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Shootinforthestars1 - Vor 27 Tage
So beautiful
Alejandra Ventura
Alejandra Ventura - Vor 27 Tage
Your baby and my baby sister are only one day apart ❤️
HeartAndSeoul - Vor 27 Tage
Okay but the guy who did her epidural was awesome 🙌🏻
kaur - Vor 27 Tage
congrats on your bundle of happiness ♡♡♡
Yeety Wheatie
Yeety Wheatie - Vor 27 Tage
15:26 u can hear Parker say there’s our baby 🥺
kberry - Vor 27 Tage
This is so emotional, congrats on your beautiful and healthy baby girl you did so good
Kayla Ramos
Kayla Ramos - Vor 27 Tage
When Aspyn started pushing, I started pushing and I’m not even pregnant.
Emma Tacchino
Emma Tacchino - Vor 27 Tage
Birth vlogs get me every time😭
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Arissa Garcia - Vor 27 Tage
congrats on the baby girl!❤️ God bless you guys❤️❤️❤️
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Kristin Homann - Vor 27 Tage
Mine weren’t super consistent either! But very painful. Like waves of pain!
Shelbylicious Bryan
Shelbylicious Bryan - Vor 27 Tage
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Sára Koumalová
Sára Koumalová - Vor 29 Tage
Congratulations, you two!! You are gonna be a wonderful parents to her! Love you 3! ❤️❤️❤️
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Tanushka Sabnani - Vor 29 Tage
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florence cavallaro - Vor 29 Tage
have you all gone home yet?????
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Elizabeth Alvary - Vor 29 Tage
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Socorro Ibanez - Vor 29 Tage
My birthday August 18th😎
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18 minutes of crying because I can’t believe that Aspyn has a baby
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Julie-Anne Sikkens - Vor 29 Tage
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gipiani geimeri - Vor 29 Tage
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Maegan Mariee - Vor 29 Tage
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Allen Rye - Vor 29 Tage
it is SO amazing following someone elses journey an almost then feeling like youre apart of their life. Ive watched aspyn an parker for as along as I can remember. I have so many tears running down my face sobbing away because of how much love they have for eachother and now their special lil baby
Izzi Beaulne
Izzi Beaulne - Vor 29 Tage
She's beautiful! Congratulations.
I can already tell that you guys are going to be amazing parents and Parker's reaction to her arrival was the cutest thing ever.
Aimée Susana Tapias Albornoz
Wow this was the most amazing labor vlog ever haha i mean amazing! Please please let us know about the epidural and what did they did to you after having the baby. Did they stich you or something? Sorry, this is amazing and scary and I'm very curious.
Congratulations! You both did amazing 😭❤🎉
Bri Naumoff
Bri Naumoff - Vor 29 Tage
Definitely cried...this was so beautiful.
Karyll Joy Cagampang
Karyll Joy Cagampang - Vor 29 Tage
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Eden Victoria - Vor 29 Tage
this is crazy!! congratulations
Mikaela - Vor 29 Tage
She is beautiful ❤
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Summer Toonen - Vor 29 Tage
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Avery Cianciolo - Vor 29 Tage
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Holly Jones - Vor 29 Tage
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cat - Vor 29 Tage
wow i’ve been here since they were in high school and lemme tell you i’m bawling 😭
Millie Tyler
Millie Tyler - Vor 29 Tage
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Grace Howard
Grace Howard - Vor 29 Tage
Grace Howard
Grace Howard - Vor 29 Tage
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Haze Sister
Haze Sister - Vor 29 Tage
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becca g
becca g - Vor 29 Tage
baby girl and I have the same birthday. so excited to watch you all grow together! I remember watching you when you were in high school. happy for you guys♥️
Arguments and facts
Arguments and facts - Vor 29 Tage
Omg...omg..I cant believe that Im here since u were at school...and now u have a family...a hole family🤗🤗🤗😘😍
Megan Taylor
Megan Taylor - Vor 29 Tage
I am crying so much ❤️😢 beautiful video and baby girl!! Thank you for sharing such a special and intimate moment with us♥️♥️
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Thea Merl - Vor 29 Tage
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Alexandra Sutika - Vor 29 Tage
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CurlyHairedLife? - Vor 29 Tage
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Elsa's Wholesome Life
Elsa's Wholesome Life - Vor 29 Tage
She’s perfect guys!!! Omg this video was so beautiful 🥰🥰 and Aspyn you were so calm, killed it 🙌🏼
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Giselle Perla - Vor 29 Tage
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gem c
gem c - Vor 29 Tage
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Zain - Vor 29 Tage
Awwwww, congratulationsssss
Abigail Baram
Abigail Baram - Vor 29 Tage
i wasn’t ready
Rainbow Princess
Rainbow Princess - Vor 29 Tage
Omg congratulations Aspyn❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ the baby is finally here!!😁❤️🎉🎊
Happy As Me | DIY
Happy As Me | DIY - Vor 29 Tage
Wow did any else find this video so emotional!?
Keren Mintz
Keren Mintz - Vor 29 Tage
Omg I was crying the whole video!! ❤️❤️ I am so so happy for you guys
Marguarette Cruz
Marguarette Cruz - Vor 29 Tage
i’m so proud of you aspyn!
Ariciaa James
Ariciaa James - Vor 29 Tage
Parkers guess was the closest
betty x angelus
betty x angelus - Vor 29 Tage
The SOBS i let out hearing Aspyns song at the end (:
jordann341 - Vor 29 Tage
Parker’s literal twin! She’s so precious! Congrats ! 💕
tiara marie
tiara marie - Vor 29 Tage
wait what highlighter did she use when she did her makeup?! 😍😂
Saba Siddique
Saba Siddique - Vor 29 Tage
Im sobbing so hard. Im so happy for you and Parker, Aspyn. I hope your beautiful baby girl is healthy and happy and your family continues to grow in the way you want it to. So, so much love!
Psychology Today
Psychology Today - Vor 29 Tage
God bless 💕🎉👏🏻
andreafaithchong - Vor 29 Tage
omg i found okbaby through you guys and now you're having your own baby :')
Dani Gonzalez
Dani Gonzalez - Vor 29 Tage
Omg Parker totally called it she was born at 6;15 how cool congratulations!!!
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