Inside David Dobrik's $2.5M Los Angeles Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

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Daniel - Vor 54 Minuten
What do you do for a living?
“Nothing, I was born with a semi-unlimited bank account.”
Smiley Miley
Smiley Miley - Vor 54 Minuten
Plays angry birds when Natalie has to tie his shoes because he still can't 😂
Catherine McCarthy
Catherine McCarthy - Vor 54 Minuten
“it’s an SUV so i can seat like all 10 of my friends”
*the car only has 6 chairs*
Mary Trump
Mary Trump - Vor 55 Minuten
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트와이스Twice - Vor 55 Minuten
will him with liza back? 😩😭
Catherine McCarthy
Catherine McCarthy - Vor 57 Minuten
Natalie’s Real Job:
1. Tying David’s shoes
2. Ordering Chipotle
3. Shifting the t.v. while David walks in the room
Nalianna - Vor 58 Minuten
"this is the closet. I feel like we were in here a long time."
yeah, about that...
Rainbow - Vor 58 Minuten
Epic id RazeRainbows
Pls gift me any thing
Nae Nae
Nae Nae - Vor Stunde
Crying in broke
KARA - Vor Stunde
Sales in Suave kids tear free shampoo just went up
Shaun Young
Shaun Young - Vor Stunde
“It’s not too modern”
“So here we have an iPad”
Cherry Cherzak
Cherry Cherzak - Vor Stunde
I love his house it really brings out his personality in a elegant way, lol I love when he said that the iPad on the wall is for him to play angry birds!
Kmcredits 101
Kmcredits 101 - Vor Stunde
I can’t stop smiling, he’s too precious😂
Maxwell S
Maxwell S - Vor Stunde
This is such a boring house with a soccer mom car. Why don't you get an apartment in the city or on the beach instead?
Goustman man
Goustman man - Vor Stunde
That's ALSO a Good VIDOS about ghosts! ​​
Touch Bionics
Touch Bionics - Vor Stunde
$2.5 millions house: Door is locked with the nail🤦‍♀️
char - Vor Stunde
can all the people in the comments please understand he *can* tie his shoes

it was a joke
ALeKs SmiRnoV
ALeKs SmiRnoV - Vor Stunde
Pia Mia
Pia Mia - Vor Stunde
He is such a kid with Assistents as parents 😂😂
Google Pap
Google Pap - Vor Stunde
this is my friend Alex
*Points at Snoop Dogg*
And this is my grandma
Leah Jane
Leah Jane - Vor Stunde
David has millions of dollars and uses $2 shampoo 😂
Sarah B
Sarah B - Vor Stunde
I was enjoying the house so much and then my soul shattered when he said ex girlfriend
Hither Mann
Hither Mann - Vor Stunde
*Love the video David ...If anyone wants help and advice to make money and live a better life my channel is just one click away* 😊
Maddy Maltby
Maddy Maltby - Vor Stunde
Goal in life is to just have a ton of fun toys laying all around the house so I never get bored.
Olivia hamrick6807
Olivia hamrick6807 - Vor Stunde
At 7:36 “iS thaT a jUuL pOd
Angel'slove C.
Angel'slove C. - Vor Stunde
Nothing really ordinary out out of David's mouth really...
Ib7 h
Ib7 h - Vor Stunde
"Theres no car better then a Tesla" As a upsessed car enthusiast. I can see why he said that but RELAX
The Youtube Car Show
The Youtube Car Show - Vor Stunde
*David, Alex Ernst and snoop dogg picture on the fridge*
David: 'so here is me, my friend Alex and my grandma'
Sean - Vor Stunde
This guy looks like David Dobrik
H Desilva
H Desilva - Vor Stunde
Worst AD ever.
Allen Yu
Allen Yu - Vor Stunde
Click bait?
pixel Hammer
pixel Hammer - Vor Stunde
This guy doesn’t deserve this house, lucky idiot.
Here's Donie
Here's Donie - Vor Stunde
So your telling me the smartest YouTuber I currently watch doesn't know how to tie his shoes💀💀💀
geetika rhea kaul
geetika rhea kaul - Vor Stunde
*_"wE dOn'T nEgOtiAtE wiTh tErRoRiStS"_*
playdearbird - Vor Stunde
Idk... he seems...overrated.
Bit of Everything
Bit of Everything - Vor Stunde
Hows he have house insurance with that fame thrower. State farm dont watch this.
Julia Bodaneze
Julia Bodaneze - Vor Stunde
I love that he does not take himself seriously, at all.
Satan Satan
Satan Satan - Vor Stunde
Read between the lines... And all I could hear was... "This time, at band camp" over and over again. God... What a pansy!
If you look at his "House" it's really clinical with no emotion to anything. Even his explanation of why he bought it is empty and meaningless.
He's just another kid who'll be Ex Flavour of the month in a few years and won't know what to do without fame and money.
Future prediction 25 yr old... Fame waning and the journey of implosion begins. 30yr old going bald and selling cars cos didn't plan for the future. 40yr old. no money and can't get a job because resume has NO experience valid to the real world and sells house. Moves to home town where everyone publicly understands, but secretly thinks what a douch for wasting so much money.
Yolanda Pelzer Parker
Yolanda Pelzer Parker - Vor Stunde
Eryka Emilien Tchuosi
Eryka Emilien Tchuosi - Vor Stunde
Tries to take out a nail.
*Breaks hammer.
Saul Lopez
Saul Lopez - Vor Stunde
7:36 we juss gon ignore them juul pods😂😂😂😂😂
he spend 2.5m for a mansion but cant pay for security or move to a rich neighborhood with no thieves
Irene Mire Peri
Irene Mire Peri - Vor Stunde
Suave = suap😂😂 its spanish lol
Mica Boni
Mica Boni - Vor Stunde
He’s like a ten year old that has a lot of money
Alice Estes
Alice Estes - Vor Stunde
"So now that I'm single I have a piece that represents who I am now,"
*shows off reflective black mirror*
Caballo pasó fino J.H
Caballo pasó fino J.H - Vor Stunde
Nooo why me
FakerUp - Vor Stunde
*Would be so happy to have just 1% of the views on my last video... who got 1 minute to give an opinion ?*
Tamara Brink
Tamara Brink - Vor Stunde
David: This is my ferrari... wtv
Livi Hales
Livi Hales - Vor Stunde
did i just see a juul pod?
Luna Cat
Luna Cat - Vor Stunde
"It's not too old and not too modern...So here we have an I Pad"😂
Manthan Naik
Manthan Naik - Vor Stunde follow if you want to become successful
Ann Fresco
Ann Fresco - Vor Stunde
I swear I just wanna hug David he’s so adorable
Kaylee Dalton
Kaylee Dalton - Vor Stunde
26 seconds in and David manages to break a hammer and his door 🤣
Ann Fresco
Ann Fresco - Vor Stunde
Alex draws something on a table then David keeps it forever 😂😂💀
Tamara Brink
Tamara Brink - Vor Stunde
david goes between being an ACTUAL SIX YEAR OLD to a straight up pervert
sweetcompetition - Vor Stunde
Led sign... wtf
Jeremy Chen
Jeremy Chen - Vor Stunde
When you realize this guy is married to a 90 year old
Robert Morris
Robert Morris - Vor Stunde
Bonsai trees are ridiculously expensive
Tina92316 - Vor Stunde
And you breathe air for what purpose ?? What a waste of a human being.
Jeremy Chen
Jeremy Chen - Vor Stunde
When you realize this guy is married to a 90 year old
Kswerv 7:77
Kswerv 7:77 - Vor Stunde
I just got to 150 subs. I’m doing a $100 giveaway at 777 subs so sub and comment done on my last video to enter. Also drop a like if you could ❤️🙏🏽
Jesus freak
Jesus freak - Vor Stunde
thebestestoneever - Vor Stunde
Omg, he really is 7, lol
Atlantic Energy
Atlantic Energy - Vor Stunde
iPhones for sale! It's going fast!
Omar Singh
Omar Singh - Vor Stunde
U need circulation in a tank bruh. Fish bowls don’t work
Tamara Brink
Tamara Brink - Vor Stunde
Crew member be like: oooh editing
David be like: it's my job
Brianna Castillo
Brianna Castillo - Vor Stunde
"We dont negotiate with terrorists" (talking about a groundhog) 😂😂😂
John Stewart
John Stewart - Vor Stunde
“Not too modern...”
“So here we have an iPad
FlimsyMelonTWITCH - Vor Stunde
David showing normal things:
David: oh and this is my flamethrower
Nathan Williams
Nathan Williams - Vor Stunde
7:36 peep the mango juul pod
Sklat Man
Sklat Man - Vor Stunde
The juul pod next to the baseball
Balti Pie Guy
Balti Pie Guy - Vor Stunde
stephen deben
stephen deben - Vor Stunde
7:37 this man cheefin mango
dirkman - Vor Stunde
Cringy. This dude bleeds cringe
Brycen Howard
Brycen Howard - Vor Stunde
At 7:37 you can see juul pods
BeeOrange23 - Vor Stunde
David ur not 23 yet
TrinityEnmity - Vor Stunde
Does any YouTubers wanna support one another? I can subscribe back if you subscribed tell me when you're done 😁
Tragic Vicious
Tragic Vicious - Vor Stunde
Meh this is nothing. I have a ps4 and a 66 inch flat screen tv
Ramona M
Ramona M - Vor Stunde
Brilliant! 🥴😂
Flex Mckenzie
Flex Mckenzie - Vor Stunde
I don't like shoes in my apartment too.
hunterX hunter
hunterX hunter - Vor Stunde
Aww we don't cook the rich life
Og Kicks
Og Kicks - Vor Stunde
Peep the juul pod
Smokeallday on PS4
Smokeallday on PS4 - Vor Stunde
Having crazy money to do crazy things looks like so much fun. As much fun as playing #Destiny2 lol.
Miss Who?
Miss Who? - Vor Stunde
This is one of the cutest interview ever.
Alec Urquhart
Alec Urquhart - Vor Stunde
That’s racist David come on 😂
char - Vor Stunde
um what
Hayden Wagenor
Hayden Wagenor - Vor Stunde
I’m trying to get more subs so plz sub thnx
Akalanka Ekanayake
Akalanka Ekanayake - Vor Stunde
We don’t have a lotta fun around here 😂😂😂😂😂
wallflower ika
wallflower ika - Vor Stunde
My ex-girlfriend
FathomSaladino 9
FathomSaladino 9 - Vor Stunde
Chipotle 3-9 times a week. Me if I was rich
l mc
l mc - Vor Stunde
Hi AD it's ADHD....
Miss Who?
Miss Who? - Vor Stunde
I catered chipotle so you guys could have some. (Awwwwww.)
Or I could finish it up. (Same....😭😂)
Jamie Miguel
Jamie Miguel - Vor Stunde
"As im walking in she'll tilt it towards me as im walking to my bed."
L&J_YT - Vor Stunde
*hits blunt* :every picture of you is when you were younger
al amin
al amin - Vor Stunde
Who is he?
Matt Spencer
Matt Spencer - Vor Stunde
only 2.5mill? what a bargain
Brooke Taylor Williams
Brooke Taylor Williams - Vor Stunde
give the fish a bigger tank
Dennis Lynn Rader
Dennis Lynn Rader - Vor Stunde
Whos dat faggo?
Mark Plunkett #JVLOGS
Mark Plunkett #JVLOGS - Vor Stunde
a bit childish but nice house and car
jeff0055 - Vor 2 Stunden
Can someone explain to him the difference between LED and neon?
char - Vor Stunde
neons a colour
Meredith Gray
Meredith Gray - Vor 2 Stunden
There is no way he isn’t stoned in this video
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