Asgardia: The Real Space Nation | August 1, 2018 Act 3 | Full Frontal on TBS

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Markus Landgraf
Markus Landgraf - Vor 3 Tage
While being very funny, the narrative: "We have to spend money on Earth problems before we can invest in space" is completely bogus. It's like saying: "we have to end war before we can consider feeding the world", or "we cannot treat your heart problems, because there are still people who have cancer"
supercommie - Vor 13 Tage
Well, in crazy guy's defense, the Scottish comedian was being sexist about male to female ration because men find space more interesting on average.
Naomi Ford
Naomi Ford - Vor 13 Tage
Asgardia is not a cult. We are a true micronation. At the moment we are a monarchical constitutional country with the opportunity to elect a president ect in the future.
remi nilsen
remi nilsen - Vor 14 Tage
the world elite are not just crazy. we need a new word for what they are. i wish all the world elite would do earth a favor, and jump into a live volcano. that would be the day. so their next project should be just that. volcano nation. only elite aloud. into the pit of fire.
Elizabeth Thompson
Elizabeth Thompson - Vor 15 Tage
the movie ELYSIUM with Matt Damon
this will end up just like that!
miami cosmo
miami cosmo - Vor 21 Tag
Half a terrabyte of childporn probably
Just A Xanax Pill
Just A Xanax Pill - Vor 23 Tage
Just by watching this video, It gives me a different view on women.
Just A Xanax Pill
Just A Xanax Pill - Vor 23 Tage
A Negative one
Joel Frydman
Joel Frydman - Vor 23 Tage
String - Vor 24 Tage
Yet another identity politics stupidity from the extreme left Amy. is good for almost all of you.
Alexandra Eilén Amsrud
Alexandra Eilén Amsrud - Vor 24 Tage
Hey its scandinavia here. Pleaaasee never use names from our mythology for your cults again
DRSNova - Vor 24 Tage
The amount of comments making fun of how "white" this endevour is, based on footage of an event in *Vienna*, really makes me wonder if the - i'm guessing predominantly American - commenters really have no clue about other countries mayyyyybe having different demographics than the US.
Case in point: The amount of non-white people in Austria is somewhere around 3%. Even with international guests pushing that number up a little bit, the event will by neccessity look very "white":
Joseph Sinclair
Joseph Sinclair - Vor 25 Tage
Also they grossly underestimate the cost of dealing with such large problems and the costs of space exploration and development
Joseph Sinclair
Joseph Sinclair - Vor 25 Tage
Nice unbiased reporting there
nicholas schoonbeck
nicholas schoonbeck - Vor 27 Tage
I've watched this a couple times & that guy scrambling to mansplain is the best.
Radia Bailin
Radia Bailin - Vor 27 Tage
Space force! Hilarious.
The Smallest Light
The Smallest Light - Vor 29 Tage
Earth is Flat. All you know of space is a Lie. Asgardia = 33 In Pythagorean numerology. 33 as in 33rd degree freemason.
M. R.M.
M. R.M. - Vor 29 Tage
I'm in!! When I was 12 I said: If they find live on another planet in space, I'm out of here.
But I'm not 12 anymore, I don't think it's possible.
Stefan Sharak
Stefan Sharak - Vor Monat
Even Scientologists think these people are crazy.
Flora - Vor Monat
Are they required to buy Nikes?
MazBringsby - Vor Monat
Wow. I cannot believe what I'm watching
MissNausicaa87 - Vor Monat
Rich people are just becoming obnoxiously ridiculous and completely useless. I am in favour of them going to space and maybe let us run our affairs as we see fit on Earth.
Estre M
Estre M - Vor Monat
Asgardia has nothing to do with what President Trump will build, do not try to relate them!
zbagz01 - Vor Monat
Loved Amy in Almost Royal - definitely worth the iTunes fee if you have to pay for it. So glad to see her here. She fits right in!
Elisabeth Mulder
Elisabeth Mulder - Vor Monat
Shout out for putting Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk on blast.
ozzelthecomposer - Vor Monat
When they say going to space they really mean underground.
Frank Tiemens
Frank Tiemens - Vor Monat
Wait, this is not a skit?
Ven One
Ven One - Vor Monat
This woman hosting is another sad Clinton follower still very salty. She also has no idea of the existing "spaceforce", it just has to be made more publicized and accepted.
Dee Lish
Dee Lish - Vor Monat
In his 50s??? Jesus, what happened??
metube - Vor Monat
has the aesthetics of scientology or the stepford wives
briane596able - Vor Monat
Donald Sr. Interviewed Don Jr about this many years back while playing GIJoes... and both agreed .... yep this needs to happen.
Michael Carpenter
Michael Carpenter - Vor Monat
Not cool that she bashes space travel as a whole as not useful for Earth. Funny enough, she then turns around and complains asking why aren't more women involved in this not useful endeavor? It's almost like she'll take any position to make a point. These guys are a cult, but that doesn't change how important organizations like NASA are. SMH
PennyAfNorberg - Vor Monat
Actually there at least were eleteced kings and there exists kings without power
Bannor Haruchai
Bannor Haruchai - Vor Monat
That guy is in his 50s? He's not living right.
And we are in space, as Bucky Fuller said we're all passengers on Spaceship Earth
MrSleeps - Vor Monat
Technology and AI will pop sociopathic/psychopathic behavior like a tick.
Nixon Vandergriff
Nixon Vandergriff - Vor Monat
“Asgardia is not a place, never was. Asgardia is where our people stand.”
vsedai - Vor Monat
As Cleavon Little once said, "Where de white women at?"
wittyforastormtrooper - Vor Monat
You fools. Your souls are still weighed down by the Earth’s gravity. Can’t you see the future of humanity is to leave our cradle behind and move to space?
Ruth Slone
Ruth Slone - Vor Monat
Hopefully, the billionaires will drink the kook-aid on the day they "launch" into space....heaven's gate style.
snuffeldjuret - Vor Monat
Of course there are more men. Men are hunters and women are gatherers. That is why men have more "top jobs" than women.
David Jimenez
David Jimenez - Vor Monat
If you hate your "muh oppresion" country, then go fly the sun, you SJWs are better of this planet
Desdemona - Vor Monat
Am I the only who noticed that there were no black, brown or asian men or women in Asgardia? How is that representative of Earth? Do you only have white writers that the debate you had with the Asgardian folks was mainly about men v women?
Desdemona - Vor Monat
Tyler Hall lol. Fine. WHY WAS IT EDITED OUT! I like Sam Bee.
Attila Kohbor
Attila Kohbor - Vor Monat
How about catapult all of them with their billions to deep space .
The planet would be better off .
MIZIEYA Newby - Vor Monat
an all white community how cute
Richard Abeysinghe
Richard Abeysinghe - Vor Monat
Can they please take Trump, Kim Jong & Putin with them?
Fandom guy
Fandom guy - Vor Monat
0:18 I love how Trump wafts the praise from his sheep in. *Snifff*
Razar Campbell
Razar Campbell - Vor Monat
That English reporter is ridiculously gorgeous!!! She's like a cross between Kate Mara and Clare Niederpreum.
K MV - Vor Monat
Amy is so bright!
ice - Vor Monat
Amy is the best!!!
Curtis Burns
Curtis Burns - Vor Monat
"I can't believe it's not Scientology"!
Darth KillsAll
Darth KillsAll - Vor Monat
Foolish and taken too serious for such a fun idea. Jurisdiction “makes” a nation so until they are headquartered in space, its simply make-believe
Chloe Shand
Chloe Shand - Vor Monat
I love this new Gundam anime
Luiz Alex Phoenix
Luiz Alex Phoenix - Vor Monat
"Asgard" totally not a racist name. We are creating a space haven for the rich white men, totally not going to turn dystopia.
fitztastico - Vor Monat
She was straight up SAVAGE in this piece!
Echo TheEcho
Echo TheEcho - Vor Monat
Can they legally call themselves Asgardians or is that copyright?
belias360 - Vor Monat
Lembit Opik's kind of a scumbag, isn't he? And space is a physically demanding environment too, with people often having to undergo serious physical training just to be there for even a few months. So why is this largely an old group with a bunch of out-of-shape people?
Steve Moseti
Steve Moseti - Vor Monat
Really love Amy..😊
trollol - Vor Monat
There's definitely no intelligence or intelligent life in the white house especially in this administration SMH 🙄
Kevin Krueger
Kevin Krueger - Vor Monat
This is a wonderful idea! Launch all of humanity's evils into orbit!
t carpen
t carpen - Vor Monat
Space forces' first deployment is the vast region of space between Trump's ears...
Bill Freese
Bill Freese - Vor Monat
OK, so Asgardia is a silly fantasy. It still makes more sense than Space Force.
Eddy Vegas
Eddy Vegas - Vor Monat
oh my god she is so cute i am seriously in love
TheLoreSeeker - Vor Monat
"We're a cross section of the human race."
"What male/femlae ratio?"
"Its about 85%/15%"

XD What a tool.
Alleycat 27
Alleycat 27 - Vor Monat
A country that should be allowed into the UN, with one reason being that they have more people than some countries which are already in the UN. Okay... no problem ... Just answer these two demands.
1. How many of your "citizens" actually live in Asgardia?
2. May we see a copy of your internationally recognized passport?
Not one of your citizens live there and you can't produce a passport? UN Application denied.
Andrés Proaño
Andrés Proaño - Vor Monat
They do fail to mention if the king has extra power or if it works like a figurehead. Though the king is funding it for now. Too much control for one person.
Kirstyn McKenzie
Kirstyn McKenzie - Vor Monat
It’s like he watch Star Wars and Wall-e for this idea
cat terrell
cat terrell - Vor Monat
"Dr.Evil" hahahahaha!
Ariel Steinsaltz
Ariel Steinsaltz - Vor Monat
Asgardians? So they’re Norse gods, then?
Also, lol @ the Star Trek parody.
leprechaunluck24 - Vor Monat
I would propose to Amy if I ever met her
Emmy Johnson
Emmy Johnson - Vor Monat
Lempit Opik is a known nutcase in the UK. An ex-Lib Dem MP who lost his seat and date one of the Cheeky Girls, and had a baby with a Bulgarian who has left him.
Margo Romero
Margo Romero - Vor Monat
LOL Needed Levity ! Thanks Samantha !
Catherine Biller
Catherine Biller - Vor Monat
Oh lord, not Lembit.
Orlor - Vor Monat
Great. Just what we need. Another L Ron Hubbard...
King David njoku
King David njoku - Vor Monat
I’m crying 😂 too funny 😂 hahahaha
Luis G Suarez
Luis G Suarez - Vor Monat
let them go, please!
matt thomas
matt thomas - Vor Monat
sorry bud elrond hubbard already did this.
Phlebas - Vor Monat
Asgardia is a cross section of the human race. Except 85% male and, from the looks of it, about 99% white.
Robert Gould
Robert Gould - Vor Monat
From Lib Dem to Cheeky Girl to space warrior. Have no respect for Lembit now.
TEXMIKE - Vor Monat
Trump 2020
Shane Freund
Shane Freund - Vor Monat
Well now I feel silly for signing up to be part of the big space city I thought was just a joke going nowhere. Oh wait it is a joke going nowhere.
sirkh1 - Vor Monat
1:51 I think that's Jeff Bezos
Mireille Kang
Mireille Kang - Vor Monat
And Thor should be their king.
Saurabh Singh
Saurabh Singh - Vor Monat
You ruined it by bringing in Elon and joking about his vision. Please go read some about Elon and then write your scripts.
Gingeries17 - Vor Monat
docschmey07 - Vor Monat
This is like that Matt Damon film Elysium bruh.
X Y - Vor Monat
Wow these guys are massively unhinged. And of course, it's an old, white, male russian billionaire they made as some sort of their "king". Doesn't really come as a surprise tbh.
tasunka maza
tasunka maza - Vor Monat
clueless clubbers on an existential LOOPHOLE
Kiki-san - Vor Monat
Seems like we Slavic Partizans have to rise again in order to remove sickos like those billionaires and millionaires.
ThatguyP912 - Vor Monat
My response to people who criticise an organisation is "Do my job for me. I assume that everyone considers this project the last hope of humanity rather than a bored billionaire's Star Trek cosplay but without the diversity or ideology or anything that made Star Trek worthwhile, so you do my job while I weasel out of confronting our failures"
rachel engstrom
rachel engstrom - Vor Monat
Earth will be better without him. Ha
roland flynn
roland flynn - Vor Monat
Does he realize there are only four branches of the military
roland flynn
roland flynn - Vor Monat
And if you want to be technical there are only three because the Marines are part of the Navy
Saajid Hosein
Saajid Hosein - Vor Monat
Um I want this but in a sci-fi novel. Not irl XD
Hit Reset Button
Hit Reset Button - Vor Monat
The more of these racist, white m.f. they can shoot into space the better. Only 1-way tickets allowed.
Gary Cooper
Gary Cooper - Vor Monat
The problem with bringing in a cross-section of humanity is that it’s, you know, a cross-section of humanity. It will include the usual percentages of idiots, bullies, racists, sexists, criminals, nut cases, etc.
Bryan Reynolds
Bryan Reynolds - Vor Monat
This cult reminds me of the villains from Moonraker.
Alan Sharp
Alan Sharp - Vor Monat
Recently, Lembit Opik's Cheeky Girl girlfriend was working at the tourist information desk at York Railway Station. If that's what women will do to avoid spending time with Lembit Opik, it's no wonder the nation is mostly men.
Graham Spilsted
Graham Spilsted - Vor Monat
Watched this again, poor old Lemsip Oprat, looks like an f'ing idiot now. Certain I saw him swallow nervously when they were singing the 'Asgardian national anthem'😆😆😆😆😆🤣🤣
Great. Just great. Another Russian oligarch who wants to defend "western Culture" (racism) and establish the Russian Orthodox Church (antisemitism) in Space. What could possibly go wrong?
Mind YourOwn
Mind YourOwn - Vor Monat
Does she wear red and black every episode lately?
Tyiff Pejic
Tyiff Pejic - Vor Monat
Women aren't into space flight? Minorities must not be that into it, either. Didn't count very many in all those camera pans.
I think what's more likely is most women and minorities have more prudent, earth-bound things to worry about than setting up camp on a harddrive circling the earth.
abcun17 - Vor Monat
I'm in!!! But only if Lady Sif becomes queen!
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