Making My Own Starbucks Pinkity Drinkity

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Madiisuun - Vor Stunde
lmao I made this exact video and used the SAME PINK DRINK RECIPE. I know it's supposed to be strawberry açaí base but I know the EXACT RECIPE U USED. I FEEL THE PAIN
Dapper Snek Boi
Dapper Snek Boi - Vor Stunde
I wonder how many people accualy like this "content."
Kate Van Nocker
Kate Van Nocker - Vor Stunde
I’m so happy to see other Starbucks partners who are also sisters! ❤️☕️
Mikayla Williams
Mikayla Williams - Vor Stunde
This is so fucking funnt
Mikayla Williams
Mikayla Williams - Vor Stunde
IDK Elite
IDK Elite - Vor Stunde
Is this a guy or a girl
B4XXTR4X!!! en Tijuana
B4XXTR4X!!! en Tijuana - Vor Stunde
forevermorebri - Vor Stunde
Ok, maybe I'm just being weird, but what is that on the wall behind him? Jenna and Julien have the same thing in their kitchen but idk how to Google it lol
RobertAmielle - Vor Stunde
i laughed so hard when james thought that the thing on top of the bread were pistachios 😂😂😂
Tik Tok TV
Tik Tok TV - Vor Stunde
Emily Estes
Emily Estes - Vor Stunde
#1 on trending! ❤️
Angus Yeung
Angus Yeung - Vor Stunde
Now i want to go to Starbucks lol
Keyly Peraza
Keyly Peraza - Vor Stunde
Pink drink with a cake pop
Hey, it's Cathy
Hey, it's Cathy - Vor Stunde
you need to tour in Australia!!!!
Laney Olson
Laney Olson - Vor Stunde
as a barista. 4:14 is too fucking real
Chy'onna Clayton
Chy'onna Clayton - Vor Stunde
Sister James is #1 trending
MacKenzie Ann
MacKenzie Ann - Vor Stunde
Let’s do our q-tip test 😂😂😂
edge mcfledge
edge mcfledge - Vor Stunde
Makayla Paluska
Makayla Paluska - Vor Stunde
My order for Starbucks is Same as yours
vlogul câinelui Bruno
vlogul câinelui Bruno - Vor Stunde
Are u coming in Romania?
McKenna Worden
McKenna Worden - Vor Stunde
I’ve worked at Starbucks for 3 years you made the purple drink not the pink drink.
Silja Gull Boine
Silja Gull Boine - Vor Stunde
Pleas come to Oslo, in Norway☺️🙏🏼I love you James😘😍❤️🔥
Bong Srl
Bong Srl - Vor Stunde
Gabriel Cohn
Gabriel Cohn - Vor Stunde
U got
Some good head skills lol
Bella Galaviz
Bella Galaviz - Vor Stunde
8:45 I can’t believe he said ‘scoop’ instead of ‘sister scoop’ 💀
Anthony Bennett
Anthony Bennett - Vor Stunde
you have been kissed by James Charles like to undo🤬😱
Rock7819 - Vor Stunde
This vid lit I can tell the drink taste good af😂
Ella Mathews
Ella Mathews - Vor Stunde
New editor aye?
rajalakshmi varadarajan
sister, I would a 100% love to taste your pumpkin cake even though I don't like pumpkin!! :)
Acer_ Playz
Acer_ Playz - Vor Stunde
I have a theory what if now what if James Charles is secretly a lizard
Jasmine is Vlogging
Jasmine is Vlogging - Vor Stunde
Ayy #1 on trending keep it up sister James ❤️❤️🥰🤪😇☺️
Kang Wormhat
Kang Wormhat - Vor Stunde
when you cant live up to the expectations of a man so you pretend to be a woman
Sonya Fryer
Sonya Fryer - Vor Stunde
Starbucks is quaking the house right now!!! Bet you get the sponsorship you want now so the money stays rolling in! 🤩🤩🤩
P.S... boys love bakers! 😉
Yazmin Orozco
Yazmin Orozco - Vor Stunde
0:51 😂
Stella Blue
Stella Blue - Vor Stunde
why the heckkkk did u add passion tea???????
Benico Cabanit
Benico Cabanit - Vor Stunde
Annoying asf ngl
Athsma Boiii
Athsma Boiii - Vor Stunde
Look up Cambodia nature wtf YouTube
Michetti 11
Michetti 11 - Vor Stunde
Those strawberries being dropped into the cup was so ASMR
Squirrel Grrrl
Squirrel Grrrl - Vor Stunde
Sister James do you think you will ever do a tour in Canada because that would be great!
Angelica Vlog
Angelica Vlog - Vor Stunde
Caramel salted Frappuccino😍❤️💖 is my fav but I also like pink drink plus the iced caramel macchiato
DR. NIGHTMARE - Vor Stunde
Goblok bencong lo
Tik Tok TV
Tik Tok TV - Vor Stunde
He isn’t coming to Minnesota WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😓😓😓😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🤬🤬🤬
Hayley Young
Hayley Young - Vor Stunde
Everyone get ready for the ‘James struggling to cook for two minutes’ videos
Richrd Ruvalcaba
Richrd Ruvalcaba - Vor Stunde
The Iced Matcha green latte with coconut milk with the best I item I used to get pink drinks before
Every Nation
Every Nation - Vor Stunde
Wirkt dezent unfähig!
Edition - Vor Stunde
I said that’s what she said like 1million times in this video
fernando j
fernando j - Vor Stunde
if that was me, nothing would work right.
Allison Miller
Allison Miller - Vor Stunde
James pretending to understand how much $47 is for six minutes straight
Cutiepie Layla
Cutiepie Layla - Vor Stunde
James send me some pumpkin bread in the mail I’ve never had pumpkin bread or the pinkity drinkity. The only Starbucks drinks I have had was the hot chocolate and the pink drink. 😂👍🏾
Mariah Rose
Mariah Rose - Vor Stunde
this was a perfect opportunity to name it ‘VIS’ (very important sister)
Sowmia - Vor Stunde
#1 trending 👏👏
dustin - Vor Stunde
Number 1 on trending everybody, this world is going to shit.
Aaliyah Bobbitt
Aaliyah Bobbitt - Vor Stunde
plz go to guam
Donna Keith
Donna Keith - Vor Stunde
Baby I will see you in Rochester 😭💔
Selena Lee
Selena Lee - Vor Stunde
james was too lazy to go out and buy his drink so instead he went out and bought the ingredients only to spend an hour making the drink at home lol
jeffery a
jeffery a - Vor Stunde
Like if Hillary Clinton should be in jail
Yeet Dude
Yeet Dude - Vor Stunde
I’m a homophobe so fucku you
Danni Westwood
Danni Westwood - Vor Stunde
You are not the person who influenced it being on the menu.
Angie Nava
Angie Nava - Vor Stunde
11:02 when I burn my hand on the comal 💀😂
Steph Cat
Steph Cat - Vor Stunde
I saw the insta post about the tour I got so fucking excited went on the website was going to but VIP tickets then I saw the places he was going and he’s not coming to WA/seattle and I felt my heart DROP I feel like crying
haz_grace xox
haz_grace xox - Vor Stunde
U need to come back to the uk :(
Joanne Donoghue
Joanne Donoghue - Vor Stunde
I work at Starbucks and actually got to take some strawberry açaí base home because of the recall... I’ve been making my own pink drinks at home 🤣
holafabe - Vor Stunde
I’d suggest ordering the strawberry açaí at Starbucks with no strawberries, no water, and no ice. Then, attempt to try this again, but with the correct base.
Steven Jameston
Steven Jameston - Vor Stunde
I'm the kind of guy who goes to starbucks and gets an iced americano.
MommyLife & Beauty
MommyLife & Beauty - Vor Stunde
Did anyone think that the announcement was going to be that he was going to have a COLLAB drink with Starbucks ???
*by the way I made a Starbucks hacks video today* *SISTER SUPPORT PLEASE LOL*
Kat Gamer
Kat Gamer - Vor Stunde
Wow 1st on treading good job!
Crazy Cris
Crazy Cris - Vor Stunde
hahaha, Xbox players hold this L when u got James Charles on xbox live
Christine Sheldon
Christine Sheldon - Vor Stunde
The 27th there is another grand opening of morphe store in Portland or and there are going to be many celebritiy makeup artist there it would be great if you were there you would shut down that whole mall and city in fact that's how many of us love you here I haven't met anybody were I live that doesn't like u
Cassandra Swanson
Cassandra Swanson - Vor Stunde
Passion Tea lemonade 1/2 sweet & lemon loaf. (I miss the raspberry lemon loaf!!!) love this video!!!💕🥰
Ashley Zych
Ashley Zych - Vor Stunde
When he says it’s 5$ and it’s definitely more lol
Elizabet Lara
Elizabet Lara - Vor Stunde
You’re not coming to Oregon 🥺
Michael Hollinger
Michael Hollinger - Vor Stunde
But Friday is when endgame comes out... 😒
Mel Edwards
Mel Edwards - Vor Stunde
THIS IS SUCH A GOOD VIDEO. I love this so much. The switch up of video type was really fun. Love you. Glad you were able to make great pumpkin bread 😂😂
Ayush Narayanan
Ayush Narayanan - Vor Stunde
If it took this long to make a coffee at an actual Starbucks, I would never go back 😐
Mikayla Ellery
Mikayla Ellery - Vor Stunde
Wait... why'd he cut a slice from the middle?😂😂😂
Dipika Chawda
Dipika Chawda - Vor Stunde
11:01 can anyone relate or is it just me?
Sarah Halperin
Sarah Halperin - Vor Stunde
i want to see u on tour but the ticket prices are OUTRAGES omg
Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball - Vor Stunde
this dude going to hell 100% sure
Nianna Long
Nianna Long - Vor Stunde
Why is that and how can you be sure if you aren't capable of sending him there?
a m a n d a
a m a n d a - Vor Stunde
Pink Drink is strawberry acai refresher and coconut milk
Dfaulty - Vor Stunde
First time i'm watching one of his videos, *i'm questioning my sexuality rn*
Willow Francis Raisin
Willow Francis Raisin - Vor Stunde
Laura Martin
Laura Martin - Vor Stunde
I have only just started recently watching your videos and I love you. You seem so genuine and down to earth. I bet your a real laugh to hang around with 😌
a m a n d a
a m a n d a - Vor Stunde
That’s the violet drink but go off sis
Rosa Urquilla
Rosa Urquilla - Vor Stunde
Me encanta Como haces tus videos con mucha energia Que me contagia Por favor has videos en español
Te Veo Desde El pulgarcito De C.A EL SALVADOR
Sylvia Kalege
Sylvia Kalege - Vor Stunde
Everyone is paying attention to him making the drink, but I’m just concerned at the way he shoved the measuring cup into the flour. You need to sift it into the measuring cup James!!!! Rule #1 to baking 🤕
Please come to las Vegas
Dr. Zues
Dr. Zues - Vor Stunde
Hi brothers......

Oh mb lol
Amber Raetz
Amber Raetz - Vor Stunde
My go to is a grande iced white chocolate mocha w/ almond milk and no whip, oh and can’t forget the slice of banana bread 😋
Liz Berrios
Liz Berrios - Vor Stunde
Out of the 24 “major” cities someone managed to forget nyc¿?
Emily G
Emily G - Vor Stunde
James are you going uk xxxxxxx
Un Suk Kim
Un Suk Kim - Vor Stunde
Maria Eugenia Christabelle
Youtube Girl90
Youtube Girl90 - Vor Stunde
Can u come to Norway once?
Gracie Higdon
Gracie Higdon - Vor Stunde
Maccas2016 - Vor Stunde
Do an Australia tour sister! I really want to meet you!!
Michetti 11
Michetti 11 - Vor Stunde
I love his live audience XD
abby burlison
abby burlison - Vor Stunde
13:03 that just gave me really bad ptsd ahahahah
Angel - Vor Stunde
James can sometimes get annoying when he talks but my friends always call me James Charles bc they think I look like him
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