Madonna & Lady Gaga's Feud Continues

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Gamer Mac
Gamer Mac - Vor 2 Tage
y do i see niggas on this show
Suzie K
Suzie K - Vor 9 Tage
No matter what..who would like their "collegues"using their phrases, either by editing here n there abit, and making it theirs..Gaga should be more original.We just saw it was actually Madonna's original..
keks - Vor 12 Tage
She looks and sounds like Miley!!!
Ed Vato
Ed Vato - Vor 13 Tage
I'm a big Wendy Williams fan, But Gaga is definitely ICONIC & LEGENDARY!! She's also a lot more talented than Madonna.. 😄 #sorrynotsorry
Aamir yusif
Aamir yusif - Vor 15 Tage
Madonna focuses on the negative...lady gaga focus is on the positive
Rozanna Yiannakis
Rozanna Yiannakis - Vor 16 Tage
This show now, is an example of how directors, producers etc.should know when it’s time to end the run of a show. This is so boring and painful and it’s hard to watch Wendy falling. Why does she have such a weird stare. What’s going on with Wendy? 😢
Genesis Kravitz
Genesis Kravitz - Vor 16 Tage
Wendy doesn’t care. She says what we all think and that’s why I love her.
Supposedly a Person
Supposedly a Person - Vor 20 Tage
These wendy clips are sooo hard to watch, she's so not enthusiastic while the crowd is, how cringey
Ann Dettmar
Ann Dettmar - Vor 20 Tage
Who gives a hoot about those friggin' housewives? They ain't stars.
Graci Ifenwobi
Graci Ifenwobi - Vor 20 Tage
You are still keeping yours Wendy, even though he doing worst to you.. Come back and tell us about your husband and his side lady
loui01 - Vor 21 Tag
Wendy is so annoying she is not objective. Shes no one
Ivan Marović
Ivan Marović - Vor 26 Tage
Lady Gaga is bigger than Maddona!!
peace Harmony
peace Harmony - Vor 27 Tage
I love u beyonce
Abril Gómez
Abril Gómez - Vor 27 Tage
Kvnje E
Kvnje E - Vor 28 Tage
A living legend, Icon !!!!
Shari Parkin
Shari Parkin - Vor Monat
Seriously Madonna Louise Ciccone?Debbie Harry, AKA: "Blondie" could've called you out for being a copycat 1,000x; thankfully, she didn't feel the need to stoop to that level of immaturity.
Lady Gaga recognizes a jealous, threatened former pop-star when she sees one.
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel - Vor 24 Tage
While Madonna sells out HUGE venues all over the world, adding extra shows along the way, CACA pays Vegas. Get your ticket. Buffet included. BAHAHAHA! 😂 😃 😁
RAGE - Vor Monat
Hold up Wendy, you mixed that up.
Madonna said the OPPOSITE of what Gaga said. She said that there can be 100 people and 99 like what you do, but she only remembers that 1 who didn't like it as in she wants to please everybody whereas Gaga said even if 99 people do not believe in you, you only need 1 person to believe in you.
Gaga's message is about encouragement while Madonna's message is about her own perfectionism.
Nic_ Mar_
Nic_ Mar_ - Vor Monat
Gaga has been shady several times speaking about Madonna... 🙄
masakazu hiruko
masakazu hiruko - Vor Monat
I dont know why madonna and mariah carey seems to dislike anyone who are compared to them. Yes they are legends but dont they know that the world is in constant change. People will not always like you, preferences may change but still they are legends. They are so salty when they already make much more than anyone.
John Gullyver Malimbag
Gaga is next madonna
aidan morris
aidan morris - Vor Monat
madonna didnt get a record deal until she was 24 not 16 so wendy get your facts together. gaga aint getting no oscar.
Pamp - Vor Monat
Madonna may be an "icon" but as far as being relevant, Gaga beats her by a mile  and that's why she's so jealous of her...
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel - Vor Monat
Ah no. Madonna is not jealous of anyone. Especially not CACA. Madonna has bigger fish to fry TURD!
meandemjay - Vor Monat
....but she's never - NEVER been classy....ever
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel - Vor 24 Tage
Sure. CACA is so classy falling down constantly in concert. She will be huge in Vegas.
David Bosquette
David Bosquette - Vor Monat
Madonna just proves what a cheap ho she is.
LuvTadnDixie - Vor Monat
Madonna is not bigger than this . . . and that's why she disses on Lady Gaga.   She's insecure and jealous because she's not getting the attention she used to get.  And Madonna was always about attention.  To quote Warren Beatty, "She doesn't want to live if she's not on camera."  He was right.
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel - Vor Monat
Madonna was the biggest $$$ in 2018. CACA who? The shrew who lost BIG at the Globes? BAHAHAHA! 😂 😃 😁
Liliana Marino
Liliana Marino - Vor Monat
Liliana Marino
Liliana Marino - Vor Monat
Liliana Marino
Liliana Marino - Vor Monat
Mason Evans
Mason Evans - Vor Monat
Madonna is just jealous that Gaga is a better actress 💁🏼
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel - Vor Monat
I told all you LITTLE TURDS that CACA would not win best actress at the Globes. Matter of fact A FLOP is Born is one of the nights biggest LOSERS! Shallow won best song WRITTEN BY SOMEONE ELSE! ENJOY YOUR MEAL TONIGHT... CROW! BAHAHAHA! 😂 😃 😁
Marcos Gutierrez
Marcos Gutierrez - Vor Monat
there can be a 100 bottles of beer on the wall and if only one doesn't have beer, I only remember the one with no beer.
Slim - Vor Monat
Lady gaga supports R kelly and rape #dontforget
M 3cinco
M 3cinco - Vor Monat
D Dawg
D Dawg - Vor Monat
And let's all remember one of these people has won not only awards for their music but for their acting the other ones acting has been a joke since they've hit the stage and every film they've been in has tanked and it has gotten horrible reviews
D Dawg
D Dawg - Vor Monat
The problem is is that Madonna is not bigger than that she's a bitter washed-up old hag who can't stand someone else getting more attention to her and Lady Gaga does not resemble anything Madonna has ever done she is so much more advanced so Madonna needs to sit down shut up and take her Botox and fillers. She looks ridiculous now and her music isn't even worst playing on the radio anymore
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel - Vor Monat
Hannah k
Hannah k - Vor Monat
20:26 ok but it looks like she’s trying so hard to not malfunction again LMAO
Gabi Oliv
Gabi Oliv - Vor Monat
Madonna is thinking too much about herself and she shouldn't (even the meaning is just the opposite). But watch Wonder Woman and you will see literally what Gaga is saying: the scene which Diana enters the government room and only Steve Trevor believes in her. I don't think Gaga would paraphrase someone who doesn't respect her. But to feel inspired by a great film is very much possible (and this was the purpose of that scene - to be encouraging for those who got the message).
Diego Rodríguez
Diego Rodríguez - Vor Monat
She looks like Lindsay Lohan!
Vincent Repins
Vincent Repins - Vor Monat
We agreed by it
Vincent Repins
Vincent Repins - Vor Monat
Msta Msta
Msta Msta - Vor Monat
Madonna actually isn’t the bigger person. She’s always had jealousy of others in the industry and she’s always had a snobby attitude towards other female artists.
taystiecummings - Vor Monat
Correction....Lady gaga is an icon! Like most, she didn't need more than 10 years in the industry/albums to make a permanent mark. That's exactly what makes her phenomenal and unique. Js. Wildly talented, songwriter,producer, fashionista/trendsetter, dancer, plays instruments, vocalist, humanitarian....list goes on. Need I say more?? I still like the icon Madonna though. Just stating facts.
Sebastian Galeana
Sebastian Galeana - Vor Monat
Sorry wendy but gaga has clapped back I dont know what u talking about...
Annie Linkous
Annie Linkous - Vor Monat
💖💖💖💖💖Your Hot💥🔥Topics😍😍😍
Ryantrev88 - Vor Monat
Madonna is a superstar and still fills stadiums at concerts. Gaga is not in the same league and Wendy talking about Madonna’s age and how Madonna is jealous? Yes Madonna can be annoying at times and Gaga is right to not take the bait. Women should not hate on each other. They dont need to. Women are bigger than hate
Sydnie Loves_Disney_Titanic
It really doesn't make sense if Madonna didn't create it then she stole it too so what she complaining about?
apolpie15 - Vor Monat
Madonna should be thankful to Lady gaga cos she's a truly an inspiration for young artist like Lady Gaga and using some helpful and encouragement quotes from you. You dont need to be jealous. You need to be proud for her.
Simon - Vor Monat
There can be a hundred people in a room.
CrystalMatthews93 - Vor Monat
I thought the lady at 2:34 was Karen Gravano from Mob Wives at first
Sarah-Julia Karbowniczek
what's Wendys problem with Madonnas age? It's like the only thing she really latches onto.
Pedro Cabo
Pedro Cabo - Vor Monat
Trash TV really ... Wendy who ?
Danish kalam
Danish kalam - Vor Monat
Skip to 1:20 for the news
Claudio Maldonado Salvador
So her job is to do a mean-ish awkward stand-up show?
elastic_luv - Vor Monat
I personally believe Madonna is a hack and that Gaga is a lot more talented than she ever was or will be but I 100% believe that Gaga is always emulating her and trying to be like her. It’s just the truth.
Skyraak - Vor Monat
Honey Madonna is 60, Lady GaGa 32; and you are an old lady trying to shade the Queen for her age talking sh*t about her, and you live and eat because of that; for talking sh*t about others.
Micki Lynch
Micki Lynch - Vor Monat
Madge is such a bitter aging queen. Gaga is getting accolades for acting and poor Maddy is shitting her Depends in jealousy.
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel - Vor Monat
+Micki Lynch : Caca wanted it BADLY. She won't win an Oscar either. Evita did win an Oscar for best song though. A star wasn't born. Nuff said. Enjoy your meal eating CROW! BAHAHAHA!
Micki Lynch
Micki Lynch - Vor Monat
+Lance Dukel We like Oscars, not the silly globes. People like Madge win those, lmao.
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel - Vor Monat
Not at the Golden Globes she isn't. Eat crow TURD!
P Thomas
P Thomas - Vor Monat
First of all wendy is a trouble making cow that likes to stir the pot and should fire whoever does her hair and make up and whoever chooses her clothes
it’s._ andrew
it’s._ andrew - Vor Monat
Wendy is so messy
Be grateful Be Happy
Be grateful Be Happy - Vor Monat
My God... when I look at the audience in that studio, they look so dumb, tacky and pathetic ...
MBoivin Art
MBoivin Art - Vor Monat
Jealous of Gaga? She is obsessed with lady gaga.
stephen meinhold
stephen meinhold - Vor Monat
the me me me generation, on the me me willuams show, sooo dissinterested.
Alpha - Vor Monat
Madonna is a living legend, she's paved the way for Lady Gaga, and many others. Something Lady Gaga can't relate. + Madonna was 10x times more bigger when she was Gaga's age. Gaga's career has been flopping, and she's only 32.
Unwene - Vor Monat
Alpha Madonna at 32 during the Blond Ambition era? whew! none of these “stars” these days have that talent or level of fame
Her eyes make her look like she's under drugs all the time
Francis Salcedo
Francis Salcedo - Vor Monat
Wendy's way of hosting is annoying and insult celebrities. Ophrah is more classy in handling an interview.
Lucas - Vor Monat
Madonna may stand up there with Barbara Streisand and Aretha Franklin in terms of popularity, but NOT talent, by far. Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, and Barbara Streisand are forever iconic both by stardom and by talent. Gaga is on that path to be in the league of Aretha, Barbara, and Diana ... Madonna never was that girl though. Yes, Madonna is able to work a crowd and has some talent, but you can't compare Madonna to Streisand or Aretha in terms of talent. No way. Gaga, however, you can DEFINITELY compare. Just my opinion.
Unwene - Vor Monat
Lucas Madonna’s most stunning and obvious talent is her dance moves on her world tour
konradxtofik - Vor Monat
„You need to give me another 10 years to make me believe you’re worthy” wtf! Wendy, I think that’s insensitive and patronising.
La Unica Munyecca
La Unica Munyecca - Vor Monat
No your wrong Wendy! Not cool
Alex - Vor Monat
100 in the room 😭
Jp fp
Jp fp - Vor Monat
Ladies your both brilliant in your own special way .. collaborate instead
Mini Smith
Mini Smith - Vor Monat
They have ppl telling them what to say,play,eat,wear,sleep with,marry blame it on the P.R people not the ppl saying it.
Neil Brincat
Neil Brincat - Vor Monat
Dear Wendy I think you need to do your research well before you start your talk show , madonna won not one but two Golden globe award , best actress for evita in 1997 and best original song masterpiece in 2012
Vanny Luntian
Vanny Luntian - Vor Monat
her breasts are almost on her pelvis. her face looks like she got scared or somethin', not pretty to watch.
Todd River
Todd River - Vor Monat
First, Wendell.....Madonna noticed the one that didn't like it (total opposite of what you suggested)....and wondered how to fix it. Second, Madonna never said she invented the phrase "100 people", and was someone else (one of M's friends) that posted that Instagram video. Only proves, once again, how much Madonna is vilified yet continues to carry on. All while this look-at-me-vocalist-actress-fashion icon-instrumentalist-victimized-tour cancelling-rich-entitled-upper class girl (Stephani....know her?....didn't think so).....practically whores herself for an Oscar (but didn't she say a while back...."I'm not interested in awards")....? Talent is NOT something that is achieved through lies, pandering, victimization and pity. It's called WORK. Your privileged upbringing/schooling/music and voice lessons do NOT pair with your bullied/diseased/raped/poor storyline. Everything about this (same school as Paris & Nikki Hilton) fake "struggling artist" will be revealed....not soon enough!
chepe luis
chepe luis - Vor Monat
Why if even Wendy says Madonna doesn't even say de same thing, why she think she tried to diss Gaga??
jose hernandez
jose hernandez - Vor Monat
shes a copy cat get over it
Vaness Vaness
Vaness Vaness - Vor Monat
Wendy is end wil always be a haterrrrrr
Vaness Vaness
Vaness Vaness - Vor Monat
Wendy is a haterrrrrrr
Robin tell
Robin tell - Vor Monat
Poor Gaga❤️
apoorva Chindarkar
apoorva Chindarkar - Vor Monat
bakwzssss show
SZ L - Vor Monat
Madonna must have forgotten how people say she's copying Marilyn Monroe when she was young. Finding inspiration from someone doesn't equal to copying.
Alpha - Vor Monat
Marilyn wasn't a musician. + Madonna paid tributes to Marilyn, she never denied it. However Gaga copies someone, but never gives credit. Madonna is not the only one she's been copying.
Sweet Nothings78
Sweet Nothings78 - Vor Monat
I came to read the childish comments from fans ‘Madonna is better than Gaga’ lol makes me cringe grown people talking like children for people they don’t even know! Grow up and get a grip lol
Alexa Moonlight
Alexa Moonlight - Vor Monat
Madonna is a strange singer, she is not even a singer...she said even that, she is a performer...Madonna is just a drama person
Jasmine Robinson
Jasmine Robinson - Vor Monat
CK U R very stunning N gorgeous N beautiful×slaying U R awesome AF,CK,DR other oldies 2 R always The Queens👑👑👑/Princesses 👸👸👸enough of the comparisons 2 people now just stop
Jasmine Robinson
Jasmine Robinson - Vor Monat
UR such a big liar N they didn't had no fued at all N they didn't fight either they were praising each other N U shut up N stop acting like U all that N they're both icons,divas,legends,🌟🌟 beautiful×gorgeous N U ma'am
Mr Pleasant
Mr Pleasant - Vor Monat
Gaga is so talented when she singing with
Tony Benet!!! she shows whole word she is Multitalented. Absolutely amazing.
Roy Galvan
Roy Galvan - Vor Monat
This is people pinning them against each other. Their comments "uw gaga is the new madonna" Well in a sense, yes. What Madonna did for the 80's and 90's Gaga is doing for this generation. Madonna can't expect to be doing her thing forever. Share the throne. Their will be a day that Gaga will have to step aside as well and let somone new inspire and spark change through this means
J. Renz
J. Renz - Vor Monat
wendy williams represents so many things i hate.
ghost stalker
ghost stalker - Vor Monat
This is an orchestrated feud to keep these two revelant to the brainwashed population, repetition repetition, you have to keep seeing them over and over again to keep their agenda strong in your mind.
Alexandra Stratan
Alexandra Stratan - Vor Monat
OG please do not compare Madonna to Aretha, what did you smoke before the show Wendy??
Andrés Sánchez Ramos
Gaga 💖😍
여행 유튜버 Rollin Joint
If there is 100 people don’t believe in you and there is one person who believe in my YouTube channel. I will keep on making the vids
OLGMC - Vor Monat
It’s almost 2019...
Madonna who?
Zoe C
Zoe C - Vor Monat
Honestly my girl Madonna needs to stop being petty. That line is pretty generic. But I can see that coming from her many attempts at anything film related and either failing or never reaching anywhere near the success of Gaga in A Star Is Born. And Gaga totally deserves it, her performance and album on the film are fantastic.
BHBeckenbauer - Vor Monat
I cannot stand this awful, toxic woman
anthonydeleeuw - Vor Monat
Who cares? So maybe she strongly believes that statement and wants to share it with everyone else so they will use that phrase drive their own dream. It is a positive way to think whether you are fake or real. It is a good way to get rid of your negative thinking or to keep it gone.
Xervantez Xvi
Xervantez Xvi - Vor Monat
Let’s be Honest here ok Lady Reductive always be Reductive no matter how much she change herself she will always find something to do about Madonna
0scJohnson0 - Vor Monat
Celebrity fueds about who stole from whom is like a home wrecker getting mad when they find out they’re being cheated on.
Reba Bustamante
Reba Bustamante - Vor Monat
An internal ADJUSTMENT can lead to an external ACHIEVEMENT! Say that over and meditate on it.
Reba Bustamante
Reba Bustamante - Vor Monat
Gaga pay homage
Reba Bustamante
Reba Bustamante - Vor Monat
Grown woman who should be appreciating eachother.
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