Gates & Manafort: The White-Collar Bonnie & Clyde | The Daily Show

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zizinnnn - Vor 2 Monate
Tucker Bowen
Tucker Bowen - Vor 3 Monate
Thank you for acknowledging the ghost-butt. I thought I was going crazy. I was like "doesn't anyone else see that?"
lalarochelle - Vor 4 Monate
They not going to confess about the Russian involvement cause they not spend much time in prison for the crime they did... No one is really persecuting them.. And if they go to prison they only going for less than 5 years and the government is not going to say give me back the money you stole
Gloria Kirabo
Gloria Kirabo - Vor 4 Monate
I laugh more at Trevor’s laughter 😂🤣🤣🤣
CloudsGirl7 - Vor 6 Monate
DAMN IT, TREVOR, going on about the ghost butt made me laugh so hard I got hiccups, and now I'm pissed about having the hiccups!
Tumble Weed
Tumble Weed - Vor 7 Monate
Don't send the donald to prison, send him to Haiti! Now that would be true justice.
Alan  Choi Chang
Alan Choi Chang - Vor 7 Monate
tom cruise actually says I want the truth....
Mahmoud El Arch
Mahmoud El Arch - Vor 7 Monate
Mad9977 Productions
Mad9977 Productions - Vor 8 Monate
"Ghost butt busters" 😂
QueenieMouse - Vor 8 Monate
Can we talk about how Trevor's mother sang songs of the future to a young Trevor? She was clearly psychic. Childhood song was maaaaaad specific
Gar Gra
Gar Gra - Vor 8 Monate
Trevor and ass, lol I'm floored!
Max Ramos
Max Ramos - Vor 8 Monate
No pride amongst thieves
Mazen Alam
Mazen Alam - Vor 8 Monate
He killed people on both sides folks, both sides
Animated Tigress
Animated Tigress - Vor 8 Monate
Slamming court room sketch is kinda dumb no offense. No butts.
Michael Shortt
Michael Shortt - Vor 8 Monate
lil ith said it first, Trevor Noah got bars
R N - Vor 8 Monate
Let the Butt go Trevor. Let it go... The artist was lost in a reverie mid-sketch... let it go...
Robin Potter
Robin Potter - Vor 8 Monate
Manafort may be more afraid of the people he worked for than prison. That Russian nerve agent poisonings may be a warning to potential witnesses. Or co-conspirators.
Hammond - Vor 8 Monate
None of this matters. If found guilty, Trump will pardon them. If Trump actually ever gets found guilty another Republican crook will pardon him.
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly - Vor 8 Monate
I love Trevor but come on man, Tom Cruise WAS the one who couldn't handle the truth... smh
Alicia Quintero
Alicia Quintero - Vor 8 Monate
Could they bring up new charges when Trump is out of office to maneuver the pardon?
jerk fudgewater
jerk fudgewater - Vor 8 Monate
HOLY SHIT HE’S NOT FUNNY... butt jokes and the knee bones connected to schtick bone... where is Larry Willmore!?!?!
Jo Boxer
Jo Boxer - Vor 8 Monate
Awwww that song. And your cuteness.😍
joel repp
joel repp - Vor 8 Monate
Two crappy bits. FDJT
Alan Maslowski
Alan Maslowski - Vor 8 Monate
“How do you get rid of a ghost-butt?”
Andreea Laciu
Andreea Laciu - Vor 8 Monate
Not just the money, I think he stole some of the people too... - I lost it there! =)))))
Anthony Nycholas
Anthony Nycholas - Vor 8 Monate
ahem, those were the artist's way of adding the other anonymous people in the courtroom. Well, to be fair, if they are Trump supporters that is an ass.
Wi To
Wi To - Vor 8 Monate
Not so funny... Noah is wedded to Trump.
Handsome Jonni
Handsome Jonni - Vor 8 Monate
353 people love criminals
ladyrob4110 - Vor 8 Monate
"Trump hands out pardons like a Klan member handing out candy."
tracey smith
tracey smith - Vor 8 Monate
Hey T you are stupid funny I have to get some tissue to wipe eyes. 😂😂😂😂😂
Andrew Ensign
Andrew Ensign - Vor 8 Monate
Let's pray for Treason for Prez. Chump, we lose the lot, Pence included if we get so lucky!
Krogan Popy
Krogan Popy - Vor 8 Monate
I see butt-people...everywhere...
Krogan Popy
Krogan Popy - Vor 8 Monate
Ohh! Rick's a star now...
sachintha rukshan
sachintha rukshan - Vor 8 Monate
stole some people too damn im dead
Lou Montana
Lou Montana - Vor 8 Monate
Conservative would have never tolerated Obama having this much corruption near him.
Luthien Seldomane
Luthien Seldomane - Vor 8 Monate
"I see butt people". Yeah... we all do Trev...
Jim Battersbee
Jim Battersbee - Vor 8 Monate
The USA, the worlds highest population of liars, cheats and thieves.
Christian Geiselmann
Christian Geiselmann - Vor 8 Monate
Manafort expects two things: to get a pardon from corrupt Trump if he does not flip on him. And to get a dose of Polonium in his tea if he flips on Trump, which would mean exposing Putin. So, his choice is life in prison (with some hope fir a pardon) versus painful death. His choice so far should be clear.
Duarte Handyman Services LLC. Duarte
how the heck can the president pardon someone that is linked to a crime he himself committed? makes no damn sense
Jenny Lee
Jenny Lee - Vor 8 Monate
We need to know more about that butt.
Ann Benson
Ann Benson - Vor 8 Monate
No honor among thieves
Adam Martin
Adam Martin - Vor 8 Monate
Gates is just like a Sith apprentice.
Cheryl - Vor 8 Monate
This court case is one of Manafort best strategies. With a former cohort in crime who has the power to pardon Manafort and Gates, regardless of the outcome, the end result will be the same. Convicted or acquitted, the crimes they committed will never be able to be used against them in a court of law ever again. In other words, they got away with it. That explains why they are soooo cooperative. Just admitting to everything, deny nothing. Everything Mueller has on them they wanted him to find. Just hope Mueller is one step ahead of them on this one. Nothing would be more just than to have Trump dragged out of the oval office in handcuffs for treason, crimes against humanity (immigrant children and/or babies caged or disappeared) before he gets the chance to pardon them. running for office for the sole purpose of personal financial enrichment, dereliction of duty or just declaring his presidency illegal, before he has a chance to pardon them.
Robbie 333
Robbie 333 - Vor 8 Monate
Trevor is surely NO JON STEWART... Not even funny at all.. or as bright... sad
Robbie Backpacking
Robbie Backpacking - Vor 8 Monate
Thanos disintegrated people on BOTH sides lol
Yo Yo
Yo Yo - Vor 8 Monate
Agent Fungus
Agent Fungus - Vor 8 Monate
I laughed way too much at the butt jokes. Probably because they were so silly and random.
Hooyahfish - Vor 8 Monate
This is like Watergate. We are watching history.
Jewel - Vor 8 Monate
!!!!!!!!!!!!trevor, [for you only to do] reg. people-OUR PUNISHMENT vs RICH PEOPLE in crime. i'll be waiting to watch!
Jewel - Vor 8 Monate
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! trevor , make a skit where all the black/br. prisoners are listening to the news; the crime punishments for rich; million dollars exchanged vs all the walmart shoplifters jail sentences [10 to 20 or more years].
50sKingJet - Vor 8 Monate
The student stealing from his mentor is basically the plot of Matchstick Men.
twaflyer1 - Vor 8 Monate
Trevor NONO... How can anyone really like Trump, and his ruthless Capitalistic ways! But it is hypocritical it is to mention how bad all those "White guys" are, yet fail to address all the Black Rapes on the street and elsewhere, all the store-owners who are robbed all the time, then often beat them senselessly with a gun at their heads, or when Blacks Murder people just for the power of having a gun to use anytime their weak emotional systems cannot take the pressures out there, and many of those murders happen in Black neighborhoods too, but you don't mention that Gutless NONO.. Why always the "White Folks," Trevor NONO? Could it be that you are being victim to Black propaganda too, that it was ALWAYS the White man's fault, no matter what happened where, and who did that to who? Always the White guy, who like me who just has his work interests, his love of Science, and who could watch sports 24 hours a day if time permitted, but we are the VAST majority, who mind our own Business, (Something you should do more NONO,) yet we are lumped-in with the few who have jumped over the wrong fence at times, so therefore, in the Black mentality, we are just as culpable as the crooks are...DUH! Too many idiots out there who would rather listen to the Negative rants than think on their own? Maybe that's why so many Black people are unemployed? The truly absurd the way many of them think make us think that they don't even understand the message that are thrown out in the Public?!! Insanity!!
Then some of you rant about Trump, as if he is the only guy who had extra-marital relationships! Even your adored Martin Luther KING, ( Who I loved as a Human Being as well,) had his extra girls on the side! Then there is that Jesse Jackson Sr., who used the Race CARD to become Rich beyond measure, while forcing Company owners to "Contribute" to his needy campaign? Jesse Jackson was getting money from everywhere, yet were any of the American Citizens any better off, especially the Black Poor and disenfranchised Blacks who J. Jackson so vociferously talked about, but never got anything for the most part! Hell no, as long as Jesse lived a "Juicy" life, you know what I mean, while his good looking adoring wife stood by him laughing, as an Atom Bomb was bursting at her feet half the time? But I guess money is what really counts, not the Human values we should all follow? Jesse was always talking the future, but when his Bank Account was concerned, it was today, not a distant tomorrow where his theories, if workable would be felt 20-30 years down the line? Where were you Trevor when word of his indiscretions leaked out? Well, where were you? Come on now? Also, anytime a Black Politician was finally caught Red-Handed, (Some are good magicians you know,) where were you all-Glorified Tervor? Nowhere to be seen, as your "HUNT" continued on in the White community, nowhere else? Nowhere to be seen Trevor, just RACISM at work here IMHO!
Mira Figueira
Mira Figueira - Vor 8 Monate
everyone is getting overly confident that trump's gonna be removed from the office. people underestimate the power of the republicans. If they can turn a blind eye to kids in cages than they can will probably ignore tumps crimes.
Enem1c0 - Vor 8 Monate
fking Tom Cruise.. weirdo
Gurleen Kindra
Gurleen Kindra - Vor 8 Monate
i literally love you
twaflyer1 - Vor 8 Monate
Trevor NONO's sidetracking! Noah you fool, why aren't you confronting all the Black Crime, Murders and Rapes? ARE YOU TOO AFRAID? Pal, you are taking the safe route, as you would be hated and vilified by some of your "Loving" Black Comrades! You are just a PUNKY JERK Trevor! A SPINELESS goof!
It seems all right to you when our girls are being Raped on the streets, or our stores being robbed, leaving the store-takers brutalized by goofs who care nothing about life, or Black on Black Murders pal? Why don't you satirize them Gutless? You don't even have the guts to mention those atrocities? LOL. Your followers don't know who they are being led by, but that is up to them isn't it? It really shows the mentality of those who listen to you, even glorify you? How insane is that?
Missi - Vor 8 Monate
Robert Sharp
Robert Sharp - Vor 8 Monate
like for song lol
normie x
normie x - Vor 8 Monate
He was stealing to feed his starving family! Also, he's white, which means he'il get minimum sentence.
anthony medrano
anthony medrano - Vor 8 Monate
Trevor is so fucking cheesy
Joseph Goebbels
Joseph Goebbels - Vor 8 Monate
talk about the up coming Iran war. there is turmoil in Iraq again with a lack of water... this crap is a diversion to a bigger issue
KillingPotatoes :b
KillingPotatoes :b - Vor 8 Monate¬if_t=story_reshare
Gigi xoxo
Gigi xoxo - Vor 8 Monate
this presidencial pardon is something which should not exist!!!
Tasha Vladimiroff
Tasha Vladimiroff - Vor 8 Monate
Damn he admits to stealing from manafort while testifying against manafort. Lol. He’s snitching so hard to stay out of jail. Manafort is a fool for not flipping.
Tasha Vladimiroff
Tasha Vladimiroff - Vor 8 Monate
Enjoy federal prison you fucking piece of fucking shit.
TheAecke - Vor 8 Monate
before the law everybody is equal ... haha yeah
Nontobeko Maziah
Nontobeko Maziah - Vor 8 Monate
Aaah u kill thrs a butt in d courtroom😂😂😂
Nontobeko Maziah
Nontobeko Maziah - Vor 8 Monate
Tts just crazy😂😂how can u tell d truth like uv had a truth serum injection.
La Coneja
La Coneja - Vor 8 Monate
Daniel Evans
Daniel Evans - Vor 8 Monate
It's Detective Assey Magee, a ghost now because of cancellation, "but damn fine work Assey".
Question is what honors the pardon if the pardoner's dishonor leads to impeachment and guilty verdicts?
And the song goes: "Don't start, Won't have none!"
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith - Vor 8 Monate
The part about the Presidential Pardon had me thinking hard about the aftermath of Manafort was found guilty. I feel as though there would be extreme action by many people post-verdict.
alphaphotoandvideo - Vor 8 Monate
"I know the best people" 😂😂😂😂😂
Tatiana Ames
Tatiana Ames - Vor 8 Monate
I get my news from Trevor 😏
Cassie Janky
Cassie Janky - Vor 8 Monate
1:22 That doesn’t make sense, Jack Nicholson said “you can’t handle the truth” not Tom Cruise
Livelive - Vor 8 Monate
Why do I see Trump behind closed doors,  somewhere in the White House, there with his trustees sing "Goble, Gobble, One Of Us, One Of Us" (?)
32 32
32 32 - Vor 8 Monate
The universe revolves around trump
Erebus2075 - Vor 8 Monate
yer so much corruption. it is insane. like Africa or Philippines lvls of corruption ;)
Rr Ii
Rr Ii - Vor 8 Monate
More butt buster jokes !! Please.🙏
SuperXrunner - Vor 8 Monate
Everyone is Donald Trump's evil husband, even that Kelly chick. What is Trump? There dumb butch?
Debbie Marquis
Debbie Marquis - Vor 8 Monate
Thief from thief
Qlasssic - Vor 8 Monate
Thefireman 285
Thefireman 285 - Vor 8 Monate
#walkaway idiots
Soletestament - Vor 8 Monate
Man Trump needs to be careful with that pardon power. Because the backlash from abusing something like that is usually vigilantism. As it is the American people are nearing a breaking point when it comes to faith in the Justice system. We're literally one blackout away from riots and assassinations.
JReece21 - Vor 8 Monate
Thanos 😂😂😂
Cynthia McAlister
Cynthia McAlister - Vor 8 Monate
What is that "drawn" on the front of the witness stand (at 1:36)?
Hunh, Trevor addresses this at 2:42. lol.
Ray Fabris
Ray Fabris - Vor 8 Monate
trump will do something Obama never did or do,this 1up big time u leftys.get impeached.ha ha trump will get impeached like no other president.take that dems
pinkjarl - Vor 8 Monate
keep Thanos out of this he did nothing wrong
Pranshu S Raghuvansh
Pranshu S Raghuvansh - Vor 8 Monate
Tom Cruise did not say "You can't handle the truth!" Gecho facts stwait!
Gamezob - Vor 8 Monate
Thanos did nothing wrong
Albert ricks
Albert ricks - Vor 8 Monate
Pardoning some criminals over other ones seems to be what Trump is best at. No wonder he is excitedly waiting to pardon himself!
kristopher jensen
kristopher jensen - Vor 8 Monate
That butt is the subtle way of saying manafort also has the poopoo tapes
Don Post
Don Post - Vor 8 Monate
Albert ricks
Albert ricks - Vor 8 Monate
So cut & dried this sort of political corruption. I'm eating celery & peanut butter, apple slices & caramel dip to all this happy horse s--t!
Sherwood Fisher
Sherwood Fisher - Vor 8 Monate
Love the song...
Adele Waldron
Adele Waldron - Vor 8 Monate
Hey trevvv stick your head back up your ass u look better that way can't c your face , punk ass leftist blow hole .
Jonathan Green
Jonathan Green - Vor 8 Monate
Whats Trevors plan to start being funny?
thewess26 - Vor 8 Monate
If Trump pardons his Guilty friend...Everyone should get the picture at that point! TRUMP DOES NOT CARE ABOUT Law, Order or Justice!
hasarutoe tensakey
hasarutoe tensakey - Vor 8 Monate
The butt bit was funny
J.E Tony
J.E Tony - Vor 8 Monate
How can anyone sane person still defend and support anything Trump😩
Judy Chaidez-Gonzalez
Judy Chaidez-Gonzalez - Vor 8 Monate
Russia is the trigger that will take this entire administration down. Keep pressing
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