Hurricane Sandy Waves Hitting Beachfront House

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Russell H
Russell H - Vor 24 Tage
Ash Peeler
Ash Peeler - Vor Monat
Not called a wave when waters in the air
angel the dog
angel the dog - Vor Monat
atlantic city looks so different now from than so sad
WiiLove Weather 2
WiiLove Weather 2 - Vor Monat
I hope no one was in the house
frances gaia
frances gaia - Vor Monat
For the Cause of Hurricanes see:
Hurricane Florence, Geoengineering Mass Destruction.
Dane Wigington. on YouTube.
Vicky S
Vicky S - Vor 15 Tage
Storms like this have happened before. Hurricanes have been happening since before geoengineering was even a thing. Do you have any evidence to support your theory?
Goso - Vor Monat
ovo oni rade sami sebi.satanisti protiv obicnih ljudi.
WiiLove Weather 2
WiiLove Weather 2 - Vor 2 Monate
That storm surge though @ the end
lpsseaturtles - Vor 2 Monate
Wow I remember this I was five during this storm😲
your boi
your boi - Vor 2 Monate
sandy eat too much beans before going to spongebob's house
Emily marte
Emily marte - Vor 3 Monate
That hose right there is mine
Emily marte
Emily marte - Vor 3 Monate
No my gramas
Fardin Mahzoob
Fardin Mahzoob - Vor 5 Monate
These rogue waves during the Hurricane Sandy floods the beach and also slams the Beachfront house.
Fardin Mahzoob
Fardin Mahzoob - Vor 5 Monate
Great video!
Jessica Guardado
Jessica Guardado - Vor 5 Monate
Jeremy Sciarappa
Jeremy Sciarappa - Vor 5 Monate
april red
april red - Vor 6 Monate
Water and fire...not to be messed with
Patrick Georgius
Patrick Georgius - Vor 6 Monate
I lost my home because of this storm had to move really sad but I moved back
Thomas Norton
Thomas Norton - Vor 6 Monate
It was never a hurricane it was called superstorm Sandy but it was never a hurricane there's a different not much of one but there is a difference
Graham Wormald
Graham Wormald - Vor 7 Monate
Council they r funny in New Jersey if they watch what our lot do in the UK they will get some experience
Kyłie’s ASMR
Kyłie’s ASMR - Vor 8 Monate
The_Pasted_Gamer089 Ani-Gamer
Sandy I need water
Vinitten 1
Vinitten 1 - Vor 9 Monate
Buy yourself a house in the beachfront they say. It will be priceless they say...
ADD gamer
ADD gamer - Vor 10 Monate
wtf was that shit that started bubbling up when it hits the dirt
Nichole Balwanz
Nichole Balwanz - Vor 11 Monate
Sandy memes

Sandy- Oh spongebob I hate you your so dum bro!!!!!
Sandy- goes carzy

The end

Like and sub to me XddDDDdDDd
Durpy Dolphin
Durpy Dolphin - Vor 11 Monate
Ya boy
Noble Sir Knight
Noble Sir Knight - Vor year
When nature ejaculates.
Boot -9
Boot -9 - Vor year
You must've been brave standing a few meters away from it
Kathryn Roy
Kathryn Roy - Vor year
I had to go though this.. I live in New York.
Zbmx - Vor year
Who else wants to be a storm chaser💨🌪🌫🌫🌫🌫
Thomas Norton
Thomas Norton - Vor year
Get your facts straight Sandy was not a hurricane it was a superstorm before you open your mouth you should know what you're talking about don't just document anything you feel like saying
Thomas Linski
Thomas Linski - Vor 11 Monate
Thomas Norton it was a hurricane......oh just like a movie??? Lol......where did superstorm Sandy originate?
Thomas Norton
Thomas Norton - Vor 11 Monate
Thomas Linski it was not a hurricane it was a convergence of three fronts just like in the movie perfect storm that's why it was called superstorm Sandy it wasn't no bigger than anybody else just converged never was there a hurricane
Thomas Linski
Thomas Linski - Vor 11 Monate
Thomas Norton you're an was a hurricane.....its unofficially referred to as a superstorm......who should get their facts strait again?
Kenzy Lennox
Kenzy Lennox - Vor year
That's look really scary I wouldn't live there but if it wasn't hurrican I would live there in the summer
Carver King
Carver King - Vor year
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Cheeky Watermelon
Cheeky Watermelon - Vor year
I feel bad for all the animals on land and sea in or near that wave I mean it could kill them!😭Also those homes were probably evacuated if it was a bad emergency!
riydh hassan
riydh hassan - Vor year
the last hope to stop the hurricane gather all good believers from Christians in one place and let the world know that and pray to one god no cross no Jesus and ask lord with clean hearts to stop his revenge with his hurricane you should do that if you die or alive you win the world and Day of Resurrection declare our loyalty to one god
Arda Yılmaz
Arda Yılmaz - Vor year
you have taken many muslims ah ey abd
Wendy Rubio
Wendy Rubio - Vor year
val b
val b - Vor year
Idk why but big waves are my biggest fear..
Jack153901 - Vor year
my aunts beach house was right near the beach but atleast a day before sandy hit where she lives she came to my house where sandy wasnt hitting
wl041204 YT
wl041204 YT - Vor year
The storm surge at 0:40 was huge
Cambam826 YT
Cambam826 YT - Vor year
WatchMojo anyone
Anya Granger
Anya Granger - Vor year
I was in Hurricane Sandy, it was horrible. I was only 4 so I didn't really know what was going on, nor cared
Dori Rose
Dori Rose - Vor year
Dang. It was bad in NYC. My basement got flooded but luckily nothing else.
Adam Lardou
Adam Lardou - Vor year
Part of me wants to swim In that part of me doesn't
Crazy Gigi
Crazy Gigi - Vor year
Sandy sucked so bad we had no eletric or school for weeks so we had to stay in school till August it also washed away my cousins beach house that time of year sucked
AntiToXic11 - Vor year
Crazy Gigi I was in fourth grade when sandy hit, even though I was a five min drive from the beach I was lucky that my house didn't get destroyed by sandy in NJ
S K O D E W A R D - Vor year
Crazy Gigi school sucks thats probably the only good thing about storms i love when they get closed
Thomas Hill
Thomas Hill - Vor year
Awww ...I was hoping to see the house get obliterated 😔 Curses, desensitization 😳
tortugabob - Vor year
To hear those yankees moan and whine you would have thought Sandy was a Category 4 or 5 hurricane. It was a Cat 1.
AntiToXic11 - Vor year
Gina N yea but I experienced that 75 billion dollars in damage and it wasn't fun hurricane or not.
AntiToXic11 - Vor year
tortugabob correction is was technically a tropical storm, but sandy was twice the size of Irma and Harvey and Jose
I.M.A. Nonymous
I.M.A. Nonymous - Vor year
Building your house this close the water is like building your house at the foot of a volcano.
Amara Primm
Amara Primm - Vor 5 Monate
Omg yes p.s the water wasn't that close originally but still that house is very close
Nick Bloom
Nick Bloom - Vor 11 Monate
That, and building it in Marsh land which really seems like a bright idea.
Denise Simpson
Denise Simpson - Vor year
The late comedy genius George Carlin attested that he never understood people who build houses on the sides of a volcano. "And then they wonder why there's LAVA in the living room!"
Kappa Keepo
Kappa Keepo - Vor year
the water wasnt originally that close lol
Jaydstahh_ - Vor year
That person at the end was like fuck let me die
Daniel Franklin Storm Chaser
wild surf
FutureRN Joseph
FutureRN Joseph - Vor year
Daniel Franklin Storm Chaser dude that was tight
Jxy :3
Jxy :3 - Vor year
i was in long island and i was in the eye of the hurricane in 2012
TDTam11 - Vor 9 Monate
Eye was nowhere near Long Island
Kaden Holdaas
Kaden Holdaas - Vor year
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PopMyPringles x
PopMyPringles x - Vor 11 Monate
vOrTaX !
vOrTaX ! - Vor year
That would be really disturbing
Hahayouthought - Vor year
I couldn't live in my house for 3 years the worst 3 years of my life
thenewjord50 - Vor year
sandy is just looking for dirty harry and pinhead larry
jay garcia
jay garcia - Vor Monat
dirty dan*
zehour ismael
zehour ismael - Vor year
it was on purpose the government used harp mechanism to change the way of the hurricane
Vicky S
Vicky S - Vor 15 Tage
What evidence do you have of this? Storms like this have happened before.
Alec the Remixer
Alec the Remixer - Vor year
zehour ismael Why would you think that? They can't control the freaking weather! You idiot!
Nicole M
Nicole M - Vor year
zehour ismael Ugh
fermin leony
fermin leony - Vor 2 years
bjfdog - Vor 2 years
Keyword: "Beachfront". Ooops.
Steve Geiselman
Steve Geiselman - Vor 2 years
What I see every day
Cate Boyle
Cate Boyle - Vor 2 years
My uncle was around this area :/
Doggy World
Doggy World - Vor 2 years
I remember no school for a week because of it. And that was the year I figured out we had a generator ;-; Eating off Cheff Boyarde canned raviolis SUCKED.
yvette u
yvette u - Vor 2 years
who lives by an ocean😂
XxMatpatXx 12
XxMatpatXx 12 - Vor 2 years
I live in longbranch and that had happened but I was some where else
The Whisperer
The Whisperer - Vor 2 years
The Whisperer
The Whisperer - Vor 2 years
AllenKV DSLR - Vor 2 years
XxHyperMixoxX - Vor 2 years
Norma Ortiz Ramos
Norma Ortiz Ramos - Vor 2 years
un new jersey o in new. York city
Jose Flores
Jose Flores - Vor 2 years
I love hurricanes
mark op
mark op - Vor 2 years
+Jose Flores i agree i do love hurricanes my school didnt open until march my school roof flew off windows were broken floods in the class rooms broken pipes
Clarity - Vor 2 years
+Jose Flores my town canceled it
Jose Flores
Jose Flores - Vor 2 years
hurricane sandy just ruined halloween
Robert Concepcion
Robert Concepcion - Vor 2 years
Lol spongebob got sandy mad
Amy - Vor 25 Tage
Mia and Valerie
Mia and Valerie - Vor 2 Monate
Jowell Crawford spongebob is amazing
Mia and Valerie
Mia and Valerie - Vor 2 Monate
Jowell Crawford then you have no sense of humor spongebob is bootiful
Hannah Lehat
Hannah Lehat - Vor 5 Monate
Robert Concepcion lol I was in the hurricane and I thought this was funny some people just can't take a joke
Shemika__ _
Shemika__ _ - Vor 5 Monate
Y'all are immature asf grow tf up. Am laughing my ass off because y'all are arguing over a movie
Kemal Rasif
Kemal Rasif - Vor 2 years
kittyLover Lps
kittyLover Lps - Vor 2 years
HamPlayz - Vor 2 years
Haha wow! Hope nothing to bad happened! BTW my name is Andrew!...... #3 in U.S. history!!!
Hahayouthought - Vor year
Kyler Zuniga
Kyler Zuniga - Vor 3 years
rip headphone users
Russell H
Russell H - Vor 24 Tage
Kyler Zuniga lol
Leah White
Leah White - Vor 3 years
it came in like a wrecking ball
moe - Vor 3 years
I was in Long Island without power in the cold for 3 weeks
moe - Vor 3 years
yes they were and so glad this hurricane passed us +Jeremy Sciarappa
Jeremy Sciarappa
Jeremy Sciarappa - Vor 3 years
+Mo wahab It sucks. I bet those were the longest 3 weeks of your life. Happy this new storm is gone.
Hamzha Khan
Hamzha Khan - Vor 3 years
Jeremy weren't u scared that a flood was coming ur way?!?
gisel - Vor 3 years
i went to that beach :D
runway heading
runway heading - Vor 3 years
If you put a house near the ocean, eventually something will happen to it!!!!!!!! Quit whining NY. Your rebuild cost our Country Billions of dollars and you are probably living in much nicer homes now, then you were before the little storm!
AntiToXic11 - Vor year
runway heading Dude I live in NJ you don't know the destruction that "little storm did" even though it was huge, it costed 65 billion dollars in damage.
Mary Escobar
Mary Escobar - Vor year
It was NJ not ny
Itz_Just_Jack - Vor year
runway heading little?
Hahayouthought - Vor year
runway heading my house was never rebuilt
Susan74NJ - Vor 3 years
How do we get to the updated vid of the house?  I try clicking on, "What The House Looks Like Now", but it takes me to a video called, "How I Met Diana", instead.
Susan74NJ - Vor 3 years
Ahhh, okay - thank you! :-) What a wicked storm that Sandy least up here in North Jersey, most of us were spared some of the worst. But it was truly relentless on those it hit full force.
Jeremy Sciarappa
Jeremy Sciarappa - Vor 3 years
+Susan74NJ That video shows you what the house looks like today. This video: shows you what it looks like days after it hit.
Georgian State Dude
Georgian State Dude - Vor 3 years
Sandy is a Category 5 Hurricane Very strong
Mark Reilly
Mark Reilly - Vor 3 years
+Andy Nguyen It was a category 1 when it made landfall, but the storm surge is what devastated NJ and NY
jemal - Vor 3 years
"What if instead of having houses on beaches we put the beach on the house?..." - Sandy 2K12
jemal - Vor 3 years YAASSS - Vor 3 years
Just like in Soviet Russia.
Ryan Leiby
Ryan Leiby - Vor 3 years
I don't get tornadoes very often plus I've never seen a tornado
Notyouravaragevlogger XX
Notyouravaragevlogger XX - Vor 2 years
Do u live in the uk
magorkel - Vor 3 years
+Ryan Leiby have you ever seen a dildo?
Lotus98 - Vor 3 years
This is terrifying. I live in northern Illinois and tornadoes happen often enough, but hurricanes are a completely different animal. I feel like there are less places to run to when a hurricane hits. It's very tragic, but this is great footage!
a person
a person - Vor 3 years
I live in Nj, north and it was still really bad. You see this on camera but in real life, it's a lot more terrifying. A tree in my backyard cracked and nearly skinned my house. Crazy, but real.
Earthquakes and Hurricanes
I live in eastern Michigan next to Lake Huron and my school was cancelled for 5 days I couldn't believe it reached Michigan the lake was scary I wouldn't have dared to go next to it
C Moore
C Moore - Vor 3 years
I survived in my house but 5 trees fell on my house
Earthquakes and Hurricanes
+Heinz Beans I live in Michigan and my school was cancelled for 5 days because the power went out in our school all around our neighborhood there was fallen trees I can't believe it reached Michigan
Garden State Elevators
Garden State Elevators - Vor 3 years
I live in NJ
C Moore
C Moore - Vor 3 years
+DANIEL SHARP and thank you
C Moore
C Moore - Vor 3 years
Oh I live near the police station so about 4 days but a lot of people in my town lost power for more then a week and also what state do you live in?
Garden State Elevators
Garden State Elevators - Vor 3 years
Btw how long were you without power? We had no power for 5 or 6 days.
The True Gamer
The True Gamer - Vor 3 years
Scary to have a house right by the beach man white people are stupid they cuase their own death and cry fuckin btches
Hahayouthought - Vor year
The True Gamer I'm Hispanic and I live by the beach
The True Gamer
The True Gamer - Vor 3 years
Its a statment that i didnt say
Natasha Columna
Natasha Columna - Vor 3 years
Oh and people are still being racist? Go get a life even though i'm not white still get a life don't be so racist.
a person
a person - Vor 3 years
U wot m8
Earthquakes and Hurricanes
FUCK YOU RACIST!!! I live next to a beach and if it's destroyed I have insurance Mr Obomacare
Пётр Сальников
This test of the Russian climate weapon. This is for sanctions expect to continue
MACKANIC MEDIA - Vor 4 years
Millions of people have visited the Jersey Shore. Guests from across the country find warm hospitality here every summer. And many of us have a lifetime of great memories at the beach. We now know that Super Storm Sandy hit the coast hardest, so shore towns like Belmar can really use your help. Hurricane Sandy Aftermath
Calvin Boii
Calvin Boii - Vor 4 years
Those are huge waves
Isabel M. Burke
Isabel M. Burke - Vor 4 years
Were i live we dont not have hurricanes that much but we did get hit by a mother wave and it wasnt that big
I live. In Florida
Manda Panda
Manda Panda - Vor 10 Monate
Isabel M. Burke Florida has a lot of hurricanes
Creepy_121001 Tychoking
BasketballBasis I live over here
now I'm here
now I'm here - Vor year
diane189444 - Vor 4 years
You can say all you want....the ocean rules this planet   I am a Jersey girl born and raised.  My brother lost everything.  Hopefully by July he can move back into his house.  The horrible things that had been said about the East Coast people shows people don't care for one another.  People make fun of our lose.  It shows America is being divided.
Timothy Yap
Timothy Yap - Vor 4 years
Tris Sadowski
Tris Sadowski - Vor 5 years
I'm sure everything was fine.
the Lego Robloxian
the Lego Robloxian - Vor 5 years
Hurricane sandy was not bad my town doesn't get floods and my power never went out
Ryan Leiby
Ryan Leiby - Vor 3 years
Hurricane Katrina was very bad because there was major flooding and winds were at 150 mph
Hey it's Lilly
Hey it's Lilly - Vor 4 years
Lucky. My power was out for 2 weeks...
toksikologija123 - Vor 5 years
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KEVNdaL3G2CY 420
KEVNdaL3G2CY 420 - Vor year
DreamSpaxe - Vor 5 years
I'm glad we live on the bay side.
FreakShow91 - Vor 5 years
When it hit my home the houses back wall came of
Dylan Dodson
Dylan Dodson - Vor 5 years
why are you still there
Dylan Dodson
Dylan Dodson - Vor 5 years
Avery Cohen
Avery Cohen - Vor 5 years
Thank you a lot!
Henk van Vierssen
Henk van Vierssen - Vor 5 years
Yes. Nice video. We all loved Sandy.... isn't it!! Let we pray for more storms like ths one. Exciting!!
dpsrbi - Vor 5 years
Lmao. That video is some how really really funny. Good work dude.
Avery Cohen
Avery Cohen - Vor 5 years
What do you mean?
MikeDunn - Vor 5 years
Hilarious is a gross exaggeration.
zincink - Vor 5 years
Can someone explain this foam?
Jeremy Sciarappa
Jeremy Sciarappa - Vor 5 years
You're right. I wish I got closer. Didn't want to go on their property though.
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