The 7 best ways to find Inspiration

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Kane Waterworth
Kane Waterworth - Vor Monat
bolts on a battleship are called rivets
Mr. Mr
Mr. Mr - Vor 3 Monate
so.... veggietales x persona 5?
Case Sheep
Case Sheep - Vor 3 Monate
when I was younger my little brain could hop its way around ideas and stuff but now ive been through SCHOOL and im bored and lost ALL inspiration
Ei Epic
Ei Epic - Vor 3 Monate
When did you started using blender. I am 15 and have been using blender for 1 year
Its Fanyatic
Its Fanyatic - Vor 5 Monate
So I'm 2 months new to blender, and also going to Paris on holiday in 2 months, would it be a good idea for someone with a 2 month skillset to try and take photos and recreate it?
Shardha Mh
Shardha Mh - Vor 5 Monate
while you render
Russell Wen
Russell Wen - Vor 6 Monate
"I'll make a battleship!"
Thanks :)
TFG_ 85
TFG_ 85 - Vor 6 Monate
name idea: to and fro with the pros
chrisi27 - Vor 7 Monate
I see your video and tada idea in my head xD
Chiara Borgo
Chiara Borgo - Vor 8 Monate
Thanks! This is true! (not just for art!)
Lwando Macakati
Lwando Macakati - Vor 8 Monate
Yeah number 6 isn't going to work out.
Unallocated Meme
Unallocated Meme - Vor 8 Monate
I listen to music like mixes then i slightly lower the volume so its kinda like background music in a video game heres one of my favorites
dotto - Vor 8 Monate
9:39 *moves cursor to image*
Neat Studios
Neat Studios - Vor 11 Monate
i love this video so much and i don't know why..
Morgan Prosser
Morgan Prosser - Vor 11 Monate
"Andrews amazing thing were he talks to a camera in a cupboard about stuff"
Neek - Vor year
Here's the way I get ideas on making games.
Download a game design document template and go through each section filling out anything I can think of off the top of my head.
When I'm watching tv/movies/anime, playing games, or reading a book, I take notice of things that I like, and things that are done well. I add it to an "ideas" section in the game design document which is just a bullet point list of random thoughts.
When my list starts to grow, I go through it and move those ideas from bullet points to the actual sections of the document. I've been doing this for a game I want to make for about 6 months now and I now have over 30 pages.
Wilma ZonderopKok
Wilma ZonderopKok - Vor year
lizard LTD
lizard LTD - Vor year
Hello, I'm a blender beginner and I want to progres, were can i post my images and get some feedback?
FrostDrive - Vor year
Oh my gosh Fox-Orian has amazing tutorials but I forgot his name so I could never find them!
You have guided me to my destined path BlenderGuru! Thank you!
smhmkkh smhmkkh
smhmkkh smhmkkh - Vor year
Please do a tutorial on how to prepare and test the 3D models before selling it.
Nes In Time
Nes In Time - Vor year
when ever im out of idead, i sit down and read all the tintin books by hergé
TheFlamingLion//// HotlionFox
That plant looks faker than my renders.
Damian Chudy
Damian Chudy - Vor year
Why not "Ask Guru" as series name?
Damian Chudy
Damian Chudy - Vor year
+TheFlamingLion//// HotlionFox yeah, but that name was so obvious, that I had to write it anyway :-) now everyone wait for 2.8 series
TheFlamingLion//// HotlionFox
too late bud
Just a random dude
Just a random dude - Vor year
Or just visit some children
Original Character
Original Character - Vor year
Personally video games inspire me a lot. I want to model my favourite gamwe cahracters and their environments soI don't think i'll run out of inspiration any time soon. If I want to make original content I might have an issue though. :P I guess some objects are fairly generic, trees and such can have their textures altered so they fit in other scenes.
Caleb Lee
Caleb Lee - Vor year
9:40 please keep this pg rated I am 12
Morgan Prosser
Morgan Prosser - Vor year
I created this video to inspire people like you! I'm linking it here to help. not for views
TannedBatman - Vor year
Who dislikes a video like this. It's such a random video to dislike I never understand
Lucky's Channel
Lucky's Channel - Vor year
FAQ n' GURU? ha ha your awesome!
MANJESH M - Vor year
Sir I just started blender and how much time might take to make a short film?
Anti Depression Studio
11:29 andrew says get out and the door opens.
Vex Of-carter
Vex Of-carter - Vor year
The real ......"people" just get to work everyday did u js censor 'The real neggas js get to it' lol Blender warriors
Faceglitch - Vor year
6:13 "becurse" lol
JanyG - Vor year
Usually when I do basically anything I just see a thing and I’m like “wow that would be super cool to make in Blender”, or I just imagine how I could make it (basically the wireframe of the object)
Marlan Jn. Baptiste
Marlan Jn. Baptiste - Vor year
Call it, closet chat!
Abi Granger
Abi Granger - Vor year
9:39 scared my eyeballs
Hafizh Satria
Hafizh Satria - Vor year
faht fak carl
faht fak carl - Vor year
Omg Andrew
You’re the best
abcd efgh
abcd efgh - Vor year
how i get ideas on the first place???
dr techtek
dr techtek - Vor year
insperew :p
Magnusson Productions
Another great book on creativity: "The Creative Habit" by Twyla Tharp. She was(is?) a famous ballet choreographer, and talks about the ability to continuously be creative. It's been a couple years since I read it, but it was a great book.
Ale Fredes
Ale Fredes - Vor year
Blender Guru-ing?
Randy Marsh
Randy Marsh - Vor year
great channel
Phizzies - Vor year
along with reading goes Audio Books. They provide both the benefits of reading and a time limit. When the book is over so is your project.
JTMC93 - Vor 2 years
One I always use is if you have free time and need an idea. Go and remake an old piece of art from 2-3 years past and see how you have improved and how you can change the design. Do NOT just edit an old piece of work but start from a new project with nothing done to it.
Coleclaw - Vor 2 years
How about, "The Price is Right"?
Anders Pedersen
Anders Pedersen - Vor 2 years
Name it "inbox"
porky11 - Vor 2 years
My location, where everything I like is, is a fantasy world I imagined.
Instead of reading, consuming other kinds of Art also helps to get ideas. For example in low resolution video games or drawn stuff, it could be interesting to make something like this in more realistic. But especially, not only in context of rendering, when I think, that something could be made better (for example some gameplay elements from videogames or unrealistic things in fantasy/sci-fi).
When you have no idea you could also just render Porn ^^ (It's not that simple. I don't know how to do everything, that is needed for it)
I also often had ideas when lying in bed, not tired enough to sleep yet, and then wanted to have sexual fantasies. But because it shouldn't be boring, I often thought of some small stories. First, how the location looks like, what persons are involfed, how they look like, what they were, what sex they have, what race they have (also non human humanoid fantasy creatures), then I often thought about the races, I imagined, how they normally behave, if they have special behaviours, (most of it not about their sexuality), also for humans I imagined different cultures (normally with normal humans), how they normally behave, what their ideals are, where they live, etc.
I also sometimes try to write stories. I normally don't finish them. But I write more of the story, when I have an idea of how it should end, what should happen some time, but just starting to write from some initial situation without forcing something, I had in mind, and maybe I'll also change something when writing. But without the concept, it won't go further.
And such a story may also be a good start for rendering. I think about rendering the longest story I have written.
Some other ideas I also had from thinking about making some video games (using good ideas from other games normally, but leaving bad ideas).
And all these ideas I had are merged into my fantasy world, when possible in a way, that doesn't cause any inconcistance.
So my problem is not having no ideas, but having too many ideas, and not knowing, which of them to create in which way.
(should I render, should I make a game, should I write a story, etc.)
Also I don't have the skills yet, and like to learn more. I can do most than other people, but not the things I really want to do in the way I like to do them.
RebelOfTheWorld - Vor 2 years
Dear Andrew,
How does one stay motivated? Especially for a person is lazy, but always have ideas?
- A lazy Blendhead
Faezeh A
Faezeh A - Vor 2 years
thank youuu
Onizuka - Vor 2 years
name it gadday mates :D haha
123 456
123 456 - Vor 2 years
andrews askaroos
Atakan Açıkbaş
Atakan Açıkbaş - Vor 2 years
" 7 ways of Andrew "
Soup Dragon
Soup Dragon - Vor 2 years
What if I have lots of inspiration, but I'm just terrible with Blender? I can follow all the tutorials, but when it comes to trying to work things out on my own I fall flat
Dom - Vor 2 years
every environment lighting tutorial uses a metal material. can you do one of image textures and not just a plane texture but maybe a out door house with a fence or something. I'm thinking you have to use a sun lamps with environment lighting to bring out the bump maps and specular maps etc.
TheAngelArrow - Vor 2 years
Why you should be on my channel?
Ben Knight
Ben Knight - Vor 2 years
for anyone looking for inspiration in fictional books I advise not watching any movies based on the books you're reading until after you've constructed your scene, the reason is quite simple: you don't want to end up accidentally recreating something that someone else already made or something similar to what someone else has made
Ben Knight
Ben Knight - Vor 2 years
if you're british you don't need a plane ticket to photograph iceland; just head down the high street
Ben Knight
Ben Knight - Vor 2 years
consult the guru?
YuukiRus Games
YuukiRus Games - Vor 2 years
Price talks?
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