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Nymeria Wolf
Nymeria Wolf - Vor 10 Monate
That black boy over there... hmmmm, think heads would explode? Duh! Double standards galore.
Nymeria Wolf
Nymeria Wolf - Vor 10 Monate
SB... the C***! Naaaastyyyyy
sean fast
sean fast - Vor 10 Monate
Lol if somone called me white i wouldnt be fazed cuz i am white and it is not an insult ...this guy is a real snowflake
yakuza01 - Vor 10 Monate
No Bo, people have been "boycotting" your albums for years, no matter whether the tables are turned or not.
Dim Wittington
Dim Wittington - Vor 11 Monate
Maybe Bo will get ran over soon. No joke, just hope he gets ran over.
Ian Moore
Ian Moore - Vor 11 Monate
I give civilization 4 years max. Get a food store and prep.
negra lopez
negra lopez - Vor 11 Monate
awwwwww, too funny
James Denny
James Denny - Vor 11 Monate
that manager need to be fired
Leo, Januszewski
Leo, Januszewski - Vor 11 Monate
Everything---and i mean EVERYthing---is about racism (and/or sexism).
Killer Ghost13
Killer Ghost13 - Vor 11 Monate
Bob Ice needs to chill out.
Mandy H
Mandy H - Vor 11 Monate
... People were uncomfortable with servers calling them "honey" and "darlin"? I'm just.... In Newfoundland, complete strangers call each other "my love"! Well in Newfie dialect it's more like "What can I get you, m'love?"
MITUCLA is a dirty word in Urundi Burundi
I wonder what Bob Ice is doing these days to stay relevant......oh wait......NO I DON'T 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Katie Kane
Katie Kane - Vor 11 Monate
Should have kept your hair Bo! Then people would call you a "dirty hippy"!
Bonnie Robinson
Bonnie Robinson - Vor 11 Monate
Petty yup.
Madeline W.
Madeline W. - Vor 11 Monate
I wouldn't buy anything of his anyway
Grim Roten
Grim Roten - Vor 11 Monate
Lol "how you gonna pull me over inside?"
freedom1234573 - Vor year
petty little brat, sounds about right
Ellei Law
Ellei Law - Vor year
Lol, i HAVE to watch Sam Bee's show. so many stories from Georgia...
MN 108
MN 108 - Vor year
This is the best ever.  Sincerely, White Girl
cyberwolf2002 - Vor year
It's nothing but an attention grab or maybe he was hoping to take legal action like the big brain who didn't realize her hot McDonald's coffee was actually hot and then sued the company.
SWAGLORD McGuyver - Vor year
This is great, subbed.
Evolved Ape
Evolved Ape - Vor year
And this is why Trump won. I couldn’t have possibly made a better video if I set my mind out to it. Bravo. Keep it up, Sam. Trump 2020.
Joy One
Joy One - Vor year
Plays that funky music white boy

No I'm only quoting a song
Calm down
Elle Kelsheimer
Elle Kelsheimer - Vor year
2:55 - UGH. What a f*cking baby.
Elle Kelsheimer
Elle Kelsheimer - Vor year
I mean, they were being a little bit rude, but if this is the first time someone was rude to you, that shows how much privilege you have. I was once called a c*nt because I let someone know that the items in the free pile I posted online were gone. Notice how I didn't cry on the news about it?
Sean Pepe
Sean Pepe - Vor year
United States is full of black boys.
JeevesReturns - Vor year
Buy your albums? Did you make any? ...and you’re who? Nope, sorry. Really never heard of you, but good luck with whatever is was that you said that you do.
Jaygo - Vor year
clever woman
Mr. Fahrenheit
Mr. Fahrenheit - Vor year
lol she can literally go on national tv and list off every single racial slur aimed towards white people without a problem.
Alternative Headlines
No more Fox News
cheezit god
cheezit god - Vor year
I think its a good thing that the U.K isnt ruled by a failing superstate.
Aaron Lewis
Aaron Lewis - Vor year
race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race race

There you go, now you don't have to watch the video.
Photo Russ
Photo Russ - Vor year
As of today, there are 2k offended white people on youtube.
jeannie almanza
jeannie almanza - Vor year
This has got to be a fu$&ing joke! Was this dude really crying? Makes no sense. I really feel sorry for the owner of Popeyes. If I were him, I would secretly have been hoping he would come back & choke on a piece of white meat chicken.
Harry K
Harry K - Vor year
still the greatest sam bee sketch. so funny
erzan - Vor year
Warning. Crying White Boy.
ravenshireful - Vor year
Wow, there is soo much hate against white men on this channel... 10,000 virtue signalling points!
CosmosPrivateer - Vor year
Samantha are you from Cincinnati? I'm offended by pictures of Bengals, could I get you to wear a shirt with brown elf's?
jpowers55 - Vor year
I hated season 2 of the wire.
Chris Lackman
Chris Lackman - Vor year
The smugness and bias carried by this liberal shrill sees no bounds. The demonizing of white men by these so called feminists will be their undoing... You can't preach equality while excluding a whole race and gender. And thankfully most Americans see right through the baiting. I'm not blue or red, but the constant bias in the MSM and with celebrities is appalling and is the main reason I support Trump's agenda. At least he has a plan of action. And if it wasn't for the constant negative coverage, alot of people would be cautiously optimistic. The left lost me more so than the right gained.
Andrew Stirling
Andrew Stirling - Vor year
I despise these racial conversations. They are always collectivist and they make assumptions.
unknown unknown
unknown unknown - Vor year
Bo Bice - I am ashamed of you. You are a petty little brat.
Mitchell Krouth
Mitchell Krouth - Vor year
Help us
Grailsarvas - Vor year
"Silly! Whites can't be victims of racism! In order to be racist against anyone they have to be in the MINORITY!"
Funny how Caucasians make up only 15% of the world's population and every "major minority" (i.e. blacks, hispanics, Asians) have a much higher percentage of world population.
What do these celeb mouthbreathers have to gain by destroying western civilization?
Cecily Jamelia TV
Cecily Jamelia TV - Vor year
Um... Bo Bice sings "Brown Skin Girl", his duet with Carlos Santana from the album "All That I Am" at the Lexington Village Theatre on June 19, 2015 lol
Cosmin Tizu
Cosmin Tizu - Vor year
Will she ever do this to black people??
Frederick Calabrese
Frederick Calabrese - Vor year
He is a petty little brat.
Derpster - Vor year
DIS woman is annoying af.... I'm out! YEET!
Joshua Nouri
Joshua Nouri - Vor year
Check out the book called White like me or videos by I believe Tim Wise...
Papa Pingu
Papa Pingu - Vor year
another video by the american lefties to further trumps cause. targetting the majority of the population is so good. really most be good for your ratings. You guys really know how to win an election. Good job
Weston Bourgeois
Weston Bourgeois - Vor year
I mean this is exactly what other racial groups do
Weston Bourgeois
Weston Bourgeois - Vor year
I hate the hand gestures she makes
65 person
65 person - Vor year
I feel some hypocrisy leaking out of you Samantha
Rup Tratin
Rup Tratin - Vor year
This is what happens when you hate your own.
Nithin Rajendran
Nithin Rajendran - Vor year
This is so much fun. JUST FUN
Chelsea Shurmantine
Chelsea Shurmantine - Vor year
Rashale George
Rashale George - Vor year
Samantha Bee! I'm native American & Loved that you included souix in you're monologue!
GIspecialty - Vor year
Another useless libeal running her mouth. Keep it up. Its worked well for your cause thus far.
Sarah s
Sarah s - Vor year
On an unrelated note to Bo wanting attention; I want your closet Sam! 😍
meme12 - Vor year
Samantha Bee is not funny.
Nicholas Hilton
Nicholas Hilton - Vor year
This was so savage.
paxwallacejazz - Vor year
She is as brilliant as John Oliver and that's saying something. Well and their writers.
Finian Blackett
Finian Blackett - Vor year
Oh my God, this video was so hilarious.
YamiAlex224 - Vor year
The short white guy in the white sweater is a bit too happy
Nicolas Costas
Nicolas Costas - Vor year
This should applied to Straight people as weell.
Philip Pedro
Philip Pedro - Vor year
All of you posting here are way too sensitive. And there's alot of self-righteous indignation as well. If you personally don't live the life, you won't know the facts and you will never, ever have the right to judge.
sage ohio
sage ohio - Vor year
Bob Ice was hurt 😥
Renslow c'estdéfinitivementpasmonnom
Maybe Julie is intellectually challenged. Give the woman a break 😔
NohNameHere - Vor year
By that definition though, "White Fragility" extends well beyond white people.
strandedstarfish - Vor year
Wait. Your making fun of poor Americans that happen to be white?
Kevin Krueger
Kevin Krueger - Vor year
Poor Bo. Anything to get back on TV, I suppose.
DBR Liamg
DBR Liamg - Vor year
Pathetic white boys and their mothers.
gjaddajg - Vor year
Affirmative Action is discrimination by definition. White people - white men in particular - is the only group of people that is legally and socially acceptable to discriminate against (and to some extend East Asians).
zenfrodo - Vor year
Seriously?!? Seriously?!?!?!?  I......wow. Speechless. 
Mr. Bice, welcome to the reality of everyone who ain't white.
billytheweasel - Vor year
Will Farrel's gonna cop some strong acting chops off this Bob Ice gentleman.
Bob Ice is the best internet troll EVER!
joebstarsurfer - Vor year
The white mans burden.
Michael Benavidez
Michael Benavidez - Vor year
Awwww poor Bo Bice got hos feeling hurt
gjaddajg - Vor year
Black boys get really triggered when you call them black boys though. Just look at the international outrage when McGregor called Mayweather 'boy'. You lefties and your hypocrisy - never gets old :)
gjaddajg - Vor year
Black people and women whine literally every. single. day. of the year about practically _everything_ - but sure, white men are the real crybabies. lol, the anti-white male propaganda is strong.
Deus Vult.
Deus Vult. - Vor year
Well as long as "that black boy over there" is met with the same level of ridicule, im fine with it.
But i know it wont, because everybody is constantly searching for a way to play the "victim card".
How long until we stop looking at who used to be oppressed 400 years ago, and start looking at who is actually oppressed.
Not that that changes anything, but still.
Saying that the father of my father of my father of my father used to be treated unfairly isnt really a good argument against equality.
Delaney houser
Delaney houser - Vor year
hey come over here i missyou
Matthew Creigh
Matthew Creigh - Vor year
Arthur E GIBSON JR - Vor year
Man its hard being a white male
Nathaniel - Vor year
That’s so racist they should call white boys by there pc name Caucasian adolescent males
Pat Rice
Pat Rice - Vor year
Seriously?? 😑🤣
Cakey Cho
Cakey Cho - Vor year
He published a song named Brown Girl, and he wqs triggered when sb called him white boy? Ha.
Winston Smith
Winston Smith - Vor year
White people, amirite? Ha ha ha that schtick never gets old.
What's with airplane food?
LemonadepieX - Vor year
People call me black guy, it’s not racist. It’s just true. They didn’t call me the n word
lorna nunez
lorna nunez - Vor year
He think that is bad.. I went into jumbo juice. To get my favorite mango juice.. with the correct cash. That leads to a treat a kick out a racial embarrassed n lots more. While my money was in there cash box. And no juice for me. After making 10 calls to find management. To complain. Someone call me to say come in to the same store to get the largest drink. On the 🏠. Only to see the same people that put me in this situations or the same people that is going to make me the biggest drink on the house LOL what would you do
DreamComa - Vor year
Haha, why did they not give the full context of the Huckabee video, totally cut it to make it sound like he wasn't being satirical and that he was actually complaining about terms like honey and darling.. What ever it takes to try to squeeze out a laugh.
Olleke Bolleke
Olleke Bolleke - Vor year
Not allowed to have a country of your own #WhitePrivilege
Blamed for the failed integration of migrants you never wanted #WhitePrivilege
60% of your tax money going to non-Whites #WhitePrivilege
Jews being the truly privileged but you're not allowed to talk about it #WhitePrivilege
ParArdua - Vor year
Gosh, Samantha is just outstanding. So happy I found this series here.
Kevin Mcgill
Kevin Mcgill - Vor year
Someone called Huckabee sweetie, darlin, honey??? Is he complaining or bragging?
machead57 - Vor year
Bo needed 10 minutes of attention. But I wouldn't give him 2. Such a whiner.
Jonathan TBD
Jonathan TBD - Vor year
she isn't a funny person - she is a preacher
Bklynxrage - Vor year
Samantha Bee is a National Treasure
Rup Tratin
Rup Tratin - Vor year
As in she should be locked in a musty vault deep under Washington DC.
Liberal Prolifer
Liberal Prolifer - Vor year
#AllLivesMatter, so it is wrong to make fun of any skin color.
Donovan Werts
Donovan Werts - Vor year
Poor Bob lol
Matt Aydlett
Matt Aydlett - Vor year
you really didn't need to hold back
Leah Griffin
Leah Griffin - Vor year
this is popeyes! not a 5 star restaurant, who even eats there! this is ridiculous. wanna feel racially persecuted, GO TO A 5 STAR RESTAURANT.
Petitio Principii
Petitio Principii - Vor year
Will there be an interview with the guy who was fired for using the word "niggardly"?
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