Cute Babies Reacting To Head Massager For The First Time Compilation || NEW

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Eetu The Hunter
Eetu The Hunter - Vor 26 Tage
That thing is giving me huge chills every time i used it and i never liked it. It could be used for torturing
clarkevander - Vor 26 Tage
I do not like the feeling of it actually. I understand why people would like it though.
Ammar Zaidi
Ammar Zaidi - Vor 26 Tage
I tried this on my kitten and she jumped 3 feet in the air, cringing lol
💐Free-Flow Massages
💐Free-Flow Massages - Vor 26 Tage
Its like the think theyre being abducted by aliens
Kyle Simpson
Kyle Simpson - Vor 27 Tage
Oh ffs first time i read the title i thought it said cute baby's react to head for the first time😂
I truly wish i was joking but shit its 3:15am I'm half asleep so I'm allowed to misread things.
Reza Yulianto
Reza Yulianto - Vor 27 Tage
I have this one, but i don't know it use to massage.. i thought that was my mother tools.. kind of mixer lol 😂
Marcky Bassi
Marcky Bassi - Vor 27 Tage
Kids said: Take that Shit Off out of me!
Franky The King
Franky The King - Vor 28 Tage
Poveri bimbi
JOE DADDY - Vor 28 Tage
Im 38 and my girlfriend hates the face I make when I ask her to do this for me. Hahaha Ain't the same when you do it yoursef...
keemverlee gee
keemverlee gee - Vor 28 Tage
I want that purple head massager ☺️
Arhon Pinéda
Arhon Pinéda - Vor 28 Tage
Omg I swear my smile was locked tight until this video ended
Keith Sergent
Keith Sergent - Vor 28 Tage
Sensory overload... baby shutdown...
Arhon Pinéda
Arhon Pinéda - Vor 28 Tage
The first time I smiled today
Trea Jaylen
Trea Jaylen - Vor 29 Tage
When they twitch like that they experience ASMR
Liam Landis
Liam Landis - Vor 29 Tage
How dare you have a baby present for the Red Wedding
Legion Boh
Legion Boh - Vor Monat
This was so fk cute. I m going to smash my head into a wall to get back to normal.
Michael Karanja
Michael Karanja - Vor Monat
Things that parents do nowadays for attention scares me. Some of these are dangerous smh
Guardian of the Keyboard
Third baby wins
Dale Scicluna
Dale Scicluna - Vor Monat
Whoops straight through the soft spot
JAGtheGuardian - Vor Monat
くるみ餅 - Vor Monat
mike gold
mike gold - Vor Monat
Why can't babies stay like babies forever 😭
ElMarrano 2
ElMarrano 2 - Vor Monat
Esa wbd la primera vez q lo utilice tmr me dio escalofríos
CareBear Pines
CareBear Pines - Vor Monat
The little man's really into it

Edit: 7:04 I came here for the babies but I found myself a baby daddy. Sadly I'm assuming he's married
Elijah HK
Elijah HK - Vor Monat
Oh yeah yeah
FutureSailorKid - Vor Monat
I don't think that is safe for the baby's soft part of the head in the back.
asss - Vor Monat
Kids would bring these to school and tell me they were head massagers and I wouldn’t believe them. Never trust someone who is infatuated with rubbing something on your head
Wildcandygirl - Vor Monat
Babies skulls aren't like ours. They are soft and fragile. Be Fucking careful dumb fucks.
jyrone hogan
jyrone hogan - Vor Monat
That first kid gone be a freak when he grows up.
Kit Kat
Kit Kat - Vor Monat
What’s the worse pet?
Dog: 🐶
Cat: 🐱
Kid: 👶
지정 - Vor Monat
Wiisi - Vor Monat
The power of ASMR
liviahashe travero
liviahashe travero - Vor Monat
Such cutieeess
boosted kid productions
Lol I bought one every time I use it I get the chills
Leeh - Vor Monat
The most precious video ever
Moo Moo Puppy
Moo Moo Puppy - Vor Monat
The cutest baby at least imo is the boy @ 0:51.
Mink - Vor Monat
Disliked because of the ear-bleeding noise that you started this off with 😪
Because I can
Because I can - Vor Monat
First baby was the best ❤️
Harold Thompson
Harold Thompson - Vor Monat
Watching this, and i hope those baby were never grew old..let them be cute, funny, and pure happiness theyre just too adorable..
Maralk Frack
Maralk Frack - Vor Monat
Fucking torture!
Roshi - Vor Monat
First child is like “OHHH FUCKK HOLYY SHITT”
Yavuz 19
Yavuz 19 - Vor Monat
They reacting like this because this thing touch they brain
Babys have no bone there
Kayla • Karla
Kayla • Karla - Vor Monat
IVE NEVER USED ONE OF THESE!! im so mad, someone commented it feels super good even if ur sad.. wow how have I never..
Graciela Figueroa
Graciela Figueroa - Vor Monat
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - Vor Monat
3:45 fuck all that, is that Game of Thrones in the back ? I miss that show.
Shameless Addict
Shameless Addict - Vor Monat
*_it feels like a spider_*
REChronic54 - Vor Monat
Lol someone was watching the Red Wedding in the same room
Riley Riley
Riley Riley - Vor Monat
Parent: aaaww so cute
Babie: lol there so stupid
のま - Vor Monat
PK MODS TV - Vor Monat
i dont think its a good idea to do it on babies
Xelsoice - Vor Monat
Why not?
食べる - Vor Monat
Humberto Flores
Humberto Flores - Vor Monat
That first one was like o my gooooooooosh
FireHawk Gaming
FireHawk Gaming - Vor Monat
It'a all fun and games till you press his soft spot and he becomes lenny...
Xelsoice - Vor Monat
I really hope your joking. In no way would that even cause any damage to a baby's head. They are delicate especially in the head, but not that fragile.
Emperor - Vor Monat
babies have big heads
mia louise
mia louise - Vor Monat
this makes me cringe bc their skulls are underdeveloped
ChimeInWithSochima - Vor Monat
I hate this feeling... I know some of the babies did too 🥴🤢🤮
Elena Dewdrop
Elena Dewdrop - Vor Monat
“Watch your eye!” Ma’am if you tell a baby to watch out, they ram their EYE, and nothing but their darn EYE into whatever they need to look out for. No he will not watch his eye.
Александр Тимофеев
1 video, it's Vin Disiel baby?
yuval menashe1305
yuval menashe1305 - Vor Monat
This bitch better then an orgazm
Real Deal
Real Deal - Vor Monat
Can someone tell me in which Minute the baby with the head massager comes?

Thank you so much.
Abble wolexna_
Abble wolexna_ - Vor Monat
Ive tried it, it tickled me
Andy Morales
Andy Morales - Vor Monat
Q pecado no les gusta les dan cosquillas
OohKitty Playz
OohKitty Playz - Vor Monat
I though this was cute.. you lied

It SUPER cute!!!
To Leyik
To Leyik - Vor Monat
WTF? For babies with an open fontanelle? I would never trust that.
My Perspective
My Perspective - Vor Monat
That is a bad idea.
Too much potential for injury.
Xelsoice - Vor Monat
You seriously think it would cause any damage? Babies are not that fragile. That device isn't even capable of hurting their brains.
shad empire
shad empire - Vor Monat
why babies so dump?
どらごんボール - Vor Monat
どらごんボール - Vor Monat
Aida G
Aida G - Vor Monat
Not so cute. They have super soft tissue in their head when they are that young.
Мелис Мелис
Мелис Мелис - Vor Monat
babies heads are already fine they don't need this. Do not do like that
Renji Chan
Renji Chan - Vor Monat
0:08 The baby is just trying to figure out what this feeling is 😂
rayssa kauanny
rayssa kauanny - Vor Monat
The power
LT T - Vor Monat
So dangerous to their eyes because they cannot stop moving :|
Tyler Alvey
Tyler Alvey - Vor Monat
maybe i’m the mom
So Hungry Mukbang
So Hungry Mukbang - Vor Monat
The video is still in the ad but I love this😍😍
123 a
123 a - Vor Monat
Los bebés tiene la mollera abierta que desastre es muy peligroso
Nik Olo
Nik Olo - Vor Monat
Well well now put them in the oven and cook them

Hmmmmm protein
1000 Abonnenten mit Video
This video makes me really uncomfortable
Irônica - Vor Monat
I find babies laugh more satisfying than this weird thing
Firewave - Vor Monat
I felt my shoulders raise spontaneously and my tension flew off...
Noor Nazneen
Noor Nazneen - Vor Monat
Babies skull properly fuses by the age of 2 so it's best not to use this tool on a skull that still has gaps between it's parts.
da god
da god - Vor Monat
You've all dumbasses babies have soft spots on the top of the head one slip and the baby could die
Epic GamerZ
Epic GamerZ - Vor Monat
This is too adorable
Jessica Evans
Jessica Evans - Vor Monat
Baby: *the feeling my fucking god*
sos 😐
The Resa
The Resa - Vor Monat
my cat is not so fond of it :D
Momo TV
Momo TV - Vor Monat
Looks like an IVC filter
lizzy the undertale fan
Ssooo cuuteee
Kyojin_9 - Vor Monat
4:22 I want my HEAD massaged mommy
光光大熊 - Vor Monat
is it safe? im just curious
Flaming Monkey
Flaming Monkey - Vor Monat
What if the kids literally start talking: OMG! This shit feels fckin good
Moonsong104 - Vor Monat
Idk why but it looks painful
Hanna Mills
Hanna Mills - Vor Monat
I did this on my baby cousin and she swung at my hand and knocked the thing out my hand. The funniest thing ever 😂
nuuskamuikku :D
nuuskamuikku :D - Vor Monat
ok i have been doing this to myself lately while watching shit on phone and now this is on my suggestions :D swear the god google is watching me
Randomly creepy cruz
Randomly creepy cruz - Vor Monat
How do people like this massager??? It border line torture!!! It feels like spiders!!!
Me Mo
Me Mo - Vor Monat
Avadhoot Wargaonkar
Avadhoot Wargaonkar - Vor Monat
Don't put in their eyes
Katara Starkand
Katara Starkand - Vor Monat
I think those babies feel like Windows 7
Mr.Teacher Astrology
Mr.Teacher Astrology - Vor Monat
3:04 the little hair standing up 😍😍🤣
Mr.Ardian Shah
Mr.Ardian Shah - Vor Monat
Where can I get this baby-thing? Can I buy baby online?
Dan Eumesmo
Dan Eumesmo - Vor Monat
Nane songs end vídeo?
Jackiey Got Juice Not Tropicana
Getting pregnant tonight
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