Russell Westbrook traded to Houston Rockets for Chris Paul | OKC Thunder rebuilding | CBS Sports HQ

Carolyn Sanchez
Carolyn Sanchez - Vor 16 Tage
How on earth do U avg a triple double. That's godly not video game style,cuz that would be a almost impossible 2 just average 1 season lol
Homie said russ has hit the downside of his career lmao
Jahfi Ls Babie
Jahfi Ls Babie - Vor Monat
Way better than espn no yelling but we can beg to differentiate
Melanie Ostrovsky
Melanie Ostrovsky - Vor Monat
This is a great move for the Rockets !!!
I love CP3 but he definitely lost a step , Westbrook is younger and and is impossible to guard one on one ,
IMO this puts Rockets but in to contention , can’t wait for the season to start ,,,,,
Go Rockets 🚀
Nou Xiong
Nou Xiong - Vor Monat
Thunder makes the right decision to trade CP and need to bring KD back.
Cinco Cinco
Cinco Cinco - Vor Monat
crazy paying that kind of money
juan perez
juan perez - Vor Monat
all of a sudden everybody perdicts russels life last year the devil perdicts too
Infinit 0
Infinit 0 - Vor Monat
So OKC are the new Clippers then😆😆😆😆!!!!
Krypto Dogg
Krypto Dogg - Vor Monat
They will trade Paul to the Lakers
Tre Ace
Tre Ace - Vor Monat
CP3 and J-Buckets will match up well a few early fights and then back to work. Russ & Harden will work the same way but opposite. Both willing to hear each other out
Southern Instrumentals
Can Westbrook defer? Bad question. Anyone asking that didn't see what he did for PG last season.
Eric S
Eric S - Vor Monat
War eagle
Siah Johnson
Siah Johnson - Vor Monat
Next up steven adams choose your destiny.
Johnathan Meeks
Johnathan Meeks - Vor Monat
Sam Presti got lucky because everyone is trying to win now so teams arw willing to give up future picks. He had 3 MVPs and no championships in OKC. He went and hired a coach out of college in KDs last contract year. How much blame does it get too.
Claudio Paolo
Claudio Paolo - Vor Monat
wtf is miami heat doing after 2013 man smh either advance and renovate to get to the playoffs or finals to win titles or the franchise is sinking literally
anthony guerino
anthony guerino - Vor Monat
These guys no nothing about basketball
Dolo DelSur
Dolo DelSur - Vor Monat
I never want to hear this fellow Colin report on Russell Westbrook ever again
jvaldez5 - Vor Monat
I think Houston can turn into the fun and gun Phoenix suns of 2007 but I don’t think their defense will take them to the promised land , that distinction belongs to the clips.
Metta HD
Metta HD - Vor Monat
Damn is it okay for the past 2 league MVP’s to “join forces”? Buahahaha 🙄
Justin .Credible
Justin .Credible - Vor Monat
Rockets finishing 5th in the West.
E Boogie
E Boogie - Vor Monat
They need to get rid of Mike D’Antoni. They ain’t gonna win shit with Harden constantly playing iso ball
AYBL Maine
AYBL Maine - Vor Monat
Unless the NBA starts using 2 basketballs instead of 1 - this has disaster written all over it. They will finish 5th in the West at best and get bounced in 2nd round. I am not sure how any owner can be comfortable paying out about 90 million dollars and now get to conference finals.
Illuminati Host
Illuminati Host - Vor Monat
Yay balance in the league
VO_DuceFour - Vor Monat
So you put a ball dominant point guard on a team with a ball dominant shooting guard lol. Neither one of them knows how to play off ball, especially James harden
Keavion - Vor Monat
Keavion good idea
Bale Sahagun
Bale Sahagun - Vor Monat
Nothin but love for you Westbrook I'm still gonna wear your Thunder jersy but I'm OKC 4 life godspeed
yo corny dilly yo
yo corny dilly yo - Vor Monat
okc reunite. 2 ballhogs and former point guard mvp's on same team! lmao. they do everything to zion and pelicans don't make the playoffs. west is now more stacked ever! why these overpaid dummies don't form a team in east. the best 7 teams are all is west. next year another bum finals. book it
Tetra-Hydro Cann-Abinol
looks like OKC is trying to relocate to me. trade your stars= losing record+sub-par game play= unhappy fan base=low ticket and merch sales= unhappy owners looking to unload team=new billionaire owner= relocation to Las vegas by 2025.
Bale Sahagun
Bale Sahagun - Vor Monat
Westbrook didn't want to change his name to Eastbrook 🤭
LikeMike294 - Vor Monat
Dantoni has to make giant changes to his offense. That 3 ball heavy style wont work with Russ as the starting pg, and he has to incorporate both of them into the offense. Get some movement on the court.
Jordan S.
Jordan S. - Vor Monat
Y'all really think James isn't going to share the ball with Russ. that is his brother, bro. Chris was just a hired gun that couldn't do anything last season. Y'all all were hating two years ago and we had the best record in the league. Suck it, haters.
Donnell Anthony
Donnell Anthony - Vor Monat
Just breaking Chris Paul n Melo traded to Miami for 5 1st Rd 5 2nd rders for 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025
Captain Haiti
Captain Haiti - Vor Monat
Whasup with the tie?!
Donnell Anthony
Donnell Anthony - Vor Monat
Heard Melo bout to sign with OKC..Cp3 n Melo..
Dolo DelSur
Dolo DelSur - Vor Monat
You didnt hear that
Jr Woodson
Jr Woodson - Vor Monat
This has to be a joke. No no no this can't be true.
John C.
John C. - Vor Monat
lol...2 ball dominator...the other 3 guys can take lunch break
Hany Witney
Hany Witney - Vor Monat
Im not impressed the Rockets just got worser, 2 stat chaser will never win a Championship why are people excited over this trade these 2 guys played together before an didnt do nothing.
Trav Wit Da Trigga
Trav Wit Da Trigga - Vor Monat
maybe westbrook wanted this and they did it for him as a gift, im sure he wants to win a ring now thats all thats left for him to do
Payback Jack
Payback Jack - Vor Monat
So let me get this straight, okc has now traded harden to hou and now russ to hou…..WTF..but my knicks don't know what they doing? atleast we aint trade 2 mvps that we drafted to the same team...yea ok!🤔
goldmind85 - Vor Monat
Every game will be worth watching, even the blowouts. Unless its Wizards vs Suns
Cinch McCoy
Cinch McCoy - Vor Monat
BREAKING NEWS Chat sports live stream on YouTube broke this news way before ESPN lol and also the Amish have contacted James Harden and told him that they want their beard back
Bale Sahagun
Bale Sahagun - Vor Monat
Dam I, as a OKC superfan, feel like 100 tons has come of my shoulders: definitely that much off The thunder
Tigersmundo - Vor Monat
Russell Westbrook intangibles hurt him plus HIS FREAKING EGO gets in the way at Playoff time vs Leonard has his head straight ALL THE TIME easy choice for PG...Rubio and Lillard schooled that boy and finessed him LMAO.
qihao liang
qihao liang - Vor Monat
I don‘t think westbrook and Harden works together. They are both player that need ball.
GodSon - Vor Monat
You are dead wrong. PG took more shots then Westbrook. Westbrook will concede to Harden and do whatever it takes to win games. Russ wants to win a Chip and he will do whatever it takes.
Terrance Moore
Terrance Moore - Vor Monat
What act is that? If someone states to me Next Question? Then move on to the next question. Barry Trammel and Russ never get along.
Iam2flycam awa
Iam2flycam awa - Vor Monat
This is nuts, how do you a trade a guy who was mvp less than 3 years ago?
nimrod geronimo
nimrod geronimo - Vor Monat
Cp3 to detroit blake griffin and andre drummond need a vetetan floor general for there style of half court basketball and paul is the perfect guy the pistons arent a run n gun team they are a rebound and pound team he will set up both big men for detroit .
lenny ash
lenny ash - Vor Monat
breaking news paul just got off the plane and it's smells like horse shit in okc can't believe his luck
nimrod geronimo
nimrod geronimo - Vor Monat
Two former league mvps on the same team what does history in this league say about those duos ?look out pg 13 and look out westrrn conference finals because the triple double king and the beard have reunited
Francisco Martinez
Francisco Martinez - Vor Monat
They keep saying Westbrook is slowing down and getting old because his numbers are down this year ignoring that he took a back seat to Paul George..the dude is averaging triple double. And he's slowing down.
The Dude
The Dude - Vor Monat
Harden and Westbrook are at the peak of their powers and have a history of staying healthy. Unlike the LA teams, these guy don't need load management.
GodSon - Vor Monat
They need the other guys to step up their game. Its not about Russ or Harden they are great players. Can the other 7 players that Houston need to play well take their game up another level.
Blaine Robbins
Blaine Robbins - Vor Monat
soon the thunder are gonna the only ones drafting with all those picks
Arel G
Arel G - Vor Monat
LMAO!! Everyone knows CP3 will somehow rig the system and land in the LAKERS via contract buyout!
Arel G
Arel G - Vor Monat
@TheBrownGamer Lebron can secretly finance his buyout under the table. :P
TheBrownGamer - Vor Monat
Arel G no team is gonna buyout CPs contract
Calvin - Vor Monat
Its official. Steph Curry is now the only current NBA Player in today's Era, with the longest tenture with his original Team. No more loyalty they said lmfao!
Knowledge Born Allah Allah Justice
The only loyalty is 💵
Warrick James
Warrick James - Vor Monat
Dame beats him
BiggDogg 562
BiggDogg 562 - Vor Monat
Houston we have problems lol
X DAFACTOR - Vor Monat
Rockets needs to go out and get Igee too
Lawrence Cooper
Lawrence Cooper - Vor Monat
Reporters/Journalists always embellish and sensationalize. This is not greater than '14-15 West that had 1) Defending champ Spurs, 2) Lob city clippers, 3) Lillard and Aldridge Blazers, 4) Harden & Howard Rockets 5) Grindhouse Grizzlies, 6) Durant & Westbrook Thunder (ended up not even making playoffs), and 7) oh yeah the team that came out of nowhere to win the title... The Warriors
Ryan Bowser
Ryan Bowser - Vor Monat
Daryl Morey proving there's a sucker born every day. He just gave up picks and an aging star for another aging star, both of whom didn't earn their money last season. There's no way the rockets win the title with this duo and they just gave up their future for it.
wedge4hire - Vor Monat
I'm LMAO! This is a disaster! Russell playing with Harden?? Did the NBA change the rules where they now play with two balls at one time??
wedge4hire - Vor Monat
@TheBrownGamer We'll see! But I still say it won't work!
TheBrownGamer - Vor Monat
wedge4hire they both wanted to play with each other. i’m sure they’ll find a way
wedge4hire - Vor Monat
@Mike Mars do you???? Both of them want the ball all the time! This will be a bigger problem than Paul and Harden!
Mike Mars
Mike Mars - Vor Monat
Do u watch the game?
LA LA LAND !!! - Vor Monat
Everybody seems to forget Westbrook and Harden has played together before and has went back tabac semi Conference Finals with each other offense will be explosive
Dolo DelSur
Dolo DelSur - Vor Monat
Nobody forgot that
X DAFACTOR - Vor Monat
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X DAFACTOR - Vor Monat
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X DAFACTOR - Vor Monat
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X DAFACTOR - Vor Monat
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Timothy Allen
Timothy Allen - Vor Monat
Rockets winning the ship
X DAFACTOR - Vor Monat
This up coming season is the season to Look Forward to. There's Possibilities for Harden & Westbrook.
Gene jordan
Gene jordan - Vor Monat
haha.... chris paul is WASHED. noone wants paul's contract. enjoy your okc winter paul
Miguel Arredondo
Miguel Arredondo - Vor Monat
Top 10 pg what
Trill Savage
Trill Savage - Vor Monat
This the best bday ever
J Garner
J Garner - Vor Monat
Its basically a wash when you look at the money...Russ is just a better younger athelete then Paul...Westbrook can score of the dribble and a midrange game which is wide open with gotta double team either him or harden and even harden avg 7 assist a game himself...gonna be interesting
LaineGaming - Vor Monat
Im an okc fan and i do wish russell the best but...THANK GOD HE'S GONE! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Elton Kparkah
Elton Kparkah - Vor Monat
Not going to work the front office know harden needs the ball Westbrook need the ball they did it on purpose when you on contract they can trade you anywhere Kawhi said he wants to go to L .A knowing he not stay there
Calvin Kindell
Calvin Kindell - Vor Monat
Interested to see how it will work.. especially in the playoffs..
Retrogamer Dell
Retrogamer Dell - Vor Monat
why take chris paul? so we can watch him tank?
Donthewatcher Thomas
Donthewatcher Thomas - Vor Monat
rondo and cp3 will fight again
lance White
lance White - Vor Monat
Okc gm needs to be fired. Lol every draft pick is worth crap. Why did he need to rush 2 guys with 3+ years and why didn't he do it before the draft.
lance White
lance White - Vor Monat
@Kaque Burlington okc is the worse. The only thing funnier is imagining D'Antoni, Westbrook and Harden together. 🤣🤣🤣 this should be very entertaining.
Kaque Burlington
Kaque Burlington - Vor Monat
OKC had Durant, Westbrook, Harden, George... they’re all still close to their prime... all gone, zero titles
lance White
lance White - Vor Monat
@BenBen Vorlon secondly... all of their draft picks are from teams expected to win 50+ games
lance White
lance White - Vor Monat
Its crazy! New York would have given up the 3pick and their core. And they had max slots. I don't get how this makes sense. Okc could have done damage before the draft.
BenBen Vorlon
BenBen Vorlon - Vor Monat
Something is OBVIOUSLY up! It makes Nooooo sense! They even traded both their best players within the Conference!!! that is extremely puzzling!
Kjneathery68 Neathery
Kjneathery68 Neathery - Vor Monat
Should of went to miami they dont fucking fit together goodluck with thr dumpster fire
U Knowme
U Knowme - Vor Monat
Westbrook is going 2 fuck everything up
spitllivebarbershop - Vor Monat
Why. that makes know since
Claudio Paolo
Claudio Paolo - Vor Monat
meanwhile miami heat sinking with stupid decisions
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