The Cognitive Tradeoff Hypothesis

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So the theory is language developed bc of a Savannah 😂😂😂😂 what r u talking about
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The Christchurch Shootings Should Implicate All White Australians
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Why are awesome things not free?
shado w
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We should do an experiment where we put chimpanzees in caves for generations and see if they change
Your Average Newbie
Chimpanzee Rule The Wave!!
Rock Stone
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Numbers doesn’t actually mean anything to chimps maybe use a different symbols. Like something gradually increasing
LabGecko - Vor Tag
Remember that these chimps have trained on a number of games. I have chimps (not sure if it was this group) communicate using various screen input methods (phonetics, sign language, etc). It would not surprise me if they have been taught those meanings.
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Bring back the hey vsauce Michael here
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Want the original VSauce back? Take it! It’s free!

Nope I lied you’ll never get it back...

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Tarefa de sociologia
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It could be because we have so much stimuli, thoughts etc... at any given moment that our short term memory suffers.
Also this is not to say that having a slow short term memory is a bad thing. Maybe humans have to take things slow to store it more long term... I would be curious to see the chimps long term memory tests.
How can we weaponize this?
EllaX’s dream The bubble tea
I have a question for you,

*how does ant man breathe when he goes smaller then an air molecule?*
Aizaz Ali
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Chimps can focus on the entire screen simultaneously to memorize the state of the image and patterns. While chimp is storing what looks like 6.
While Humans are focusing on numbers, then memorise each number individually. Because we recognize numbers so we are storing number not a pattern. We are storing 6 (six).
It might take some practice but humans can match or get close to chimps score.
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Hllo ji kaise hai sabb
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*17:15* and...... *fail*
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'course they can do that, they trained their whole lives. sure we could to if you did that to someone.
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Vsauce salty
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buen video
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Asan Ali
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Our ancestors were also human, not a mix of animal and human. Damn michael get your facts first
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omg where chulkers
Book Review
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the intro punched my chest
Book Review
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i miss the old intro... hey michel here
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Why does it say premium cyz im able to watch ot wut
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If people including my Master would treat each other the way most dogs do the earth would be so much nicer.
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I don’t think this is necessarily true because the chimpanzees were trained to see the numbers and find them for several years before vsauce ever filmed it. A human can also be trained to complete this type of task and it would take even less time to train a human to do it.
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The only way to communicate, free episodes
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5:04 Michael thinking: where’s brudda! Can’t find brudda!
*"I AM HOWTOBASIC!!!!!!!"*
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i miss the regular videos so much.
plz michael start up again.
we need you so much
James Sarkar
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Think Chimp = GPU,
Humans = CPU
If you understand computer processing!!
Your Average Newbie
I'm glad I understand this shit xD
Mollyrose Schofield
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Michael performed too well. The Scientist was worried that he was disproving his theory. You can tell by his body-language.
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Dude - I could totally do that. You don't memorize "where" the numbers are. You memorize the shape they make. It's how I remember phone numbers. I'm not bragging - I'm just saying. It's the shape, not the 'where'. If that makes sense.
that's basically what happens to someone just starting the test too. we're familiar with numbers, so we take immediate glances and remember 1, 2, and 3, but it takes active mental effort for us to remember 4 and above, because we just don't have 'chunks' of information the brain makes and uses to speed up the process
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Half of the comments below are people crying about how they miss free videos.
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I've said it for years that Animals are extremely intelligent, they think differently but are very aware of their surroundings than most humans. I know this because I'm an Adorable Dog and I know how to manipulate my Master., because I'm the Boss.
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+莫肯尼 woooff.....wooff woof...wuf?
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Aren't I Adorable woof
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I'm honestly mad that he doesn't say "Heyy Vsauce, Michael here" in ever episode
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one word Thx 5 Stars *****
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Rise of the planet of the Chimps !!!!!
Ahmed Aghour
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So the chimps are so familiar with tests on screens we don't even discuss it....ok
๏ςՇ๏г๏к รยรђเ
When they showed the 3 numbers I was like "Oh wow can Chimps not do that?" Even felt a bit of pride like "Hah that was so easy, I guess that's the gap between humans and chimps!" Nearly got whiplash when Ayumu started bangin' out 9 like it was nothing. Very humbling.
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Okay YouTube Premium, shut up and take my money.
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Wait when they showed the monkey doing it he had more time...I remember half the numbers that time, I’m kinda an overachiever.
Shauday Smith
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Give me a novice chimp and pit him against the novice human. Track their progress and time to get a comprehensive view of a Chimps/Human's clarity of short-term memory. I understand that young chimps, especially young males, would need to quickly identify threats and that same visual targeting is applied to the numbers test. I would love to better understand how this ability is developed and honed over time. Are chimp infants also better innately at this task? It's very interesting.
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we came from god
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Pls do regualr videos again
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What is the name of this game that they're playing? I'd like to find a site that has this so I can see how bad I do playing it..... anyone know?
OAD94 - Vor 8 Tage
The human species were created by god, first one was Adam and then his wife and then we all came, monkeys however have nothing to do with us they are just different species, this episode is a waste of time.
okonomiyakibancho - Vor 8 Tage
Language change our brains fundamentally.
Our brains want to get out of our bodies.
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This suck for gamers
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news alert: Ai is an A.I.
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Now I understand why I suck in a conversation, 'cause I'm brainy..🤪🤪
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Wow now I'm in love with chimps
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This series is the only thing that makes me interested in Youtube Originals. So so good :)
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_I dream of the day that Michael will remember his password and upload a normal video..._
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The chimp can just tell him
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I am staring at my phone.
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Hey micheal vsauce here
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Evolution is in every educational video.
Can someone make an educational video about evolution being a a bunch of crap ?
Tony Nameless
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This proves that evolution theory is all wrong.
We should be more memory superior to monkeys yet we are quiet the opposite.
Any evolution supporters want to start the debate on this problem ?
One argument at the time please. With God's help i will crash every lie you were fed since you were 6 years old.
I will be starting with Darwin's fake embryo picture that he faked to become famous and BOY OH BOY he did.
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+Novantico of you have nothing to present, don't.
Novantico - Vor 9 Tage
+Tony Nameless - I could ask you the same.
Tony Nameless
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+Novantico Is that the best you can do ?
Novantico - Vor 9 Tage
6.5/10 trolling
Playful Attire
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3:02 They say it's because the food in the trees a scarce and they need to move to the next patch of trees to survive
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Kinsey Madeline - Vor 10 Tage
They give us free episodes occasionally in the hope that we'll waste our money on their stupid YouTube Red. Fuck that.
Meshal Aldhahri
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when you sing with the radio 22:09
FannyPackMan100 - Vor 10 Tage
Something I don’t get: That test with the chimpanzees literally didn’t allow you to physically see all of the numbrs there. Your eyes might have registered it via the light they’ve collected, but the brain wasn’t given enough time to physically process what was there. Memory deals with information already collected and processed. It's about information retention, not collection. Had we been able to have a few seconds to actually do this, then made to wait a short time before being tasked with disclosing this retained information, THEN it would be an accurate test of short-term memory. But it isn’t — instead it’s a test of the brain’s visual processing capabilities and reaction time.
It DOES make sense that humans would have reduced REACTION TIME in order to compensate for language, as the brain would need to wait a certain period of time to receive the necessary information from language, which is more complicated than the methods of communication employed by apes. Because it is more complicated, it is slower to input and output it from one person to another. It takes more time to speak than it does to use body language, and signs, simple screams and grunts, and pheromones, and it takes more time to process.
It will take you several seconds at least to read my passage before you comprehend it at all. For a chimp, it would be near instant for his eyes and brain to physically capture it all, but he wouldn’t of course have the faculties for processing comlex language other than simple words. Even if he did, he would start to read it and stop right at the very start because he'd react to the first few things you said and not listen to anything else. If you’ve ever come across someone who listened to some of what you tried to tell them and immediately jumped the gun and interupted you without listening to anything else, imagine that, but every single time. Right as you speak, the ape (assuming it has faculties for processing language and speech, and can talk on the level of a human. I know they already have limited faculties, but can only understand so many single words) immediately is done with the conversation because what little you say is enough for his brain to decide it has all the information it needs to respond.
Chimps seem to have a much faster processing ability because their methods of cummunication are much less complicated than language. They HAVE to be able to react in a split second to THEIR language. Not just their language, but the ability to move they way they do — swinging and climbing — so precisely, swiftly, and accurately. If we had their processing ability existing alonside our language and speech faculties, we’d have a lot of difficulty understanding our own speech, because the brain would be too busy processing sounds the moment they come out of the mouth rather than waiting to collect enough sounds to form coherent meaning like sentences and the meaning behind them. All we’d hear are words and sounds, becaue our brain would decide that this is enough information to act on.
Coreect me if I’m wrong, but I believe that the premise of the Cognitive Tradeoff Hypothesis is flawed — at least as far as short-term memory is involved. I thnk it is more accurate to describe cognitive information processing. I also don’t buy the claim that the ancestor of humans were “too weak” to stay in the trees and were kicked out. That just seems so self-deprecating and also doesn’t make any sense.
Matthew G
Matthew G - Vor 10 Tage
But it's vsause bruh...
Mike Man
Mike Man - Vor 10 Tage
Magenta Freak
Magenta Freak - Vor 10 Tage
Just don’t talk and u have better memory lmao
Revermight Star
Revermight Star - Vor 10 Tage
You may beat Ai, you won't beat AI.
Jeffrey Hargrove
Jeffrey Hargrove - Vor 11 Tage
Like with AI intelligence there is only a fixed amount of operations a given system can perform. The more underlying operations required to run the AI, the less available operational potential exists for other systems.

Basically, if your code is too complex. Your super advanced computer system can perform a given task significantly worse than an inferior system, running a simple code, meant to conduct a singular operational task.

Anyway. long story short. The reason these apes are able to perform better in this test is that it a Visuospatial recall test. Which ironically deaf students in a number of studies have been show to significantly outperform non-deaf students in. It is not a hypothesis that required this monkey business conducted in 2013. As it is already a proven concept in hundreds of other studies.

Here is a paper that summarizes some of the studies as they relate to the deaf and different forms of intelligence. Citing over a dozens different sources.

While this may be of interest to you. Keep in mind this study shown in this video is 6+ years old. It also is absolutely not original content. He copied the script from these other shows. Watch them. They are the exact same show, with the same tests. The same information. This video adds nothing. It is funded opportunism.

But lets go back further.... 2008 -- not the same script but the basic information.
But lets go back even further... for this I won't have a youtube link.
Journal of Comparative Psychology 113, 426-434 (1999).
Yea... so anyway. Not exactly cutting edge research, and while informative it doesn't add anything to the conversation. This channel was recommended to me. I won't be subscribing. I hate Youtube personalities who take others work, make their own video, and pass it off as content. Especially when it a nearly identical clone to the original works posted on youtube years ago. The only difference being he is funded and that bought him placement in youtube feeds.
Syl - Vor 11 Tage
I love how laid back his method of studying them is, on their own terms. It's gonna turn out more natural results and more ethical.
The Jurassic Chicken
The Jurassic Chicken - Vor 11 Tage
I miss Michaels classic theme music
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Wtf I vs aye how can aye tell the difference
Billy Mays
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10:50 ish Micheal - yeah... YEaH
Ee bsy
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I thought whales had complex language?
Artizi Designs
Artizi Designs - Vor 11 Tage
Holy shit
SpaceZombie - Vor 11 Tage
Why does this need to be youtube 'premium'? I'm sure with the interest, ads and Patreon, this educational content could be free, no? Anyway, I do appreciate the highly interesting topics and content
caleb baumgardner
caleb baumgardner - Vor 11 Tage
Would love to see Vsauce Micheal Here attempt to swim across the Atlantic Ocean.
bad boogl
bad boogl - Vor 11 Tage
Why do I want to scream and shout along with the chimps?
dayzproplay345 day
dayzproplay345 day - Vor 11 Tage
In future we gonna have Chimpanzee playing cod
Jay Camaro
Jay Camaro - Vor 12 Tage
This is why eye witness testimony in court sometimes puts away innocent people. Wait, so how does the CHIMP know the order of number values?🤔
bullsquid42 - Vor 12 Tage
I'm sure there's more to this, but just from the video it looks like you're comparing chimpanzees who trained this game since childhood to a middle aged guy who plays it for the first time. Feels like if you trained a human child to do this on a daily basis they'd probably get pretty fast too.
I mean ... I can't speak Mandarin and I could probably never learn it perfectly. But that doesn't mean it's IMPOSSIBLE to speak Mandarin.
billy blackmon
billy blackmon - Vor 12 Tage
love to see a similar comparison with dolphins. i suspect the difference would be much greater and they communicate vocally
Meinte Bouma
Meinte Bouma - Vor 12 Tage
photographic memory
Paul Chung
Paul Chung - Vor 13 Tage
Our evolutionary points went to language
(Anyone get the reference?)
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Andrew Jackson - Vor 13 Tage
Premium is not worth it's cost.
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I will die. But Should I?? vote to kill or keep michael??
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How do they learn the order of the numbers?
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Make more non premium episodes
Deruzzi - Vor 13 Tage
Damn even Asian chimps have extra iq
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1:32 ..linkin park what I've done
Oof Oofer
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But can you do this?
Диана Исакова
Amazing 🙏
life bigins after coffee
life bigins after coffee - Vor 13 Tage
6:00 put on subtitle and it will say "and this is how you move" lol very good subtitles there Michael clap clap clap
Tom King
Tom King - Vor 14 Tage
I'm not really too sure how to get in contact with Michael, but I'd appreciate if he somehow saw this video It looks at a potential hypothesis for human evolution, and at times links to comments made in 'The Cognitive Tradeoff Hypothesis' video.
Jeff Greenwade
Jeff Greenwade - Vor 14 Tage
This was so good. So this is what Vsauce has been up to.
Taylor Altieri
Taylor Altieri - Vor 14 Tage
Um how do chimps know numerical order...
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