Pacquiao beats Thurman for WBA Super World Welterweight Championship belt | HIGHLIGHTS | PBC ON FOX

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PBC ON FOX - Vor 20 Stunden
What did you think about Manny Pacquiao's victory?
BUM CITY - Vor 32 Minuten
@Bill Clark I agree, I meant worse as in Broner did much worse in the PTS department than Keith did. 👍
Jp Icalla
Jp Icalla - Vor 35 Minuten
Great job to whoever made that highlight. I hope you get promoted to customer.
P Tourne
P Tourne - Vor Stunde
Mabuhay!!!! Pacquiao
TheSlimeCraft - Vor 32 Minuten
Why is this on #1 trending and not Shane’s video

24Devaughn - Vor 32 Minuten
These Highlights make it look like Thurman won the fight lol
Jp Icalla
Jp Icalla - Vor 34 Minuten
Great job to whoever made that highlight. I hope you get promoted to customer.
Aeron Puguan
Aeron Puguan - Vor 34 Minuten
These were the worst highlights I’ve ever seen! Where was the knockdown in Round 1? Time to hire a new editor, Fox..
Gabino Barrera
Gabino Barrera - Vor 36 Minuten
Manny Pacquiao took Keith “one time” Thurman to school.
BRICE ICE - Vor 37 Minuten
I started at 124 subscribers every subscribers= every sit-up and push-up I have to do

Get me to 1k I want a challenge
C K - Vor 37 Minuten
Puerto Ricans suck at boxing
MoneyLine Cartel
MoneyLine Cartel - Vor 38 Minuten
Go watch Jet Blakkk - "All Good" i promise its a hit!!!
Isaac Samano
Isaac Samano - Vor 38 Minuten
These highlights are so horrendous, how is this #1 On Trending?
nam go
nam go - Vor 39 Minuten
Easy Work At Home Jobs
Easy Work At Home Jobs - Vor 39 Minuten
Highlights FAIL?? well done!!!!
TheLegendaryLinx - Vor 40 Minuten
Great fight, good night for boxing!! Terrible editing!!!
Patrick Star
Patrick Star - Vor 40 Minuten
Wow this highlight was well done!

I just love how you didn’t put good highlights.
DrewsHeree - Vor 40 Minuten
#1 on trending is laughable
Elijah M.
Elijah M. - Vor 41 Minute
Welp they beat Shane.
Kaydon Harigel
Kaydon Harigel - Vor 42 Minuten
Sub 2 me
17th Luv
17th Luv - Vor 44 Minuten
Lets dislike bomb for this trash editing 👎👎👎
Markus Lockwood
Markus Lockwood - Vor 48 Minuten
and Money Mayweather is still 51-0
YoursTruly S
YoursTruly S - Vor 50 Minuten
DAZN is better
Prometheus Sama
Prometheus Sama - Vor 52 Minuten
Trash highlight
Ali A
Ali A - Vor 53 Minuten
Awful highlights!
Jaboi - Vor Stunde
I will give you a call when you get a free time thanks for the Christmas stuff and I’ll be there tomorrow and will be back tomorrow and will be doing something fun to you guys tomorrow night and will give him the time I can do that I can give ya guys some stuff to you get it done thanks bob I hope you have fun I hope you guys had fun I hope you’re having fun and fun night
Waterfall Hunters
Waterfall Hunters - Vor Stunde
sofi !!
sofi !! - Vor Stunde
why did you not put the part where pacquiao knocks down Thurman?
VMRC94 - Vor Stunde
When fox was going for thurman lmaoo, f.o.o.h. putos. Manny won and that's that.
James Villanueva
James Villanueva - Vor Stunde
Bro DAZN is killing yall with the instant quality highlights.
5thGen - Vor Stunde
00:58 seconds wtf!
Straight Paper Slots
Straight Paper Slots - Vor Stunde
Smh .......anyways we already knew pac man throws too many punches 💯💯
Ruben Sanchez
Ruben Sanchez - Vor Stunde
I like how how pacman throw a punch after the bell cuz he backed up first when the bell rang but Thurman still went for a punch and manny shot right back
Kung-Fu Kenny Family
Kung-Fu Kenny Family - Vor Stunde
Who's else watching and reading comments in same time??
Can't be the only one😧😕
Mr. Frankenstein
Mr. Frankenstein - Vor Stunde
DAZN has way better highlights than this smh
JB Smoov
JB Smoov - Vor Stunde
Title should be ‘Thurman’s highlights’
Damien Doisher
Damien Doisher - Vor Stunde
PBC ON FOX how are you not gonna show the knockdown or the bodyshot?
Cofresh - Vor Stunde
What kind of highlight is this trash lol
Kevinc 15
Kevinc 15 - Vor Stunde
I just posted a video. Check it out and consider subscribing
Riquelme Oliveira
Riquelme Oliveira - Vor Stunde
Chama nera nera
Nick Graber
Nick Graber - Vor Stunde
what else would i expect from FOX.....THE KING OF FAKE NEWS CLICKBAIT
Markusbesteezyaf - Vor Stunde
Who ever did these highlights needs to be fired ASAP...
Corleone Rogue
Corleone Rogue - Vor Stunde
Rc Salazar
Rc Salazar - Vor Stunde
Lets report this
MegaDcept - Vor Stunde
Put ResPac on his name!!!
YahudahThe LionKing
YahudahThe LionKing - Vor Stunde
Didn’t even know this fight was on..😢
Chameeleein ASMR
Chameeleein ASMR - Vor Stunde
did rian johnson direct this video..

worst thing since last jedi
Lil Dog
Lil Dog - Vor Stunde
That should have not been a split. That was all Pacquiao.
Like if agreed.👍
Cleto - Vor Stunde
Pacquiao with that mf shuffle😤
Navakash Gill
Navakash Gill - Vor Stunde
They didn’t show the knockdown or the 10th round body shot 😂😂 wtf are these garbage highlights.
# Johnny 5
# Johnny 5 - Vor Stunde
Thurman lost and fox got KO'd by the fans for this....
Big butt Lover
Big butt Lover - Vor Stunde
He finally fought some talent !
DroptopGazer - Vor Stunde
Hits #2 trending with more dislikes than likes due to them leaving out the greatest parts of the fight

Good Job YouTube smhh
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