Trump and Phil Robertson Freak Out About "Socialism": A Closer Look

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jason lu
jason lu - Vor Tag
how about less aircraft carriers and fighter jets and better health care for all so quality of life is better. China seems to be enjoying themselves. Maybe because they didn't have to go through two wars recently. One which lasted for 20 years and another that brought back two enemy armies.
Phantom X
Phantom X - Vor 2 Tage
So Faux get their medical advice from an inbred hillbilly who thinks the best form of treatment is to just die and then hope God brings you back? Well done Faux. This is a new low.
steelbride74 - Vor 2 Tage
In Germany it works too, and we have also private health care.
Pamela Sutton
Pamela Sutton - Vor 3 Tage
Socialism is an economic and political system where the ways of making a living (factories, offices, etc.) are owned by the workers who run them and the people who depend on them, meaning the value made belongs to the people who make it, instead of a group of private owners. I’m sorry but that sounds awesome to me. Be in charge of your own life.
Pamela Sutton
Pamela Sutton - Vor 3 Tage
Bernie Sanders is the best thing to come along.
mike diamond
mike diamond - Vor 3 Tage
Seth Meyers,is like a pet rock! Not funny,just a pet rock! We love President Trump!
Claus Miran
Claus Miran - Vor 6 Tage
Phil Robertson = Rasputin
freedom1234573 - Vor 6 Tage
The rich are America’s subsidized welfare class
Uthman Baksh
Uthman Baksh - Vor 6 Tage
Probably my favorite episode of A Closer Look, I've watched this like 10 times!
Pamela Waltz
Pamela Waltz - Vor 7 Tage
Hilarious every time I watch it!! Thanks, Seth! I needed that!
makita - Vor 8 Tage
Phil Robertson is so wrong about many of his beliefs. Tragically all due to his religious dogma.
Not to mention he sounds like an idiot just like Donald Trump.
Bonwana - Vor 8 Tage
love Seth.
check this out @t
Jonathan Parker
Jonathan Parker - Vor 9 Tage
I'm just calling Phil Robertson "Hillbilly Gandalf" from now on 😆
The Green Queen
The Green Queen - Vor 9 Tage
3:35 instead of Statler, cue the Curb Your Enthusiasm music
Wayne Grover
Wayne Grover - Vor 10 Tage
Social secufity.....socialism
Medicare.... socialism
Food Stamps....socialism
Interstate road system.....socialism
Postal system....socialism
Running water....socialism
Carl Bailey
Carl Bailey - Vor 10 Tage
This arrogant prick is certain he's going to heaven?
Too funny
Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.
At 3:31 the theme from Curb Your Enthusiasm started playing in my head.
Alun Churcher
Alun Churcher - Vor 12 Tage
the god moron wtf is he on i want some, there is no fucking god if you say there is then prove it and i mean prove, the bible is not proof its a collection of stories no more. the sooner you Americans drop god, the better off you will become, instead of the hypocrites you are showing the world that you have become.
Jeffrey Herman
Jeffrey Herman - Vor 13 Tage
What a ridiculous, transparent, and pathetic, deeply pathetic, SHOW-OFF -- with, ironically, nothing really worth showing off to anyone . . . except, that is, from a clinical standpoint. There, he is a cornucopia of data. What a profoundly sick and selfish monster it is.
stephanie williams
stephanie williams - Vor 14 Tage
Ok, so it's late I'm eating and when at 1:59. I almost had mashed potatoes almost come through my nose. Lol ! Ouch ! very painful. 😆
Ariel Jones
Ariel Jones - Vor 14 Tage
"Hillbilly Gandolph" was all I needed to make that episode a winner.
roger komula
roger komula - Vor 14 Tage
The internet didn't cause human trafficking. Fat, pretend-rich white men like Trump trafficking Melanoma, a prostitute from the Ukraine, caused it.
beansnrice321 - Vor 15 Tage
Also, in Alabama it's hookworm. =(
Alfa Painting
Alfa Painting - Vor 15 Tage
Economy is very good,Stock market the Best for the liar Riches.
chasin da'monee
chasin da'monee - Vor 15 Tage
He only said that because without the Internet we wouldn't see half the crazy stuff he say, or do😒
sam_well - Vor 15 Tage
Barack was a corporate tool.
trocarcat - Vor 15 Tage
So what kind of system takes our tax money and gives it to (among others) l, big pharma? If we were investing in the research funding, why don't we see anything in the form of tax credits when they make billions in profit? And why can we not afford to buy the things we paid to discover, develop & test?
Pat Tanackered
Pat Tanackered - Vor 15 Tage
It's kind of America's blind spot. Just unwilling to accept what other countries have implemented is better than their Eugenics nightmare
Kees Kees
Kees Kees - Vor 15 Tage
Seth .... can you follow the tele prompter .. ? You sure ..we neeed to slow it down for you ? Also try eye surgery
Flummoxed Marmoset
Flummoxed Marmoset - Vor 16 Tage
Why are we even listening to Phil Robertson - about ANYTHING?!?!? He is pure unadulterrated swamp trash . . . .
Andrew Herman
Andrew Herman - Vor 16 Tage
Trump's repeating the myths he's heard as all good demagogues do; on the other hand, the US was actually founded on the backs of black slaves (not liberty) and women who could not vote or own property. In addition, the aristocrats wrote and ratified the US Constitution and to quickly solidify government (coercion/control) law and order to maintain the wealthy class as primary land owners and quell the rioting from the underclass who fought and sacrificed in the US Revolution and felt entitled to own land. As a matter of fact George Washington was one of the largest landowners in the colonies PRE-Revolution and was selected to be the first president FOR THAT REASON and that is why his main focus for decades was writing LAND ACTS to preserve his wealth that he acquired during a long lucrative career as a British soldier (who were paid by the throne in frontier land).
Jill Whitcomb
Jill Whitcomb - Vor 16 Tage
I'm an American who has lived in Canada, Spain, Wales, and Poland. There are some really good things about Socialism, and some not so good things. Generally speaking though, I found things to be nicer, kinder, more human rights, more help for those who need it, and less people afraid of bills/ health issues/ 'what if' scenarios in those other countries. My yearly eye exam in Wales was less than $15. And I had two visits to the Emergency room, a doctor's visit, a minor surgery, and 2 days in a Welsh hospital. My total cost ? $1800 cash. I had to pay as I was a tourist, and not covered by their NHS. Even so, how much would the same services be in an American hospital ?
"hillbilly gandolf" LOL
Skye Aengel
Skye Aengel - Vor 16 Tage
Phil Robertson is a quack! I mean a real mental case!
Virgo Nation
Virgo Nation - Vor 16 Tage
I laughed too hard at this!!
Mama Ciku
Mama Ciku - Vor 16 Tage
"Hillbilly Gandolf"! That's hilarious!!
James Crawford
James Crawford - Vor 17 Tage
Breadacare for all does work! As does your impression!
C J - Vor 17 Tage
Looking at all the hate, incompetence, ineptitude and ignorance in the US - amongst a large portion of the citizens - I’m really getting worried about it’s future more and more,..
kilish - Vor 17 Tage
Americans are beyond stupid... HEALTH-CARE FOR THE PEOPLE IS SOCIALISM - BAD, BAD, BAD BUT CORPORATE WELFARE is alive and well! WTF - how STUPID can Americans be. The bible thumping born-agains have all the answers.... praise jesus and pass the AK-47!
Artfront Galleries
Artfront Galleries - Vor 17 Tage
Yeah. The internet is evil, or has the potential to be evil or just makes information too available for anyone who wants to look for it. If we had a well informed public with an incentive to vote, who would be in trouble now?
Eddie Love
Eddie Love - Vor 18 Tage
Bernie beats Trump! #Bernie2020
Tess Bennett
Tess Bennett - Vor 18 Tage
Phil Robertson says we don't need healthcare because we're all gonna die anyway. This is the Republican healthcare plan for the poor and middle class.
Keith Wood
Keith Wood - Vor 19 Tage
I wonder what the health insurance industry would think if everyone decided to switch to the Jesus healthcare plan, no fees, no deductibles, no profits for the CEO'S...
XDirter - Vor 20 Tage
One of the best episodes!
Greetings from Germany!
(we have great healthcare (and beer))
June P Woo
June P Woo - Vor 20 Tage
@Foxnews , please find some integrity - you look stupid and illiterate. Even a 5th grader makes more sense than some of you.
bryson west
bryson west - Vor 20 Tage
Seth, stop with the Bernie jokes!
2xkiller - Vor 20 Tage
This morning I was awoken by my alarm clock, powered by electricity generated by the public power monopoly regulated by the US Department of Energy. I then took a shower in the clean water provided by the municipal water utility. After that, I turned on the TV to one of the FCC regulated channels to see what the National Weather Service of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration determined the weather was going to be like using satellites designed, built, and launched by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. I watch this while eating my breakfast of US Department of Agriculture inspected food and taking the drugs which have been determined as safe by the Food and Drug Administration.

At the appropriate time as regulated by the US Congress, and kept accurate by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the US Naval Observatory, I get into my National Highway Traffic Safety Administration approved automobile and set out to work on the roads built by the local, state, and federal Departments of Transportation, possibly stopping to purchase additional fuel of a quality level determined by the Environmental Protection Agency, using legal tender issued by the Federal Reserve Bank. On the way out the door, I deposit any mail I have to be sent out via the US Postal Service and drop the kids off at the public school.

After work, I drive my NHTSA car back home, on DOT roads, to a house which has not burned down in my absence because of the state and local building codes and Fire Marshal's inspection, and which has not been plundered of all its valuables thanks to the local police department.

I then log on to the internet which was developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration and post on FreeRepublic(.)com and Fox News forums about how SOCIALISM is BAD because the government can't do anything right.
Patricia Hopey
Patricia Hopey - Vor 21 Tag
Hillbilly Gandalf. What a moron.he drops dead after the review .3cheers from Canada
Frank Gerlach
Frank Gerlach - Vor 21 Tag
Phil Robertson has the IQ of a door knob.
Don Benedict
Don Benedict - Vor 22 Tage
Donald Trump and Phil Robertson... Proof that sometimes you can judge a book by its cover.
betaneptune - Vor 22 Tage
Seth, do you have a different set of writers for Closer Look than, "Let's get to the newssssss"? CL is _much_ better.
Brave Insanity
Brave Insanity - Vor 22 Tage
I fucking hate this country...
Cate T
Cate T - Vor 22 Tage
Wow duck man bonkers
Rising from the Shadows
Rising from the Shadows - Vor 23 Tage
Timothy Davis
Timothy Davis - Vor 23 Tage
I've reached the limit.... listening to Comrad Trump speak is getting generating a feeling of illness in me, I don't know how much longer I can listen to him, I think I will have to tune him out, & just rely on the reports that journalist's provide, the very sound of his voice cancels my desire, Even ability to eat, or keep what I have eaten down in my stomach, he is more of a sickening piece of filth than I first thought
laurent mauduit
laurent mauduit - Vor 23 Tage
America is a disgrace.
Sophia Carmichael
Sophia Carmichael - Vor 23 Tage
The temporary reprieve is 100% worth it. My little sister was diagnosed with cancer when she was 9, if it were not for medicaid and free health insurance her life would've been cut short. She went through two and a half years of chemo and she has been off it for a year now. She will be turning 13 in April 2020, and if you believe in a god, believe me that those prayers worked, but not without the help of medicine, health-care, and science.
Sophia Carmichael
Sophia Carmichael - Vor 23 Tage
Harris is not opposed to private health care. She wants to put forward a system that folk who can't afford private health insurance can recieve so that no one has to weigh the options of health care v.s. cost. Everyone knows we need a healthcare reform, so why not try her idea or literally anyone's idea who has a plan for healthcare that covers everyone?!
David Maceira
David Maceira - Vor 24 Tage
Drumph in case you're wondering fire fighter's, street, highway and bridge maintenance, water and sewer services, police, libraries, schools etc. all brought to you by socialism.
Lindalee Law
Lindalee Law - Vor 24 Tage
A man who doesn't go the doctor. A walking STD.
Lindalee Law
Lindalee Law - Vor 24 Tage
I think, gulp, I'm a socialist..
low income senior
subsidized housing
food stamps
and very social
And oh a Dem
The New definition : Democratic socialism. providing basic care to those who need it, provided NOT by a dictator, fascist, communist male leader.
larryjohnny - Vor 24 Tage
_People get sick on earth in human form._ that was awesome Neil!! You dumb duck dynasty SOB! Think of others who need healthcare! You were extra lucky in life with that stupid reality show.
Antonis J.kondilis
Antonis J.kondilis - Vor 25 Tage
I like when Trump talks about modern slavery when one of his pals Kim is the biggest slave dealer of the world !!! Two millions north Koreans are working abroad and their payments are going directly at the administration while their family are held hostages back in their country !!!! Most of them are working on shipyards and constructing business . Has this anything to do with with the "fantastic deal " that recently was singed ?????
Hugh Mann
Hugh Mann - Vor 26 Tage
2:32 why is pelosi behind him. i can't stand drumpf but for a representative of a government to suggest, even a change to the government their supposed to represent is treason. Nothing that is being pushed as socialist that can't be done in a direct democracy.
Franco Barrera
Franco Barrera - Vor 26 Tage
Medicare for all is a bad thing? Republicans are something else.
Andy Macedo
Andy Macedo - Vor 26 Tage
Why would trumpet say anything about John Lewis ? He's a hero ! Congressman Cummings subpoenaed Jared's and his daughters communications and private email and text messages ! That's going to be interesting ! Guess what's next ? The relay ! It's coming and the more you keep doing it and avoiding to deal with this situation the worse it's gonna be when it comes out and longer your prison sentence will be ! My girlfriend is in Italy ! Aww wish I could be there ! 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔one day !
Lucas Loreno
Lucas Loreno - Vor 26 Tage
Stick with making duck callers Mr Manson 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💨🍌
Lucas Loreno
Lucas Loreno - Vor 26 Tage
The most stupid white trash is your president.
Andres Costa
Andres Costa - Vor 27 Tage
Trump...wont make next elections.
Robert Thompson
Robert Thompson - Vor 27 Tage
Dana Kaboom
Dana Kaboom - Vor 28 Tage
His crowds reminds me of those audiences in infomercials.
David Nichols
David Nichols - Vor 28 Tage
Did you say "Thesis" statement or "feces" statement?
Real world
Real world - Vor 28 Tage
How many time Trump get bailout... Trump did mistakes but country is paying them why..... 🤔 🤔..
R C Bennett
R C Bennett - Vor 29 Tage
"A socialist takeover of healthcare," like our Veterans have had since 1930. Dept. of Veterans Affairs is the 2nd largest funded US department after Dept. of Defense, which is a huge waste of taxpayer money and not as important as healthcare for all.
omegapointil - Vor Monat
What Trump traffics in is "emotionally potent over simplification" STFU you ignoramus. Such a shame he's conditioned his flying monkeys to buy into his and republicans' scheme to rifle the treasury disproportionately. Did you get your couple hundred bucks to keep quiet? Its the reason for the existence of republicans. Over budget by a trillion dollars? Cavorting with hookers? So gullible. If you don't love America, leave it.
Demoncard - Vor Monat
months later, breadicare is still hilarious
david Rhodes
david Rhodes - Vor Monat
Well since our Military is what socialism, and what is the Police and Fire Departments once again Socialism, and when you need a new Stadiums for Sports teams is yes Socialism, and companies that move to another state and ask for money to do so is yes socialism, and not forget all these corporations like big oil and big Pharma and the Military-industrial complex so this country is full of Socialism as long as your already rich
Stevie C
Stevie C - Vor Monat
I can't believe we are where we are these days. Bill Robertson. 15 million?
These people are scary. They are really scary.
David Renton
David Renton - Vor Monat
Trump is going to appoint Phil Robertson as Surgeon General.
David Renton
David Renton - Vor Monat
It's obvious Trump is senile. He's lost his short term memory. When he begins a sentence, he usually forgets what he was going to say before he gets to the end.
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