A$AP Rocky Arrested

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Jossans ponnys
Jossans ponnys - Vor 6 Tage
You don’t even know anything about sweden. You can Google on the food he’s probably eating right now WOMEN 🖕😤🤬
Abdiwadud Abdijalil Aden
I am in sweden and trust me, swedish jails are like fucking five star hotels, oh and for the record i am black and so do my family
M K - Vor 7 Tage
There are lots of real blondes in Sweden.
anaonline - Vor 7 Tage
bullshit... he could've just went away from them... they are not the first or the last guys who'll follow him like psychos! the guys who followed him are trash but he shouldn't have attacked the guy like a maniac
anaonline - Vor 7 Tage
and that stuff about jail and poc in sweden bullllkshiiiiiit
Wilmer Söderin - TYR - 7B
Sweden is in the top 20 best prisens in the world you are alltsedan to workout you have your own tv and a bed good food and IF you would like to you could go on education
Violet Louis -Fernand
Violet Louis -Fernand - Vor 12 Tage
Hahaha 3 black people in Sweden?!🤔 If there is going to give a story give a correct one...
From a black born in Sweden! 😂😂😂
mila kohen
mila kohen - Vor 18 Tage
what a stupid commenting! put a man on a golden mattress, it's confinement! idiots! oooh ! he's a great kid! f Sweden!
Michael Harris
Michael Harris - Vor 21 Tag
Set up they set him up all he had to do is get a limo a set up smh
Mitch Glinski
Mitch Glinski - Vor 21 Tag
Why didn't you idiots show the video of that kid attacking security multiple times???
Lalala 123
Lalala 123 - Vor 21 Tag
Who tf said he is sleeping on a yoga mat? In Scandinavian prisons the cells litterally looks like hotel rooms.
If you don’t believe me just Google his prison lol
langbo9999 - Vor 22 Tage
A$AP go to Swedish jail you dumbass.
adde88 - Vor 22 Tage
About nothing of what you said was true. I can't believe that people are allowed to spread lies like this. Absolutely fucking horrific and scary.
Cyrus - Vor 22 Tage
This woman looks like a demon
I love to travel
I love to travel - Vor 22 Tage
Can’t believe you don’t do any research on your stories.... that’s crazy.
He’s got a bed, a table, chair, tv, radio AND a yoga mat. You know, to make yoga on.
How does he know what his neighbor is doing, he’s in a studio, only bars at his window.
Also heard he only ate an apple a day, what did he do with the rest of the food??
Menu 8 - 14 July 2019 subject to some changes
Lunch: ”Cowboy soup” with minced meat, potato, tomato and corn, served with cheese and bread
Dinner: Sausage stroganoff, served with rice (beef)
Lunch: Breaded cod, mashed potato, cold sourcream sauce, vegetables
Dinner: Chili sin carne, bulgur (Middle Eastern wheat grains that have been steamed, dried and crushed)
Lunch: Hot pasta sauce, pasta (pork)
Dinner: Bostonrutor (meatloaf pieces), sauce, potatoes, vegetables
Lunch: Spinach soup, eggs, rhubarb pie, custard
Dinner: Chicken fillets, roasted root vegetables, tomato sauce
Lunch: Fish gratin, potatoes, peas
Dinner: Cream-cooked root vegetables, ”Wallenbergare” (veal mince burgers)
Lunch: Fennel and tomato stew, pasta
Dinner: Fruity chicken, rice
Lunch: Fish stew, rice
Dinner: Turkey, potato salad, tomato
And I guess + fruit, don’t see any apples on the menu.
ASAP Rocky is the best promotion for Sweden, seems like everybody eats it raw, that Sweden would treat anybody the way you just reported.
If he goes to jail, his cell and activities will be upgraded even more.
274727 - Vor 22 Tage
For some reality in the conversation. Nordic Prisons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfEsz812Q1I
Michael Perez
Michael Perez - Vor 22 Tage
Wtf did I just watch? She couldn't even get the name right.
Atheos - Vor 25 Tage
The video is edited, they cut out the most violent parts of the "assault". The two that were harassing them have a really long crime record, so they're obviously scum. The police has gone through phones and such from Rockys team, and it's clear that they were going to do a drug deal, so they're not exactly angels either. Also, just 3 black people? Entire districts are black in just about every city now.
Play Dog
Play Dog - Vor 25 Tage
Wendy 's thighs, my God! If she was my Auntie, I would do anything she asks me to do.
Michael Michael
Michael Michael - Vor 27 Tage
Your personality is fucking stupid... we know how you got to fame hoe stop acting all good
Da Real Starbet
Da Real Starbet - Vor 27 Tage
Free Ferg??? Lol Wendy def don’t kno the MOB
Erik Rolander
Erik Rolander - Vor 27 Tage
This is retarded. He should be let go because he's losing alot of money? Because he was pestered by some junkies?
He beat someone up and caused bodily damage. He should be put before the law like everyone else.
I do agree he should be let off easy, and that they were severely provoked.
And this woman doesn't even know who she's talking about
Sweet Love
Sweet Love - Vor 28 Tage
Kim k will get him out soon guys !!! Dw😬
Marlon Davis
Marlon Davis - Vor 28 Tage
Yall rappers or black artist need to stop going to these places and supporting these countries because those in power hate your guts, and they are many demons in the crowd wanting to taste your blood, you can't say that you like the artists but all are quite and standing up against injustice, from these places like Sweden, where are the fans? Why are there not protesting against these bias, misuse and abuse of power? If you see a man committing a crime and you stood by and watch and not say or do anything about it, means that you are complicit with the actions of the assailant, you may love the work of the black man and the entertainment but he's still black in your eyes and you still dispise him and that is an hysterical fact.
Stacy Ragdoll
Stacy Ragdoll - Vor 29 Tage
As a Afroswede I say hekk no for giving him the b of the d. I have probably made more contrb for The BLM than he has. And I've Never been to U.S 😑
Sara Persson
Sara Persson - Vor 29 Tage
google swedish prisons
Isa Al Khalifa
Isa Al Khalifa - Vor 29 Tage
Wendy, stop lying about the prisons in Sweden just for the views. I love you but girl, do your research.
el Pasoan Adame
el Pasoan Adame - Vor 29 Tage
She Said FREE FERG?...You Mean Rocky
Cristofer Nykanen
Cristofer Nykanen - Vor 29 Tage
No, he is not in prison. He is held in custody, and that is very different from a Swedish prison. And it is true, those guys followed them around and harassed them (asap and his crew) who told them several times that they wanted no trouble and asked those two young men to leave. In Sweden you have the right to use self defence, which asap and his crew did, also when believing you might get attacked, if there are indications that you might be. It's supposed to be like that. So really I do not understand why he is held in custody. And the guys who attacked them are not Swedish by the way. Probably Afghan or middle eastern young men. And believe it or not but most of them do not have refugee status. And they cause problem, rape , theft, abuse, and live mostly on social wellfare or have jobs but their sallary is financed by tax money. And the cases against them often gets dropped or they get community service as a puishment. One of them also attacked a man from asaps crew but that charge got dropped for some strange reason. But it is like that here in Sweden. And still we don't know if asap wanted to defend the man from his crew, but it was self defence. Still he is the one held in custody. Strange, very strange. And there is nothing they can do really. Not against the state here, as a common person. Nothing.
Jimmie Åkesson
Jimmie Åkesson - Vor 29 Tage
He deserves it
Pattie Bell
Pattie Bell - Vor 29 Tage
Love the short segments so much better
Chris Redfield
Chris Redfield - Vor Monat
Swedish jail has vegan menu options.
Lee Francis
Lee Francis - Vor Monat
These were aggressive Muslim men. If you watch the video.
Ali Mohammad
Ali Mohammad - Vor Monat
Agreed. But he should have called the cops as every EU people will do.
jerricette - Vor Monat
You dead wrong Wendy! Asap crew should call the cops instead of beating them up! 3black people in Sweden is American ignorance! Ever been to Sweden? There are plenty of black people in Sweden! How ignorant van you be?
Clutchi ii
Clutchi ii - Vor Monat
3 black People? Lol sweden is full of black immigrants.
Parker shane
Parker shane - Vor Monat
So what? He should not have beat him and the crew jump in. Losing money? Should have thought of that before behaving like an animal. Walk away!
Pierre Ambroise
Pierre Ambroise - Vor Monat
Freg is already free, let's see how rocky's doing Wendy lol,
Cassandra Amore
Cassandra Amore - Vor Monat
Wendy looking Rosy and thick I just heard that future bodyguard just got attacked prime example European people tried to bother you and when they were warned and then u get beat down they wanna act like a victim
scoww kauendji
scoww kauendji - Vor Monat
This Woman Fuckin disgust me
I A - Vor Monat
Don’t talk about things you clearly know nothing about. Sweden’s prisons are one of the best ones in the world. The food is better than the food we get in school. And maybe in USA it’s okay, but in Sweden you are not allowed to beat someone up just because you are rich and famous
lie - Vor Monat
Injustice - Vor Monat
He was arrested for being attacked by 2 muslim refugees who had previously assaulted 2 women.....thats europe for you its an islamic hell hole, the 2 rats where demanding he told them why he was in there "area" and tell them where he was going....they taken over the streets of europe.
nwahs bocaj
nwahs bocaj - Vor Monat
No, a yoga mat , sounds like heaven. If you want to act up , face the consequences.
cathrine jacobz
cathrine jacobz - Vor Monat
I understand that it snapped for him, but its not okay to beat someone up like that. Are you really defending violence?
b b
b b - Vor Monat
Clearly blacks are not welcome around muslim immigrants, who reside in Sweden.
b b
b b - Vor Monat
Those two antagonists do not look Swedish. They are Muslim refugees.
Wolverine - Vor Monat
law is law in Sweden and it applies to everyone .. Again gangsta USA that leads them and believes they can afford everything .. you are the most kurupte in the hole world
Vera Vik
Vera Vik - Vor Monat
Get your facts right Wendy. Here's the place Rocky is staying at u can skip 48 sec.... : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXy5Pbmgq8s .They talk about safety and how they deal with people who's in there. Hmmmmm horrible.... NOT! What more do u lie about Wendy?? Sweden has laws for both "normal" AND FAMOUS people.....
Kim Wilson TV
Kim Wilson TV - Vor Monat
It was a hate crime committed by young Muslims against visiting Christians. And since you do not know this fact....there are countless blacks living in Sweden. Not three, but more likely 3 hundred thousand.
TheMichaelCW - Vor Monat
This is annoying! Return the hot topics segment as one video! I can't even watch it on your site without it buffering every 10 seconds!!!
Patience N Sula
Patience N Sula - Vor Monat
Rappers should pull out of planned concert or show out there. Terrible people
Junki Ninja
Junki Ninja - Vor Monat
He aint sleeping on a yoga mat idiot. And it is a thing valled häkte mig nicer than prison.
Eliza Grogan
Eliza Grogan - Vor Monat
ASAP deserves to be in prison. Swedish Police don't behave like American Cops. Sweden is a multicultural Country. Saying there are only 3 blacks in Sweden is racist and shows your ignorance.
Nordic Awakening
Nordic Awakening - Vor Monat
Theres 45% blacks in sweden, they keep following white people and nobody makes fun of us beating them up, we get lynched.
TinaQueenB - Vor Monat
Norway and Sweden are countries that follows laws? I don’t thing America do that as often but when u beat somebody up you get locked up, it’s that easy. And our prisons are 100% better than what you guys have so he’s pretty lucky he got caught in Sweden and not America. I can’t believe so many celebrities are supporting violence, we have a system we follow. We don’t care if u have money or not, you don’t beat people. They could have easily called the cops if the lifeguards couldn’t handle it.
ッEliteexx - Vor Monat
Thats not true its very very much black people in sweden
Elina Roselina
Elina Roselina - Vor Monat
That false fact check your information before u talk out Sweden prison is like hotel and the food there is better than the schools
indigochild cyn
indigochild cyn - Vor Monat
And yall over there joking and laughing about this stuff grow up
Nina Kupchenko
Nina Kupchenko - Vor Monat
I still love Sweden 🇸🇪
Mampol Faburay
Mampol Faburay - Vor Monat
There are many black people in Sweden lol I know cuz I am born and raised here. But free him tho 🙏🏿❤️
BaGa95Brr - Vor Monat
Noooo pleases don’t chop hot topics like thaaat 💔 I like the 20 minute videos, I like to watch it while doing my makeup every morning so I can time myself 😂
Hugo Friberg
Hugo Friberg - Vor Monat
”I think” ”I believe” ”the laws here are terrible so they must also be terrible all over the world”
rake2kimmo - Vor Monat
In Swedish prison they poop on each other every day .. especially Americans gets pooped on by Triumph the Insult Comic dog.
BumpyBlessed Sings
BumpyBlessed Sings - Vor Monat
Theres a reason he's in jail he could of just call the police easy but noo he just had to beat him up
Fabian Dorn
Fabian Dorn - Vor Monat
”3 black people’s in sweden” hahah
Amin's lifestyle
Amin's lifestyle - Vor Monat
I'm black and I live in Sweden, there are black people everywhere in Sweden even in small towns.
terry e
terry e - Vor Monat
OK team #wendywilliams y'all need to stop putting these little videos of hot topics do the full 20 minutes of hot topics like y'all use to....if still want people to watch
Dennis Östberg
Dennis Östberg - Vor Monat
They should have called 911
Fag Master
Fag Master - Vor Monat
The jail conditions were false btw, even Asap confirmed it
Hanna Nordahl
Hanna Nordahl - Vor Monat
Im black from sweden. There is a lot of african people here.
Dimakatso Sejosengoe
Dimakatso Sejosengoe - Vor Monat
I'm just going to add to the number of people that have said it already... Please keep the old upload method and don't split Hot topics. We want the whole thing, Wendy going through those doors, taking her seat, EVERYTHING! You better believe that I am sitting here in my office at work, watching her go though those doors and I'm screaming with the audience "Ooh! OoH!" Please don't take that away from me!
falloutkash! - Vor Monat
Vilma - Vor Monat
This is really incorrect lol what is that about the yoga mat?? really weird that they're still holding him though. and he is not in prison, he is in the arrest (jail) still, which has real beds. You're just not allowed to talk to anyone as that could interfere with the ongoing investigation. But honestly I think they'll just let him go soon and pay a very large sum as compensation
MsAnpassad - Vor Monat
You are wrong. Rocky has no restrictions, so he is allowed to use the phone, write letters etc. Personaly, I think he is exactly where he should be, he didn't respect our laws. Being somewhat famous, does not allow you to do whatever you like. And no, compensation should only be payed when the person is innocent, he isn't.
Adrian Haries
Adrian Haries - Vor Monat
There's more to what TMZ isn't telling you about the incident.
Stella Bella
Stella Bella - Vor Monat
Wendy Williams is so stupid and uneducated
Asamii - Vor Monat
Stop spreading fake news
Dexterror X
Dexterror X - Vor Monat
Wendy is stupid af
Moreno 1895
Moreno 1895 - Vor Monat
She said free ferg🤣🤣🤣
CrisMelo DotCom
CrisMelo DotCom - Vor Monat
Give these short clips a negative thumbs down and tell them how much you HATE this and you will unsubscribe. I will!
CrisMelo DotCom
CrisMelo DotCom - Vor Monat
I'm catching up very late. I had noticed a lot of videos when I came to catch up. Now I see what they are doing, splitting hot topics into many clips. This is SOOO bad manners. It's doing what e!News does BUT enews can, as they have many different shows. Coupled with Wendy having friended the crapashian family, I am soon going to stop watching. This, right here, splitting the show, makes me quit. I pay for premium youtube so I can click once and not have to do a lot of work. I can relax and watch an entire long video without having to do a thing. I swear to god, this is gonna make me go away.
BIG K.B - Vor Monat
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