Hurricane Florence starts lashing North Carolina coast

Miguel RangelAngeles
Miguel RangelAngeles - Vor 17 Tage
Zzz live there
Abas Abd
Abas Abd - Vor 22 Tage Land collapses in the city of North Carolina caused the destruction of dozens of homes
Joe Eustace
Joe Eustace - Vor 28 Tage
exit strkole
exit strkole - Vor 28 Tage
brain sample
brain sample - Vor 29 Tage
i was out fishing during landfall , was ok just a bit choppy . the fish were biting ..
Fernando Martinez
Fernando Martinez - Vor Monat
News reporter could barely stay from falling down while two walk in the background like if it's a Sunday afternoon
StarGazer kawaii
StarGazer kawaii - Vor Monat
Tried to watch live updates on florence and all I see is Carrie Underwood? WTF seriously?
lam kad
lam kad - Vor Monat
I hope that he will be of the tenth grade until America is gone completely, and we will end its evil and the evil of those who help it.
lam kad
lam kad - Vor Monat
There is little wind you can not stop, so how can you want to stop a billion Muslims
Abas Abd
Abas Abd - Vor Monat
URGENT Hundreds of people stranded and the US military could not use helicopters for fear of hurricane Florence
еАнгел - Vor Monat
It refreshes and does not make you fat, those who are already fat, they just float.
Sondrea Evulich
Sondrea Evulich - Vor Monat
legend has it the reporter never made it out.
Patrick Wagz
Patrick Wagz - Vor Monat
*Hunker Down*
It wouldn't be a proper report of a Hurricane without that phrase!!!
BECKTECH1 - Vor Monat
Wow, these reporters are so stupid .hahahaha
Tranquility Pyramids
Tranquility Pyramids - Vor Monat
Be safe Thomas....haha! Loving the hype up...its ridiculous.
ζαρα Ιωάννα
ζαρα Ιωάννα - Vor Monat
Don't understand the amount of correspondents risking their lives in a "deadly storm" just to bring the news, surely it's unnecessary?
Sandra S
Sandra S - Vor Monat
Look out for the flying sharks!
sanda. geog4
sanda. geog4 - Vor Monat
I 'm sympathetic.
Crystal Randolph
Crystal Randolph - Vor Monat
it takes alot to be a reporter be safe and pray that the worse has passed..
Rhonda Richter
Rhonda Richter - Vor Monat
Sure is clean!!! Nothing flying through air!!
Sandra Franciscadossantoss
Jesus está voltando.
Paddy Maguire
Paddy Maguire - Vor Monat
What is it with the theatrics? You look ridiculous...
Salman Althani
Salman Althani - Vor Monat
skenky lump
skenky lump - Vor Monat
the breeze is blowing his cloths violently, he walks forward and it stops, because this is fake news and a fake hurricane.
richard wilmot Ph.D
richard wilmot Ph.D - Vor Monat
sonshinecity - Vor Monat
LIARS caught lying.
Arnold Stollar
Arnold Stollar - Vor Monat
Surfers are not. Afraid of this.
Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un - Vor Monat
singertobe - Vor Monat
I live in the triangle. Its not that bad here
George Lihi
George Lihi - Vor Monat
CeZaR NeBuN - Vor Monat
hey there smart pants...just because you have goggles on it does not mean that you are safe, next time why don't you put on a HARD HAT on your HEAD...
Karim Younes
Karim Younes - Vor Monat
Is cbs fake news as well? Only asking cause Donald Trump said CNN is fake news so
Tammy Gronskei
Tammy Gronskei - Vor Monat
Get out of that weather guy
Rakesh Goswami
Rakesh Goswami - Vor Monat
Jelena Obradovic
Jelena Obradovic - Vor Monat
God is telling you something America!
(1-MAN - ARMY)
(1-MAN - ARMY) - Vor Monat
This hurricane looks like a cake walk this looks more like a regular storm to be exact. compared to the ones ive seen up close in the past Andrew and so on from there.. They are blowing this out of proportion making people panic over this little storm smh
Goatix - Vor Monat
No thry aren't. This hurricane is a slow-moving storm, wich will cause 3× as much rain..that will cause areas to flood,and could potentially cause landslides (already had some near me) That's why hurricane harvery was so bad
shawn black
shawn black - Vor Monat
Lmao see how he straighten up when she asked him a question....fake
Jhadia Mahanty
Jhadia Mahanty - Vor Monat
What a stunt guy I like your life, take care yourself
Everton 123
Everton 123 - Vor Monat
The reporter said he is in a safe spot hahahah he looks like he’s had 12 bud and a bottle of jd
The Jokester
The Jokester - Vor Monat
Your reported is a idiot is he stays
Diane marie
Diane marie - Vor Monat
flying pie pan could cut yo head off be carefull
Elizabeth Williamson
Elizabeth Williamson - Vor Monat
You heard it David "be smart and be safe" heed the warning man.
Lizzette Molina
Lizzette Molina - Vor Monat
Be careful
Psalm 91 over you
Jesus release your angels now over David
Sam Khan
Sam Khan - Vor Monat
Where is trump, please twitte and threat to
Bytomscy Łowcy Burz
Bytomscy Łowcy Burz - Vor Monat
Be careful
Thomas Welsh
Thomas Welsh - Vor Monat
David! ...go after your hat.
Maria Marya
Maria Marya - Vor Monat
EMPOWERMENTalist - Vor Monat
Since you insist on being right there on the spot, and in the middle of the action to do your reporting, can you position yourself somewhere so that one of these wind gusts can blow you up in the air for a few seconds? We would love to watch you do some award winning reporting live, while flying upside down, David. :P
Laney Lavalle
Laney Lavalle - Vor Monat
Look at him pretending like he's going to be blown away
mike watters
mike watters - Vor Monat
if your sister showed up he would really get blown
Marie Devine
Marie Devine - Vor Monat
LEVITICUS 26: Ten Commandments including weekly seventh day Sabbath of no work. 4:2 do not change.
Mike John
Mike John - Vor Monat
😂😂Jesus mom is giving me bj right now
Matias Veltruski
Matias Veltruski - Vor Monat
Ojala no haya ninguna muerte.
123 666
123 666 - Vor Monat
Is all about Money
Burt Rand
Burt Rand - Vor Monat
They must make fun of David at the studio.
Nevertheless, fear-mongering is good for business.
Bobby O
Bobby O - Vor Monat
I’m here things flying everywhere. Saved a elderly man washing down the street. It’s crazy.
L jansen
L jansen - Vor Monat
if you can help save someone then do it but if it will only cost you your life then dont :)Always put yourself and family first
L jansen
L jansen - Vor Monat
stay safe and indoors!!
Iamagoddess Thomas
Iamagoddess Thomas - Vor Monat
la flaca
la flaca - Vor Monat
by far my favorite news reporter!. Amazing. may God have Mercy on us Allll
Marshall Abam
Marshall Abam - Vor Monat
I just Subscribed to this channel because of this guy
Gertrude Tarpeh
Gertrude Tarpeh - Vor Monat
it will not hold.
Gertrude Tarpeh
Gertrude Tarpeh - Vor Monat
Gertrude Tarpeh
Gertrude Tarpeh - Vor Monat
the eye of God will be looking out to see everthing that is going on...
AtlasForce - Vor Monat
News station: this hurricane is by far the worst and seems lethal. REPORTER GET OUT THERE AND GIVE US FEED
Victor Mata
Victor Mata - Vor Monat
Its only category this is the reason why he's looked so comfortable
Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar
Johan Swan
Johan Swan - Vor Monat
All kinds of storms will increase both in frequency and intensity the closer we are coming to the return of Jesus Christ - Jeremiah 23 verses 19-20. The seas and the waves ROARING - Luke 21 verse 25.
Johan Swan
Johan Swan - Vor Monat
Ljansen - You are in for a shock - watch this space !!! Earth is NOT a planet - and neither is it billions or millions of years old.
L jansen
L jansen - Vor Monat
given the planet has been here for billions of years and has been through all the worse stuff,i think it can handle this and i doubt jesus is coming! lmao! All those years in the "bible" and events just like in the "bible" and 2012 and he still hasnt arrived? Aint that saying something haha
Jeff L
Jeff L - Vor Monat
Send in CBS, NBC, CNN. MSNBC. Give thme a inflatable raft and have them report 200 yards out until storm has passed. MAGA
Brilliant Chaos
Brilliant Chaos - Vor Monat
Some people don't want to evacuate. If something happens to them I'm sure the media will find a way to blame Trump.
allicinwonderland - Vor Monat
This guy is awesome! Super entertaining, makes me want to watch the news.
Jan Thalis
Jan Thalis - Vor Monat
I would think you could hear that wind in the microphone. Hard as it looks like it's blowing... I don't hear it
Darielys Rodriguez
Darielys Rodriguez - Vor Monat
omg im so scared because i live in north carolina,,,and i know that a hurricane is coming...
Darielys Rodriguez
Darielys Rodriguez - Vor Monat
Iamagoddess Thomas nothing happened where i live,,im safe
Darielys Rodriguez
Darielys Rodriguez - Vor Monat
L jansen nothing happened where i live,,it just rain,,i dont know why nothing happened.
L jansen
L jansen - Vor Monat
has it hit you yet really bad? I really hope it dies down ASAP,stay indoors and safe
Iamagoddess Thomas
Iamagoddess Thomas - Vor Monat
I don't know how the weather is there I'm in Osceola Arkansas I pray you all are safe I'm glad to know that so far how are the conditions?
Darielys Rodriguez
Darielys Rodriguez - Vor Monat
+Iamagoddess Thomas I don't know if you're asking me but I'm ok
Barbara Ann
Barbara Ann - Vor Monat
My prayers are with you guys
brain sample
brain sample - Vor 29 Tage
Barbara Ann awwwwwww are they
Roger Clemons
Roger Clemons - Vor Monat
North Carolina is Trump lover land. Call Donald for help. Opps ,he is golfing. LOL
singertobe - Vor Monat
I live in NC and there's not a single kid in my college who voted for Trump.
Khadijo Ali
Khadijo Ali - Vor Monat
Allaha nawada xifdiyo allaha noo fududeeyo shartana allaha naga xijaabo amiin ya rabi
k max
k max - Vor Monat
Is Dominos still delivering?
Lucy Brunton
Lucy Brunton - Vor Monat
k max Papa John’s is!
Tabatha Price
Tabatha Price - Vor Monat
I Know TONY - Vor Monat
Please DO NOT stay to take a SELFIE with Florence.
GO for safe grounds. GOD SPEED.
Yudith - Vor Monat
I don't andestend wy they have to report show start....
Fatima Sarmê
Fatima Sarmê - Vor Monat
She says "David,be smart and stay safe please " he shouldn't even be there.
Nathan - Vor Monat
Looks weak. I’m going back home to ride it out
UnitedPebbles - Vor Monat
Omg, he could be dead already.
(1-MAN - ARMY)
(1-MAN - ARMY) - Vor Monat
This should not even be called a hurricane its just a little storm ive seen some devastating scary hurricanes in the past til now hurricane andrew etc...
jon - Vor Monat
you die yet?
The Roblox Hacker
The Roblox Hacker - Vor Monat
North Carolina is dead
only1pinuchi - Vor Monat
Hahaha David Begnaud is hysterical......better get in your condo....two floors up. As long as your prepared....water, gas, generator, know like back in the 1800’s when people were’s a cat2 with flooding....
Alina Mitchelson
Alina Mitchelson - Vor Monat
Good reporter
Gunnery Sergeant Hartman
David’s a good man. RIP his hat.
Doxil vik
Doxil vik - Vor Monat
Stay safe body !! I don’t want to see u blowing by the wind
Himself Lee
Himself Lee - Vor Monat
Stupid reporter. Just stand there and get knocked over. You can take those pictures with a zoom lens. We don't need to see the reporter.
Molly Patrick
Molly Patrick - Vor Monat
Good grief those waves are nasty looking ,
bob johnson
bob johnson - Vor Monat
Gr33n is not your color.
Janell Sehlbach
Janell Sehlbach - Vor Monat
Robert R
Robert R - Vor Monat
What next? An anchor flying through the air reporting LIVE?
Tranquility Pyramids
Tranquility Pyramids - Vor Monat
Hahaha! Its ridiculous....the over hype.
Eliza selecta
Eliza selecta - Vor Monat
Robert R Your comment made me laugh out loud.😂
Kicky - Vor Monat
I think people who decides to remain in their homes should be required to cover the costs if they decide they need to be rescued. Why waste taxpayer money and risk loss of life to others for their stupidity.
Rogers’ Lawn Care
Rogers’ Lawn Care - Vor Monat
Kicky that tax money your talking about is going to be spent whether these rescuers are sleepingor working so what’s the difference? Because it’s government forces that come for rescues😂
nivekse7en - Vor Monat
Dam David. Your a rebel
Noah Walton
Noah Walton - Vor Monat
I live in NC
Winston Drakes
Winston Drakes - Vor Monat
My heart goes out to the people of THE Carolinas at this time. Let's pray that God will keep everyone safe including the members of the media and the rescue teams and that the damage if any will be minimal and no lives will be lost. God Bless THE CAROLINAS
and the entire USA.
Misbah Mhioudeen
Misbah Mhioudeen - Vor Monat
We r hoping it doesnt hit us as bad as it hit SC. Hopefully. 😢
Roger Clemons
Roger Clemons - Vor Monat
Home to many military families ................ALL HERE -ROWs......LMAO SMH Call Trump, your half crazy, denture wearing leader.
William Hughton
William Hughton - Vor Monat
God punishment is surely approaching
L jansen
L jansen - Vor Monat
oooor maybe just maybe.... climate change is happening and this is the start of it before global warming ends the world....Science and Nature's punishment is approaching,not a fantasy man who lives on the clouds.
Mike John
Mike John - Vor Monat
ruthomom - Vor Monat
Please dude get shelter! I know that's your job, I hate to see you get hurt, everything looks so dangerous and scary!!!
Tranquility Pyramids
Tranquility Pyramids - Vor Monat
Ed Denoy
Ed Denoy - Vor Monat
"It's rock and roll time" ....seems like he's rather enjoying the music of Outer Band
Ferris Bueller7
Ferris Bueller7 - Vor Monat
This is why people never leave. When you have no respect for your employees and throw them into the storm.when the reporter gets killed by debris. CBS will say. He wanted to report this. Stupid homeowners think if he can report outside. It’s not that bad. The news would never send a reporter in harms way.
xCaptxCrunchx - Vor Monat
Bodie Nobody a lot of reporters WANT to go and report in these situations , that's how they make a name for themselves in the Business. It's like war correspondents.
Ed Denoy
Ed Denoy - Vor Monat
"Let my mother know I am safe"
Mark Ellie
Mark Ellie - Vor Monat
I'm ringing her now.
Andrew Roseboro
Andrew Roseboro - Vor Monat
Hurricane Flo making N.C., KISS HER GRITS!!!!
Cat Kitten426
Cat Kitten426 - Vor Monat
It’s going to hit me ;-; well it already did rip
VideoGame Press
VideoGame Press - Vor Monat
Storm season is a hype so supermarkets can get rid of all the inventory before the new season
L jansen
L jansen - Vor Monat
aah yes this is all a green screen and those that have died and/or missing are also fake!
singertobe - Vor Monat
These storms are 100% real. I live in the triangle. Its raining outside as we speak.
Ed Denoy
Ed Denoy - Vor Monat
MOM ! David is alright !!!
Shing Liu
Shing Liu - Vor Monat
Ed Denoy
Tolzie O
Tolzie O - Vor Monat
....... 🤣
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