Fortnite's Black Hole Numbers SECRET REVEALED..

43 187
4 435
Hollow - Vor Tag
Thanks you all who consider using my Creator Code for launch of Season 11
Delila Quinones
Delila Quinones - Vor 12 Minuten
Watch this funny video about vsco girls
FoxGamezYT - Vor 13 Minuten
Hollow *i UsEd CoDe Ali A*
ツLoomz - Vor 25 Minuten
Your #1 trending
KRATS8K - Vor Minute
Looks at thumbnail
ramon perez
ramon perez - Vor Minute
Your on number one trending
Tryphunツ - Vor 2 Minuten
The others are the 7 well that’s what I think
Repent, Ye
Repent, Ye - Vor 2 Minuten
ourforgiveness. c o m
To deceive is worst than to lie, for when we lie, there still be a possibility to detect the cancer. But to beguile, is poison.
The devil, When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.
"And the LORD God said unto the woman, What is this that thou hast done? And the woman said, The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat."
(Genesis 3:13)
Hayden Baker
Hayden Baker - Vor 2 Minuten
Tuesday 6:00 it's back
Jesuslovescake - Vor 2 Minuten
I wonder how those 6 year old Fortnite players are doing
Byr tapers llc Vsqz
Byr tapers llc Vsqz - Vor 3 Minuten
There’s 69?
Troy Adeola
Troy Adeola - Vor 3 Minuten
First on trending 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
Pierson Hohn
Pierson Hohn - Vor 3 Minuten
Congrats on making it to trending man 🔥
Procreate Graffiti Artist
Procreate Graffiti Artist - Vor 4 Minuten
Fuck Shitnite
Salayah Tobusto
Salayah Tobusto - Vor 4 Minuten
69 146 15 36
Ammad Mushtaq
Ammad Mushtaq - Vor 4 Minuten
I am more happy about the fortnite bag i bought is the link you should try it too
Premium Tech
Premium Tech - Vor 4 Minuten
YR Gaming Boy
YR Gaming Boy - Vor 4 Minuten
You are trending number 1
Josh Bowers
Josh Bowers - Vor 4 Minuten
So why don't they release the update now so we don't have to wait to play because we'll probably have a 3 GB update when we finally get to play, and my internet sucks so bad I probably won't get to play for another 3 days.
Concrnation - Vor 4 Minuten
#1 on trending my man!
kyle sessing
kyle sessing - Vor 4 Minuten
U All Need to get a Fk'n Life.
UnknownRX - Vor 4 Minuten
Wow just wow a Fortnite video #1 on trending
Poptun101 - Vor 5 Minuten
Number 1 on trending congrats my guy
Inspectah Calm
Inspectah Calm - Vor 5 Minuten
How the fuck are u on trending like am not saying our a bad youtuber but you just dipped a little but fuck Fortnite saving your ass
Robert Miner
Robert Miner - Vor 5 Minuten
#1 Trending
Sssskkooop - Vor 6 Minuten
Fortnite Rewind
FoxGamezYT - Vor 6 Minuten
Guys did you know that if you put a water bottle or bucket above your head your breathing under water!!!!!!!!

Rolando Sevastian
Rolando Sevastian - Vor 7 Minuten
Spicy Spaghetti
Spicy Spaghetti - Vor 8 Minuten
Why does it have to be Fortnite?
Gus Fring
Gus Fring - Vor 8 Minuten
Elon Musk where you at 😜
HandyManny - Vor 8 Minuten
So what your telling me is no one can play rn?😂😂
Panda Playz
Panda Playz - Vor 8 Minuten
This is literally just a vid about *staring at a black hole,* l refuse to believe that staring at a black hole is on *1# trending*
andrew moreau
andrew moreau - Vor 9 Minuten
Fortnite is gay
Gamer Girl231
Gamer Girl231 - Vor 9 Minuten
Leave a like if u saw the wrong emoji and show me which emoji the wrong one was

Michael Ogle
Michael Ogle - Vor 9 Minuten
Unkown Name
Unkown Name - Vor 9 Minuten
I dont even play fortnite, what am i doing here?
XXX ViBeZ - Vor 9 Minuten
Our boy is trending #1🔥🔥
MCR8 - Vor 10 Minuten
bring fortnite back please
Spooghetti - Vor 10 Minuten
U number 1 on trending
Gritty Grilled Cheese
Gritty Grilled Cheese - Vor 10 Minuten
Fortnite season 11:
Space and aliens.
Vice City
Vice City - Vor 10 Minuten
Ok let me say this real quick but why does fortnite trailer leak look like creative destruction?
BRICK eazy
BRICK eazy - Vor 11 Minuten
You got number 1
4chan Hacker
4chan Hacker - Vor 11 Minuten
Fucking shitskin
BLZ Viper
BLZ Viper - Vor 11 Minuten
Funky_Bray 23
Funky_Bray 23 - Vor 11 Minuten
Hey hollow it’s trending
Anthony Petrakovitz
Anthony Petrakovitz - Vor 12 Minuten
I think the numbers are shotgun damage - Vor 12 Minuten
I spotted 36
業火SCØRPIØN - Vor 12 Minuten
Congratulations you’re number #1 on trending
Over tanker
Over tanker - Vor 12 Minuten
Why does this guy look like sypher pk?
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez - Vor 13 Minuten
40 days without a relationship
I'm staring at the black hole on fortnite
wh1te ni99a
wh1te ni99a - Vor 13 Minuten
Trending number 1 🙌🏾
JMaxGames - Vor 13 Minuten
Guys the *fortnite 2 trailer* has been leaked: [don't watch if u dont want spoilers]
Shiva Manandhar
Shiva Manandhar - Vor 13 Minuten
What’s sad is that people would rather watch the blackhole stream than watch destiny lmao
Erica Thompson
Erica Thompson - Vor 13 Minuten
Harley Holcomb
Harley Holcomb - Vor 13 Minuten
#1 on trending yes Hollow!!! Your out here
Jade Tickett
Jade Tickett - Vor 13 Minuten
Every youtuber that “leaked” the new battle pass: FUCK
Deez Nut
Deez Nut - Vor 13 Minuten
No one fucking cares nigga
Jelikz - Vor 14 Minuten
Will my season 11 hype video get 1 million views before season 11 ? Help me out by just liking my video
Night Crawler
Night Crawler - Vor 14 Minuten
Lucifer - Vor 14 Minuten
Woah, #1 trending
Maggie Stevens
Maggie Stevens - Vor 14 Minuten
My son is so sad
Angel - Vor 14 Minuten
#1 Trending Damn !!!
TheMysticParrots - Vor 14 Minuten
Are we really caring about numbers and a black hole 😂
Alan Golden
Alan Golden - Vor 13 Minuten
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