Precious Basket Case - Vor 4 Stunden
But spidey can't be dead because of Far From Home. Right? RIGHT?!
John Marston
John Marston - Vor 3 Stunden
Yes he comes back
Griffin Moeller
Griffin Moeller - Vor 4 Stunden
Uhhg. I'm watching this one week before it arrives. I am not emotionally ready
Stogie2112 - Vor 4 Stunden
Stark: "If you throw another moon at me, I'm going to lose it."
Thanos: "I guess you're going to lose it." [Throws Ganymede and Europa at Stark]
Cdog 1020
Cdog 1020 - Vor 4 Stunden
Thors mind:dang i realy should have gone for the head
Radu Theodor Neacsu
Radu Theodor Neacsu - Vor 5 Stunden
This is something DC will never achieve
Evil DAX
Evil DAX - Vor 5 Stunden
Evacuate the city, engage all defenses and get this man a Shield 😀
William Cui
William Cui - Vor 5 Stunden
whatever it takes.
to achieve what? some allegedly glorious future? what future? in the end they will all turn to ashes and dust, and eventually everything will be for nothing anyways. (well, maybe except for Thor. Thor's cool. so is Starlord.)
honestly if it were up to me I'd side with Thanos. may as well be bad. why not?
(lol everyone's probably gonna dislike this comment)
Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali - Vor 5 Stunden
I will be offline next week just to avoid spoilers good bye internet
A-aron Fly
A-aron Fly - Vor 5 Stunden
Mohamed Ali deadass
lol lol
lol lol - Vor 5 Stunden
Antman be like "quantum up yall"
10000 subscribers without a video challenge
Iron man: Whatever it takes
*ANTMAN* -Whatever but i have to suffer in thanos’s a-
Seth Hartley
Seth Hartley - Vor 5 Stunden
Avengers: Whatever It Takes
Bozoo baje
Bozoo baje - Vor 5 Stunden
Tarek Hanbali
Tarek Hanbali - Vor 6 Stunden
Why am I not seeing Thor in a white Avengers suit!? What are you not telling us Marvel!?
Stogie2112 - Vor 5 Stunden
Marvel is telling you that Thor doesn't need a white space suit. He summons the Bifrost.
N Fü
N Fü - Vor 6 Stunden
OMG...This epic Avengers Song is so amazingg
Scarlet Grimory
Scarlet Grimory - Vor 6 Stunden
Saurav Kumar
Saurav Kumar - Vor 6 Stunden
when release this movie
Ruben - Vor 6 Stunden
Tony made a glove for hulk and hulk snaps back everyone lol
Alvin Gould
Alvin Gould - Vor 6 Stunden
Them 3 hours are worth it
BLAL Aymann
BLAL Aymann - Vor 6 Stunden
where is captain marvel
Rohit Soman
Rohit Soman - Vor 6 Stunden
I personally think that everything is gonna start over and the avengers will win because doctor strange saw a 1 possibility where they will defeat thanos👊
Mohammad Saefan
Mohammad Saefan - Vor 6 Stunden
So about my opinion and what's going to happen in the endgame I think everybody no Santos as he is a God so they do that to keep herbs alive because he need to wipe half of the University and they know that because when the ask Doctor Stranger mr. Stark saying why you don't give him he told him we should die for that protect him and we going to act like this so everything they make to Keep Us Alive they all going to be children for Thanos and to protect our galaxy from the universal
akindu 06
akindu 06 - Vor 6 Stunden
Some people will watch this trailer only once.

But no...
Who am I kidding, everyone has probably watched this trailer at least 10 times.
Sam Samson
Sam Samson - Vor 7 Stunden
*Season 2 Netflix SHE-RA comes out the same day as Endgame! April 26!*
Lyriix - Vor 7 Stunden
My quest is to make a comment in every trailer, try find me again :)
Notice how Tony had Blonde hair in the newer clip and in this one hes brown...
Scythe_ Joaquin Cavasos
Scythe_ Joaquin Cavasos - Vor 7 Stunden
Collab with DC
Lyriix - Vor 7 Stunden
Coz 50K dislikes makes sense,
Morgan Payne
Morgan Payne - Vor 7 Stunden
okay i’m calling it:
if speculations are true (going back in time, changing the past, etc) then what if the scenes from past movies shown in the trailer are going to be changed or altered in Endgame??
what if Tony never fought his way out of the cave, what if he never fell in love with Pepper, what if he never became Ironman. What if in order to change the future Tony has to erase the past. What if Tony Stark has to erase himself?
“Whatever it takes.”
What if for everyone that said “whatever it takes” in other trailers changes or erases parts of their past?
Just a thought. Or maybe something along these lines.
TheDankCoffeeWhale - Vor 3 Stunden
Please stop. I'm not ready for this
Morgan Payne
Morgan Payne - Vor 7 Stunden
Stogie2112 that’s a really good point. :)
Stogie2112 - Vor 7 Stunden
If we play that scenario, then it would be better for Steve Rogers to go back in time and prevent Red Skull from getting the Tesseract in Norway. That is what started the entire chain of events. When humans first harnessed the power of the Space Stone, other beings (like Thanos) became aware of its location.
MEL FCBJX - Vor 7 Stunden
What about T’challa, Groot, Peter and all the other people who vanished were did they go?
Stogie2112 - Vor 7 Stunden
Rurico Rosa
Rurico Rosa - Vor 7 Stunden
OMG THE MOVIE IS IN 7 OR 6 DAYS IM EXITED😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😄!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh Wowow
Oh Wowow - Vor 7 Stunden
Real fans would be like "ONLY 3hours???"
Deven Tambade
Deven Tambade - Vor 7 Stunden
6 days left
Rurico Rosa
Rurico Rosa - Vor 7 Stunden
I agree dude
Peyton Lovato
Peyton Lovato - Vor 7 Stunden
I'm actually mad that Tony is going to make it out of the spaceship. 1:56
Mazher Md
Mazher Md - Vor 7 Stunden
Watching again again for Asgard entry .....
Hit Or Miss Lady
Hit Or Miss Lady - Vor 7 Stunden
Black Widow : Even if there’s a small chance , we owe it to everyone who isn’t in this room to try...
Everyone that died : 🎵I wanna be in the room where it happens🎵
(If you don’t get it , it’s fine!)
Balaji Kasirajan
Balaji Kasirajan - Vor 7 Stunden
Watching all endgame clips in loop. Whatever it takes.
Sienna Gabriel
Sienna Gabriel - Vor 7 Stunden
Did doctor Strange not see the possibility of Thor like hitting Thanos head or cutting of his arm?
EyadAbdo12 h
EyadAbdo12 h - Vor 8 Stunden
Im with thanos
Justin Y.
Justin Y. - Vor 8 Stunden
1:45 antman diving into thanos's butthole
Archiemonty - Vor 8 Stunden
Have a small question if some one could chime in with an answer.., In the trailer(s) thors' shown to have a new toy (axe). what I've been wondering is if they/Thor might have salvaged even just a share either the metal or wood of M'jolner? thus the ability to call it to him when wanted?
Muhammad Madni
Muhammad Madni - Vor 8 Stunden
Whatever it takes 6 more days to go until endgame
Saim Avancena
Saim Avancena - Vor 8 Stunden
In 2 Hours and 4 Days... FOR ME
Stogie2112 - Vor 7 Stunden
Saim Avancena ....38 minutes, 3 hours and 6 days for me!
Yen Pham
Yen Pham - Vor 8 Stunden
One question must be answered: How did Scott Lang (a.k.a Ant Man) escape the quantam realm?
Saim Avancena
Saim Avancena - Vor 8 Stunden
You will learn it in a week
XxIt'sNotCadexX - Vor 8 Stunden
This movie is gonna be 3 hours long...
...and it's gonna be the best 3 hours ever
infinite Donuts
infinite Donuts - Vor 8 Stunden did black widow know that thanos said he would spare half of the universe if thanos only said it to tony?
Stogie2112 - Vor 3 Stunden
+infinite Donuts ... Again, BANNER told everyone at Avengers headquarters early in the film.
infinite Donuts
infinite Donuts - Vor 7 Stunden
+Stogie2112 but wait thanos said it after the fight w tony. And yea did tony and nebula drifted in space. and how did she knew if she was on wakanda not on titan?
Stogie2112 - Vor 7 Stunden
Banner knew. He was teleported to Dr. Strange's Sanctum, where he told Strange and Stark. After the battle in NYC, Banner called Steve Rogers for help. He then informed everyone at Avengers headquarters.
viperzhyper - Vor 8 Stunden
Infinity war:
Thor: I see you've copied my beard captain
Cap: Better get rid of this beard before Thor goes for the head
WTF!!! Duniyawalo
WTF!!! Duniyawalo - Vor 8 Stunden
Roses are red
Half the universe is dead
Thor will now,
Go for the head😂😂🤣
Mr. OwO
Mr. OwO - Vor 8 Stunden
We should all thank starlord for giving us a new Avengers movie
Venabow Productions
Venabow Productions - Vor 8 Stunden

1 more week!
Brandon Moore
Brandon Moore - Vor 5 Stunden
@Venabow Productions 6 more days left until Avengers Endgame!
chlørin e
chlørin e - Vor 9 Stunden
Sevent days
2 Dumme 1 Gedanke
2 Dumme 1 Gedanke - Vor 9 Stunden
I have leaked the movie (the first 20 minutes, and all fight scenes)! **No Fake**
When everyone the clips will see, write me on Instagram!
Idk what Iam
Idk what Iam - Vor 9 Stunden
I don’t feel so good....
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