Full Frontal Presidential Interviews: Barack Obama | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

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Turquoise Snowflake
Turquoise Snowflake - Vor 8 Monate
I miss him SOOOOOOO much
ILuvAyeAye - Vor 8 Monate
Do young people watch Sam's show? Probably some. Do young people in states that electorally matter watch her show? Probably not so much.
(With love, someone who is old living in a solidly Democratic state.)
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez - Vor 9 Monate
So Samantha what your interview with trump before he goes to jail be like? Kinda like a farewell address?
tomtom21194 - Vor 9 Monate
Obama is the only politician i would ever even consider hugging
Dino Cat
Dino Cat - Vor 9 Monate
I love obama yaaaaaay
Vivek Anand J
Vivek Anand J - Vor 10 Monate
" I feel confident we can build on the progress we've made in climate change and......" oh how optimistic you were! 😭
Vivek Anand J
Vivek Anand J - Vor 10 Monate
I'm so sad! This made me remember the good ol days when the US had an adult as a president. 😫
Ben Mcghie
Ben Mcghie - Vor 10 Monate
Such a great president. Such a great interview.
EdricLysharae - Vor 10 Monate
It is a surreal experience watching this in 2018.
shananigans08 - Vor 10 Monate
Ah, I wish that confidence was fact but it turns out, almost all those achievements have been overturned. 😢
ronald sugden
ronald sugden - Vor 11 Monate
She's deserves a a great sigh of relief. But yes very important to vote. I think Sam deserves a break.
ronald sugden
ronald sugden - Vor 11 Monate
Older women are great
Vinie Chwani
Vinie Chwani - Vor year
Racists and Drumpf supporters couldn't take that Obama and black men could be intelligent and successful than them....Instead of bettering themselves they take the easy route and hate
Free Speech
Free Speech - Vor year
#44 and last President so far...
Greenbean Casserole
Greenbean Casserole - Vor year
She didn’t win. :( spoiler alert. 🚨
Alixs B.
Alixs B. - Vor year
I love... And miss you Obama! Class... We have known today!
Ed E Sparks
Ed E Sparks - Vor year
He is the best of the best!!!
Ella Christensen
Ella Christensen - Vor year
this is so depressing to watch a year later
Umer Zafar
Umer Zafar - Vor year
what nonsense is obama talking about?
Rushati Chowdhury
Rushati Chowdhury - Vor year
I miss this guy.
avni vallab
avni vallab - Vor year
I have never seen a more natural interview
Oliver Hathaway
Oliver Hathaway - Vor year
Skip to 4:08 and wince in hindsight
J Desu
J Desu - Vor year
Talk about going from the sublime to the ridiculous, America.
Jilly Bean
Jilly Bean - Vor year
sigh... back to the good ol days.
Big John76
Big John76 - Vor year
She’s terrible and so is Obama!
fallen6667 - Vor year
Watching this makes me sad.
Andrea Lew
Andrea Lew - Vor year
The nightmares came true :(
geno mccgeno
geno mccgeno - Vor year
She has a very unique, and funny interview style.
Jonathan Hopfenblatt
A President who can speak in complete sentences? I had almost forgotten what that feels like.
Magna Verpa
Magna Verpa - Vor year
Regardless if you like Obama or not, you have to admit: he has such a memable face!
Isaiah-Tobias Lee
Isaiah-Tobias Lee - Vor year
Obama was so wholesome...
Elizabeth Trainer
Elizabeth Trainer - Vor year
Soooo love him....Soooooo miss him!!
James McIver
James McIver - Vor year
What's sad about this is that Trump is actually destroying Obama's legacy. He's ruined so much already!
Christine Trzcinski
Christine Trzcinski - Vor year
he's a real class act...
Malek Karim
Malek Karim - Vor year
To bad trump is president
44Blueskies - Vor year
so, when are you interviewing Trump? Only b/c I'd love to see you eviscerate him. Sure he'll prob try to boycott you but lets be real, your fans (including me) will do the opposite of whatever Trump says.
Chloe Carter-Daves
Chloe Carter-Daves - Vor year
I miss you Obama
mycubevolution - Vor year
Love Samantha B!
Leslie Sauceman
Leslie Sauceman - Vor year
I miss him.😣
Foolifyable - Vor year
This just happened to autoplay...now I'm sad...😞 I forgot we had some hope before this all started.
blue51 - Vor year
9/21/2017 my first time watching this and I am fighting back tears because I miss this sanity so much.
Callum McGoldrick
Callum McGoldrick - Vor year
samantha bee is so unfunny. Trump is president now. unlucky, I guess that segment worked and turned more people off Hilary and Obama.
NE Loughren
NE Loughren - Vor year
hopefully both her and Trump will be willing to interview close to 7 years from now, I think he will get his second term
Leah McPherson
Leah McPherson - Vor year
I miss you, President Obama!
Mark Hollingsworth
Mark Hollingsworth - Vor year
I'm really glad that I am so old that I don't have to worry about the future.
Linda Piet
Linda Piet - Vor year
I miss him
khle82 - Vor year
I am sorry, I must be naive, but I felt so much safer back then, than I do now :(
Morgan Butler
Morgan Butler - Vor year
Obama is my favorite lol
PG 89
PG 89 - Vor year
oh my god...can we not go back in time?? oh god where is the time machine?
Daniel Morris
Daniel Morris - Vor year
So sad to watch this now
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