The REAL Reason For Solar Observatory Shutdown?..

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burt panzer
burt panzer - Vor Tag
Probably failed to pay property taxes and Feds want to turn it into a laser weapon.
Jahsun Handy
Jahsun Handy - Vor Tag
If you seen it the MIB convinced you it was a weatherballon.
My Salvation.
My Salvation. - Vor 3 Tage
Stop with all the lies and tell the truth for once... Hundreds of thousands and thousands of so-called UFO are headed this way... The event will occur in 2019
Colin Nightingale
Colin Nightingale - Vor 3 Tage
so a janitor apparently has childporn and they shut down local businesses and evacuate the locals...hmmm oh and they didn't tell the local sheriffs office what they were up to...sounds like aliens to me
Joseph Dehler
Joseph Dehler - Vor 3 Tage
I don't know why people seem to think a dead body is mysterious but that's what it was
Anastasia K.
Anastasia K. - Vor 7 Tage
November 7th, 2018 I searched it and it says suspected child porn distribution, but idk if that's the case.
The Ok Shack
The Ok Shack - Vor 7 Tage
If they are trying to hide it from us because it can end the world why does it even matter at all if we are all gonna die ? Lol
Dr. Paul McNeil
Dr. Paul McNeil - Vor 8 Tage
Be polite
we have Company
Dr. Paul McNeil
Dr. Paul McNeil - Vor 8 Tage
NIBIRU Inbound
Smoke A fatty
Smoke A fatty - Vor 9 Tage
I hope the aliens succ at poker cuz I have a serious gambling problem
Ydur Senun
Ydur Senun - Vor 9 Tage
I love defecating.
Michaele Loh
Michaele Loh - Vor 9 Tage
I don't have proof that homo sapiens are the products of some superior aliens from another galaxy / dimension but I do believe that we were plucked out of some animals on earth 35,000 yeaars or earlier by aliens and manipulated our genes to be as we are today. Why they did that is a mystery. Perhaps, its for a higher purpose we may never know or not supposed to know as products of these experiments. We can talk about evolutions from apes to humans by Darwins but if that is true, then we would not have apes around anymore as all of them would have evolved. Linda Howe has a point except that she is up against all odds, like governments, organizations whose jobs was to suppressed the truth from ever being told. This protection of earth by alien with the huge UFO from the solar flare should be a trigger point to take up this theory seriously. Again to test this theory further, we should refer to the story of human evolutions, like "out of Africa" which is tainted with loopholes. One glaring fault in the theory is, how did an African race branch out into so many different races? Surely we cannot accept the Chinese who are so different from Africans can be so easily accepted as an evolutionary process of transformation. To accept that, would be to suggest that apples were originally a species of wild berries but was transformed because of evolution. My suspision is begining to creep into the realm of Linda's hypothesis that homo sapiens were the products of a comic experimentation, with different races having been genetically manipulated from different primates for whatever purpose we may never know. The answer is no longer out there! It maybe found in the lies that had been constantly fed to us by the same products who were tasked to keep the lids on, lest the truth is known which could upset the established order of the comos in a perpectual experiment that goes beyond our comprehension.
Jugger Majster
Jugger Majster - Vor 10 Tage
Wow, great footage of the UFO's so clear to see no wonder they want to keep it
Jugger Majster
Jugger Majster - Vor 10 Tage
Mexicans have landed on the sun...
anonymous123 anonymous1234
No. the truth is are sun is going to explode. its at the end of its life cycle the government's of the world knows this.
wade - Vor 11 Tage
The head of the astronomy department at the university there said:
"We will be releasing the data in its unaltered form."
That kind of language is usually used when alluding to something science-related.
123rewd - Vor 16 Tage
It's not the aliens wanting the glass of water anymore they only want M and M's. And the packages are now smaller and they are upset. You search though the foreign countries' observatories. Look outside the box. Pray to Jesus and listen real hard. David's high tower. What I wish people would understand that this planet is protected from destroying itself until the times that GOD decides to let the SHTF. Aliens prevent the wars all the time, because they serve the I AM. And there's nothing you can do about it or ever could. You control jack and not knowing Jack certainly helps. The demons and fallen angels just do what God lets them do, deceive those who reject the truth. Truth is what you need to be after, not "stuff".
Ground Zero
Ground Zero - Vor 16 Tage
anyone here see how immensely intense "the sun" is right now / all day ??
Robert Senior
Robert Senior - Vor 16 Tage
There was a claim of a shooter near the observatory. If thats the case, it makes sense. The observatory is very isolated. Everything on that mountain has to do with the observatory. It could be almost anything though. Our government prefers to lie to us.
Dillard Steadman
Dillard Steadman - Vor 16 Tage
I can’t watch just heresy 🙄
Christopher Houchins
Christopher Houchins - Vor 17 Tage
The word FBI. Look at the "I" it looks like it has been shoved war far up someone's ass.
Richard Ernst
Richard Ernst - Vor 17 Tage
It’s a freakin coverup of something, there’s absolutely NOO doubt about it..!!!!! It ain’t got nothing about NOO dead body found or terrorist or whatever jeezzz give me a break..!!!!! Hahaha. Something is out there in the skies and they don’t want it being known..!!!!!!!
John Surratt
John Surratt - Vor 19 Tage
I think it's to make the conspiracy theorist look paranoid
Boo Hicks
Boo Hicks - Vor 19 Tage
I don't believe that was the moon. I don't remember ever seeing the dark side of the moon from earth!
Enrique Antonio Mena Caviedes
¿Habría la posibilidad de que alguien pudiese traducirlo al castellano? Soy uno de los millones de hispanos parlantes que agradeceríamos desde el fondo de nuestro corazón una voz amiga que nos dijera lo que está pasando. Muchas gracias.
Bill Mccloy
Bill Mccloy - Vor 20 Tage
I think it may have been a test to see how local police and citizenry would respond to a government takeover. If it was a security risk, it wouldn't exist.
Neumann - Vor 21 Tag
Fear mongering everything is a conspiracy , when are you going to start pushing flat earth?
Fabian Bernick
Fabian Bernick - Vor 21 Tag
The news says it was shutdown to investigate child porn allegations, they found out it was the janitor and the janitor was exhibiting erratic behavior which is why the FBI got involved ... sounds 100% Legit, I trust the Deep state :)
i have no name
i have no name - Vor 21 Tag
FBI investigated it because the janitor had many child porn videos downloaded from the dark web sadly no aliens
Carmelo Chemtrails Killer
Maybe they wer selling crack who knows.
TWOHAWK 1 - Vor 26 Tage
Add this to the recent losses of multiple specialized telescopes.
Robert Ciofllofi
Robert Ciofllofi - Vor 27 Tage
THX Tyler great reporting....yes they did !!
ShadowOfLabel - Vor 27 Tage
2:52 one of those starseed people claim this craft is of Yahyel race origin.
stanly steemer
stanly steemer - Vor 27 Tage
Real reason naked Martian women naked and hot Martian women.
Jeff Ward
Jeff Ward - Vor 27 Tage
So in other words you don't know jack shit as to why it shut down...  your just spewing forth everyone else's wild ass guess as to why it shut down
dwan robinson
dwan robinson - Vor 28 Tage
We may not be ready for the information. I believe it will shock pretty much everyone.
john campos
john campos - Vor 28 Tage
This is all b.s.
Wake up , people! Our sun does not look like this there's no telescope in the world; no filter invented that can take a picture of the sun and see the flaming inferno- it's all CGI.
Luke Proctor
Luke Proctor - Vor 29 Tage
Based on the comments I'm reading I'm regretting not watching this video. Can't get passed this guy's lisp. Makes taking the kid serious a challenge for me.
Epiur - Vor 29 Tage
Black helicopters? Really man?
H.C ANG - Vor Monat
tHaNk for aliens helping human soft weather problem, alien using their technology suck energy from SUN to prevent hot weather on earth...GOOD job WELlDONE
HellBilly Austin
HellBilly Austin - Vor Monat
Nice work tyler, i had'nt heard of the white sands/ other base's connection to it. Sadly we'll probally have to add the case to the huge amount of other interesting CIA/NSA operations to hide the truth.
* falsefrag *
* falsefrag * - Vor Monat
I known this is from a month back, and all your theories are good. But possibly something will be present known by NASA etc. And had a "date" at which it could be visible on Earth? Crazy nonetheless.
Chad Bush
Chad Bush - Vor Monat
the elite and nsa trying to look and figure out why their spy satellites went down! trump is making them blind to whats coming to the deep state corruption! thousands of indictments coming,military police arresting corrupt politicians and pedophile elite,,, military tribunal courts will be used for trials,,,,
Karen Grainger-Allen
Karen Grainger-Allen - Vor Monat
Tyler !look at the shape of that ufo ,then look again at the red similar shape on Nasa emblem,!!!!!…
Karen Bentley
Karen Bentley - Vor Monat
See Dick Algire's video on his remote viewing of this event. Find under CryptoViewing on YouTube.
rick zysk
rick zysk - Vor Monat
As the Katchina dances in the plaza
jacqueline schael
jacqueline schael - Vor Monat
The music at the beginning of the program is pretty cool.
Viralvideos - Vor Monat
MrMBB333 did an update with the real reasons this observatory was shut down temporarily.
TheJudge - Vor Monat
Always in the us. To bad no other place on earth have telescopes. Woud be awsome to have some us tech.
Justin The woods
Justin The woods - Vor Monat
So the real reason was?? 3-4, or 5 things..
bettertruth thanlie
bettertruth thanlie - Vor Monat
might be something almost like a batman sign covered a 1/4 of the sun for a while
Robert Ciofllofi
Robert Ciofllofi - Vor 27 Tage
better wow that's it, Alert the Media !!!!
Zoldy - Vor Monat
FBI wants to know your location.
Robert Ciofllofi
Robert Ciofllofi - Vor 27 Tage
Yep they already have Tyler's lists ha ha ha we're all on it, boo hoo boo hoo
You act like you believe the FBI, DA if they are refusing to let you see anything, then they are hiding the truth Satan will decieve the whole world, with the FBI'S help!
Ces Alquimista
Ces Alquimista - Vor Monat
Some ciantificos know very well, the sun is a service station of energy recharge, some ships lose camouflage capacity at the time of energy charging process.
Modelstopia - Vor Monat
Chinese spy’s. That’s why
vampirofdarkness - Vor Monat
You don't need an observatory to see what is coming, it's a prophecy of a big astroid with very long tail that will make a spin around causing a collar between the east and the west, passing very close to earth to be seen by naked eye ,plus it will make a loud scream noise on May before departure
Jared Silvert
Jared Silvert - Vor Monat
why shut down one observatory because aliens, but not the rest that are looking at the flair? bahahahaha aliens in the most 'known alien site' (that also tests military secrets). also, somone manages to get "a few frames" of footage of them landing, but not the whole reel... thats locked up.... riiiight.
LB - Vor Monat
Christian Sørensen
Christian Sørensen - Vor Monat
Why have any of the emploeyes not said anything..there is always one looking for 5 min of fame. As I understand a lot of people was working on the site...?
Jay Mcghee
Jay Mcghee - Vor Monat
Could the reason be that he was involved in a child pornography ring?!?! Accessing/sending/receiving child porn in itself is illegal. Doing it with a government computer violates national security. If he was using the mail system to exchange porn, the post office would have been closed. Sending/receiving child porn using a federal database, is a crime worst than murder. The FBI would come in that way in order to secure their target.
rico suave
rico suave - Vor Monat
rico suave
rico suave - Vor Monat
Kenneth Morris
Kenneth Morris - Vor Monat
Has the guys name been made public yet whos supposed to have been arrested? Not heard any news of this person
247tubefan - Vor Monat
That's not a's a space station.
Emilio Viteri
Emilio Viteri - Vor Monat
the observatory in Hawaii apparently has/had evidence of large objects near the sun. #Freedom of information.
Dale Fisher
Dale Fisher - Vor Monat
B4 flat earth was tri hexagon earth
Dale Fisher
Dale Fisher - Vor Monat
Don’t mind me I’m just a tri hexagon earther here.
Kareem Al-hachame
Kareem Al-hachame - Vor Monat
oh boy that's a glitch
Dylan Mccanlies
Dylan Mccanlies - Vor Monat
Well done.
Joyce Oliver
Joyce Oliver - Vor Monat
The telescope caught a fleet of ufo's circling our sun,shortly afterwards a hole in the sun's atmosphere was formed.the feds said they raided the observatory because a janitor was using the WiFi for child be the judge
mitchr00 - Vor Monat
You lunatics need to separate yourselves from the deranged bible thumpers. As soon as I see that shit I check out. You lose all credibility by aligning with them.
jas gsxr
jas gsxr - Vor Monat
Might have been shut down as a precaution for a future event or activity ?
J Rad
J Rad - Vor Monat
Lol local authorities did not want us knowing
Earlier in the video the local sheriff was kept in the dark
Come on people lay the pipe down
Lostgears - Vor Monat
I think our solar system had a huge meteor shower event. A lot of debris shot itself through saturn last month during the same time of the shutdowns. These are not "lasers" those are tails created by objects zooming through Saturn's material. Whatever happened last month was HUGE.
Alejandro Perales
Alejandro Perales - Vor Monat
So now you know hmm you better my Sun along
Colonel Robert F. Cunningham
Take a look at the 2:44+ point and note that HUGE "V" shaped object in the upper right ... Since we don't know at which angle it is located, the minimum size of each leg is 500+/- MILES and it's parked behind the sun !!! Do some simple math and come to your own conclusions, but that thing is HUGE ... and not of earthly origin ...
casesusa - Vor Monat
Of course there was pornography involved; just look at what those perverts named one of the planets!
Mayravixx - Vor 26 Tage
"Planet XXX"
rick zysk
rick zysk - Vor Monat
nyctreeman - Vor Monat
The janitor was supposedly downloading child porn. Right, the government always flies in Black Hawk Helicopters, closes post offices, and forces citizens to evacuate their own homes ... because one man suspected of downloading child porn warrants such actions.
Mihael Pilar
Mihael Pilar - Vor Monat
He was viewing it through the telescope lol so it had to be closed
a j
a j - Vor Monat
why would the fbi want to hide a ufo
movistar4996 - Vor Monat
Here is my take on it: I think it may be a solar storm that could possible affect electronics world wide. I will personally withdraw some cash and cash available to me in case systems go down.
Here is some links that I read on that I thought were relevant.
The following links I used to inform myself a little better about past storms and what they could have caused.
john nedeau
john nedeau - Vor Monat
why tf didt he talk about any of the leaked photos of the crafts next to the sun?
Banana Boi
Banana Boi - Vor Monat
I thought anerika had freedom. See how live in a dictatorship?
metal garurumon
metal garurumon - Vor Monat
they hiding the truth to all human
holographic world
holographic world - Vor Monat
They're getting better with the CGI.
Joshua Achille
Joshua Achille - Vor Monat
That looks like a big ass rock being heated up by the sun passing bye. I think we need a bigger bomb
A-rod Jinkins
A-rod Jinkins - Vor Monat
The Sheriff has the Authority and sole Jurisdiction of such places, and the Sheriff only. Period, it's unconstitutional for the FBI to do such things. If the FBI refused to speak with the Sheriff in this manner, some people would be arrested, federal agent or not. They bully these small towns sheriff's and Police because they let them. If they stood up things would change.
Dr. Ramon de Torres
Dr. Ramon de Torres - Vor Monat
The large circular object that transited the sun twice. Comparisons of the first transit (size) to the 2nd reveal differences in circumference. Additionally, there were, as noted 2 transits IN OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS! Hey guys! Come on! Your tinfoil hat is on too tight.
vonlobo - Vor Monat
Stargate is real ;)
Tammie Rose-Kirk
Tammie Rose-Kirk - Vor Monat
🎶🎶Children of the Sun🎶🎶
frog 999
frog 999 - Vor Monat
Now they're meeting place is the space station!!!
frog 999
frog 999 - Vor Monat
Doesn't matter how much they hide it we can all see it the government is about the biggest piece of shit idiots on earth they think they're hiding something we all seen and know about wtf is wrong with them??
equaltemp - Vor Monat
None of these explanations explain why nearby businesses and residents were evacuated. Nor do they explain the presence of a military helicopter. Both of these things would suggest an immediate threat in that particular area. If this was a case of discovering alien craft near the sun, a raid would seem illogical, particularly if their intent was to keep a lid on it. Raids are typically meant to catch people off guard.
t s
t s - Vor Monat
FBI is a federal police force. This wasn't a CIA shutdown or a military intervention, this was a police raid. Sounds like they got a whiff of something nefarious going on in and around that area, wanted to keep it hush from even local law enforcement so that the locals didn't tip off whomever might be getting arrested. With the number of satellites actually orbiting the sun taking better images, all of those would have been shutdown as well as this ground-based observatory, if it were some kind of celestial coverup.
Marie Herring
Marie Herring - Vor Monat
Ray Johnson
Ray Johnson - Vor Monat
That is a testing ground. Ever think it was our craft
Sam Williams
Sam Williams - Vor Monat
Can you please! Give me a address, so I can send you a lisp corrector!... And don't you think it's time, for a girlfriend? You are grown now! Time for sex!
Steve Smith
Steve Smith - Vor Monat
"The end of the world is coming but we didnt tell you so you dont panic". Psychopaths always blame you for what they do.
Naistus Family
Naistus Family - Vor Monat
Wow this vid is a hit
Robert Miller
Robert Miller - Vor Monat
This is not a theory. The place was closed because of a supposed child porn incident from the observatory. Thats what they said. BIG FUCKING LIE. They saw a fleet of UFO's around the sun. Thats a fact. researchers have went back and checked the sdo cameras for that day and they were seen by more than just a few people, OBVIOUSLY, it was shut down!!!!!!!! And just so you know, we have been seeing planet size spacecrafts. In the last couple years, there has been a major increase on sightings, and with the economy collapse starting, and the violent weather, and a war getting ready to begin, ( both civil and world) and Revalations events unfolding, it seems to me were getting ready for some kind of contact with them, whether good or bad. Are the giant ships full of thousands and thousands of normal size people or creatures or are they giant size, like they're ship? We could very well be ant size to something out there. There is a big reason why we are having all these 7. plus earthquakes now as they will get bigger, and those volcanos will blow higher(all ready reaching the stratosphere) and those meteors will increase, both quantity and size. But whether natural or man made, it dont matter, because were about to get slammed with everything and YOU need to prep for food and water, blankets and very warm clothing. Not only are we supposed to get blasted  with record breaking cold temperatures for this winter, but if the grid goes down, it could lead to millions being wiped out. Be ready for ANYTHING
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