How to mix nail polish colors

Bri M
Bri M - Vor 2 Monate
Omg i remember having 66 subs on my main channle!! Keep going and improving cause you can do it
Yoongi's will to live
Yoongi's will to live - Vor 4 Monate
So cute😁
Radha muthusamy
Radha muthusamy - Vor year
Is that a phone case?
lexie kelly
lexie kelly - Vor 2 years
You could of used the Clair's nail polish you added in there. Not hating just givin you an idea for the future 😊
Wanda Reyes
Wanda Reyes - Vor 3 years
Cool beans!!
Michelle - Vor 3 years
if your doing a french tip mani it needs to be white not brown and your to young to have a youtube channel
jackie Peña
jackie Peña - Vor 2 years
Michelleh Poo anyone cam have a youtube channel at any age
Leen !
Leen ! - Vor 2 years
Michelleh Poo well it is her choice on what she wants her nail couler to be
debbdebb60 - Vor 2 years
ERIKA JEANTY - Vor 3 years
bad just bad
hc 25
hc 25 - Vor 4 years
you don't use a paint brush to paint your nail, you use a nail brush.
Carlissa Smith
Carlissa Smith - Vor 8 Monate
You use whatever works.
Lucia Enciso
Lucia Enciso - Vor 4 years
Tip:rehears before the vid and just get to the point
Thank you😗
Jodi McElroy
Jodi McElroy - Vor 5 years
This was really helpful
Suqarcoatinq - Vor 5 years
If you mix black, red and orange, you can also get brown :)
Trisha Mrie Aquino
Trisha Mrie Aquino - Vor 5 years
Easy guys,she's new at this
Yoongi's will to live
Yoongi's will to live - Vor 4 Monate
@Bianca Gabor shes a kid u idiot
Bianca Gabor
Bianca Gabor - Vor 10 Monate
Then why make a video about this and embarrass herself in front of the whole world?
Olivia Ferguson
Olivia Ferguson - Vor 6 years
That's rubbish you might as well of bought the colour
Jordan - Vor 6 years
TheGingerkid2 - Vor 6 years
You're pretty smart to know mixin g complimentary colors will give you a neutral!
Sam N
Sam N - Vor 6 years
keep trying this was a good first video i will subscribe, ok!!! :) :):):):)
alicemkay1 - Vor 6 years
For a first video this was very good keep posting
CrazySwizzley3 - Vor 6 years
No a medium to small brush would work best. Use a old nail polish brush and wash it in nail polish remover. It works better
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