6'9" High School Student Hopes Her Crush Will Ask Her To Prom! | My Giant Life

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Skylar Rivera
Skylar Rivera - Vor Minute
Why everything in their house so small
Rodney Simpson
Rodney Simpson - Vor Stunde
What’s the name of the song that’s playing when he asks her to prom
Nicc11221 - Vor 2 Stunden
Chair maker: how small do you want her chair?
Producers: yes
Sarah Boles
Sarah Boles - Vor 3 Stunden
All of their voices are soooo deep, except for the dads! No hate I just wasn’t expecting it haha.
Sarah Boles
Sarah Boles - Vor Stunde
Nasman lmao awwwhhh
Nasman - Vor 2 Stunden
Sarah Boles lol and ever time I see really short people I expect them to have a squeaky voice 😂
Sarah Boles
Sarah Boles - Vor 2 Stunden
Nasman oh really, I don’t think I’ve ever really thought about it before haha.
Nasman - Vor 2 Stunden
For some reason every time I see a tall person I expect a deep voice from them 😜
Smoothie4653 - Vor 3 Stunden
What did I just watch
Red Inun
Red Inun - Vor 3 Stunden
I love how they put her in a small chair just to make her look bigger
Luke Birkhead
Luke Birkhead - Vor 4 Stunden
Definetly a fuckin setup
Yaboi Carty
Yaboi Carty - Vor 4 Stunden
Tom Holland
Laura Baker
Laura Baker - Vor 4 Stunden
That’s Taron Eggerton
SICKOBRO - Vor 5 Stunden
My dude wants that tall neck
HouseKeeper - Vor 5 Stunden
I thought the guy in the thumbnail was Taron Egerton..
Dhdjfb Djjddj
Dhdjfb Djjddj - Vor 5 Stunden
I will turn down every girl because I am Gay
JC GANG - Vor 6 Stunden
Damn yall always have some to say like what if he really like they girl like let them be great for once!!
Robert Hess
Robert Hess - Vor 6 Stunden
Biljana Grkova
Biljana Grkova - Vor 6 Stunden
How much money did he get for asking her out???
Billiejean Kennedy
Billiejean Kennedy - Vor 6 Stunden
Not to be rude.but I bet the people behind the camera pay the guy to ask the girl to go to prom.to be honest 😂😂 lol.
Romeo Roberts
Romeo Roberts - Vor 10 Stunden
Tall fish woman
king - Vor 11 Stunden
Ngl yeh she is acc ugly as
MikeLimited - Vor 12 Stunden
Best basketball team ever
Rober Sever
Rober Sever - Vor 12 Stunden
She dont have to worry about a man, she need to worry about the man on the left side of the hoop about to shoot a 3.
john doyle
john doyle - Vor 13 Stunden
Thats a huuuge bitch
ThisIsNotTaken0 _
ThisIsNotTaken0 _ - Vor 13 Stunden
Why tf is this in my recommended but I still watched the vid and the guy got payed and is only doing it for the clout
skatedylan98 - Vor 13 Stunden
She deadass carried that school to woman’s basketball championship
unknown - Vor 13 Stunden
Has anyone seen lunutics you'll get this
VelocitySZN - Vor 13 Stunden
She could be a deadly netball player
Vera ch
Vera ch - Vor 15 Stunden
Dutch people be like
Al-Dawg - Vor 15 Stunden
Lol 69
Sm1thy Boi
Sm1thy Boi - Vor 15 Stunden
Bet she could give good head.
Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson - Vor 15 Stunden
She would be 6 foot tall if it wasn’t for that absolutely huge gigantic retarded long giraffe neck. Her head is damn near 2 feet from her body
Sir Toastly
Sir Toastly - Vor 16 Stunden
strang ways
strang ways - Vor 17 Stunden
She has voice and face just similar to kendra Sunderland
Elementary Stretched Players
Elementary Stretched Players - Vor 18 Stunden
I'm 14 and 6'3 am I okay
Niall Wood
Niall Wood - Vor 19 Stunden
Imagine arguing with her and she just puts your xbox on the roof
The rubber duck
The rubber duck - Vor 19 Stunden
In her bio, ‘I OnLy DaTe GuYs OLdEr ThaN mE’
JayGee #SwoopNation 248
JayGee #SwoopNation 248 - Vor 20 Stunden
That’s a huge bitch
JameR6 - Vor 20 Stunden
I thought Junior wasn't named Junior I thought he was a Junior
Fegly - Vor 21 Stunde
Bruh with those long arms she can be great in the kitchen
keanyon - Vor 21 Stunde
Went to school with her. She’s a nice girl at cy woods. And was good at basketball
Fegly - Vor 21 Stunde
Cringe he got payed💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰for that I mean 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰 no one like him gonna ask out a girl that can’t even fill her short shorts
Gaming in roblox 1o1
Gaming in roblox 1o1 - Vor 22 Stunden
Why is this a show and why m I watching
Fresh skii
Fresh skii - Vor 22 Stunden
Juan Gerardo Ayala Jr
Juan Gerardo Ayala Jr - Vor 22 Stunden
My bby girl?
Juan Gerardo Ayala Jr
Juan Gerardo Ayala Jr - Vor 22 Stunden
I'm hating
Demonbow - Vor 23 Stunden
why there necks super huge
LEGO'S And More!
LEGO'S And More! - Vor 23 Stunden
Jason Holmgren
Jason Holmgren - Vor 23 Stunden
She will storm area 51 and we will find the tallest alien to clap her cheeks
FFG_nights - Vor Tag
Fuck prom go to the nba
Lilyday 115
Lilyday 115 - Vor Tag
I think it's kind of odd how long her neck is I'm not judging I'm just saying this because my friend Kelly Arabic wholesome too tall but he is 7 ft 4 and his neck isn't that long
BRUH - Vor Tag
This looks so fake
Luke Greene
Luke Greene - Vor Tag
"My BaBy GiRL Is GoInG tO PrOMmMmMm" lol
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