Hot Girl Summer

Cheap83x21 - Vor 28 Tage
LOL...Wendy REALLY wanted to know where the tattoo was
Dolled By Zaire
Dolled By Zaire - Vor 28 Tage
I’m surprised Wendy didn’t catch on that shawty was trynna get piped down this summer lmaooo
Asheblue - Vor Monat
"How u doehh"
Tonice Mon’a
Tonice Mon’a - Vor Monat
Cute dress 👗 Wendy !
ANu Sub
ANu Sub - Vor Monat
Wendy and her Panty Short comments lol how often is she mentioning these dam shorts??🤣
robert stanley
robert stanley - Vor Monat
1:11 Sis in the back was not havin it 🤣
Ms. L
Ms. L - Vor Monat
Ms....Please sit tf down. You wanna show off your tattoo because now you're divorced?? You shouldn't want to show it off period unless the guy is your man. She's way too old to have that mentality. She made herself look dumb as hell.
King Ky
King Ky - Vor Monat
Complete 1 minute and 23 seconds of my life wasted
Shay - Vor Monat
That was the stupidest (yes stupidest) question ever🤦🏾‍♀️
Phillips Watson
Phillips Watson - Vor Monat
Sclass Entertainment
Sclass Entertainment - Vor Monat
Women be all hype about getting married n same ones forcing divorce that's why u can't fall in love
fundifferent1 - Vor Monat
New Wendy: "Get some panty shorts and go out and participate!"
Old Wendy: "Is this a real question? [yes!] Gurl, you just wanted to be on TV, didn't you? Have a seat."
Chanay L
Chanay L - Vor Monat
But what is the tattoo ??
Im_So_Atlanta - Vor Monat
Yasssss sissss
BrownSkinDarkChild - Vor Monat
Sis was asking can she bus it open for other guys with her ex stamped on her 🐈. 🗣 yes! Yes you can. Enjoy your hot girl summer, sis.😜
cherie hunt
cherie hunt - Vor 29 Tage
T B - Vor Monat
Dr. Jé
Dr. Jé - Vor Monat
Tristan: What thumbnail to select for this video
Audienc member: Yes

It was in the universe. She wins the best auto thumbnail category. Pose for the camera now . Flick... Flick
Nayaa - Vor Monat
Meg thee stallion got so many women on the hot girl summer thing. I LOVE IT
angelica - Vor Monat
Beautiful lady. But 😑 sit down mid-life crisis.
Loved Wendy's facial expressions & answer 👸🏽
Briana M
Briana M - Vor Monat
I love her teeth. & the fact that their hers
Noah Hampton
Noah Hampton - Vor Monat
I think i found the What! Lady @:40
Noah Hampton
Noah Hampton - Vor Monat
Asheblue Carmel tone Melanin women with Senegelese twist in a yellow shirt with a gold heart necklace
Asheblue - Vor Monat
Which lady describe her
Crystal Morrison
Crystal Morrison - Vor Monat
She thinks no man will want to do her when they see his name.
Crystal Morrison
Crystal Morrison - Vor Monat
Hot girl summer global I guess
Kemya Ali
Kemya Ali - Vor Monat
the what lady said OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH this time
Valjermayne - Vor Monat
How u doing
maremacd - Vor Monat
Congratulations for what exactly? 😂
Kev •
Kev • - Vor Monat
She wanted her tv time
Nadia D
Nadia D - Vor Monat
Pum pum shorts would be correct
LOVE SICK - Vor Monat
0:49 how much ya'll wanna bet the "WHAT" lady yelled that 🤣🤣
abdi ali
abdi ali - Vor Monat
These mamas acting like little girls these days.
There should be an age where u should be settled down
cherie hunt
cherie hunt - Vor 29 Tage
Nope. After years of being in a longterm relationship and possibly running a household/kids and annoying spouse... you wanna enjoy life and be free! #hotgirlsummerforusall
Antwan Pena
Antwan Pena - Vor Monat
We need a LONGER ask Wendy 💜💜
Hawaii - Vor Monat
Girl, get some tattoo cover up! It is supposed to be waterproof and last! Sephora has it.
Sherry-Ann Best
Sherry-Ann Best - Vor Monat
Wendy looking good
Raymond! - Vor Monat
I want some screentime!
Africa_Mosai - Vor Monat
she is beautiful!
African Girl
African Girl - Vor Monat
lol. hell yeah she should enjoy herself n have a hot summer!!
wish I had a hot! summer damn it. I work 2 much
Dana Richardson
Dana Richardson - Vor Monat
Wendy,dear, there is no reason to remind us every show that you are now single and free. We get it and we're happy for you but you are not the only one living their life! Also,living free and single doesn't mean to be vulnerable and trying waaayyy too hard to fit in. That's a desperate look. Just be happy.
Jose Villanueva
Jose Villanueva - Vor Monat
erwin - Vor Monat
0:48 scream tho got me hollering
Mila Møønwalker
Mila Møønwalker - Vor Monat
Heron Cabo
Heron Cabo - Vor Monat
Boa noite 🙏🏻🙏🙏🕊️🙏 Wendy sucesso p você...e desejo pra plateia.seja abençoado por Deus 🙏🕊️🙏🙏 ok ok...e p seus câmaras sem eles vc não fazia seu programa okok..boa noite 🙏🏻🙏🙏
Stevie Bee
Stevie Bee - Vor Monat
All you gotta do is wear a thong and pull it to the side when you “do the do” if you’re so concerned about them seeing it 🤷🏾‍♂️😭😂😂
Shanice - Vor Monat
I don’t think she was talking about going out Wendy lol she was talking about doing the do !
Tangi M.
Tangi M. - Vor Monat
Lol @ 1:11. That woman in the background wasn’t here for that.
IamNorelleJ - Vor 27 Tage
I just said the same thing!!!
Shay - Vor Monat
I'm with her😏
BruinPhD2009 - Vor Monat
I think she was over it before it even began.
Asheblue - Vor Monat
I was there too I sat to the left of her
blu velvet •
blu velvet • - Vor Monat
she's beautiful omg
digthewarmth - Vor Monat
0:40 Girl with the braids in the back is So cute!
ljt 13
ljt 13 - Vor Monat
Every time an Ask Wendy segment is uploaded, I pray that the hot topics won’t be chopped into parts 😭😂
Mila Møønwalker
Mila Møønwalker - Vor Monat
Its not. This is literally the whole ask Wendy segment. Smh
King Zoza
King Zoza - Vor Monat
The “Congratulations “ at the end killed me
P J - Vor Monat
Is she retarded?
Leeza Leeza
Leeza Leeza - Vor Monat
I think she was trying to ask Wendy do she think guys will be turned off once they begin to be intimate and they see his name. She probably wanted to know should she put her hot girl summer off because she didn’t want to be embarrassed once they saw it.
Stella Mary
Stella Mary - Vor Monat
I must be old but I don't get "hot girl summer" or "periodt pooh" . If one of you youngins could please explain.
Stephanie M
Stephanie M - Vor Monat
Someone please loop Wendy saying, "VAGINA" that was adorable 😂
Tasha Nash-Garcia
Tasha Nash-Garcia - Vor Monat
For real sooooo cute! 😝
Shay Vau
Shay Vau - Vor Monat
Was this really a question to ask 😒 Lil Wayne gt all his kids & BMs tattooed on him & he still a Hot Boy
Peek Satisfaction
Peek Satisfaction - Vor Monat
"Okay so you get some panty shorts and then you go and participate" LMAO wth!
starlalala - Vor Monat
Peek Satisfaction lol that laid me outtt REAL HOT GIRL SUMMER crop top tees and tanks, beach towels, and more! get em NOW FOLLOW US
anandguruji83 - Vor Monat
anandguruji83 - Vor Monat
Sacleaners - Vor Monat
But two beautiful ladies on my screen! Enjoy your new found freedom😘😘😘😘😘
Kae D
Kae D - Vor Monat
wendy looking yummy today
Asheblue - Vor Monat
Yep I was there she sure did 😂😂
VV - Vor Monat
I’m surprised they aren’t splitting up Ask Wendy into multiple videos🙄
Kerra Johnson
Kerra Johnson - Vor Monat
Clearly they are. Just delete this comment.
Molly Ram
Molly Ram - Vor Monat
They are, lmao
Shay Vau
Shay Vau - Vor Monat
VV um they are.....this snip was only 1 minute
G G - Vor Monat
Please bring Megan Thee Stallion to the show
Charee Britt
Charee Britt - Vor Monat
A Hot Girl Summer is being a THOT and she wanted to know how does she have sex shamelessly with another mans name tattooed on her vagina.
To Be Honest
To Be Honest - Vor Monat
Don't tattoo your 🍑 gurls !
No man is worth that much pain
Mair Stunna
Mair Stunna - Vor Monat
He put his name in it...... unfortunately she has to get it removed no man wants to go down and constantly she another man’s name on it 🤷🏿‍♂️
Mair Stunna
Mair Stunna - Vor Monat
Shay Vau 🤔 let me guess you have your ex named tatt’ed on your puss and niggas still dine, but notice they always dine & dash....
Shay Vau
Shay Vau - Vor Monat
Mair Stunna 🤥 lies u tell
Monique Cobb
Monique Cobb - Vor Monat
when she said Hot girls Summer she wasn't talking about walking around w it showing, she was talking about letting somebody see it....see it!
H - Vor Monat
Nayaa - Vor Monat
Yeah Wendy didn't really get it, and the woman was too polite to correct Wendy
Charee Britt
Charee Britt - Vor Monat
Exactly! Lol
Capricorn Girl
Capricorn Girl - Vor Monat
Thank you. Wendy can be so naiive sometimes 😂
lukas decker
lukas decker - Vor Monat
they come up with the dumbest questions only so they can be on camera
Nette - Vor Monat
That sounds like shes asking for a Thot summer and not just hot. Because how short shes planning on wearing whatever that it would show? Shes planning on getting nekkid and sleep around a bit! Lol
Evilstrike100 - Vor Monat
My question for Wendy is who keeps ruining hot topics? 😣
Ciara Malagui
Ciara Malagui - Vor Monat
Hot girl summer 🥺
matt 4you
matt 4you - Vor Monat
Wendy did not ask the juicy questions on this...Like is the tat the dudes name? Why she say husband and not the ex husband?
matt 4you
matt 4you - Vor Monat
@D JF U assuming a lot...Also she never said the word divorce. She in a break up and trying to make him Jealous...Thats why questions are very important!!
D JF - Vor Monat
1. It's understood that it's his name. 2. Some divorces take years to be finalized; she's probably still married and waiting to get everything completed.
akram knowles
akram knowles - Vor Monat
Walk around with v**g*na😂
Nina Edwards
Nina Edwards - Vor Monat
You are wearing the phrase “hot girl summer “ down 😒
Sacleaners - Vor 21 Tag
Nina Edwards Get over it!
Nina Edwards
Nina Edwards - Vor 21 Tag
Sacleaners no she’s overdoing it or whoever is eating these titles
Sacleaners - Vor Monat
Nina Edwards Isn’t that how “trends” are supposed to be? 😫
barbiezdreamz - Vor Monat
Megan Thee Stallion giving everybody they coin bc they able to profit off her “hot girl summer” phrase. Have her as a guest, Wendy it’s only right. 🔥
esml - Vor Monat
What a beautiful woman she is 😍
GS monster
GS monster - Vor Monat
What the minute and 23 second buffoonery is going on here
Shem Believer
Shem Believer - Vor Monat
Lol! Total buffoonery, nincompoop. Lady you need a hobby
SuthernGyrl99 - Vor Monat
So sis basically asked Wendy can she walk around with her 🐈 out to show her tattoo? Ok sis 🙄
Courtney A
Courtney A - Vor Monat
@SuthernGyrl99 😂😂😂
SuthernGyrl99 - Vor Monat
lindsey poindexter 😂 I was so confused at first 😂 I wouldn’t want to explain either!
lindsey poindexter
lindsey poindexter - Vor Monat
@SuthernGyrl99 😂 That woman is feeling wild and free. Single and ready to mingle. That dang tattoo.. I wouldn't want to explain that either.
SuthernGyrl99 - Vor Monat
Courtney A ok 😂 I had NO idea what hot girl summer meant so I thought she wanted to just go around showing her tat. Now I know what hot girl summer means.
lindsey poindexter
lindsey poindexter - Vor Monat
@Courtney A someone with sense. That's exactly what she was saying.
sidi makoti
sidi makoti - Vor Monat
butterfliesblue1 - Vor Monat
Her skin is of the smoothest cocoa. 😍
Sacleaners - Vor Monat
butterfliesblue1 Both ladies❤️❤️❤️❤️
Susie S.
Susie S. - Vor Monat
Okayyyyyy! It’s DEFINITELY a HOT GIRL SUMMER! Periodddddddtttt!
fhxs - Vor Monat
If Wendy is using these titles she needs to invite THEE STALLION to the show
Nikki Jones
Nikki Jones - Vor Monat
No. No hoes!
CrownedxKay The MUA
CrownedxKay The MUA - Vor Monat
Treasure Takara
Treasure Takara - Vor Monat
Thank u
Bigbang Love
Bigbang Love - Vor Monat
The title didn’t sound like it was an “ask Wendy” 🤣🤣
I was played
Sori Yazz
Sori Yazz - Vor Monat
Hot girl summer wants to be seen on TV. Happily divorced...
Shoz Chel
Shoz Chel - Vor Monat
Sori Yazz good for her
MazBringsby - Vor Monat
matt 4you
matt 4you - Vor Monat
But she called him Husband and not ex and said nothing about a divorce...Just she "single". Sounds like just a fight/break up.
Michelle Grosvenor
Michelle Grosvenor - Vor Monat
That’s such a stupid question
Jay Lee
Jay Lee - Vor Monat
Tribe of Judah exactly.
Tribe of Judah
Tribe of Judah - Vor Monat
I think she was trying to say hot girl summer meant having sex and the tattoo is gonna be visible to a potential partner.... she was scared to say she wanna be a ho😂😂😂
spicy licky
spicy licky - Vor Monat
Michelle Grosvenor bruh
NIAtoolkit - Vor Monat
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