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Tocaboca lover
Tocaboca lover - Vor Stunde
leilah-janaye - Vor Stunde
Does anyone remember when James said his favorite candy bar was M&M’s? Well...they actually made M&M candy bars...lol
Mo On
Mo On - Vor Stunde
I don't like cats....

Im allergic dont attack me
Lemon Films
Lemon Films - Vor Stunde
Congrats on trending
Noah Noah
Noah Noah - Vor Stunde
Whos Here from trending?
GameswithAngel &more
GameswithAngel &more - Vor Stunde
Number 1 in trending
Mimi Rose
Mimi Rose - Vor Stunde
ze baby cat
Hanna Booklover
Hanna Booklover - Vor Stunde
I don't think anyone liked this YouTube rewind...
Toxic.M&M. - Vor Stunde
Number one one trending in da u.s!!!!
Grace Smith!
Grace Smith! - Vor Stunde
YouTube rewind sucks
Tocaboca lover
Tocaboca lover - Vor Stunde
Lexi Bre
Lexi Bre - Vor Stunde
Dr. pepper is the only way to go
Zane Atwood (2024)
Zane Atwood (2024) - Vor Stunde
Did anyone else see at 4:55 that the cats leg disappeared
Derpy Meap
Derpy Meap - Vor Stunde
0:40 bro I'm about to piss my pants it logan paul 😂
Marverlous Fanboy
Marverlous Fanboy - Vor Stunde
My favorite line from James in this video was "UNTIL ONE DAY"
Schuyler Good
Schuyler Good - Vor Stunde
F for Georgie
Suga Mochi
Suga Mochi - Vor Stunde
I am such a big cat person!!! Ugh I love them so frickin much!!
Daniel Havlin
Daniel Havlin - Vor Stunde
Gavin Petersen
Gavin Petersen - Vor Stunde
number 1 on trending
UtterlyhoplessGAmer - Vor Stunde
I see wat u did there but uhhhh no.. srry 1:14
Charlie Hjortshoj
Charlie Hjortshoj - Vor Stunde
Congrats on trending 👍
Dash the hedgehog
Dash the hedgehog - Vor Stunde
im a all animal lover
Bubelzeeb אני כאן? __?
Emma Krieger
Emma Krieger - Vor Stunde
#1 on trending!!
Z3R0 Gaming
Z3R0 Gaming - Vor Stunde
Wanted dead or alive
CupOfTaeWithAKookie - Vor Stunde
Congrats on trending!!
sheila visor
sheila visor - Vor Stunde
Hey James my mom really likes your book and says it’s really funny at first she thought your channel was dumb but now she really likes your content very much.(keep up the amazing work 👍).
nevaeh marie
nevaeh marie - Vor Stunde
#1 on trending good job james!!
Von hoot
Von hoot - Vor Stunde
HOLY SHIT since when did James have 9.3 MILLION it felt like 3.1 million yesterday.
barney x SpongeBob
barney x SpongeBob - Vor Stunde
Awwwwwwwwwww Georgie died that makes me sad. I remember when you talked about your dog in your hamster video and I remember when you sorry I'm tearing up just I'm sorry for your loss
1000 subscribers with no videos
These are PERfect cat jokes!
CrazyWildFox_Girl - Vor Stunde
Lucky, you get cats for free
puppylove42 - Vor Stunde
This is animated beautifully and I love this story!
Tony C
Tony C - Vor Stunde
Potato Directioner
Potato Directioner - Vor Stunde
Miissy _
Miissy _ - Vor Stunde
I've never had any cats , but my grandma takes care of some that no one owns
Green Mango
Green Mango - Vor Stunde
Lemon Films
Lemon Films - Vor Stunde
Also gorgies “fur cut” in the 700.000 sprinkles video was impressive
Can someone please count all the times James draws his character with a :3 face
Charlie Byrd
Charlie Byrd - Vor Stunde
What did one librarian say to another librarian?

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PurrificPaws Lps
PurrificPaws Lps - Vor Stunde
Mk so when you said all the cats died I didn’t cry, but when you said Georgie died, I cried! I have a dog and I will never let her go on purpose!
Carter Day
Carter Day - Vor Stunde
Sorry about Georgie dude that sucks
Antonia Ramirez
Antonia Ramirez - Vor Stunde
Superfox 1010
Superfox 1010 - Vor Stunde
Yay number one on trending
J Green
J Green - Vor Stunde
I have a cat named Pepsi
Benedikte no hate Just watcing videos
If you treat a cat good, it will be good
If you treat a cat bad, it will be bad.
-Animal lover (+cats and dog)
Kevin Reyes
Kevin Reyes - Vor Stunde
Not Goooorgieeee
Chrissy Olmos
Chrissy Olmos - Vor Stunde
I’ve never fallen asleep with a cat on my lap. I’ve woken up from dreams where I couldn’t breath to find my chubby cat laying on my back and not move no matter how much I try to wiggle him off. But god damn do I love him and his attempts to kill me only make me love him more
Magpie - Vor Stunde
1# On trending and it's a cat video YouTube hasn't changed at all
tavipsv - Vor Stunde
🇮​ 🇭​🇦​🇻​🇪​ 🇹​🇭​🇪​ 🇨​🇴​🇴​🇱​🇪​🇸​🇹​ 🇫​🇴​🇳​🇹​ 🇮​🇳​ 🇹​🇭​🇪​ 🇨​🇴​🇲​🇲​🇪​🇳​🇹​ 🇸​🇪​🇨​🇹​🇮​🇴​🇳​
frame less
frame less - Vor Stunde
6:55 5o 7:00 had me dead dude omg😂😂😂😂👌👌👌
hitr 23
hitr 23 - Vor Stunde
Paige Bletscher
Paige Bletscher - Vor Stunde
OMG SAMEEEEEEEE i am completely allergic but i have two xd
xS4NDSC0RP10Nx - Vor Stunde
Don’t worry man, we don’t hate the rewind because you’re in it. It was fully of cringe and politics. The fact that animators are put in actually made it at least a little better, in some sense.
tiny paws
tiny paws - Vor Stunde
tea sis
tea sis - Vor Stunde
lets go number 1 on tending
Max Tomlin
Max Tomlin - Vor Stunde
Chris Miller
Chris Miller - Vor Stunde
Meow :3
Influx Master21
Influx Master21 - Vor Stunde
Charles Mcguire
Charles Mcguire - Vor Stunde
You like all animals huhh......

Eduardo Reis
Eduardo Reis - Vor Stunde
Nossas galinhas
some random nerd
some random nerd - Vor Stunde
yah they do that
TheMemeUnicorn21 YT
TheMemeUnicorn21 YT - Vor Stunde
good job on #1 on trending!
Tabbytha Sanchez
Tabbytha Sanchez - Vor Stunde
I love this 😹😹😹too funny
The Saiyan Warrior
The Saiyan Warrior - Vor Stunde
James to much cat puns STOP !!!!!!! please! but still make videos thx
Ian Romero
Ian Romero - Vor Stunde
Como llegué aquí? :v
Sheer cashmere
Sheer cashmere - Vor Stunde
Why does the cat to the far left on the thumbnail look like Azazal?
Alex Nelson
Alex Nelson - Vor Stunde
You coulda just named him azulon
Meekoi - Vor Stunde
Too bad I’m allergic to cats :(
adriandotexe - Vor Stunde
Why is it that every time James uploads a video on this channel it gets #1 on trending?
Justin Gayle
Justin Gayle - Vor Stunde
James I love your channel and your content but YouTube rewind that’s not it chief!!!!
Kimimila Skye
Kimimila Skye - Vor Stunde
Calico cat

*thinks of serendipity from BTS jimin
Kadin Lawson
Kadin Lawson - Vor Stunde
yayyyyyyyyy a new video
Mak Attack2o2
Mak Attack2o2 - Vor Stunde
I want a cat or dog soon...
Lionmeow - Vor Stunde
SuperDude66 - Vor Stunde
Nice job getting on trending.!
Prestendo 64
Prestendo 64 - Vor Stunde
Did you do this because of furries?
ësmë gåming
ësmë gåming - Vor Stunde
*I love cats so much*
Lucas Teng
Lucas Teng - Vor Stunde
thumbs up
thumbs up - Vor Stunde
This is a FURR-fect video 😉
GraY - Vor Stunde
Congratulations for #1 on trending!
Conner Mayfield
Conner Mayfield - Vor Stunde
I had 14 cats once
nee gaaa
nee gaaa - Vor Stunde
Press F to pay respect to georgie
jkpoper - Vor Stunde
bisexual for cats and dogs
Yeet Yeet On The Street
awe georgie
Taylor Fisher
Taylor Fisher - Vor Stunde
I loafed ur part of the rewind. I loved ALL the animated parts actually XD
Cyclone - Vor Stunde
Hey, you forgot about

Jackson Wu
Jackson Wu - Vor Stunde
YouTube: Well, this YouTube Remind was a bust. At least we still got it into number 1 trending.
James: Look again.

Also congrats on making too no. 1 trending on YouTube! 🎉 Especially surpassing YouTubes own video!👏
Olivia Snow
Olivia Snow - Vor Stunde


Rest In Peace lil pupperz
ChimChimmyyoongi - Vor Stunde
I’m allergic. I don’t like cats as much.
Blaire Everly
Blaire Everly - Vor Stunde
What if you have a pet....that hates you?
FerventSpy78374 YT
FerventSpy78374 YT - Vor Stunde
I’m your cousins freind lol xd
Noah D
Noah D - Vor Stunde
I don’t hate YouTube rewind because of you it’s because it has ninja ( a twitch streamer) instead of pewdiepie the biggest channel in YouTube
Z0NED • - Vor Stunde
Meow 🐱
Cole 57k
Cole 57k - Vor Stunde
Finally get to hear that I conic "wear your seat belt." Sorry for spelling lol.😂
Zronto Ponto
Zronto Ponto - Vor Stunde
cat lovers
cat lovers - Vor Stunde
James:and there were no more cats................................UNTIL ONE DAY
LlaMaGoaT 420
LlaMaGoaT 420 - Vor Stunde
Boi u #1 on trending in canada
•Lps Error•
•Lps Error• - Vor Stunde
swaggy and boris
swaggy and boris - Vor Stunde
I have 6 cats :,)

I love them all :3
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